woensdag 31 augustus 2016

Jaguar - the art of performance.

Jaguar debuts the F-PACE, their first ever SUV, at The Art of Performance, an exciting and immersive projection mapping and LED installation at Martin Place, Sydney to celebrate Jaguar’s contribution to Vivid Sydney 2016.

TDC – Technical Direction Company is showcasing the spectacular use of creative technology bringing the ideas by creative communications agency, Spark44 Sydney and multimedia design and animation by Spinifex Group to life.

A creative first for Sydney!

TDC’s technical experts mapped the Jaguar F-PACE SUV in video projection that playfully highlights, deconstructs, rotates, recontextualises and generally manipulates the Jaguar SUV’s geometry.

The audience is involved in initiating the showcase by pressing a large ‘start’ button, then the thrilling multimedia experience is brought to life. The vehicle is showcased on an angled podium against a diamond-shaped LED video wall. Both technologies work together to create a beautiful 11 by 8-metre canvas with the illusion of depth and immersive animation.

“The display has full automation, monitoring and interactivity, Spinifex used Cinema4D and 3D Studio Max to create the amazing visual content,” added Cyril De Baecque, Managing Director at Spinifex Group.

Behind the creative technology

The project is unique in its combination of technology within a public place as Anthony Pellizzari, Technical Project Manager at TDC elaborates: "This is a first for an audience to experience this type of technology in a outdoor public space. They can interact to fully become part of the experience. Gauging the public reaction so far, the use of technology and creative behind it seems to really appeal to all ages.

“This project gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our technical skills in mapping geometric objects. The added dimension of surrounding the car with LED really adds depth of field, and complete automation really lets us stretch our technical skills. We are really happy with the results."

dinsdag 30 augustus 2016

Video mapping on a cello

Elgar's Cello Concerto as you've never seen it before.

Visit ;  bbc.uk/proms

How Meltwater uses Digital Signage for Enterprise Internal Communications.

Meltwater is the global leader in media intelligence. Their platform helps customers stay on top of billions of online conversations, extract relevant insights, and use them to strategically drive brand perception for their company.

Meltwater is headquartered in San Francisco with over 50 beautiful offices across the US, Europe, Africa, India, China, and Australia. Their company culture is based on three core values: having fun, striving to be Number One, and treating colleagues and customers with respect.

The Challenge
For Belén Alemán, Internal Communications & Culture Manager for Meltwater, keeping all 1,200 employees in the loop is a constant challenge. Belén already uses an internal blog, emails, video, and is developing a mobile “Culture App” for employees.

However, Belén was looking for a communications tool to keep 50 global offices continuously connected and aligned with Meltwater’s culture:

I wanted to visually connect all of our offices in an easy and fun way. It’s important for all employees to feel included in what’s happening around the company and be able to see these updates in real-time. Ideally, I wanted to be able to promote our culture and values, our external blog, and also showcase important company and sales metrics.

As a solution to these challenges, Meltwater began testing Enplug’s digital signage software in their offices in February 2016.

Once Belén started testing Enplug, she was surprised by what a difference it made over prior digital signage solutions.

Enplug’s service is cost effective, easy to install and manage, ships all over the world, and adapts to different network requirements and display types, which was important since not all of our offices can afford fancy screens.

I was also looking for a way to make our displays feel welcoming, but also have them be engaging. We have many visitors stop by our headquarters each week, so this was important.

Meltwater’s offices each have several displays in the front entrance and sales areas, and they make use of our digital signage features with Instagram Photo Wall, Graphics App, News App, and Webpage App.

More information here

maandag 29 augustus 2016

Display Mapper

DisplayMapper License & 12 months hosting £449.00 // price excl VAT.

zondag 28 augustus 2016


Maximum spa in minimum space.

source; www.small-size-premium-spa.com/en

In its new architectural concept, sieger design turns its attention to the modern premium bathroom and the way it reflects societal trends. The increased scarcity of living space and rising apartment prices caused by growing urbanisation are just two of these tendencies. With numerous individual usage options, the Small Size Premium Spa concept, SSPS™® for short, meets the highest standards in terms of comfort, functionality and enhanced quality of life within just 6.2 square metres.

vrijdag 26 augustus 2016

Audi A5 World Premiere - Coupé Tradition.

