dinsdag 28 februari 2017

The Birmingham Media Eyes.

Source; www.oceanoutdoor.com

[DEMO] Tsawwassen Mills - canada

Tsawwassen Mills | Outlet Shopping Mall in the Greater Vancouver Area

Source www.momentfactory.com

maandag 27 februari 2017

Screen Size versus Vieuwing Distance.

Even in the best case -- and using a huge screen -- the visual advantage of 4k content basically disappears before the viewer is even 10 feet away

resolution chart

Digital Signage is a Powerful Engadgement Tool.

Digital Signage Statistics [Infographic]

Check In Tech Out - the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.

The Cosmopolitan is a unique luxury resort hotel located in the heart of the Las Vegas strip. Its two high-rise towers house 2,995 residential-styled living spaces with breathtaking skyline views, one-of-a-kind restaurants, vibrant nightlife, an eclectic mix of hand-selected boutiques, a high-end spa and 110,000 square feet of casino space.

These and other amenities have helped it earn recognition as one of the top hotels in the world. A continuing goal of the resort is to retain this status and remain a preferred entertainment destination for Las Vegas visitors from around the world; particularly those seeking a venue with world-class amenities and an ultra-modern vibe infused with technology.

This objective has been met once guests set foot in the lobby where they are welcomed in a most unusual and highly creative manner. This space is dominated by a jaw-dropping display of digital art; high definition video shown on eight 15 foot tall columns – 460 Clarity® Matrix® LCD Video Wall System displays from Planar, a Leyard Company

See the video here.

donderdag 23 februari 2017

Digital screen on a truck: MobilAd Media test its first Digi-Truck.

OOH direction MobilAd Media, for 10 years specializing in truckvertising, is currently testing its first Digi-Truck. This trailer from MobilAd fleet does not have the classic advertising sails, but a digital LED screen 6m2 behind the doors. The technology on board offers lots of possibilities. The digital display is controlled from a remote location in order to place content à la minute as a function of the time and the location of the truck. In addition, motorists get offered on the motorway in real-time traffic information regarding travel time and possible delays. Advertisers can display their message wherever and whenever they want. It is not intended to place the animated videos for security reasons, or alternating static images. Before this innovation to roll over and commercialize the entire network, further tests will be done in the coming months.

UGG Classic II

Running as permanent displays across 10 selected European UGG concept stores (UK, Germany, France and Netherlands), the installations are designed to stand out in the crowded retail space by showcasing the brand’s new boot – the Classic II – in a highly original and dynamic way.

Source; www.projectionartworks.com

dinsdag 21 februari 2017

Vehicle recognition on Holland Park Roundabout / London

The Premium Digital Address in South West London now featuring exclusive Vehicle Recognition Technology The third largest digital site in the UK, delivering 4,920,340 adult impacts, The Holland Park Roundabout is the jewel in West London’s Digital OOH crown – flanked by affluent Kensington and Notting Hill, adjacent to Westfield London and linking central London with the main arterial A40.
Holland Park Roundabout is the first ever Digital Out of Home advertising location to deliver real-time vehicle recognition. Ocean’s exclusive technology has been introduced to personalise content to key audiences based on the make and model of the car they are driving.

Bermuda Tourism is the first travel brand to use vehicle recognition technology to serve live advertisements to premium car drivers in London.

Using the Hello Bermudaful greeting, Bermuda Tourism is serving personalised messages to the drivers of nine different premium car marques in the vicinity of Ocean Outdoor’s triple screen digital out of home site which is located at London’s Holland Park roundabout.

Planned by the Media Agency Group, the DOOH campaign deploys Ocean’s vehicle recognition technology which serves different creative messages to the drivers of prestige cars which are less than four years old and valued at more than £40,000.

Bermuda Tourism’s new campaign also features press advertising.

Ocean marketing director Richard Malton said: “The combination of Holland Park Roundabout, one of London’s most desirable advertising locations and vehicle recognition technology is a marriage that creates incredibly effective communication for clients. Precision targeting, zero wastage and 100 per cent creative relevance delivered programmatically for Bermuda Tourism’s campaign demonstrates the versatility of DOOH within the media schedule.”

12m wide x 3.5m high (each screen)

maandag 20 februari 2017

Desk booking screens.

Manage your workspace!!

The quest for a better way to book and manage your desks, breakout areas and workspaces is now available. This compact device comes packed with smart features, doesn’t break the bank, and can be fixed in multiple easy ways around your workplace.


Full HD Transparent OLED Display for Windows.

From Exhibition at IMID Jeju, 2016.

in-glass wallpaper.

