zondag 31 januari 2016

The NEC X754HB high brightness display.

NEC Display Solutions Europe has expanded its portfolio of high brightness displays with the launch of a 75-inch display designed for areas with high levels of ambient light, and where the harsh environment of sunlight would affect the performance of normal displays.


Displays that can be used in high brightness environments add much-needed flexibility and high-quality visual experiences to retail, quick serve restaurants, airports or digital out of home display situations.
The X754HB large format display offers a reliable and consistent solution for environments where lighting conditions are changeable but the information on the display always needs to be visible; whether a menu or information board, where detail is important, or for images that add to the retail experience, where colour is key. The 75-inch display intelligently adapts to its surroundings, using an integrated ambient light sensor. During the day, the display provides a bright, clear image regardless of the lighting conditions; at night, it dims, reducing power consumption and creating cost-efficiencies for the organisation whilst maintaining perfect readability. With a display size of more than 190 centimetres, the X754HB matches the industry demand for life-size signage applications that effectively operate in these demanding environments.

The NEC X754HB high brightness display will be on show at the NEC Display Solutions booth 4-R24 at #ISE2016 in Amsterdam February 9-12, 2016

Opener intro.

New Ypork Rangers in Madison Square Garden

New York Knicks

Made by Arc3design

vrijdag 29 januari 2016

Virtual Reality for the poor man.

The View-Master was the first one.

donderdag 28 januari 2016

Hamburg - 700 square meter digital surface.

Inside, Klubhaus St. Pauli is Hamburg’s new home of live music, entertainment and urban working. Outside it features Europe’s largest interactive media façade. The approximately 700 square meter digital surface is ideal for the moving image campaigns, editorial content and visuals of the artistic and cultural organisations in the newly opened Klubhaus St. Pauli and the Bremen design artist Urbanscreen.

The media façade itself is transparent. When club guests and office staff look out of the building it is like peering through blinds. The lift in the building, which goes up to the panorama restaurant on the sixth floor, is lined with eleven laminated glass plates containing embedded LEDs.

ONLYGLASS GmbH produced and installed this high-resolution part of the media façade.

The wall is marketed by Posterscope which attracted Mondelēz International (Milka) and Sonos as advertising partners for the launch in September 2015. Simon Kloos, Managing Director of Posterscope Deutschland explains: "By combining interaction and a mix of editorial, artistic and commercial content we’ve turned the advertising space on the media façade into an event in its own right. Offline events on Spielbudenplatz in front and in Klubhaus St. Pauli behind also guarantee very high levels of attention."

DOOH supports Creed release.

When Grand Visual launched over 10 years ago, one of our first campaigns was for Rocky Balboa, and featured Rocky running up the stairs at Tottenham Court Road on the Digital Escalator Panels. Today, we come full circle as we have again produced a Digital Out of Home campaign for the latest film in the Rocky franchise, Creed.

Creed, the 7th film in the series sees Sylvester Stallone once again reprising the role of Rocky Balboa. Released in the UK on January 15th, the film has received critical acclaim with Stallone picking up the Best Supporting Award at this year’s Golden Globes, and a nomination for an Academy Award. The release of Creed comes on the 40 year anniversary of the first Rocky film, which received a similar level of accolades.

The international DOOH creative promoting the film is playing out across 5 countries reflecting the industries increased investment in DOOH as a key advertising channel.

Grand Visual produced the DOOH creative which is being played out across Ocean Outdoor, Clear Channel, JC Decaux & Exterion network in the UK.

dinsdag 26 januari 2016

The number one true outdoor Television.

Come rain or shine? It doesn't matter anymore!
Get to know SunBriteTV. These televisions will instantly change your opinion on how to watch television. Extend your viewing experience to the outdoors. Reliable and though, SunBriteTV’s are able to handle rain, snow, fog, mist or heat without any problems.

SunBriteTV comes in three types. The Signature Series for residential use. The Pro Series and the Marquee Series are especially build and engineered for permanent outdoor placement in direct sunlight.

SunBriteDS offers digital signage solutions for the professional market.

