zaterdag 31 augustus 2013

3D Products of the Year

The International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society announced 13 products considered by its blue ribbon panel of judges to be the “Best 3D Products” of 2013. Special awards will also be presented to Mercedes-Benz, Regal Cinemas, and Sony Electronics. The awards will be presented at a ceremony to be held at Paramount Studios in Hollywood on September 18th.
“From consumer cameras to home theatres to 3D apps to automobiles…there are superb new 3D technologies in the market right now,” said Society Awards Chairman, Buzz Hays. “3D technology is advancing at warp speed, and our judges had a wide variety of new products to pick from. In the end, we selected just thirteen.”
The “3D Products of the Year” include:
  • “3D High Definition Head Mounted Display” – Sony
  • “M801D80 Razor LED Smart TV with Theatre 3D” – Vizio
  • “Portable 3D Laser Projector” – Optical Microvision Lab
  • “Amblyz™” (Medical Solution) – XPAND 3D
  • “HD3D View-Vaster™” – Cyclopital3D
  • “Wide Angle Lens Adapter for Sony PMW-TD300” – Cyclopital3D
  • “Stereo Base Extender for Panasonic HDC-Z10000” – Cyclopital3D
  • “Hero 3” Portable Cameras – GoPro
  • “DeepSee-X” (Under Water Mirror Rig) – DeepSee-X
more information here

vrijdag 30 augustus 2013

How to make your Digital Signage screen look like a Poster.

digital signage posters 2

Back in the old days – actually just a few years ago, installing Plasma and LCD screens were a nightmare…especially the 50″ or larger screens that weighed over  30 kgs. You needed two strong installers to carry and mount the screen on a bracket.
Things have changed now with the introduction of LED screens. They are half the weight and are not as deep as the Plasma or the LCD screens. This makes is easy to install but more importantly, they are perfect for making the screens look like digital posters. In this post we’ll show you how we came up with our own innovative solution to make a digital signage screen look like a poster driven by an an Intel I3/I5 digital signage player. Here’s a picture of the result:

digital signage posters 1

So what did we do?

To make the LED screen look like a poster in a lightbox, you’ll need to have it flushed as close to the wall as possible. The limitation is always going to be the depth of the digital signage player (normally installed behind the screen), the power and network outlets, then the cables that protrude from the outlets.  So let’s say that the digital signage player was 4cm deep, and the wall outlet protruded 2cm and then the flat head power cable which is another 2cm. So your bracket needed to have a clearance of 4-5cm from the wall in order to cater for the cable and the player which makes the LED screen stick out too much.
So we solved this problem by installing the digital signage player, the network and power outlet in a metal box inside the wall.  Here’s a picture:
Now with the thinnest bracket we found (14mm deep), you’ll make your digital screen look like a poster!

Chinese Projector Market Now Bigger than U.S. Projector Market.


PMA Research, market information expert on front projectors, has published a brand new report covering the growing projector market in China. Nick Rogers, CEO of PMA Research said, “China is now the largest projector market in the World, overtaking USA in the last year — with annual sales of 1.8 million units vs. annual sales of 1.6 million units in the United States.”

He went on to say, “In 2013Q2 GDP rose by ‘only’ 7.5 percent due to control of investment by the Chinese Government. In addition, the education procurement process began in Q2 as well, and large volume shipments are expected in 2013Q3 and beyond. Finally, the digital cinema market is exploding in China, and the home theater and pico and personal markets are expected to show gains in the next year as well.”

PMA Research has been expanding its coverage of the projector market in China, and recently hired Jennie Yi to open PMA’s Beijing office and spearhead the company’s research efforts there. Jennie worked with PMA’s
team of analysts to put together this inaugural quarterly report focusing the developing Chinese projector market.

The new report on China will be included as an ad hoc offering to clients who subscribe to PMA’s Worldwide Industry Service family of reports, and is also available for resale as a stand-alone report to anyone interested in following this growing market.
Want to see the report? Go here.

donderdag 29 augustus 2013

an interactive game experience.

The 2013 European Shell Eco-marathon, held at the Ahoy in Rotterdam saw XL Events work with creative agency Imagination to supply an AV package to produce an interactive game experience.

The event, held annually in Europe, America and Asia, is a competition for science, design, engineering and technology students is to design, build and drive the ultimate energy efficient vehicle.

