zondag 30 juli 2017

Adidas Shoe Mapping v02

Adidas Shoe Mapping v02

zaterdag 29 juli 2017

Mapping- A46

Range Rover Borusan Holding Event/ Production: Workshot/ Director: Can Kınalıkaya.

vrijdag 28 juli 2017

woensdag 26 juli 2017

Video mapping on the ceiling of a tent.

PaintScaping did this huge mapping on the ceiling of a tent, for the LA Dodgers Foundation's Blue Diamond Gala 2017.

Lots of stars showed up, including a private concert by Maroon 5 and Earth, Wind & Fire.

dinsdag 25 juli 2017

LEDs turn car into interactive digital display.

Luxury automaker Lexus has unveiled a custom version of its 2017 IS car wrapped in nearly 42,000 programmable light-emitting diodes (LEDs), turning it into a mobile, interactive screen capable of displaying dynamic graphics.

The LED strips, which were applied to the car by hand, produce 175,000 lumens when fully illuminated and would stretch 0.8 km (0.5 mi) in length if placed end-to-end. There are three distinct modes in which they can respond to stimuli (see video link above). In ‘Attract’ mode, a loop of colourful graphics highlights the car’s curves and styling. In ‘Gesture’ mode, the motion of the LEDs’ animation is controlled by a user’s hand movements, with the help of a gaming console. And in ‘Music Viz’ mode, custom graphics are generated in synchronization with any music being played.

Indeed, with music in mind, Lexus unveiled the LED-covered car in singer/songwriter Dua Lipa’s video for ‘Be the One’ (see video link below), in a special collaboration with online video hosting service Vevo. The vehicle is featured as a visual anchor in a storyline that casts actor Ansel Elgort as Lipa’s former love.

“A music video was the perfect place to launch the ‘LIT IS,’” says Brian Bolain, general manager (GM) of product and consumer marketing for Lexus. “Working with Dua Lipa allowed the concept to come to life and put a spotlight on the Lexus IS in an entirely new way.”

maandag 24 juli 2017

An interdimensional door in the augmented reality street (ARKit)

The French agency Nedd had fun with the ARKit framework of the next version of iOS to manage augmented reality. They created an interdimensional door that appears in the middle of the street (on the screen of his phone). When you go in, you change universes. Bluffing!

zondag 23 juli 2017

vrijdag 21 juli 2017

donderdag 20 juli 2017

Can you imagine a world without digital signage?


Imagine walking into any leading retail store, quick-service restaurant or banking institution and not being directed, informed or entertained via digital signage? It is a positive reflection of the industry that the days of being communicated with via poster boards and scrolling text displays are quickly becoming a distant memory. 

    As we celebrate 20 years of being in this business, it is clear to see that the digital signage industry has changed drastically in the last two decades.  It has moved from posters and scrolling displays to digital displays.

In the last five years, the industry has continued to evolve; with momentum pushing industry leaders from installers of LCD screens to digital signage strategists. Today's digital communication is weaving together print, mobile and social media to create a unique digital in-store experience that enhances the brand and brings about engagement.

Rise of millennials

With the rise of millennials - digital natives – who understand and have an affinity with technology, they want to be associated with brands that talk to and interact with them. According to a 2015 Global Trends Survey, there are 92 million millennials in the US alone and they’re hitting their spending power now; with spend expected to total 30 percent of sales in the US by 2020. With figures like this and a similar pattern of millennials in Africa shaping the future of the mobile and digital economy, 50-60 percent of retail brands are increasing their digital signage spend and the industry is expected to grow by more than 30 percent annually.

This demand for technology also applies to the restaurant business where diners want a side of tech with their orders. A 2016 National Restaurant Survey found that among 18-34 year olds, 41 percent felt that technology was an important factor when choosing a restaurant/QSR; and one in four factors technology when deciding where to eat. Millennials increasingly rely on smartphone apps, tablets and other technology options to make orders faster, easier and more accurate. They want a vibe with technology giving them the option to self-order, make quick requests, access Wi-Fi – a seamless experience.

