woensdag 30 april 2014

BenQ SL460 - een nieuw model.

BenQ, de LED-expert, reageert op de stijgende vraag naar grootformaat displays en digital signage-oplossingen en presenteert met de BenQ SL460 een nieuw model met een beelddiagonaal van 116,8 cm/46 inch. De large format display is per direct leverbaar voor een end-user price van slechts € 1.099 inclusief de BTW. Reseller project prijzen zijn op aanvraag verkrijgbaar.

Bron; www.epatra.nl

Ontworpen voor doorlopend gebruikDe speciaal voor digital signage ontworpen BenQ display SL460 beschikt over een Full HD-resolutie van 1920 x 1080 in 16:9 formaat en is door de eersteklas afwerking geschikt voor 24/7 continugebruik. Het robuuste display wordt vooral daar gebruikt waar visuele oplossingen - op bijvoorbeeld verkooppunten, beurzen, bij recepties en in wachtruimtes op stations of vliegvelden - als informatiebron onmisbaar zijn geworden. Anti-image-retention voorkomt inbranden van de beelden in het paneel, zelfs wanneer deze gedurende een langere periode onveranderd worden weergegeven.

Een ander opvallend kenmerk van de BenQ SL460 display is Daisy Chain via VGA, een voor digital signage-toepassingen essentiële feature. Daisy Chain stelt in staat tot gebruik van afspeelapparatuur en synchroon afspelen van content. Daarbij wordt het signaal van het ene display naar de andere displays doorgeleid. Verder kan worden ingesteld of alle apparatuur dezelfde inhoud simultaan weergeeft of dat bijvoorbeeld een video over meerdere displays verdeeld weergegeven moet worden.

Ten slotte kan de beheerder met behulp van de MDA-software bediening en onderhoud van de aangesloten displays via het netwerk op afstand aansturen.
De geïntegreerde lichtsensor regelt de helderheid van de displays en past die automatisch aan, aan de hoeveelheid omgevingslicht. Afhankelijk van lichtinval en plaats van gebruik, brengt dit het stroomverbruik aanzienlijk terug.

De ‘Italianizer’ van transavia.com.

Bron; www.sign.com

De ‘Italianizer’ van transavia.com bracht onlangs nietsvermoedende reizigers, wachtend in een abri op het Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam, in Italiaanse sferen.

Transavia_Special_grootHet kan soms snel gaan. Zo zit je in een bushokje en zo zit je lekker in Italië, midden in een kustplaats waar het leven in vakantiesfeer verloopt. De ‘Italianizer’ van transavia.com bracht dinsdag nietsvermoedende mensen, wachtend in een Abri op het Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam, in Italiaanse sferen.


Dat gebeurde ter promotie van twee Italiaanse bestemmingen, Bari aan de zuidoostkust en Catania op Sicilië, waar transavia.com vanaf half april vanuit Amsterdam rechtstreeks op aan vliegt. Deze promotie is gemaakt in samenwerking met JCDecaux Innovate.

This was the original idea

dinsdag 29 april 2014

Holoco - Holographic Display

Das HOLOCO in Ausführungen für den Kunden Varta (Foto: Deinzer)

Holographic Display. 

With the HOLOCO display from DEINZER your product is exactly where it belongs – in the limelight! Your advertising messages and product information appear all around your real illuminated product. The fascination of real products and virtual content floating in mid-air guarantee you the image transfer you want and ultimately significantly increased sales.

Hier der HOLOCO-Infoflyer zum Download: Infoflyer (1,2 MB, PDF)

More information here in German

maandag 28 april 2014

Fos - A truly wearable, Bluetooth LED display system.

Funding Unsuccessful This project’s funding  ( $200,000 goal ) was not reached on .

The Urban Athlete

Staying active in a big city means rubbing shoulders with cars, buses, trains and wayward tourists. Bike lights are often ignored or stolen, and reflective tape and shoes only make you visible when light reflects off them. Accidents can happen in a crowded bike lane at dawn or when the sidewalk ends at dusk.
Fo̱s is a new paradigm in visibility. It's a Velcro®-lined fabric patch that contains a super-bright LED grid you can program through your phone, wirelessly. The LEDs' brightness will keep you visible and its video-stream capability will keep you noticed. You may not realize you're wearing it since it weighs less than a golf ball and feels like normal fabric.