More information here

Hitachi FL-900 ultra-short throw lens.

we look at the recently-launched Hitachi FL-900 ultra-short throw lens, partnered with Hitachi’s 8,200 lumens CP-HD9321 projector. It emphasises the growing importance of short throw installations.

Video mapping at the Empire State Building.

Manta rays, 40 stories high. Blue whales swimming hundreds of feet above the city streets.

The vision of Academy Award® winning, Racing Exctinction director Louie Psihoyos and world-renowned visual artist Travis Threlkel (Chief Creative Officer of Obscura Digital), this projection event on one of the world’s most iconic buildings will catalyze a movement to preserve the real treasure of our beautiful planet

Projecting Change: the Empire State Building is produced by the Oceanic Preservation Society and Obscura Digital, in collaboration with Discovery Channel, Vulcan Productions, Spinifex Group, Photo Ark, the Li Ka-Shing Foundation and Empire State Building Trust.

zaterdag 23 januari 2016

Digital Dogs

Looking For You, which took place at Westfield Stratford City in London, was specially created to highlight Battersea Dogs & Cats Homes’ quest to rehome dogs by using innovative technology to engage with passing shoppers this summer.

vrijdag 22 januari 2016

the circle of light Festival / Moscow

The circle of light Festival Total surface 19099 FT2 - World Biggest projection 3d mapping area a GUINNESS Record- largest projection image in the world! 138 projectors. Amazing work on the Ministry of Defense buildings in Moscow.

Magic-Innovations.ae a series of animations by great studios; Sila Sveta, Radugadesign and CosmoAv.

donderdag 21 januari 2016

Amfi Madla 3D projection

PM Screen - Amfi Madla 3D projection

dinsdag 19 januari 2016

Light effects on a dancer.

Dani Olivier - Abstract nude photographer.
Amazing take a look here

maandag 18 januari 2016

MeLE Cloud based 4K Digital Signage with Narrow 28’’ LCD.

MeLE have the full products line of digital signage, include 4K digital signage box with PIP(picture in picture), digital signage HDMI dongle, here MeLE shows the digital signage with narrow LCD, with Giga Lan and WiFi inside, support GPS and 3G module, still easily management via tablet and PC based Cloud, comes with 28’’ LCD at 1366*232, support 4K video decoding and output, with USB3.0, Micro SD card with SSD slot, it is also digital signage with local content playback.You can check the demo of MeLE cloud based digital signage via tablet and PC here:

zondag 17 januari 2016

Right at midnight on New Year’s Eve, photographer Jeff Cremer sent his camera drone up into the skies above Lima, Peru to capture the sights and sounds of residents shooting off fireworks. A heck of a lot of fireworks it turns out, shot from streets and rooftops across the entire city. Cremer wanted to get a bit closer to the action but smartly kept his drone at about 200m so it wouldn’t be knocked out of the sky by a random firework. Set to Perpetuum Mobile by Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

‘connected glass’ displays in Canada

Marketing agency W.illi.am/Valtech Group recently launched two ‘connected glass’ concepts with interactive store display windows at Guildford Town Centre in Surrey, B.C., and the Montreal Eaton Centre, to help stimulate holiday shopping traffic. Installed inside the two Ivanhoé Cambridge shopping malls, the 1.4-m (55-in.) displays used Google’s Android technology to support visual, interactive gift selection functions. Set up as a one-month pilot project and integrated with e-commerce, the test windows may lead to further digital signage deployments in 2016, pending evaluation of the numbers of online visits, pop-up store sales, window interactions and user-generated content. “This multiplatform project, including the connected store display windows, is the first of its kind in Canada,” says Ludovic Maire, retail digital strategist for W.illi.am/Valtech Group. “It redefines the shopping experience by combining the physical space of shopping centres with the intelligent use of digital platforms.”


woensdag 13 januari 2016

100 Dancing Drones Set World Record.

Watch Intel's Drone 100, a magical and elaborate airborne music and light experience created by a fleet of 100 unmanned aerial vehicles that redefines art, enabled by Intel-powered PCs and digital artists.

The team quickly created an outdoor flying drone light show syncopated to a live orchestra.