Personalized in-store experience

Digital signage, when used most effectively, has the ability to create a tailored in-store experience for customers.  Because millennials seek out content digitally, information must be shared quickly to the exact place where they’ll be looking; with dynamic digital signage systems updating messaging quickly and targeting it effectively.

Millennials also have huge purchasing influence as they're socially connected and having larger and more powerful networks than other generations. Using the power of social sharing via your digital signage systems creates an opportunity for your customers to influence their network and promote your brand/products.

Demand is driving the growth of digital signage on the continent and despite the challenges of e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retail is strong and provides an excellent opportunity for retailers and marketers to engage and build relationships with their consumers. Where better to connect with and influence your customer in the best possible way than directly on the shop floor.

woensdag 19 juli 2017

Digital signage powers first women’s-only Sport Chek store in Canada.

Sport Chek, a Canadian retailer known for its extensive use of in-store digital signage, opened its first women’s-only location earlier this year at Cadillac Fairview’s (CF’s) Chinook Centre in Calgary.

The new Sport Chek Women store (see video) was designed by an independent, in-house team of women representing different disciplines for the retailer’s corporate parent, FGL Sports. It reportedly offers the largest selection of women’s sport and lifestyle apparel and footwear anywhere in the chain, including new brands like Alo, Onzie, Soybu, Lolë and Moving Comfort.

“We are excited to offer a specialized customer experience geared to women,” says Kara Anastasiadis, associate vice-president of merchandise strategy for FGL Sports.

dinsdag 18 juli 2017

Smartsign attended SHOP 2017

Smartsign attended SHOP 2017 in Kista together with strong partners like LG, Expohouse and SMS. At the fair, customized overall solutions for the retail market were shown. The overall solutions help stores to develop and strengthen their brand through digital communication. Stores can maximize their retail space through customized screen solutions for shop fittings at inputs and outputs, in the store's product areas or at the cashline. All the monitors in the stand were powered by the Smartsign Display Manager.

Image recognition.

DiGiSi is an iOS and tvOS based platform for advanced digital signage. Thanks to image recognition algorithm powered by CoreML by Apple and Tensorflow, we are now able to provide ads more close to the customer appearance. The App use the camera to analyse the scene and figure out, anonymously, information about relevance checking a pre-trained (tensorflow based) database. Look at the example, our friend is walking by and the digital signage is able to cheer her about her awesome new sun glasses. Would you like to provide your customer a new experience, even more social and engaging? DiGiSi can help you with our simple SDK. Tag your contents and ads inside our backend, then all the magic is handled by our app :)

Further details at: https://digisi.live

maandag 17 juli 2017

3D mapping ski slopes.

3D mapping ski slopes, sponsored by Sam Adams.

Holo Review from Eyerock

POS, products are also increasingly presented with hologram displays. Different companies offer different solutions. Three display products have recently been created by Eyerock Studios, one of 3D animations specializing agency from Essen / Germany.

The Holoco display, also discussed here, recently got a little brother - the Holoco [S]. Why a 20 cm high and 26.5 cm deep variant makes sense makes the company so: "The space conditions at the point of sale are known as a difficult topic. Attracting the attention of the customer with regard to countless advertising messages is also not easier. The new Holoco [S] solves both problems. It fits in almost every shelf and its new holographic imagery makes it an absolute eyecatcher. In this, free floating holographic 3D objects are combined with real products. Small, high-quality products such as smartphones, watches and jewelery, as well as a range of beauty and health care products, will find a suitable presentation platform. "

The holographic display, like its big colleagues, is equipped with energy-saving media technology. The interior is illuminated by RGB LEDs, in order to show the real products in the display in the right light.

vrijdag 14 juli 2017

Drive Thru - Pickup Window.

Ap1 concept for beacon enabled adaptive drive thru leveraging LG digital signage and webOS.

donderdag 13 juli 2017

woensdag 12 juli 2017

instantly change your digital content displays.

When businesses first started using TV screens for internal and external communications, these businesses were focused on showing certain types of content on those screens. What these businesses may not have considered — and why Enplug entered the market — was future needs: preparing for digital content evolution. Enplug’s evolving platform ensures that digital signage content changes along with the needs of users. Enplug’s digital software is in contrast to companies that need their IT people trained on the initial digital signage system and then have to undertake a continuous cost of re-training, buying the updated software, and downloading and maintaining the updated software and hardware across the system in order to stay current with digital content evolution.