More info at www.erogear.com

World’s Largest 4K Video Board, Built by Panasonic, Set to Debut at Churchill Downs.


Churchill Downs will unveil the world’s largest 4K ultra high-definition LED video board on Saturday, April 26, for the Spring Meet 2014. The 170-foot tall video screen, constructed by Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company, will provide a stellar viewing experience for everyone throughout the venue, including the thousands of avid fans in the legendary Churchill Downs 26-acre infield.  

“During the past 10 years, we’ve invested more than $160 million at Churchill Downs to significantly upgrade our venue and greatly enhance the fan experience,” noted Kevin Flannery, President of Churchill Downs Racetrack. “Working with Panasonic to install the first outdoor 4K video board was a critical component of our investment strategy to make Churchill Downs the best Thoroughbred racing facility for all our events and turn it into one of the premiere ‘must see’ sports and entertainment destinations in the world.”

The mammoth display screen measuring 171-feet wide by 90-feet tall sits 80 feet above the ground and offers a wide viewing angle for a superior fan experience anywhere within Churchill Downs.  The active display area is 15,224 square feet and is positioned midway along the backstretch and outside the dirt course to avoid being a distraction to the jockeys and horses.

Construction of the ‘Big Board’ started in December and was completed in March, in plenty of time for the Spring Meet, the Kentucky Oaks and the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby.  Installation challenges posed by an underground river were solved by digging deep enough to bury 12 steel support beams into 45 feet of bedrock. Weighing 1.2 million pounds, the structure is built to withstand wind speeds up to 90 miles-per-hour. The mega-board is designed to display more than nine million lines of resolution, giving operators an array of creative capabilities ranging from replays, image close-ups, betting odds and race results to advertising, recorded programming and multiple split screen views.

“We’ve enjoyed this incredible opportunity to partner with Churchill Downs to install the world’s largest, first-of-its-kind 4K video board,” said Jim Doyle, President of Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company.  “The ‘Big Board’ delivers content unparalleled in its clarity and resolution, allowing tens of thousands of fans to experience the excitement and pageantry of this legendary racetrack up close and personal.”    
Mr. Doyle added, “Churchill Downs is a leader in the global sport of Thoroughbred horse racing and has demonstrated a commitment to making investments that create better fan experiences.  We share that same vision of excellence and use our technology and engineering know-how to produce customized solutions to make a difference.”

For Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company, the Saturday debut of the world’s largest 4K LED video board comes fresh on the heels of acclaim from Guinness World Records.  Earlier in the month, a Guinness adjudicator officially certified the company’s construction of ‘Big Hoss TV’ at Texas Motor Speedway as the ‘largest high-definition television LED screen in the world.’  Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company has also built the world’s second biggest high-definition LED video board at Charlotte Motor Speedway, as well as one of the largest display boards in collegiate sports at Ohio State University.  The company provides made-to-order video solutions, end-to-end management of large corporate projects and delivers technological and financial solutions to the renewable energy sector.

zondag 27 april 2014

Projection mapping turns 400FT gas tank into light show

Bron; www.inavateonthenet.net

Bremen-based projection mapping collective Urbanscreen has completed its latest project inside a 400ft oil and gas cylinder overlooking the Rhine river in Germany. The 112-metre high Gasometer Oberhausen is now used as an art space, and this project is part of 'The Appearance of Beauty' exhibition.
Urbanscreen blended 21 Epson projectors to provide 320-degrees of light onto a surface area of 20,000 square metres, to create the project called 320° Licht.

The show also features audio specially designed to fit this incredible and unique space.
320° Licht runs on a 22-minute loop, and is part of the exhibition ‘The Appearance of Beauty’ at The Gasometer Oberhausen, which runs until 30 December 2014.

Experience 320°Licht by URBANSCREEN, part of the exhibition "The Appearance of Beauty" at Gasometer Oberhausen. The large-scale projection installation features 21 powerful projectors streaming mind-bending graphic patterns on over 20,000 square meters of space in Oberhausen, Germany's massive gasometer. The installation is among the world's largest and technically most sophisticated interior projections. 