On the 2nd of June 2016 the new Audi A5 Coupe was introduced to the World in Ingolstadt, Germany. Maxin10sity helped to make this moment even more unforgettable by creating a spectacular show consisting the history of the Audi Coupes from the beginning.

Maxin10sity, the Hungarian projection mapping specialist, has established itself as the expert in the innovative videomapping space, having recently delivered two show-stopping projects for prestigious client Audi to mark the launch of its very latest models.

Commissioned by technical planning and show direction specialist Niyu, Maxin10sity brought its skill and expertise to Audi’s Late Light Show – an exclusive videomapping event for Audi employees and the community surrounding its Ingolstadt, Germany HQ with a spectacular 10 minute show running every evening over six days from 25-30 May 2016.

The Late Light Show set the stage for the world premiere unveiling of the Audi A5/S5 Coupe, which was celebrated with a further bespoke five-minute mapping; a visual representation of the evolution of the Audi Coupe from its inception through to the brand new models. One of the first times that videomapping has been applied beyond entertainment as a promotional technique, over 1,000 journalists from all over the world attended this exclusive, one-time event on 2 June 2016.

Having successfully tackled videomapping projects involving complex and large scale structures such as the iMapp project on the Palace of the Parliament which takes place every year in Bucharest, Romania – the second world’s largest administrative building – Maxin10sity was the obvious choice for the Audi projects.

Impressed by their work at Karlsruhe in 2015, Professor Klaus Schrenk, artistic advisor for the Audi Late Light Show, recommended the projection mapping specialists to Audi to bring their ideas to reality.

It took five days to create the 3D model of Audi’s Ingolstadt HQ, which features a 2,300m2 surface area – equivalent to approximately 4,600 40-inch television screens. With one side fully flat and the other curved, the Maxin10sity team tested more focal points in order to precise how to control the overall display over the undulations in the structure. The audience was to be positioned in close proximity to the façade of the building, bringing additional considerations around perspective; not to mention the challenge of projecting onto glass surface, overcome by covering it with a special projection film.

“For a project of this scale, complexity and prestige, we knew Maxin10sity were the best in the field,” comments Thomas Hofmann of Niyu. “Working alongside the Maxin10sity team was seamless and their credentials in the videomapping space speak for themselves, having broken world records with previous projects and constantly pushing themselves to raise the bar and do something different that completely stands out.”

35 Barco HDQ-2K40 projectors boasting 40,000 ANSI lumens – the brightest available on the market – were installed in five projection towers, each four metres long, four metres wide and nine metres high – and carrying five tonnes of equipment. Sourced by Media in Res as technical provider, all projectors were controlled by a high-performance Pandora’s Box media server from Looplight, which handled the six terabytes of content. 25 kilometers of electricity and signal cable powered the show which featured eight channel surround sound.

Collaborating with Pure Perfection on conception of the Late Light Show, and Creators and Quintons Concept on conception, creative direction and car choreography for the A5/S5 Coupe premiere, Maxin10sity focused on capturing imaginations by transforming the Audi HQ building into a unique visual showcase. The videomappings bore all the hallmarks of a true Maxin10sity show, using contiguous visual impressions with music rather than concrete pictoral visualisation to embody the spirit of Audi and encompass its brand values.

The content, which was more abstract in nature for the Audi Late Light Show, and more focused on Coupe imagery from over the years for the world premiere, was supported with music by Big Total Audio. Tamás Vaspöri, co-founder of Maxin10sity, comments: “With both events, we deployed careful curation of modern, dynamic music enriched by sound design combined with animation to convey the feeling of what it is like to work for or own an Audi.”

A printed screen.

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) is driven by embedding electronic functionality into all types of objects and environments. The key technological enablers of the IoT are enhancements in cloud computing infrastructure, wireless communications, microelectronics, and notably low power electronics. A key concern for realising a full blown vision of the IoT is how this can all be done profitably and sustainably. Conventional electronic components, their production processes and material sets are not suited for realising this vision.