Content on Enplug is provided via the App Market, an app system similar to smartphone apps. The content can be “set and left” — or content configurations changed with a few keystrokes. Wifi-enabled TV screens streaming the content can be in landscape or portrait format.

With Enplug, anyone anywhere in the world can use one dashboard to manage digital content across multiple screens and multiple locations. At the same time, the number of users on one Enplug system is unlimited. Imagine an enterprise company’s communications director sending consistent messaging across 500 locations worldwide. At the same time, a person at each company office can add local information to that office’s Enplug displays.

And there is no need to worry about content storage limits with the Enplug system — there are no limits! In our example above, each office of an enterprise company can store as much content as required with no additional charges.

Enplug’s open app market is evolving:

With Enplug’s open platform, the best companies in the world can write apps for the Enplug App Market using Enplug’s SDK (software development kit). This is particularly important as new opportunities appear on the digital marketing scene. And with Enplug’s dynamic app playlist, you can instantly change your digital content displays.

Here are all the Free Apps.

dinsdag 11 juli 2017

Tech triumph at Scottish sports centre.

A new £20million sports and leisure centre, The Portal, in the Idyllic Scottish village of Irvine, offers residents impressive fitness facilities as well as a completely digitised archive of Scottish history.

The Council enlisted systems integrator SSUK, in partnership with LG, to deliver an AV system that would complement the architectural design of the centre. The Portal offers a 25m six lane swimming pool and multi-use gym facilities with commercial LG displays mounted throughout the centre.

The first thing visitors see when they come through the doors to the reception area is the 4×4 Videowall display comprising of 16 47” LG 47WV50MS screens which has been recessed into the wall and sits flush with the surrounding glass tiling and is configured in portrait mode. SSUK chose high brightness displays in a bid to combat the high levels of ambient light in the surrounding area.

The Ground floor Café area and 1st Floor Fitness suite each have an LG 55” 55LW340C screen which shows music videos and live news channels. Each display utilises LG’s signature IPS panel technology, meaning that images are crisp from any viewing angle, with a span of up to 178 degrees.

There is a first floor access walkway which links the Old Townhouse to the new Leisure centre, on either side of the walkway there are two LG 43” 43UF640D screens mounted landscape which will show historical material or artwork via the digital signage system.

Inside the archives area there are screens with multi-point touch capabilities which are used as a digital library for multitudes of historic material. One touch screen is recessed into a custom built table which links up to an LG 55SM5KB display mounted on the wall so that visitors can browse books visually. For small events there are two mobile trolley stands with a 32” LG LW340C screen on each which are used with content being presented via the screens USB Media playback feature.

maandag 10 juli 2017

What is Stopping Flexible Displays From Taking Over ?

Digital Signage Vitrine.

Interactive elements such as the digital showcase offer new perspectives in the product presentation. The "digital display case" consists of a transparent multi-touch screen, which is enclosed in a tailor-made display cabinet.

vrijdag 7 juli 2017

Kagami / Real-Time Face Generator.

‘kagami’ means a mirror in Japanese. ‘kagami / Real-Time Face Generator’ is an installation, which features ‘3D mirror,’ capable of replicating a person’s face in three dimensions. The installation’s face scanner scans a participant’s face, and a computer converts the scan into 3D modeling data. On the basis of this data, around 5,000 rods are moved forward by a motor, creating a 3D face in real time. The face then becomes a canvass for the theme of ‘Kacho Fugetsu’, which means beauties of nature in Japanese, as electric makeup art featuring morning glory, bamboo, butterflies, kingfishers, ibis, sunsets, cherry blossoms, moon etc. is projected onto its surface. This work is the result of a collaboration between WOW and a project team from Kao Corporation, who drew their inspiration from the ‘OMOTE’ project. It took one year to produce, from planning through to completion. It has been established as an exhibit at Kao’s COCOLAB museum, founded in September this year. Nobumichi Asai (WOW) acted as creative and technical director for ‘kagami’ and ‘Kacho Fugetsu,’ overseeing the planning and development of the project. Noboru Tomizawa, who also collaborated on ‘Connected Colors’, oversaw the makeup art. Beautiful makeup art provides a base over which WOW’s CG animation is projected to evoke the vivacity and motion of nature. Music was provided by hatis noit, using a tonal palette exclusively composed of sounds from nature. Using sounds from her native Hokkaido, the sound of the wind over the plains, running water, bird song etc., hatis noit creates a sound-scape drawn from her own memories.