More than 50,000 visitors attended the event, which saw XL supply a video system for one exhibit for the ‘Stress Nexus’, an interactive game based on National Geographic questions.

Questions were triggered wirelessly by the host via a touch screen tablet and displayed on to an 8×4.5m screen via XL’s Barco HDF W26 projectors. Competitors had 10 seconds to select an answer and physically move into their chosen answer zone.

Their movements were tracked using cameras and software, linked to Pandora’s Box HD Pro media servers, allowing real-time answer percentages to be displayed on-screen.

Once the correct answer was revealed, data was stored and collated on the media servers to reveal the overall result of each game. Lighting states and audio for the game were triggered via MIDI from the Pandora’s Box media servers.

Audio for the challenge was also supplied by XL, with D&B Q7’s and E18 sub speakers, a Shure Q5 radio microphone system, and DPA microphones all controlled by a Yamaha LS9 mixing desk.

The future of banking.

It’s impressive! Over 100,000 people have visited Bradesco Next (in São Paulo) since it’s inauguration in August 2012.” Luca Cavalcanti, Director of Bradesco Digital Channels"

woensdag 28 augustus 2013

TV Will Drive OLED Materials Market Growth.


Growing demand from large TV panels is expected to increase OLED material revenues at a compound annual growth rate of 67 percent through 2017, even as material revenue from mobile phones slows after 2014. According to the Quarterly OLED Materials Report from NPD DisplaySearch, revenues from organic materials used in the emission and common layers of OLED displays are forecasted to reach $530 million in 2013 and grow to $3.4 billion by 2017. The growing importance of OLED materials is emphasized by this month’s announcement that Samsung, the leading OLED panel manufacturer, was acquiring Novaled AG, a developer of common-layer OLED materials.

Until recently, active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) displays have mainly been used in mobile phones, but AMOLED display manufacturers are now starting to make inroads into TVs, tablet PCs, and other large-area display applications. OLED TV unit shipments are expected to remain modest at less than a million units in 2014 and only reaching 10 million after 2017, when they will account for 10 percent of total OLED panel shipments. However, on an area basis, OLED TV panels are expected to account for 17 percent of the OLED display materials market in 2014 and will exceed the share of mobile phone panels by 2016.

“The large size of TV panels will result in OLED display area growing quickly through 2017,” noted Jimmy Kim, senior analyst for NPD DisplaySearch. “The demand for materials in the emission, common, and other OLED layers is proportional to the area of the panels; furthermore, the low yield rates for OLED TV panel manufacturing means that the consumption of raw materials is further increased; thus, the introduction of OLED TVs will result in rapid growth in the market for OLED materials.”

Figure 1: Forecast of OLED Material Revenue by Application
Source: NPD DisplaySearch Quarterly OLED Materials Report

dinsdag 27 augustus 2013

Groots LED scherm op Rotterdam Centraal.

In de stationshal van Rotterdam Centraal is gisteren een heel groot LED- beeldscherm  in gebruik genomen. Het beeldscherm heeft een lengte van 40 meter en een hoogte van 4,5 meter.
Het scherm, dat bestaat uit ruim 5 miljoen ledlampjes, moet de mensen in de stad dichter bij de haven brengen. Het scherm wordt de komende 10 jaar gebruikt om er beelden uit de haven op te laten zien. Zo moet de reiziger ervaren dat hij is aangekomen in of vertrekt uit een wereldhavenstad. De beelden zijn veelal zo dicht mogelijk geschoten op de huid van de havenmedewerker. Zo maken kijkers als het ware een korte reis van telkens 3 minuten door de haven.

Mega LEDscherm simuleert zonsondergang in mega gebouw.

In de Chinese stad Chengdu staat het New Century Global Center. Het gebouw is het grootste ter wereld en herbergt onder meer een kunstmatig strand met een gigantische ledscherm dat de horizon nabootst.

Het grootste gebouw ter wereld is 500 meter lang, 400 meter breed en 100 meter hoog. De 1,7 miljoen vierkante meter aan oppervlakte biedt onder andere plaats aan een cinema, shoppingcenter, een Mediterraans dorp, een olympische schaatsbaan, twee vijfsterrenhotels en een indoor strandresort.