Part of a new series from The Creators Project exploring how technology is providing new canvases for artists, allowing new methods of creation. See more: 


zaterdag 26 april 2014

Display 4 Media.

Promotion video for the Swedish company Display 4 Media. Their solutions for Digital Signage is growing and spreading all over Sweden with over 500 customers and over 2 million visitors, every month.

OAXIS InkCase i5 Black Electronic Ink E-Ink Case for Apple iPhone 5S iPhone 5.

  • No flicker, low-radiation and protection of your eyes. InkCase i5 uses an electronic ink screen that looks and reads like real paper, no flicker and low-radiation. It is an eye friendly screen.
  • Read your notifications and reminders through your InkCase directly. InkCase i5 can display weather and stocks information, sports results as well as location based information right on the second screen. Who needs the computer when you have the InkCase?
  • Stylish appearance, light weight and a perfect match for your phone. Perfect combination of fashion and aesthetics. It fits your phone nicely and is comfortable to hold.
  • The Second Screen for your iPhone 5S iPhone 5.
  • It is an eye friendly screen.

donderdag 24 april 2014

Samsung Real Size Digital Signage Promotion Video.

visit --> http://vimeo.com/92584192

woensdag 23 april 2014

Digital Dreams Music Festival 2013: Lucid Dream.

Title: Lucid Dream
Height: 30 ft.
Length/Depth: 130ft
Site: Digital Dream’s Music Festival @ Molson Amphitheater

Lucid Dreams is a multi-media, interactive visual projection installation exhibited at the Digital Dream’s Music Festival in Toronto July 29, 30, 2013. The concept is inspired by the illustrated book, Codex Seraphinianus, a visual encyclopedia of of imaginary, extraordinary creatures. Visuals were projected onto the building walls of the Ontario Place administration building. The work explores and celebrates the idea of dreaming lucid in a digital dream using real-time, live feed data from the audience. The live feed becomes part of the dream to create a blend of fantasy and reality.

Go to --> http://vimeo.com/69804938
Go to --> http://volvoxlabs.com/digital-dreams/


dinsdag 22 april 2014

Ynvisible to develop paper-thin, low-power boards and modules in a new Arduino-based platform

Portugal-based Ynvisible is developing flexible transparent electrochromic displays and the company is already producing some displays in low volume. The company now launched a kickstarter project called Printoo that aims to develop an Arduino-based platform of paper-thin, low-power boards and modules.

The company already reached their financing goal of $20,000

Yesterday we reached our funding goal after ~72 hours. We can’t thank you enough for your support! We have been absolutely overwhelmed with the fantastic feedback we’ve had from everyone.


The Printoo platform includes 17 modules, including a microprocessor, a printed battery, Ynvisible's flexible, transparent display and a flexible solar cell. This is pretty cool stuff and it'll be great to see how the company delivers on their promise.

maandag 21 april 2014

Nixel? I think you mean pixel.

“I think you meant pixel.”

This sentence is extremely familiar to the NanoLumens team, as we hear it all of the time in emails, on phone calls, or during meetings with industry professionals or clients. While it may sound like we’re fumbling with our words or an incorrect slip on the keyboard, we actually meant it: Nixel.

Go ahead, say it.

Nixel. Feel like a rebel? Awesome.

Now what is it? 

The Nixel is the name of NanoLumens’ LED board. “Why does your LED board need a name?” A less common question, but a valid one nonetheless. In the digital signage industry, you’ll constantly here about how you’re seeing the “latest and greatest,” “the most innovative,” “word premiere,” “the best in the industry,” yada yada about every product that you see. The fact is, that can’t be true about every product in the industry, and if it is, then our industry isn’t doing a great job of furthering tech–That would mean that we’re just incrementally improving rather than making big strides to further digital signage, and, at least at NanoLumens, that’s just not the case.

Nixel: 3 Parts engineering, 1 part imagination, 100% awesome.