Digital fabrication has been predominant around the world as the popularity of 3D printers represents. This work can be included in the trend. The definitions of ‘thing’ and ‘information’ are basically opposite, but they are equivalent in our mind in the age of digital fabrication. In a way, we can say our ‘existence’ is composed of ‘collection of meaningful information (= code)’. In the human body, a spherule called a ribosome reads the sequence of DNA and transfers 20 different amino acids to produce protein. In the past, we thought that human lives were analogue and organic, which was different to the idea of digital computing. But human lives are supported by the idea like 3D printing in its essence. Cloning is done by copying DNA. And this idea expands to ethical issues with artificial cloning of organisms, which are still controversial. Experiencing this installation, you may be shocked. You should be one of a kind, but your ‘existence’ is reproduced with this. So, the title ‘kagami’ includes the meaning ‘you face your “existence”’.

related works
kacho-fugetsu / real-time face tracking and projection mapping vimeo.com/186075386
connected colors vimeo.com/149727840

real-time face generator / kagami from nobumichi asai on Vimeo.

Relaunching the new logo for local telecom operator Safaricom / Kenya - Nairobi.


donderdag 6 juli 2017

Optimizing Your Presentation Design for Your Display Type.

Source; www.leyard.com

Back in the old days, when presentations happened on projectors, the typical PowerPoint or Keynote background was white or a light color. This harkens back to when slides were actually slides or overhead transparencies on a dimly lit lightbox. In any of these cases, when the room was dark and the display was not, white backgrounds provided the best brightness and best chance at readability.

Today, the range of display technologies available for conference rooms and auditoriums have never been larger and those displays are now available in higher resolutions than were available before. We have had to learn and are asked frequently how to optimize slide template designs for different display technologies, and below are some best practices:

1 Consider using a dark background:
Not only does it look modern, but on bright displays like LCD flat panels or LED displays, it avoids you having your retinas burned in a meeting. On LED or other emissive displays, black pixels are off. This means that if you have a black background (not dark charcoal gray, but actually black), you will have the best contrast and your words and images will appear to float on the screen.

2 Avoid gradients:
Depending on the power of your laptop and the processing in or around the display, you may find that gradients will band and not look as clean as you’d like them to look. Color blocks and subtle textures (now visible in 4k) are great choices. 3 You can use all the colors now (but not all at once):
Back in the days of the poor quality IT projector, good luck getting yellow to show up on your slides. And subtleties between shades of blue and green might get lost as well. Today’s flat panel and LED products are much more adept at handling color, so you can more closely align your digital presentations to your online and print assets.

4 Use video:
Don’t use words when you have a picture. Don’t use pictures when you have a video. Although it adds complexity and size to your presentations, consider using video to convey your stories instead of relying upon words and pictures alone.

And a parting word. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. In presentations, less is often more. Don’t use word art or animated text. Don’t animate your background so that it is a distraction if you have information-dense messages to deliver. Don’t overuse transitions.

woensdag 5 juli 2017

UBI Research , Published the Market Report on OLED Manufacturing Equipment.

■ The OLED equipmentmarket is expected to reach $84.9 billion in 5 years.
■ Korean and Chinese panel companies will take over 90% of investment in panel equipment.

  According to ‘2017 OLED Manufacturing Equipment Annual Report’ published by UBI Research, the entire equipment market of OLED is expected to total$84.9 billion(about 93trillion KRW) from 2017 to 2021. In 2017, $16.4 billion(about 18 trillion KRW) will be invested in OLED equipment.