When all 100 light-equipped drones danced and painted 3D shapes and messages in sky above Hamburg in early November, a new record was born.Dubbed Drone 100, the spectacle set a Guinness World Record for most UAVs airborne simultaneously.

When video of Drone 100 was first shown during Krzanich’s CES 2016 keynote two months later, he said it redefined the fireworks experience without the inherent risks of traditional pyrotechnics.

Hoertner and his team of 15 people called the drones, “spaxels,” a hybrid of “space pixels.” He said he wanted to show how drones, known to many as weapons, can be used to create beauty and socially meaningful experiences.

The four pilots were led by Martin Morth, and each pilot controlled 25 drones as they lifted off from a soccer field in Hamburg.

But before the drones could launch from the field, engineers created software that allowed the drones to follow flight paths, turn on and off lights and move succinctly with one another to dramatic orchestra music.

This also breaks Guinness world record for having most drones up in the air at the same time and multiple drones controlled by one pilot.

Drone 100 is telecasted at CES 2016

Kinetic will turn all outdoor billboards into trigger points for smartphones.

Brands will be able to use all of Kinetic Worldwide’s billboards globally to push messages to peoples’ smartphones.

The outdoor specialist’s global chief executive Mauricio Sabogal told the launch would transform all its “out of home media into interactive media”.

While billboards have been able to talk to smartphones for some time, it’s the scale that’s the selling point for Kinetic now as it increasingly sees itself asked to pitch for fully integrated accounts given the ubiquity of mobile out and inside homes.

The way it works is each screen is fitted with a hidden code, which is generatec and served dynamically using outdoor media firm’s Endeavour’s platform. What the platform does is allow for both traditional and digital creative to be tagged with one of the codes to allow passerbys to do everything from redeem loyalty points to buy goods. The codes can also be updated throughout a campaign in order to offer different call to actions or serve alternative content.

For brands, this means they can update their own apps with the code reader so that people don’t have to download another app in order to interact with the screens.

Sabogal’s dream is that eventually all billboards work with phones in this way not just those owned by Kinetic. “We want to syndicate this as a standard,” he continued. “This is my invitation to my competitors to use the same method so that the consumer knows that every time they pass a billboard there is something for them.”

dinsdag 12 januari 2016

Transparent LCD Display (Prototype) #PanasonicCES 2016

Seamlessly blended into the decor, this transparent LCD display shows a future of display screens that shows different scenes according to the mood, as well as showing high-resolution videos whenever you want. The display functions as a windowpane when not displaying images, while it can be adjusted for optimal height when used as a display.

transformable TV.

The Modular display wall shows how TV displays can be rearranged into different forms.

The transformable TV can change shape, offering different aspect ratios.

maandag 11 januari 2016

Tripple Digital - Digital Highway Sign in Rotterdam

Clear Channel Hillenaar introduce the Triple Digital. There newest Digital Highway Sign on a very high traffic location in Rotterdam.

ASU Projection Wearable

With World smallest projection, you can put all on the wrist. People can use it to put the "screen" on back of the hand, walls, or desktop etc. ASU will show world the first projection wearable device on CES 2016.

E Ink digital signage demo (CES 2016)

E Ink is showing several prototype and demonstrators at CES 2016 - including this very nice tiled digital signage displays. It's made from four panels (seems to be 30" or so each )

vrijdag 8 januari 2016

18-in ‘rollable’ screen from LG.

Source; www.inavateonthenet.net

LG’s 18-in flexible display will be on show at this week’s CES in Las Vegas. The Korean manufacturer will showcase the concept 30R display that it says can be rolled up like a newspaper alongside a 55-in paper-thin OLED TV and a pair of 65-in “extreme-curve” concave and convex OLED displays. The company was able to achieve the extremely thin unit by housing its electronics separately. OLED products specifically for the commercial sector will also be exhibited including a 55-in double-sided display that shows different video images on each side and a 139-in Vertical Tiling OLED (VTO) display that comprises eight double-sided 65-in OLED panels connected in an S-shape.