So, rather than sit there and give you string of adjectives and inflated statements, we gave our product our name. The Nixel. (You said it again, didn’t you?) Because it is different. It’s a huge part of what makes a NanoLumens display something exceptional, and it’s a huge part of what we’re trying to bring to the digital signage industry. We’re definitely thinking outside of the box, but you could say we’re thinking inside the Nixel.

Nixels can be easily and individually removed from anywhere on the display for maintenance.

More information here

zaterdag 19 april 2014

Great Wall, UTS Sydney

Lost In Space was commissioned by FROST DESIGN (Sydney) to create several real-time audio responsive mood films to play on a 20meter wide LED Data Wall. The films are intended to establish a mood as people assemble for events in the Great Hall at The University of Technology, Sydney. The Films needed to work well in the radical interior of polygonalized perforated aluminum created by architects DRAW. FROST DESIGN provided the Art Direction and overall Design of the works but relied heavily on the LOST IN SPACE team of Real-time Digital Artists Andrew Quinn and Christian Hogue. Christians experience with high-end VFX feature film and television Commercial work using specialist 3d app Houdini and Andrews experience as a digital artist with various Arts and Performing bodies in Europe helped immensely in creating an engaging real-time installation. LOST used Touch Designer, popularized recently by the Amon Tobin ISAM TOUR visuals, in the creation of the project. Being based on a high end VFX 3d procedural animation tool Touch Designer allows sophisticated 3d visuals including particle systems and live composting in real-time without the need for extensive coding.

client : University of Technology Sydney

design: FROST DESIGN Sydney production: Lost in Space supervisor/touch designer artist : christian hogue lead touch designer artist : andrew quinn

vrijdag 18 april 2014

Montreal Deployment Firm Shows Its Hang & Bang Skills.

It’s rare enough to see video case studies on projects involving software and solutions providers, but even more rare to see a nice, polished video from a company that does the “hang and bang” side of digital signage. ...

--> www.cablageexpert.com

donderdag 17 april 2014

Real-time digital photo walls.

Everyone knows that one of the best bits of an event is checking out the photographs on Facebook afterwards, but we can cut out the middle-man by projecting the photos on the wall as they’re taken. Our roving event photographer can put photos up straight away using a wireless SD card. 

Check out the photo projections we did for Nokia below: 


woensdag 16 april 2014

Projection Studio collects second Guinness World Record.

Projection and video artist Ross Ashton collected his second Guinness World Record, this one for the Largest Card Illusion Reveal, which took place at the 2014 e-Luminate Festival in Cambridge, UK and was a collaboration with Italian illusionist Alexis Arts.

The five minute choreographed performance in front of a live audience featured projected video effects and animations throughout, beamed onto the side of the chapel at Sidney Sussex College. It culminated in two audience members picking cards which were then revealed on the wall as giant projections measuring 128.25 square metres.

It’s the second world Record Ashton has collected for his work. He comments, “It’s fantastic to achieve two world records within two years! Working with Alexis on this show was a real pleasure and another completely different performance genre in which to be involved.”

Ashton’s first World Record was gained in 2012 for the Face Britain video projection work onto the front of Buckingham Palace in London, officially confirmed as a Guinness World Record for the most artists working on the same art installation.

Ashton is one of a handful of artists who has been permitted to use Buckingham Palace for his work, and the Face Britain images were formatted to use it as a wide-screen canvass for 32 animated mosaic portraits of HM The Queen, made up from 201,948 self-portraits submitted by children from around the UK. All these portraits were carefully scrutinized by Guinness World Records and certified as individual artworks.
The Largest Card Illusion Reveal was created using a single 17K Panasonic projector, rigged onto a specially constructed tower at the end of the lawn in front of the building.

Ashton chose this specific projector for its “brightness, compact size and reliability”. He adds the support from Panasonic throughout the 12 day e-Luminate Cambridge Festival – of which Ashton is the Artistic Director – has also been excellent.
The annual e-Luminate Cambridge Festival has been set up to connect ambitious art with ingenious technology to shed light on low carbon innovation.




dinsdag 15 april 2014


Fog usually gets in the way of us seeing things clearly,
but a group of researchers at the University of Bristol’s 
Department of Computer Science have harnessed it to 
create a way of seeing and interacting with 2D objects 
that appear three dimensional. The creation, called 
MisTable, has been introduced as a new way to share
content and interact – directly or indirectly – with 3D 

The system consists of a tabletop combining a horizontal interactive surface with personal screens between the user and the tabletop surface. Two projectors shoot onto the screens which are actually a thin barrier of fog which the user can see through and reach through. As the screens are see-through the user has a direct line of sight of both the personal screen and the elements behind it on the tabletop.