Printed electronics is a technology field that uses new materials, with electronic properties, that are processable into inks and can be printed into thin layers (using conventional print house equipment) onto flexible materials, such as plastic and paper.

ynvisible’s proprietary electrochromic displays (depicted above) are printable on plastic or paper and can be the face of every smart label. ynvisible’s displays use almost no power. They don’t require recharging or battery replacement. They are ultra low weight, microscopically thin, flexible, transparent, yet robust. When combined with various sensors (e.g. movement, touch, temperature or proximity) they bring functionality and life to smart products. Based on a printed multi-layer architecture, ynvisible’s displays can be combined with inks and electronics into integrated systems, to provide total solutions for global brands.

The main advantage of recent developments in printed electronics are:

i) the availability of new more environmentally friendly material sets for producing electronic-type functionality on anything printable,

ii) the ability to establish high volume production with low capital expenses compared to conventional electronics production,

iii) and widely expanded range of tools and possibilities for low power consuming IoT product design.

woensdag 24 augustus 2016

Ink Mapping: Video Mapping Projection on Tattoos,

live event of Tattoo Video Mapping.

Source; www.oskar-gaspar.com

dinsdag 23 augustus 2016

DMM.PLANETS Art by teamLab at Odaiba, Tokyo.

teamLab, an art collective, will present one of Japan's largest interactive art exhibitions to date.

This will be the inaugural exhibition of newly announced initiative and will showcase some of the largest scale artworks by teamLab. An exciting digital maze of artworks including a massive "Wander through the Crystal Universe"(around 20 m x 20 m x 4 m) will be on show. The huge installation will invite participants of all ages to immerse themselves in the multi-room environments spanning around 3,000sqm and showcasing multiple digital works. Participants will be invited to explore inside interactive artworks —including the largest Crystal Universe ever shown.

The immersive, large scale exhibition will be open to the public from Saturday, July 16 till Wednesday, August 31, 2016.

Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of Koi and People - Infinity

Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers

Wander through the Crystal Universe

Dancers from another planet.

A great way to create life like 3D characters is to digitize the essence of real people, using camera’s and software to ‘capture’ their postures and motions. This digital model is then ‘dressed’ with computer generated flesh and skin. Method Studios took this to the max using absolutely incredible textures and physics simulations. This video is meant as a showcase of what they can do with advertisers logo’s and identities. So it just goes on and on…


zaterdag 20 augustus 2016

Living walls.

The office building Terrell Place in Washington DC has 1,700 square feet of special motion-activated display space installed on its walls creating a quite psychedellic experience. The interactive installation envelops the entire room in spiraling lights or nature scenes depending on the mood. Created by ESI design the walls can be programed to show a constantly changing series of patterns that are activated when people move nearby.

Inside the immense street-level glass atrium of the Wells Fargo Center in Denver, ESI designed five 86-foot floor-to-ceiling LED columns that are six times the resolution of normal HD. The monolithic screens display dynamic media inspired by the Mile High City’s natural wonders.

vrijdag 19 augustus 2016

Stage Mapping.

UNFOLD is a new ready to use concept by Univate, a specially designed stage used as projection surface. The concept can be used during company events, business presentations, festivals or as a show decor. The flexible and foldable design makes it possible to create different set-ups during your event to accommodate the element of surprise.

We design and produce events, stages and shows. We can create custom made content or combine your branded content with existing mapping effects. Produce the music and direct the show in your venue and if needed arrange the complete technical production including lights, sounds and show effects.

UNFOLD Features:
– 11 x 4 meters
– Modular design
– 5 movable panels
– More then 12 different set-ups possible
 – Easy to use

The Digital Poster Wall.

donderdag 18 augustus 2016

Digital Signage - always up to date !