Het design is volgens de ontwerpers geïnspireerd door de oceaan en de golven. Als bezoekers het gebouw van 18 verdiepingen binnenkomen, worden ze verrast door een zeebries. Het 400 meter lange strand is een toeristische trekpleister op zich. Het langste ledscherm ter wereld (150 x 40 m.) simuleert er de zonsop- en ondergang, maar kan ook als achtergrond dienen bij concerten op een drijvend podium.
Bekijk de artistimpressie van dit gebouw op deze video (het filmpje duurt 15 minuten, wij laten het hieronder echter direct starten bij het ledscherm).

Het New Century Global Center staat symbool voor groeiland China. De makers noemen het ‘een bezienswaardigheid die door de wereld met respect moet worden bekeken.

maandag 26 augustus 2013

“26th rooftop-floor Four Seasons Hotel Beirut”



vrijdag 23 augustus 2013

Gesture-Driven Lobby Welcome Table.


A retail design firm, interactive agency and CalPoly students have collaborated on and lit up a very nice, innovative corporate lobby project that combines projection, gesture sensors, digital signage software and HD visuals.
The project is located in the downtown LA lobby of  Gensler and reflects the thinking and output of a Seattle-area  agency called The Hive. The installation is designed to engage and inform visitors.
Located in Gensler’s lobby, the smart space installation is designed to showcase the architectural firm’s portfolio of work. The experience attracts users toward a digitally augmented table, and book. The table is the SLO_Gen Table, an iconic collaboration between Gensler and architecture students at California Polytechnic School in San Luis Obispo. An interface appears on the table allowing visitors to use movements such as hand motions to digitally explore the content of Gensler’s urban architecture and modern cities monograph. The installation enhances each object with a new layer of digital content, and adds new context to the contents of the book.
The interface allows guests to access digital media from Gensler’s vast portfolio on a connected 4k video wall. This exceptional tableau showcases the firm’s work on across a variety of sectors ranging from expansive international airport projects in Palm Springs to Chennai, to intricate retail experiences in leading luxury stores—which can be explored on the video wall, or in the book.
It’s a nice mash-up of different technologies. and I like the way the visuals on the table surround the book and animate to encourage interaction. I also like how the Kinect sensors re-orient the user interface based on where the person stands as he or she walks up to the table.
The content management software is YCD’s and those are Planar screens tiled together in that 2 by 2 wall.

"BOTANICUS INTERACTICUS": Interactive Plant Technology

Interactieve kunst


Botanicus Interacticus is a technology for designing highly expressive interactive plants, both living and artificial. The technology is driven by the rapid fusion of our computing and living spaces. Botanicus Interacticus an interaction platform that takes interaction from computing devices and places it anywhere in the physical environment. In particular we are targeting living plants.

Botanicus Interacticus has a number of unique properties. This instrumentation of plants is simple, non-invasive, and does not damage the plants. It requires only a single wire placed anywhere in the soil. The interaction with plants goes beyond simple touch and allows rich gestural interaction. Examples include: sliding fingers on the stem of the orchid, detecting touch and grasp location, tracking proximity, and estimating the amount of touch contact between user and a plant.

Botanicus Interacticus also deconstructs the electrical properties of plants and replicates them using electrical components. This allows the design of a broad variety of biologically inspired artificial plants that behave nearly the same as their biological counterparts. The same sensing technology is used with both living and artificial plants.
A broad range of applications are possible with Botanicus Interacticus technology: designing interactive responsive environments and new forms of living interaction devices as well as developing organic ambient and pervasive interfaces.

For more information on the Botanicus Interacticus, see:

woensdag 21 augustus 2013

PonyMixer consumer created content.

Three ran a dynamic digital Out-of-Home campaign encouraging people to make their own content using their new app on with the chance to see it running on their nearest digital screen in rail and mall environments.
The campaign invited people to create their own music videos using the mobile app at
Participants sent their videos via twitter using the hashtag of their local Digital OOH site (ie. #EustonPony) to see their twitter name, dedication and Mashup video, delivered to specified screens across the UK.
Planned and booked with JCDecaux by Mindshare and Kinetic with Wieden+Kennedy and Grand Visual

Link -->

dinsdag 20 augustus 2013

Sharp Intros 20-Inch LED Display That Can Be Used In Any Configuration.