Being reach-through, the user can switch from interacting with the personal screen to reaching through it to interact with the tabletop or the space above it. The personal screen allows a range of customisations such as presenting 2D personal contents on the screen, 3D contents above the tabletop or augmenting and relighting tangible objects differently for each user.

Besides, having a personal screen for each user allows the researchers to customise the view of each of them according to their identity or preferences. Finally, the personal screens preserve all well-established tabletop interaction techniques like touch and tangible interactions.

Mobile-social-gamification apps key next-gen vending kiosks.

Mobile payments, gamification and social media are all rolled into the new digital signage-powered vending kiosk network being rolled out by a multibillion dollar snack conglomerate to promote and sell brands ranging from Oreos to Chips Ahoy! to Sour Patch Kids.
Snack food vendor Mondelez International Inc. is rolling out an initial deployment of its diji-touch interactive vending machines, and the company said recently that the initial deployment of diji-touch is part of a national rollout occurring within the next 18 to 24 months, with a goal of 1,500 machines deployed in the first year. The machines will be situated in hospitals, colleges and universities, and high-traffic location types such as museums and public transit depots, the company said.
Mondelez International, which comprises the global snacking and food brands of the former Kraft Foods, has annual revenue of approximately $36 billion and operations in more than 80 countries, according to Wikipedia. The company is powering the diji-touch machines with the digital signage content management platform from BroadSign International LLC, according to an announcement from BroadSign.
"It's an exciting new advertising platform, and a unique and effective way to talk to your audience at the point of purchase," the company said in a video about the machines.
The diji-touch machines feature interactive, touchscreen-enabled LED monitors, Microsoft Kinect motion sensors and NFC readers. HD motion graphics and 3D views of packaging, ingredients and nutrition facts contribute to an average dwell time exceeding six minutes and a threefold sales increase according to Beta Test results, the announcement said. This offering of heightened consumer engagement at the point of purchase presents media placement opportunities for both endemic advertisers whose products are in the vending machines and non-endemic advertisers seeking a digital out-of-home network.

"We became aware of BroadSign when our agency, Digitas, conducted an RFI and RFP to determine who offered the highest grade solutions for digital out-of-home ad serving," Mondelez Director of Marketing Foodservice Michael Miller said in the announcement. "BroadSign software was selected as the best fit for our needs because it supports the development of interactive features allowing the diji-touch network to create unique connections with consumers as they purchase products."
The diji-touch network is intended to increase the level of interaction achievable in Mondelez's multichannel campaigns. In promotion of Oreo, one of Mondelez's nine billion-dollar brands, consumers are invited to draw a smile in the icing of an Oreo cookie on a diji-touch screen prior to purchase.

"BroadSign prides itself for bringing constant innovation to the digital signage industry, and as such, we are thrilled to support the diji-touch network," BroadSign Vice President of Sales Skip Beloff said in the announcement. "These interactive vending machines completely change the traditional consumer experience, and our software is a safe bet for enhancing future interactions."
The machines also offer mobile couponing, loyalty and payments:

maandag 14 april 2014

Court Projections.

The Halifax Mooseheads and the Cleveland Cavaliers are putting digital signage in play. The Mooseheads, a hockey team in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League in Canada, and the Cavaliers, a basketball team in the National Basketball Association in the U.S., both recently turned to projection mapping technology to put on an in-venue digital signage light show for fans. The Mooseheads worked with Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada-based Egg Studios to produce an on-ice mapping display prior to one of the team's games in the

QMJHL playoffs earlier this month.