LG calls its skinny OLEDs “in-glass wallpaper” Next-Generation, Flexible Open Frame OLED and Ultra Stretch LCD Digital Signage Solutions to Expand Visual Options for Enterprises Worldwide.

vrijdag 17 februari 2017

Forrest Media adds Daktronics Display to Scotland inventory.

Source; www.avinteractive.com

50 sq m display installed in Edinburgh, two displays in Glasgow.

The installation in Edinburgh is on Salamander Street and in Glasgow the two displays are positioned along the Xpressway.

All three displays are larger than industry standard for this application and feature 10mm line spacing for excellent image clarity and contrast while disseminating messages to the masses. Daktronics’ environmental protection ensures the display is safe from the outdoor elements for round-the-clock functionality.

These installations add to the displays installed this past summer at Finneston Quay in Glasgow by Forrest Media. Forrest Media has installed five Daktronics digital displays in the past 12 months, including the first 8mm display in Europe.

donderdag 16 februari 2017


blueBOX bietet seit 20 Jahren außergewöhnliche visuelle Erlebnisse. Genau vor 10 Jahren haben wir die erste Holografie auf der IAA NKW vorgestellt, auf dem Messestand der Firma Hella KGaA Hueck & Co.. Ein fliegender Dachbalken. Dieses Jahr präsentieren wir auf dem Messestand der Firma Aral BP eine holoBOX XXXL mit 4 Metern x 3 Metern – das größte Serienprodukt der Firma blueBOX. Die holografische Präsentation auf der IAA 2016 in Halle 13 ist ein echter Hingucker. Durch die direkte Integration in den Messestand und der 3D ausgedruckten Zugmaschine spielt die Holografie direkt um das Kernthema der IAA und die Inhalte von Aral.

Der spezielle Kraftstoff Ultimate mit der Antischmutzformel der Firma Aral wird eindrucksvoll durch eine synchrone Lightshow mit Piranhas, die mit Hilfe von vier Moving Heads und Gobos projiziert werden, unterstützt. Die holoBOX ist in der Helligkeit eindrucksvoll. Die LED Panels mit 1.000 nits haben einen Pixelpitch von 3,91 mm. Die Auflösung ermöglicht gestochen scharfe Bilder. blueBOX bietet holografische Serienprodukte oder auch Individualbauten.

Nicht nur die Hardware wird von blueBOX geliefert, sondern auch der Content. Durch skalierbare Produktionsressourcen können wir innerhalb kürzester Zeit beeindruckende Ergebnisse liefern. Sowohl in 2D, 3D oder in unserem eigenen Studiokomplex mit 3.000m². Das Storytelling der Aral BP Produktion wurde von Wegner und Partner realisiert. blueBOX bietet Full Service für holografische, 3D und Mapping Produktionen an.


ISE 2017: Christie Demonstrates Christie Mystique Solution.

woensdag 15 februari 2017

Interconnection - Visionary projection mapping - WINNER of iMapp 2016

Winner of both: Jury's Choice Award and People's Choice Award. Web: 3dprojectionmapping.net Follow us on Instagram: limelight3dmapping Facebook: fb.com/3dprojectionmapping or get in touch at hello@limelightprojection.com

The piece focuses on the interconnectedness of all things, the micro and the macro, the outer and the inner universe. Connecting logical and emotional, individuals and society, art and audience, planet and galaxies, architecture and animation etc. Even though we often lose touch with the bigger picture, we are all part of a cosmic network. It is only the human mind’s false perception that inner and outer are separated, causing confusion and misunderstanding in the world sometimes. The piece is aiming to reopen the dialogue between the internal and external through a cinematic journey from the state of separation to the state of eternal openness. We are aiming to draw from contemporary visionary art and architecture, sacred geometry, even physics and chemistry to turn the Palace of Parliament into a vibrant, endlessly beautiful scenery of our symbolic dialogue. Integrating the facade's architectural characteristics into our artwork is also a key element in the concept adding an extra value to this conversation between artist and audience, the city and its citizens. Created by Limelight 3D Projection Mapping feat Global Illumination

Director : Antonin Križanić
Visual Design: Antonin Križanić, David Vígh
Producer: István Dávid
Music: AMB - Set In Stone
Sound fx: Fine Cut Bodies

Antonin Križanić
David Vígh
Viktor Vicsek
Csaba Világosi
Máté Fekete
Miklós Már

iMapp Bucharest is an event organized by the Municipality of Bucharest through creart – the Center for Creation, Art and Tradition; 360 Revolution as the Event Production Company and Maxin10sity as the Curator.

Echo - a new advertising technology

ECHO from Lightvert is a new, patented, DOOH advertising technology. With a single small reflective strip down the side of a building, it can create a fleeting but striking image in the eye of a viewer. From a relatively small footprint, ECHO can produce images up to 200m tall, making them some of the largest adverts in the world.