Sharp has debuted a unique, multi-touch LED 20″ display that can be used while flat, angled or while hanging or mounted. When flat, it can be mounted in tables or lecterns in classrooms. When angled, it sits at 75-degrees with the included stand. It can also be used as an interactive second computer monitor, or when vertical, it could be used as a digital signage kiosk.

The 1920×1080 resolution LL-S201A uses an edge-to-edge glass design; it weighs in at just over 5 pounds and is 1″ thick.

Sharp Pen Software makes the 20″ LCD like an AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display as it’s integrated with Windows 8 compatibility. A palm cancellation function prioritizes the touch of the pen over touch – making it easy for any sized hand or user. It supports up to 10 touch points, and can be used in a wide variety of applications, including corporate, digital signage, creative work and proofreading, medical, education and even gaming or as a personal tablet.

See all the specs here.

maandag 19 augustus 2013

MINI Art Beat.

Mini teamed up with creative agency KKLD to cover one of its cars with 48,000 LED bands. People could submit posts from Twitter and Vine using the hashtag #MiniArtBeat or from Facebook using Mini’s app, which may then appear on the car.

The customised Mini Countryman is part of Mini’s Not Normal ad campaign and will continue to drive around London until August 19.

The New Speed of Ligh.

Leo Messi -- The New Speed of Light. Light Up The Pitch in the new adizero F50 Messi boot -- get them here:

Lionel Messi in Barcelona for Adidas boot launch Produced by Iris Culture 16/5/13

The New Speed of Light captures the footballing genius of Leo Messi like you've never seen before. Exploring the moves that make him the best in the world in intricate detail through the use of light.

The film captures and analyzes Leo's movement, to reveal the secret of his movement on the pitch as well as highlight the light in motion design of the new adizero F50 Messi boot he'll wear for the first part of the season. To do this, Leo wore a custom-made LED suit and hood, with hundreds of individual LED's sewn by hand in to adidas TechFit gear. As well as 'hacked' adizero F50 Messi boots rigged with the three stripes in LED and a bespoke, moulded LED football. He was then filmed at 1000 frames per second using a Phantom camera and the resulting footage treated using a specially developed visual effects technique - creating a beautiful echo effect and a concert visual aesthetic set to a fitting electro/dance track by Congorock.


vrijdag 16 augustus 2013



 Researchers at Tokyo’s University of Electro-Communications have made a splash after transforming a tub of water into an interactive, immersive entertainment display. The team from the Koike Laboratory, who are examining the construction of natural user interfaces, combined a projector, a Kinect camera, a waterproof speaker, a square tank of water and a PC to create the Aqua Top Display prototype. Projection onto the surface of the water is made possible by adding milky bath salt to the water to turn it white, while IR light is reflected from the Kinect which detects finger and hand touches.

The developers created a desktop-style interactive program where users can drag and delete photos as well as change their size using their fingers underneath the surface of the water. The user can also access photos and video by scooping at the water where an icon is displayed.

They also created an interactive game. This sees jellyfish on the surface as the enemy which can be destroyed by the user’s fingers and hands rising from beneath the water. For added visual effects in gaming, the waterproof speaker fitted at the bottom of the tank starts to produce sound at 50HZ making the water shoot upwards.

A spokesperson from the lab said: “Our system uses a depth camera to detect input on and over the water surface to allow for interactions such as protruding fingers out from under the water surface and scooping up the water with both hands. “These type of interactions are not normally possible with current impenetrable rigid surfaces. For example, by floating one’s limbs on the water surface, it is also possible to fuse one’s body with the displayed objects for further augmented interaction by ’becoming one ’with the screen.”

The researchers cited possible applications for the technology as ranging from small-scale entertainment in the household bath to large leisure installations in a swimming pool or theme park.

Contact Details and Archive...
University of Electro-Communications

donderdag 15 augustus 2013

Three-Story-High Video Wall Acts as Portfolio Display for University of Waterloo Students.

The University of Waterloo, located in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, offers undergraduate, graduate and advanced education in the rapidly growing field of digital media.
The university wanted to showcase its students’ work on a high-resolution video wall, and sought out Westbury National Show Systems, Christie Digital and RP Visual Solutions to turn this desire into reality.