The Cavs teamed up with Herndon, Va.-based Quince Imaging for the projection display event that used a combination of 3D-mapping techniques and video content produced by the Cavs own QTV team and Think Media, according to the Quince website. The display used 16 HD projectors, the latest revision of coolux Media's Pandoras Box, version 5.5, and the newly released version of Warper, to align the video content to the graphic design elements on the Cavs' basketball court.
And fans also could interact with the light shot by live tweeting to two 16-foot-by-28-foot projection screens hanging above the court, the company said.

We've seen far more complex projection displays on three-dimensional surfaces such as casino and hotel facades, the surface of the water in swimming pools and even the EPCOT Spaceship Earth sphere at Walt Disney World in Florida.
But these deployments mark much more mainstream usages of the tech — and a novel approach for sports teams as they continue to try to innovate and change with regards to the live, in-venue sporting event experience.
As ticket prices increase and cable and satellite TV packages become more diverse in their sports offerings, stadiums and arenas are being pushed into an escalating arms race for making the in-venue experience worth the cost to the fan in terms of the money, time and effort involved in buying tickets, food and drinks and traveling to and from games.
And the fans and sports media are picking up on it.
"Technology can do some amazing things," wrote Kyle Newport on BleacherReport.com, about the Mooseheads display. "Sports teams are looking for new ways to get fans pumped up before games. As technology improves, the pregame videos do as well."
Sports Illustrated's Dan Treadway wrote in SI.com's Extra Mustard, "Regardless of the quality of play on the ice, I think that just getting to watch this show would easily cover the price of admission."
And, finally, The Washington Post's Cindy Boren was blown away by the Cavaliers' display:
"The Cleveland Cavaliers retired the jersey of Zydrunas Ilgauskas recently with a ceremony that was blend of the traditional and the cool — the very cool, thanks to 3D video that was projected onto the Quicken Loans Arena court before the game and at halftime."

zaterdag 12 april 2014

Virtual Fashion Dressing Room - de Bijenkorf.

De virtuele 3D-paskamer

Bron; www.fonkonline.nl

De Bijenkorf introduceert als try-out een virtuele paskamer met 3D-techniek. Klanten hoeven kleding niet meer fysiek te passen, maar kunnen digitaal ervaren hoe de nieuwe zomercollectie hen staat. Vanaf dinsdag 15 april reist de virtuele paskamer langs vier filialen om bezoekers kennis te laten maken met deze vooruitstrevende techniek.
‘De Bijenkorf is de eerste die bezoekers laat kennismaken met de innovatieve toepassing van de virtuele paskamer. Een primeur in Nederland en zelfs ver daarbuiten’, aldus Robert Bohemen, Directeur Marketing van de Bijenkorf. 
De virtuele paskamer is gebaseerd op Kinect-technologie. De bezoeker van de Bijenkorf ziet zichzelf op een groot scherm dat met bewegingen in de lucht wordt bediend. Bij deze try-out is er keus uit de nieuwe zomercollectie kleding en accessoires (zoals hoeden en tassen) voor dames en heren. 
Geïnteresseerden kunnen de komende periode zelf testen hoe het is om virtueel kleding te passen. Van de digitale passessie kan gemakkelijk een foto gemaakt worden. Deze wordt direct toegemaild en kan gedeeld worden via social media.

Amsterdam: 15 t/m 20 april
Den Haag: 22 t/m 27 april
Rotterdam: 29 april t/m 4 mei
Eindhoven 5 t/m 11 mei

donderdag 10 april 2014

Land Rover reveals world’s first Transparent Bonnet concept.

Land Rover will reveal its design vision for a new family of Discovery vehicles at the 2014 New York International Auto Show.

The Discovery Vision Concept car will showcase the essence of a future family of SUVs built on Land Rover’s key principles of emotive design, unrivalled capability and ultimate versatility, taken to new levels using new customer-focused advanced technologies.
Gerry McGovern, Design Director and Chief Creative Officer for Land Rover commented:
“Discovery has been pivotal in helping to build the foundations of the Land Rover brand. It is admired all over the world and loved by its strong customer base. We have created the Vision Concept to share the essence of Land Rover’s new age of Discovery and to debut a new, compelling, relevant design direction that connects on an emotional level with customers of today and tomorrow.”