The company’s 86-in stretched LCD display is also tipped for use in the commercial space with its 58:9 aspect ration lending it to applications in airports, commercial and retail. Also on show will be a videowall comprising LG’s 55-in units that deliver a bezel of 0.9mm.

In a written statement, Dr. Sang-Beom Han, vice chairman and CEO of LG Display, said: “We will continue to offer differentiated values to the market and customers and strengthen the company’s leadership by responding quickly to trends in the expanding OLED market, including the fast-growing automotive and signage sectors, by offering various solutions.”

donderdag 7 januari 2016

Digital Signage at the worlds largest toy store.

This is the Worlds Largest Toy Store in Russia (Central Children’s Store on Lubyanka). They reopened in 2015 after going through an internal makeover. The installation company involved with this project was Auvix and they decided to use a digital signage software called PADS4 by NDS to manage and display the content on the screens. The solution is interactive and included products such as touchscreens, 3D cameras, projectors and Intel Processors.

Central Children's Store on Lubyanka not only a symbol of a happy childhood, but also one of the most modern projects in the use of audiovisual innovation in the retail sector. Technology Intel, integrated into the navigation system and interactive zone allows adults to easily navigate the shopping center, and young visitors - to learn new technologies through play. The project includes more than 600 screens, 200 players, more than 30 video walls based on Intel.

woensdag 6 januari 2016

Project Everyone - world wide.

Project Everyone ─ the brainchild of filmmaker and comic relief founder Richard Curtis ─ launched on September 26 2015 with the aim of sharing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (a series of ambitious targets to put an end to extreme poverty and tackle climate change for everyone by 2030), with seven billion people over seven days across an extensive range of platforms including digital OOH screens.

Out-of-Home communications agency Posterscope and media agency Blue 449 joined forces with their media partners across the globe to deliver the world’s largest ever digital OOH campaign in order to raise awareness of the initiative. Over 125 media partners came on board enabling the ad to be shown on over 146,000 screens in 450 cities, around 28 different countries, in busy central locations including Piccadilly Circus in London, Swanston Street in Melbourne, Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur, Shibuya Crossing and Shinjuku Kabuki-cho in Tokyo and Times Square in New York. Richard Curtis, founder of Project Everyone, said “The best chance of the UN’s global goals being met is if everyone is aware of them, and that’s where Project Everyone comes in, along with the support of its many partners. I have been overwhelmed by the response of brands, consumers and institutions alike to this initiative. Posterscope and Blue 449 have been instrumental with getting out of home media owners on board to help us get our messages across, to really raise public awareness of the issue at hand. With their help, we have secured sites in the busiest areas of key cities around the world to visualise the global goals and what Project Everyone stands for.” Richard Curtis

dinsdag 5 januari 2016

Wear The Rose - O2 Projection.

The artwork, which covered a whopping 10,000 square metres, featured a perpetual rose to signify the everlasting support for the English rugby team.

Invisibility Cloak.

Clever projection camouflage from Projection Artworks.

We're often asked if projection can make things 'disappear'. It's hard to do in the daytime - high levels of ambient light will wash out any projection - but we've discovered a highly reflective glass-bead fabric that makes it possible. By projecting the scene behind the cloth onto the front of it, we're almost able to achieve the illusion of invisibility in broad daylight.

maandag 4 januari 2016

Media Zest Interactive Touch Table.

The Media Zest Interactive Touch Table allows customers to interact with rich media to retrieve valuable information on products and services. This unique solution tracks unlimited touch points, including hands, fingertips, 2D markers and real-life objects. The interactive table works brilliantly for group collaboration supporting simultaneous interaction for as many users as can be fit round the table. Interactive tables can also be connected together to provide a giant canvas.

Aero Simulation.

Aero Simulation Inc. uses Christie technology as they develop and deliver an immersive, engaging, and innovative simulator to help train pilots on the largest and heaviest military helicopter in the United States military.

zaterdag 2 januari 2016

iMapp Bucharest 2015

One of the biggest video-mapping events in the world took place on 19th of September 2015. Palace of Parliament on Constitution Square in Bucharest witnessed a joyful celebration of light, colors and sound. This year's show was already second edition of iMapp event.