The University of Waterloo wanted to build Canada’s largest Microtile video wall within the atrium of its brand new facility to showcase digital media content from participating students and researchers. The wall was designed to be an integral part of the building and to enhance the uniqueness of the programs and activities of the campus
The wall consists of 150 Christie Digital Microtiles stacked five wide by 30 tall. The wall is configured with two high-resolution areas plus two lower resolution areas, and can achieve one overall image throughout the display. The configuration of the wall allows for maximum usage in terms of variety of content and capabilities ensuring both students and researchers can showcase complex and detailed creative endeavors.

The end result is a stunning video wall that completely captivates the audience with astounding content and a visual presence unlike anything in Canada to date.
The impact on students, the facility and the community are beyond expectations. The wall has become the jewel in the building design and a key feature in the community itself.

The University of Waterloo won the DSE 2013 Gold Apex Award in the Education & Healthcare category.

woensdag 14 augustus 2013

Last week I downloaded DoubleFine's Kinect-based Happy Action Theater/Kinect Party,  to use during some group activities with students I work with who have significant disabilities (including severe autism).  I wish I had discovered this suite of games sooner!

I had loads of fun with students and colleagues as we explored some of the 36 creative, and sometimes zany, minigames.  I had heard that DoubleFine had launched something special, but didn't realize how awesome it was until I spent some serious playful time with it at home last weekend. I then tried it out at work this past week.  

If you are planning to explore Happy Action Theater/Kinect party, keep in mind that it plays best when there are at least two people and an audience to cheer everything along.  Through the use of blob detection algorithms, the games can handle up to 6 players at a time, which is perfect for small-group special classes.

The following trailer gives just a little hint of what this suite of mini-games is all about!

I noted that many of the games were effective in helping students become more aware of their peers. They began to play and interact with one-another in ways I hadn't previously imagined.  I especially liked the fact that many of the mini-games made it possible for students in wheelchairs to participate.  

More information here

dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

One of the most prestigious installations of Christie MicroTiles™ to date in EMEA, at the London Stock Exchange in Paternoster Square, London.

The installation of 508 Christie MicroTiles™ at the London Stock Exchange follows a recommendation for their use by CMS Consultant Jerry Collins and a subsequent tender won by long-standing Christie Partner, Focus 21 Visual Communications Ltd.
The new Market Open Ceremony provides companies joining London Stock Exchange markets with the opportunity to  mark the occasion using the most advanced display technology and bespoke visual communication.  The Christie MicroTiles installation replaces The Source, a moving sculpture previously installed in the Atrium.
Visitors to Paternoster Square are now welcomed by columns of Christie MicroTiles in a 1 x 5 configuration. Then as they enter the Atrium their view is directed to either side by two strips of MicroTiles, each consisting of 29 and 31 MicroTiles respectively, and on to an impressive video wall that uses 132 MicroTiles in an 11 x 12 array. The video wall, in unison with the other MicroTiles arrays stream a variety of content throughout the day including live news and market updates from CNBC.

Read the full story here


maandag 12 augustus 2013

World's largest stadium scoreboard

While players and coaches prepare for their first NFL preseason game Friday in Minnesota against the Vikings, the Houston Texans' staff has an even bigger job to contend with: getting its giant Reliant Stadium video scoreboard ready for a public unveiling.

Houston Business Journal was given a sneak peak Thursday at the largest video board ever installed in a sports stadium.

Fans will get their first view of the Texans’ 16.5 million, 277-foot wide video display, which is six times larger than the team’s previous scoreboard, when the Texans face the Miami Dolphins at home Aug. 17. The project was designed and manufactured by Japan-based Mitsubishi Corp, the same group that developed the much-heralded video boards used by the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees.

“You’re seeing these large installations partially because that’s what the fans have come to expect, but the cost of ownership has come down to a point where it is affordable to do something like this and it’s a major part of the entertainment offering that we provide,” said Texans' President Jamey Rootes.

Though Bayou City residents are keenly aware of the rivalry between Houston and Dallas, Rootes said one-upping Cowboys owner Jerry Jones — whose stadium video board was previously the largest in the world —was never a part of the plan.

“That certainly was not our objective going in, to be larger than anybody,” Rootes said. “We wanted to have the biggest and best presentation... These replacement cycles have a long horizon so I wouldn’t envision
(the Cowboys) would be in the market very soon (for a bigger board).”

zondag 11 augustus 2013

World’s First Projector with Wireless WHDI.