Pioneering Technology
Land  Rover reveals world’s first Transparent Bonnet concept allowing a new level of driver awareness with a ‘see-through’ augmented reality view of the terrain ahead, making the front of the car ‘virtually’ invisible from inside the cabin.
Cameras located in the vehicle’s grille capture data used to feed a Head-Up Display, effectively creating a ‘see-through’ view of the terrain through the bonnet and engine bay, breaking new ground in visual driver assistance. The technology, named Transparent Bonnet by its creators, shows how advanced technology will take Land Rover’s unrivalled capability to the next level. 

The technology enables a driver climbing a steep incline or manoeuvring in a confined space to see an augmented reality view capturing not only the terrain in front of the car but also the angle and position of the front wheels.
From the city to the sand dunes, Land Rover’s new, driver-assisting technology will enable safer, smarter and more enjoyable driving in the SUVs of tomorrow.

woensdag 9 april 2014

MINI: Not Normal Case Study.

KoffeeCup technically developed a campaign for Iris, Posterscope and Vizeum using JCDecaux digital screens to deliver personalised messages to MINI drivers as they passed. Located on Europe's busiest A road, 6 screens sequentially spoke to passing drivers in harmony with traffic speed. Car model, colour, driver gender, time of the day and traffic density were all used to personalise the message. We overcame the technical challenges of the project, delivering instant images triggered by spotters using our Android App on 4G Android tablet. Further to this, during our live experience day, a dedicated Android app displayed what MINI was on their way to the experience area and which offer they had received, i.e. Red MINI Countryman, Bacon Sandwich. KoffeeCup developed another complementary application which ran on the newly released Samsung 4G Android enabled SLR camera which would send photos of MINI drivers up to our servers and back to the tablet ready to be triggered by our spotters. The photos, which were displayed on the last screen was the last hurrah for any passing drivers. We were delighted when the ground-breaking campaign scooped two prizes at the COOH Awards and the winner of the Best Digital Out of Home Campaign at The DailyDOOH Gala Awards!

Museum Weekend Campagne.

Ter promotie van het Museum Weekend op 5 en 6 april heeft de Museum Vereniging deze interactieve campagne gelanceerd met een oproep om een selfie te sturen naar #selfiemuseum. De campagne heeft gedraaid op diverse grote digitale schermen in Nederland en is uitgevoerd in opdracht van Posterscope.


maandag 7 april 2014

The iPad act.

The following video features Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales, of D1Gits, using iPads and creative magic to convey the positive economic statisitcs related to doing business in Stockholm:


Performed at MIPIM 2013 in Cannes by D1gits. One step further, by using visualizations that seamlessly interact between iPads and a whiteboard:

For more information see      www.d1gits.com

zondag 6 april 2014

Konica Minolta Symfos flexible OLED lighting Panel.

Konica Minolta showcased their latest OLED lighting panels “Symfos” under the slogan:
Cradle of Light” a place where OLED lighting is born
The panels from Konica Minolta are astonishingly thin, light and flexible.
The flexible panels are produced with a plastic substrate, are only 0.35 mm thick or 1/5 of the thickness of existing glass panels. But the panels are not light they are ultra lightweight with 5 g (0.06 g/cm²).This panel can be bend with a radius of 10 mm! The flexibility revolutionize existing concepts of light sources and are new options for designers.
Konica Minolta has developed the worlds first flexible OLED lighting panels which color tuning. The Symfos panels has a layered structure that provides uniform light with color tuning free from granularity.
The company has big goals so they want to ramp up worlds first mass production line for plastic substrate flexible Organic light emitting diode Panel production in 2014. The roll to roll production method will start in fall 2014.
The new plant is a investment from about 70 million Euros and the location is 1221 Sunada, Gokurakuji, Chuo-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture. The company plans to produce 1 million panels Oled lighting panels on plastic substrate in white and color tunable per month.

Technical details

The white color panel has a dimension of 150x60mm, a thickness of 0.35 mm and weight only 5 gramm.
The color tunable panel has a dimension of 50x30mm, a thickness of 0.29 mm and weight 0.6 gramm.
Both can be bended in a radios of 10mm.
At the Light and Building 2014 the company showcased some demonstration Models:


The idea is that this flexible panel give a impression of the moment of a fledged birds leaving the nest.
DSCN0169 Konica Minolta Symfos flexible OLED lighting Panel


Irodoris features the flexible OLED lighting panels with color tunable function.