Olympic Games in Rio Great to see the top of the medals table at Victoria Station in London.

woensdag 17 augustus 2016

Butterflies in view,

Content is still king. At least where digital signage is concerned. At the Yorkdale Shopping Centre, blue butterflies flutter about on large screens and then group together to form the current time of day. That way, the mall in Toronto, Canada, managed to kill two birds with one stone: The intermezzo offers an attractively packaged time check as well as a break between the advertising spots presented on the screens the rest of the time. Cineplex Digital Media  made the butterflies come to life:

The provider of digital signage and digital merchandising also developed the app that controls the dynamic content. The brief spot runs on the digital screens and banners in the shopping mall.

dinsdag 16 augustus 2016

Joan Meeting Room Assistant.

No more searching for a meeting room. Joan Assistant makes sure everybody has their meeting space when they need it. It eliminates room conflict and helps you work better.
Create better meetings. A more productive office. And a happier workplace.

maandag 15 augustus 2016

Interactive Poster for Walkers Spell & Go / UK

Walkers and AMV BBDO launched an interactive poster in Manchester, which gave passers by the opportunity to add select letters to their collections by making shapes with their bodies.The letters to create are automatically served up by the poster and users are guided through the process with playful and humorous messages of encouragement.

The poster uses a bespoke creative technology solution, combining touch-screen, real-time gesture recognition and state-of-the-art machine learning to identify the postures replicating each letter. It is a truly innovative use of this technology for the brand.

Pollution-Activated DOOH Campaign for Elizabeth Arden / London

Elizabeth Arden have launched an intelligent data-driven Digital Out of Home campaign to introduce their new high-tech invisible skin shield: PREVAGE® City Smart Hydrating Shield SPF50.The dynamic campaign uses live pollution data to alert Londoners when levels are high and emphasise the benefits of using PREVAGE® City Smart Hydrating Shield SPF50 for neutralizing the impact of environmental and oxidative stress on the skin. The 2-week campaign runs on Exterion Media’s Digital Escalator Panels at Oxford Circus Tube Station, alongside a Digi-Wall domination from the 1st August.

Created by Grand Visual, the campaign provides pollution facts and statistics, with the call to action to “Outsmart the City” and protect skin against pollution with PREVAGE® City Smart Hydrating Shield SPF50. Delivered through OpenLoop, real-time pollution data is pulled from LondonAir, which provides pollution readings pinpointed to Oxford Street.

The DOOH activity was planned and booked by Talon Outdoor and PHD and supports a broader campaign including video on demand, print, and digital.

vrijdag 12 augustus 2016

Singapore installs 11 color E Ink bus stop information boards.

Singapore’s Land Transport Authority installed new public transportation information boards at 11 bus stops across the city. The boards are based on color 31.2" E Ink displays with LED front light. The system design and integration was performed by Visionect.

This pilot project chose an ePaper solution because it is extremely energy efficient and runs on solar cells, completely independently from the electrical grid. If the project proves to be successful, this may lead to wider adoption on up to 200 bus stops in the next few years.

Genius Loci festival Weimar: we’re making walls.

Every summer since 2012, the German city of Weimar becomes a meeting point for digital avant-garde artists, culture enthusiasts and scientists. During >> the Genius Loci Weimar festival << they inspire and get inspired by astounding audiovisual art and interactive facade projections. This year’s edition, from 12 to 14 August, may well fascinate them more than ever, as it will feature a truly unique acoustic installation, powered by Barco’s IOSONO immersive audio solution.

Cultural Sounds The place to experience the acoustic magic is the Hafiz-Goethe-Memorial at Beethoven square. Here, the encounter between the great poets Goethe (Germany) and Hafiz (Iran) is depicted by two granite chairs that face each other, aligned east to west. To reunite the two chairs would be to restore the original block of granite, representing a uniting of East and West.

The festival jury chose ‘Cultural Sounds’, a sound installation by students at the University of Weimar (Martin Recker and Paul Hauptmeier) to translate the ‘East-West’ idea of the Hafiz-Goethe-Memorial. Their audio art includes field recordings from Germany and the Arab world, human voices, as well as processed instrumental recordings and abstract sound objects which they assemble in acoustic spaces reflecting and disassembling stereotypes. Barco Audio Technologies was the ideal partner to lift the soundscapes to a hyper-realistic level, using the IOSONO CORE spatial audio processor.