BenQ’s newest projector is the W1500, a native 1920×1080 DLP projector that claims to be the first with the Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI). WHDI is a consumer electronic standard for a wireless HDTV connectivity that allows for uncompressed HD video over a wireless RF frequency of 5 GHz. WHDI is supported and driven by AMIMON, Hitachi Ltd., LG Electronics, Motorola, Samsung Group, Sharp Corporation and Sony as well as BenQ. It means that you can connect any WHDI device to the BenQ projector without any cables — as long as the Blu-ray player, HD set-top box, phone, etc. has WHDI integrated as an output. Alternatively, you could use a WHDI transmitter that converts HDMI at 1080p to WHDI, such as those made by StarTech or Peerless-AV’s PeerAir system.

BenQ’s W1500 FHD wireless projector is now shipping and lists for $2,299. Full specs are here.

A Coca-Cola Billboard With Your Name On It.

For Coca-Cola’s personalized Coke bottle campaign earlier this year, the beverage brand printed popular first names like Emma and Chris on Coke bottle labels. It ruffled more than a few feathers for excluding so many less common first names.

With the help of local agency Gefen Team, Coca-Cola has transformed a road billboard in bustling Tel-Aviv into a digital version of the personalized Coke bottle labels. Using a dedicated smartphone app, people in Israel can submit their name to be part of the billboard experience. The app uses geo-fence technology to connect with the billboard, so as you drive near the billboard, the billboard displays your name and you receive a message to your smartphone notifying you that your name is up.

According to Coca-Cola, the app reached the number one spot in Israel’s app store, so looks like most feathers have gone unruffled this time around. Check out this video to see how the billboard works.

vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

Carte Noire - Interactive Window Installation.

Carte Noire immersed shoppers at Westfield Stratford City with an intense and immersive experience for the launch of Carte Noire Instinct. As shoppers passed the window installation the 5m tall interactive screen activated and augmented the reality around them. As they moved closer the experience intensified and reality became more distorted.

We've recreated the intensity inside every tin of Wholebean Instant with a window display like you've never seen before. Visit or

Using Kinect, a live camera feed, motion tracking technology, cinematic visual and sound effects, and enormous LCD screens we turned an ordinary shop window in London into the most intense window in town. Work Club came up with the concept behind the piece and the project as executed with the design consultancy AllofUs and Posterscope.


donderdag 8 augustus 2013

ZeWatch en ZeBracelet

De trend in technologie is om steeds meer 'connectiviteit' te krijgen met steeds kleinere apparaten. De volgende stap in deze technologische evolutie is misschien wel de smartwatch. Ondanks alle geruchten, hebben grote merken als Microsoft en Apple nog altijd geen smartwatch aangekondigd. 

Uit horlogeland Zwitserland is een klein bedrijf genaamd MyKronoz de grote merken voor met hun slimme ZeWatch-horloge. De Zwitserse fabrikant komt met een horlogemodel voor mannen, de ZeWatch, en een armbandmodel voor vrouwen, de ZeBracelet. Beide modellen verbinden via Bluetooth met je telefoon. Bij de ZeBracelet kan er gekozen worden voor de kleuren zwart, wit en goud. Bij de ZeWatch kan er gekozen worden voor de kleuren zwart, wit en oranje.

Bron;           -->  meer info hier

Goedkoop uiterlijk
De zwarte variant van de ZeWatch ziet er behoorlijk goedkoop uit en het materiaal is ook niet van een hoogwaardige kwaliteit. Omdat de ZeWatch wel mooi strak is afgewerkt, zit de smartwatch prima om de pols.

De ZeWatch heeft een groene en een rode knop. Met de groene knop kan een oproep worden beantwoord en het volume harder worden gezet, met de rode knop kan een gesprek worden opgehangen en het volume zachter worden gezet. Ook doet de laatstgenoemde dienst als aan/uit-knop. Voor de linkshandigen onder ons kan het scherm worden gedraaid wanneer de smartwatch wordt gedragen om de rechterpols. Dit doe je door beide knoppen enkele seconden ingedrukt te houden. De batterij van de ZeWatch gaat zo’n 72 uur mee en kan opgeladen worden via een stopcontact met de meegeleverde kabel.
MyKronoz ZeWatch

Prijs € 69,-
Afmetingen 38,5 x 80 x 12,5 millimeter
Gewicht 45 gram
Beeldscherm oled (128 x 32 pixels)
Connectiviteit Bluetooth 2.1 en hoger
Gesprekstijd 2-3 uur
Standby tijd 72 uur
Batterij 150 mAh

Zit lekker
Scherm draaien
Tijd onduidelijk weergegeven
Geen mute-optie
Geen sms notificatie
Slechte geluidskwaliteit

woensdag 7 augustus 2013

LAX New Bradley Terminal Is More Than An Airport, It’s a Destination.