The OLED equipment for the market analysis is largely categorized by process into 5 kinds of equipment; TFT, OLED, encapsulation, cell, and module. The investment costs including distribution equipment and test equipment of each process are calculated, and touch-related equipment is excluded from the market analysis. Hyun Jun Jang, a senior researcher of UBI Research forecasts that the two countries will lead the OLED market due to the massive investment from both Korean panel companies occupying the OLED industry and latecomers Chinese panel companies.

According to this report, China and Korea will actively invest in OLED equipment from 2017 to 2017, showinga 48% and a 42% OLED market share, respectively. In particular, the two countries are expected to make the largest investment of $32.8 billion(about 36 trillion KRW) in 2017 and 2018. Samsung Display has been expanding small and medium OLED lines to be applied to Galaxy series and Apple, and LG Display has been investing in both small & medium and large-size OLED lines. China’s BOE and CSOT are likely to invest heavily in OLED line because especially BOE has decided to invest more than 30K in small and medium OLED lines every year since 2017.

From 2017 to 2021, itis forecast that TFT equipment, OLED pixel patterning equipment, encapsulation equipment, cell equipment, and module equipment will have a 45%, 17%,13%,13%, and 12% market share, respectively. In near future, the demand for flexible OLED will be likely to increase so that cell and module equipment will gain more importance having a 25% market share.

How To Visualize Music | Mashable.

Eric Prydz EPIC 4.0 show exemplifies how electronic music can be visualized. The sensory pleasure of viewing the show complements and elevates the music to all new levels - arguably the most ambitious and visually pleasing live music show in the world. Subscribe for more coverage of tech and culture: http://on.mash.to/subscribe.

For large scale holographic effects the Rebel preference is still Hologauze - a super fine gauze material that’s so light and easy to use that you can take it just about anywhere literally… For the latest Rebel hologram project, courtesy of Entrepreneur’s Paradise, I recently packed it in my suitcase, hot footed it to Necker Island and used it to beam Sir Richard Branson in as a hologram above his own tennis court!)

See Hologauze in action on a grand scale in this Eric Prydz gig in Madison Square Gardens:

dinsdag 4 juli 2017

VuWall installation at Isar Klinikum Munich - Timelabs.

Video Wall

Multimedia Show /LED, Dome Projection.

Dance, music, animation and video mapping 360° combined all together in exciting multimedia show.
Direction: Jacek Kościuszko
Choreography/Dance: Daniel Stryjecki
Art Direction/Graphic Design/Animation: Celina Skiba/OneCell Studio
2nd Animator: Piotr Skiba
Production Supervisor: Sylwia Kościuszko
Multimedia: E4EYE
Production: Film Image
Location: Alvernia Studios

maandag 3 juli 2017

NYC Transit engages travelers On the Go.

The Big Apple is a big city with a big population that needs a big transit system to move those people around: Almost 2 billion people ride the New York City Transit Authority’s subways every year.

With all those people to move around and all that real estate to cover, keeping commuters informed and engaged is a big task.

So the MTA, the New York City Transit Authority, rolled out interactive digital signage kiosks to provide maps, train schedules and alerts — and leveraged those kiosks to also create what are essentially interactive digital pop-up shops through the New York City subway system.

The agency has rolled out nearly 400 of the On the Go kiosks with partners Intersection and Outfront Media, since starting the initial kiosk rollouts back in early 2014.

And it has turned those kiosks into holiday shopping portals for Amazon’s Consumer Electronics Holiday Gift Guide, interactive digital popup shops for the New York Transit Museum (mostly recently for “Dads and Grads” gifts leading up to Father’s Day), and tic-tac-toe game kiosks in an interactive New York Lottery campaign enabling customers to play against MTA riders in other stations in real-time.

Primarily, though, the kiosks provide countdown to arrival, one-touch visual directions based on real-time train status and neighborhood maps. All of these services are paid for by advertising on the kiosks’ dynamic, contextually relevant advertising platform that offers programmatic, place-based video, transactional and interactive capabilities.

Nike Flyknit Multi Display : Object Recognition,

Nike Flyknit Multi Display : Object Recognition, Image Processing, Interactive Design