Customized system “With our IOSONO CORE, sounds can be freely placed and moved in space with unparalleled precision and robustness, resulting in a crystal-clear perception of sound and great artistic freedom,” explains Stephan Mauer, Strategic Marketing Manager at Barco Audio Technologies. “Moreover, our solutions are scalable: we can drive any reasonable speaker arrangement and then adapt the install to the customer requirements. In Weimar, two walls standing opposite each other are equipped with 20 conventional loudspeakers each. In this way, we found a design that mimics the setting of the monument and is very accessible: everyone can walk inside and around the walls, to experience the space and really get immersed by the sound.”

Performance in space „The sophistication and sheer number of possibilities for spatializing sound provided by the IOSONO system enable completely new ways of musical expression in our work, e.g. the control and unheard precision of positioning sounds in the vertical domain is literally adding another dimension to immersive sound design. Furthermore, the production support we’re getting from Barco Audio Technologies is extremely helpful to get going with the tools in an instant,” say Martin Recker and Paul Hauptmeier.

Premium partner Barco is a premium partner of the Genius Loci Festival. Via AED Display – also a premium partner –, we also provided a series of HDF and HDX projectors to power the projection mappings at the different locations (the Tempelherrenhaus, the Stern and the Sternbrücke). So if you’re in the area, between 12 and 14 August, this is a must-do on your bucket list!

GLW2015 Festival 

donderdag 11 augustus 2016

MIT Introduces Tech That Lets You 'Touch' Objects In Videos.

Interactive videos have taken a big step forward, as researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed what they call Interactive Dynamic Video or IDV, allowing users to "touch" objects in pre-recorded clips.

The project is led by Abe Davis, a Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) PhD student.

"This technique lets us capture the physical behavior of objects, which gives us a way to play with them in virtual space. By making videos interactive, we can predict how objects will respond to unknown forces and explore new ways to engage with videos," Davis says.

To explain and demonstrate how far the technology can go, he uploaded two videos on YouTube — one goes in-depth on how he developed it and the ins and outs involved, and the second one showcases how it could work with AR technology.

In the first clip, he introduces IDV and how it only needs five seconds' worth of video content to capture the possible movements of an object. It should be mentioned that the footage is recorded using only a normal camera. Also, the subject is a wire mannequin, and to make it wobble, someone slammed on the surface it's resting on a few times.

With the data collected from the process, the object can now be programmed to be touchable using a mouse.

"One of the most important ways that we experience our environment is by manipulating it: we push, pull, poke, and prod to test hypotheses about our surroundings. By observing how objects respond to forces that we control, we learn about their dynamics," the IDV website reads.

As for the second video, he exhibits how the technology could be incorporated with augmented reality, using one of the most popular mobile apps that took the gaming scene by storm Pokémon GO, which hit 100 million downloads just recently and earns $10 million in daily revenue.

Using Pikachu and Caterpie, he made the two bounce around bushes and a climbing ramp, and as they moved around, the platforms they launched off from also went in motion as if the Pokémon were really there.

Long story short, this just goes to show the potential of how interactive videos can be in the future. Check out the videos below to see IDV in action.

woensdag 10 augustus 2016

A traveling eye catcher for the Zespri Summer Tour.

A product can be promoted in a store or on TV, but why wouldn’t you organize a traveling event? Zespri for example decided to introduce the New Zealand kiwi fruit to as many people as possible during the Zespri Summer Tour. Zespri wanted to be able to interact with its customers and to make the Summer Tour even more complete. To do this, we developed an enormous kiwi with a recipe finder.

WhiteDanser - Resolume VJ Software.

Chromosoom drops a set with dreamlike classical dance. Classy and elegant, it's a breath of fresh air between all the abstract 3d.

Source; www.resolume.com

dinsdag 9 augustus 2016

Schiphol Media - Digital Suitcase.