 Travelers might change their minds about going to the airport when they see Los Angeles International Airport’s (LAX)

Moment Factory, a media and entertainment studio was commissioned by Los Angeles World Airports to work in collaboration with Marcela Sardi of Sardi Design and Mike Rubin of MRA International as the content producer for seven media features at the new Terminal. The end result is one of the largest immersive multimedia system of any airport in the Americas.

The overall objective of the multimedia installation is to enhance the passenger experience and bring back the romance and magic of travel. The adventure begins the moment passengers step into the new terminal, harking back to a time when travel was exotic, whether flying to foreign shores or arriving in L.A. The latest in multimedia entertainment meets the essential functionality of the airport, turning the terminal into a spectacular, welcoming place to spend time.

Moment Factory’s content focused on the passenger experience, the iconography of Los Angeles, and the destinations served by the new terminal. Passengers can view lively vignettes of old Hollywood, calming images of far-off destinations and visuals that lead the imagination to dream big and discover new lands. The studio created more than four hours of original video content, including multiple interactive segments that used the latest in high-resolution imaging, 3D effects and interactive technologies that react directly to people’s movements and real-time airport information.

To produce the content, Moment Factory sent film crews to three continents and worked creatively with dancers, actors and even parrots, turning the studio into a virtual tropical paradise. Over a period of 12 months, the firm’s multi-disciplinary team built a multimedia ecosystem, visualizing each animation via physical maquettes as well as 3D computer models to achieve seamless, engaging works of multimedia art and design.

More information here.

dinsdag 6 augustus 2013


Der Anbieter aWs Allerstorfer Werbeservice GmbH hat gemeinsam mit der PKE Electronics AG ein beidseitig nutzbares LED-Billboard entwickelt
Neues digitales Rolling Board von aWs aus Österreich (Foto: aWs Allerstorfer Werbeservice GmbH)
Die nach Firmenangaben europaweit erste beidseitige digitale LED-Werbeanlage ist ab sofort einsetzbar. Gemeinsam mit PKE Electronics AG hat die aWs Allerstorfer Werbeservice GmbH das Billboard nun entwickeln lassen – als beidseitig nutzbares digitales Rolling Board. VorteiL: aus jeder Richtung ist das statische oder Bewegt-Bild stets sichtbar.
Aktuell sechs Standorte in Österreich
Alle Inhalte werden in der Cloud gespeichert und sollen vom Werbungtreibenden direkt und in Sekunden abgerufen und ausgetauscht werden können. Das LED-Billboard hat einen Pixel-Abstand von lediglich 10 mm, passt sich den Lichtverhältnissen an und liefert demnach klare Bilder bei Tageslicht und am Abend aus.
Bestehende Rolling Boards können in sehr kurzer Zeit zu LED-Billboards umgerüstet werden. Ein Rechner ist im Innern verbaut. Bei Neuinstallationen kann das LED-Billboard aktuell in zwei Größen – 16/1 Bogen oder 24/1 Bogen – ausgeführt werden. Derzeit sechs Standorte bestückt: drei in Linz und Linz-Land sowie drei in Tirol.
Außenwerber Wall AG rüstet seine digitalen City Light Boards (DCLB) in Berlin um. Die bisher einseitig mit einer digitalen Werbefläche ausgestatteten Anlagen werden mehrheitlich durch doppelseitige Versionen ersetzt. 
An der Urania, Berlin - Hier kann künftig auch doppelseitig geworben werden (Foto: Wall AG)