A narrow strip of reflective material is fixed to the side of the building and a high-speed light scanner projects light off of a reflector and towards the viewer. This creates large-scale images that are ‘captured’ for a brief moment in the viewer’s eye through a ‘persistence of vision’ effect. The images are fleeting, but striking, prompting viewers to stop, engage with the image and share the experience (images can be captured using a camera or mobile phone)

It has been funded to date by Innovate UK and a small cohort of seed funders, ECHO has completed the proof of concept and is now ready to build a commercial solution. This will be funded through an equity crowdfunding campaign launching February 13, 2017 through Crowdcube, with the aim of ultimately bringing ECHO to market later this year.

ECHO has a global patent pending, and Lightvert believes it will open up exciting new advertising opportunities in outdoor spaces that are currently inaccessible to traditional and digital OOH.


dinsdag 14 februari 2017

Projection mapping of driade mask.

Projection mapping of Nemo from Driade.

maandag 13 februari 2017

Interactive Gym Wall.

Here is a glimpse of a new project we were prototyping today in a nice elementary school in Quebec City.

More videos coming up!
For more infos: www.gyminteractif.com

donderdag 9 februari 2017

AIRxTOUCH - One BAR to turn the shop window into an interactive display.

Looking for a ROI proof for the interactive shop window ? Just check this fact coming from the AIRxTOUCH system installed at CORA en ville (FR)! More than 2.000 users per month ! Thanks Cora Informatique.
Discover the new AIRxTOUCH BAR at #ISE2017 (www.AIRxTOUCH.com)

Winner DiSiN Award 2016

Congratulations !!
just published at #ISE2017

- Merit Media                        www.meritmedia.nl
- XOOON interactive StylGuide -
- sponsored by ;                     www.Toshibatec.com

woensdag 8 februari 2017

Dances on TNT. Stas Litvinov solo.

TNT TV Şovunda Danslar için Raketamedia 3d eşleme dansı performansı.

Spor Toto All-Star Istanbul 2017

Event Manager: İlker Sermet


Geotopia was produced by County Youth Arts with funding from Nottinghamshire County Council, and was filmed at The Old Library, Mansfield.

Projection Design and Film: Urban Projections
Sound Design: Jimmy Power
Choreography: Jasmine Eccles, Hayley Ross and The Dancers
Dancers: MX4, North Notts Youth Dance Company, The Prototypes & TOL Breakers Crew

dinsdag 7 februari 2017

Tongeren / Belgium - Video mapping show.

The full Projection mapping show on the 55m tower of the 'Basiliek' in Tongeren, Belgium. A visual celebration, transforming the towers face into a psychedelic trip.

17-18 december 2016 // from www.univate.nl

maandag 6 februari 2017

vrijdag 3 februari 2017

Superbowl 2017

For the 51st edition of Superbowl and the Probowl event at Discovery Green in Houston, Texas NuFormer was assigned by their US partner bluemedia to design and develop the content of two 3D video mapping projections. One to be exposed onto a giant water screen, the other to be projected onto the façade of the Marriott Marquis Hotel.

donderdag 2 februari 2017

LG Display Invests 5 Trillion Won in OLED Business, including Plastic OLED

LG Display has decided to change its business portfolio to concentrate organic light-emitting diode (OLED) business. Through the conference call that reported operating profits in the fourth quarter of 2016, LG Display announced on January 24 that it plans to invest some 5 trillion won in facilities this year, and put investment in OLED including Gen6 Plastic OLED and large-size OLED manufacturing facilities. Especially, its investment in OLED is expected to rise to 70% by 20% in 2017, compared to last year with a plan to expand the OLED market.

LG Display Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Kim Sang-don said, “LG Display has reorganized its business structure by integrating previous 5 divisions into a total of 3 divisions such as TV, IT and mobile for its business efficiency.” “It will concentrate not only clear picture but also design and price in large-size LCD TV panels, while producing small and mid-size OLED panels focused on E-5 Gen6 POLED mobile and automotive business. Gen6 E-5 plants also plan to start producing POLED in the third quarter this year. Regarding new Capa, the sizes of new OLED will be 55”, 65” and 77”, and the Capa over 65″ is expected to rise more than 40% this year, a 10 % increase from 30% in 2016”.

Kim said, “the company has secured a total of 60,000 OLED TV capa in the second half of the year according to this year’s OLED TV forecast and yield improvement, and this is the capacity that can produce 1.5 million to 1.8 million televisions a year. Also, he emphasized “Our large-size OLED panel achieved the industry’s yield of 80 percent, which means OLED achieved its golden yield in just two years, compared to LCD’s golden yield of 10 years”.

More here

woensdag 1 februari 2017