With 70-micron this is the world thinnest lighting panel, it is so light and thin that the OLED flat in the wind.
Check out the video!

Whisper Wind

Ingo Maurer showcase with the Whisper Wind a lamp with flexible

DSCN0175 Konica Minolta Symfos flexible OLED lighting Panel

Did Large-Area TFT LCD Revenues Hit Bottom in February?

The large area TFT LCD industry is going through the darkest period in several years, as measured by monthly revenues. Data from the most recent Monthly TFT LCD Shipment Database indicates that February large area (9 inches and larger) TFT LCD revenues fell below $5B for the first time in over three years, declining 3% M/M and 13% Y/Y.

Source: Monthly TFT LCD Shipment Database
There are several factors impacting the large area TFT LCD industry at this time. First, there is a seasonal element constraining monthly shipments. February is the time many manufacturing sites in China close for Chinese New Year, and the time off reduced production and shipments. More concerning is the decline in monitor and notebook PC panel demand, which have been ongoing. At the same time, tablet PC panel shipment and pricing are under pressure due to a slowdown in demand in early 2014. Also, with the market balance shifting to tightness, some panel makers are clearing out inventories, but through discounting, which has a negative impact on revenues.
This leads to a broader issue of panel price decline. Large area TFT LCD panel prices have been falling since 2013. As shown in the figure, panel prices have fallen continuously for the past 12 months and in double digits Y/Y every month since September. This has a direct, negative impact on panel revenues. However, in January and February there was a halt in the rate of decline.

Source: Monthly TFT LCD Shipment Database
Given all this, will things keep getting worse, or was February the bottom of this supply-demand cycle? We are expecting recovery to begin over the next few months. As we recently commented, some LCD TV panels are in shortage. We expect several positive trends over the next several months.

Sony to bring its 13.3" Mobius Touch E Ink Digital Paper to the US.

Sony is launching its 13.3" Digital Paper device to the US. This device, intended for the legal, educational and business environments will cost $1,100. Sony's device displays PDF documents and can accept handwriting input.

Sony 13.3 Digital Paper photo

The Digital Paper uses E Ink's plastic-based 1200x1600 13.3" Mobius flexible panel that use Sony's own flexible TFT technology. Other features include 4GB of internal storage, microSD slot, Wi-Fi and PDF support (no other formats will be supported!). The DPT-S1 is 6.8 mm thick and it weighs just 358 grams.

vrijdag 4 april 2014

73 East Lake Chicago

A new digital art piece in a Chicago luxury high-rise building is turning heads for its use of custom animation and attention-grabbing graphics. The piece, installed at the 42-story 73 East Lake Street building, was the work of Animation Dynamics, Inc. (ADi), a Portland-based animation firm specializing in 2D and 3D animation, product visualization and interactive media. It features custom animation that ADi designed specifically for the building’s lobby. Stretching across 15 individual displays, the piece incorporates both 2D and 3D animation elements depicting various Chicago-oriented themes, intended to enhance the high-rise’s sleek, modern architectural features. It also serves to differentiate the building, as it grabs the attention of passersby from the street.

donderdag 3 april 2014

Lumiere Durham 2013.

Lumiere Durham in 4 minutes!* Scenes of the fantastic Lumiere festival that took over Durham City (UK ) in November, shot on the Friday 15th and Saturday 16th.

The projection system to British cathedral, comprised seven PIGI 6KW machines with double rotating scrollers. positioned at various distance around the Cathedral. The longest throw distance was 150 metres and the shortest just 20 metres.

Projection done by UK projection artist Ross Ashton.

dinsdag 1 april 2014

Video Wall time lapse.

A time lapse video provided by the Cable Center capturing Ping HD's installation team upgrading their video wall based on 32 of NEC's new 47" LED displays with just a 5.7mm bezel between each display.
With support for IPTV this SaaS based digital signage solution provides all the flexibility needed by the Cable Center.