In Kürze sind die Werbebotschaften also aus beiden Fahrtrichtungen auf dem Werbeträger sichtbar. Im Zuge des Aufbaus der zweiseitigen DCLB-Anlagen steigert Wall zeitgleich die Leistungsfähigkeit seiner digitalen Großflächen: Alle DCLBs verfügen dann über neue LED-Screens mit 8mm, statt zuvor 10mm, Pixel Pitch. Die Werbebotschaften und -motive werden dank der neuen, höheren Auflösung in noch nie dagewesener Bild- und Lesequalität auf den Werbeflächen präsentiert. Das DCLB-Netz in der deutschen Hauptstadt kann in Vollbelegung mit insgesamt 36 Werbeflächen oder in Teilbelegung mit 18 Flächen gebucht werden.
Neue DCLBs auch in Nürnberg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt
Auch außerhalb Berlins geht der Ausbau des digitalen Großflächenangebots voran: Am Nürnberger Flughafen sind ab sofort zwei normale DCLB-Anlagen buchbar, ein einseitiges sowie ein doppelseitiges Modell. Diese werden über WallDecaux Premium Outdoor Sales als auch direkt über die Stadtreklame Nürnberg vermarktet. Bis Ende 2013 wird die Wall AG darüber hinaus drei weitere DCLB-Anlagen am Düsseldorfer Flughafen errichten.
Für den neuen, einzigartigen LED Motion Drive, bestehend aus fünf LED-Großflächen entlang der Terminal 1-Vorfahrt an Deutschlands größtem Flughafen Frankfurt am Main, fungiert die Wall AG zudem als Technologie-Dienstleister. Die Vermarktung dieser Werbeflächen erfolgt dabei ausschließlich über den zuständigen Vermarkter Media Frankfurt.

Tablets at Work.

If you have a tablet or an iPad, it might be difficult to imagine life without one. AT&T knows that there are plenty of people who might be ripe for buying one. To give them a nudge,

maandag 5 augustus 2013

Meekijken tijdens het plassen.

Het herentoilet kent een paar belangrijke, ongeschreven regels. Je negeert iedereen zo veel mogelijk en praat zo min mogelijk met elkaar. De állergrootste faux pas, is tijdens het plassen naar iemands zaakje loeren, echt: doe dit nooit! LG is ook op de hoogte van de ‘toiletiquette’ en maakte een reclamefilmpje waarin mannen geconfronteerd worden met ‘meekijkers’, al zijn ze niet van het alledaagse soort.


vrijdag 2 augustus 2013

Vivid Light Festival: We See Saw Installation.

The Vivid Light Festival attracts millions of people to Sydney Harbour over a 2 week period each year, with the city hosting a Festival of Light, Music and Ideas around the city.

‘We See Saw’ is a collaborative play installation, activating a sense of nostalgia by providing just a few minutes of a time gone by, or perhaps igniting a new generation, through a tangible experience at the Vivid Light Festival in Sydney… ‘We See Saw’ used an array of pressure sensors on the seats, accelerometer’s on each See Saw and algorithms that rewarded the speed, rhythm, impact and collaborative movement (synced) between the three See Saws, to unlock dynamic visuals on a curved 10m LED screen. ‘Wee See Saw’ was created by VML Australia.

Christie and NVIDIA team up for an interactive car-buying experience.


If committing the requisite funds for an Audi R8 coupe seems like a stressful ordeal, NVIDIA and Christie have created an augmented reality purchase experience to lend a hand with the selection process. Under the hood, the whole lot is powered by NVIDIA GPUs, Christie projectors and RTT DeltaGen software for car configuration. Using a 3D-printed, one-fifth scale model of the R8, a series of projectors and projection tiles utilize a 3D WARP mesh to outfit the car with paint, wheels and even headlamps. A tablet UI then allows the eager customer to toggle colors, rim options, side panels and turn the lights on and off. In addition to customizing the car itself, the system also shows how the R8 will look in different environments, from dusk by the water to the rural open road.

donderdag 1 augustus 2013

Blue Man Group Unveils New Las Vegas Show

A new theater at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino / Las Vegas.

4Wall Systems & Design created a custom LED tunnel for the entrance to the Blue Man Group venue in Las Vegas! 4Wall designed and fabricated the structure and also provided control.

Displays over each of seven box offices change the time of day and type of service each window is going to provide, whether it’s selling tickets, will call or doing both. While standing in line or walking by, audiences get a flavor for the show with a short trailer.

The new location not only features an LED-enhanced box offices and entry arch to the theater, but also a retail store that includes several Hiperwall video displays of all the eye-popping new action and color-changing lighting. There are also distributed LCD monitors all over the hotel to let people know more about the show, which is about 80 percent new content from the old spot. 

More information here.