Just imagine the impact of seeing branded suitcases with a digital screen going round on the luggage belt, in between the suitcases of arriving passengers! You can now even advertise on several suitcases per luggage belt, enabling you to attract passengers’ attention to your full message, which you can display as a still or a video. To get an idea of how this will work, take a look now the video.

maandag 8 augustus 2016


Periscopista is the ultimate festival attendee: A giant psychedelic cloud with an eye at the center, it is triggered by movement and sound so that if you dance, it dances with you and if you shout, it responds. The installation is by designer Thijs Biersteker— who previously created a book cover that judges you and let you beat up cancer with a punching bag—in collaboration with sound design innovators Amp.Amsterdam. The installation turns "spectators" into "creators," becoming trippier as the energy of the crowd spikes.

Biersteker calls Periscopista an "homage to curiosity" which puts the mood of the festival in the hands of the festival goers, encouraging collaboration. Periscopista won the Grand Prix at the Dutch festival Down The Rabbit Hole, and was noted for its innovative methods of encouraging crowd interaction and amplifying the festival’s energy.

Maurice Paans of Amp.Amsterdam explains that the misty cloud possesses unique soundscapes, custom software, and tracking techniques. The sensors, which Biersteker collaborated on with Univate on, are hidden in surrounding poles. Meanwhile, live streams provide video input, working with audio sensors and motion sensors. The illustrations were created by two brothers, illustrators at Down the Rabbit Hole, Merijn Hos and Jurriaan Hos. The entire design was crafted by Better Future Factory to be sustainable, with the hope that it will be built upon in years to come. You can see Periscopista in action below:r>

The entire design was crafted to be sustainable , with the hope that it will be built upon in years to come.

zondag 7 augustus 2016

VIP launch for W Hotel Dubai

Source; Projection Artworks

vrijdag 5 augustus 2016

Visionect helps develop a solar-powered ePaper-based violence prevention system.

Mexico-based PERO360 developed a new solar-powered E Ink kiosk called Community HUB, that help students in schools report violence cases anonymously and safely. A 12-month trial in Mexico saw rediced abusive behavior and helped the school implement new violence prevention politics. Community HUB won the World Summit Aware for Inclusion and Empowerment.

The Community HUB uses Visionect's E Ink system. The developers say e-paper is the best fit for this kind of application due to the low power consumption and the outdoor visibility.

Source: Visionect

donderdag 4 augustus 2016

You can cut this display with scissors.

Want a display that can take any shape? You might not need a factory to cut it for you in the future -- you may only need a pair of scissors and a steady hand. Japan's National Institute for Materials Science has developed a flexible, organic/metal hybrid polymer display that you can cut without wrecking it. The technology only needs a few seconds of power to adjust to its new shape, and it even maintains its last information when you switch it off, a lot like e-paper.

The existing design only displays in one color and has a limited display area. It's easy to see the practical purposes even now, though. You could make your own clothes with integrated displays, or craft smart wearables that fit the exact shape of your wrist. The researchers also envision a world where you could change the colors of car interiors, sunglasses and windows thanks to displays that fit just about anything. Any such breakthrough is undoubtedly years away, but the very fact that it's a possibility is noteworthy.

Via: Science News Journal
Source: NIMS

dinsdag 2 augustus 2016

Incheon Airport - Korea - LG OLED Moment

OLED’s light and flexible design has already changed the world of digital signage, in places such as at Incheon International Airport, it’s pushed the limits of design, leaving visitors in awe.

How Many Outdated Pieces of ‘Technology’ Can You Spot ?

The conference room has certainly come a long way from this:

How many outdated pieces of communication technology can you spot? If your boardroom looks like the above photo, it’s time for an upgrade!

A connected Super Bowl experience [DEMO]

In the context of the Super Bowl XLIX’s celebrations in 2015, Moment Factory was called upon by Wasserman Media to design two installations. The first, “Connected Life”, was created inside Super Bowl Central to amaze, immerse and inform visitors about connected lifestyle applications and technologies. An interactive wall outside the “Connected Life” immersive room also provided a responsive glimpse of the experience found inside. The second installation, “WhosGonnaWin”, was an outdoor projection mapping show that used hashtag data collected on social media to alter the visuals. The finale of the show depended on which team won the battle for votes on social media.