zaterdag 31 juli 2010

Sony's 360-degree RayModeler 3D display.

Sony talked up its cylindrical no-glasses 3D 360-degree prototype display last fall, and now it's showing off the tech, dubbed RayModeler 3D, on US soil at SIGGRAPH 2010 through tomorrow. A major bonus of that showcase is an English language video -- embedded after the break, plus a hands on including a game of Pong Breakout from Core77 and our videos from the Japanese exhibition -- showing how it all works, including the eight-camera rig and turntable that capture objects in 45-degree separations before they are interpolated to create a continuous 360-degree motion image. Sony claims this is the first of its type capable of high quality images, full color and interactive live motion

Siggraph 2010: RayModeler, Sony's 3D Display that doesn't require glasses from Core77 on Vimeo.

donderdag 29 juli 2010


Maak zelf een vuurwerkshow op uw beeldscherm.
klik hier

Interactive Mirror.

Via Seth Sandler, who worked on this app for Interference Inc.

dinsdag 27 juli 2010

Building Music at Spark Festival 09.

Building Music is an interactive installation that explores the musicality of different architectural features. By moving the light of a flashlight along the facade of the building the viewers create musical compositions while lighting the windows. Every window hides a sound and a color that are activated by the viewers from the distance.The project enables the augmentation of public facades to transform them into interactive spaces creating a dialog between the audience and the architecture around them.All the audio in this video was created by the viewers.Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts, Minneapolis, 2009A Project by Alberto García, Julio Obelleiro, Jorge Cano and Pedro Enriquez.Thanks to Carlos Cano, Eurico Moita and Sebastian Álvarez

Building Music at Spark Festival 09 from Play the Magic on Vimeo.

maandag 26 juli 2010

Large-Format Lenticular Signage.

Bron; www

IGH Solutions of Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, has introduced Dynamic Images DI Flex, an affordable, lightweight large-format lenticular signage that dramatically lowers the cost of lenticular out-of-home advertising campaigns.

If you are unfamiliar with the lenticular sign, it can basically be explained as being made of two or more photographs that are computer scanned, printed, layered and covered by a special plastic lens. A lenticular sign ‘flips’ the image as you walk by, giving the impression of movement or depth.

More info here.

Say It In 3D

An eye-opening video about the growing 3D phenomenon in the entertainment world.

vrijdag 23 juli 2010

Overhead digital screen.

Beijing, China, overhead digital screen

iPad in Nederland.

Een historische dag....vanaf nu wordt alles anders.......let maar op.
De iPad van Apple is vanaf vandaag, 23 juli 2010 verkrijgbaar in Nederland. Klanten kunnen de tabletcomputer vanaf 8 uur kopen bij winkels van Mediamarkt en de Apple Stores.
Sinds de introductie van het apparaat in de Verenigde Staten afgelopen april gingen er al 3,27 miljoen iPads over de toonbank. In de eerste maand dat de iPad te koop was, werden er een miljoen stuks van verkocht.

Daarmee overtrof de iPad de iPhone, een ander kassucces van Apple.

Omdat de vraag in de VS zo groot was, moest de internationale introductie een maand uitgesteld worden. Hoeveel iPads voor de Nederlandse markt beschikbaar zijn, is nog onduidelijk.
De iPad is een soort kruising tussen een iPhone en een laptop.

donderdag 22 juli 2010

LG komt met eerste Full LED 3D-tv.

LG introduceert de allereerste Full LED 3D-tv ter wereld: de LX9500 in de INFINIA-lijn van LG. Een 3D-film in de bioscoop is een intense ervaring. Met de LX9500 brengt LG die ervaring nu naar de huiskamer. Kijkers bevinden zich middenin de actie dankzij Full LED en TruMotion 400Hz-technologie.

Full LED staat voor een bijzonder hoge beeldhelderheid, scherpte-diepteweergave en contrast. Dit is mogelijk door het gebruik van 1.200 LED-lampjes (bij 55-inch beeldscherm) die verspreid zijn over de achterkant van het scherm. Dankzij TruMotion 400Hz-technologie worden ook ‘snelle beelden’ scherp weergegeven zonder vervaging. LG: "Door de combinatie van optimale beeldkwaliteit met 3D-technologie introduceert LG met de LX9500 een nieuwe dimensie in tv-kijken."

De LG Full LED 3D-tv is in gelimiteerde oplage vanaf augustus 2010 in Nederland verkrijgbaar.
LX9500 Full LED 3D-tv in 47-inch voor 2.899 euro
LX9500 Full LED 3D-tv in 55-inch voor 3.599 euro
Lees meer :

dinsdag 20 juli 2010

In the following video, tech entrepreneur Zach Klein shows his company's official version of Boxee, a set-top box system that provides users a "plug-and-play" opportunity to view Web-based video on their televisions. Zach Klein is the co-founder of Vimeo.
Web video and content, viewed on a large-screen HD display, in the comfort of a cozy recliner or sofa, is in line with the "Slow Media" movement, as well as the concept behind Google's "YouTube Leanback" application (see links and info below).

Relax. Share. Interact. Chill with your Web.
Slow Media Manifesto
"The concept “Slow”, as in “Slow Food” and not as in “Slow Down”, is a key for this. Like “Slow Food”, Slow Media are not about fast consumption but about choosing the ingredients mindfully and preparing them in a concentrated manner. Slow Media are welcoming and hospitable. They like to share."
Google YouTube Leanback (Google)
YouTube Leanback offers effortless viewing (Google)
"YouTube Leanback a different way of watching videos on YouTube. Just as its name implies, YouTube Leanback is all about letting you sit back, relax and be entertained. Videos are tailored to autoplay as soon as you get started, in full screen and high definition, so watching YouTube becomes as effortless as watching TV. YouTube Leanback is simple to use, easy to navigate with your keyboard's arrow keys, and is personalized to your unique preferences."
YouTube's 'Leanback' Wants to Friend Your Television Remote Eliot Van Burskirk, Wired

Boxee Website

The first Boxee Box arrived from the D-Link Factory from Zach Klein on Vimeo.

maandag 19 juli 2010

The AquaLux 3D project.

This article today is about the AquaLux 3D project by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. In the videos, you can see how text, video, and images can be created with light and water droplets. The researchers used this technology to create a multi-dimensional Tetris game!

- bron; --> artikel
- A Multi-layered Display with Water Drops(pdf)
- "A Projector-Camera System for Creating a Display with Water Drops"

vrijdag 16 juli 2010


Bekijk de TV HAT website hier.

collaborative travel planning application.

Object Explore is a collaborative travel planner for use by travel consultants and consumers on Microsoft Surface. Explore deep levels of interactive content through intuitive navigation, ensuring the customer doesn't get lost in the process. All content is tailored to the current client and can be taken away through mobile or email. Object Explore is built upon Object Consulting's Object Zoom framework, which brings intuitive Zoom exploration to sectors including retail, finance and museums."
Meer info bij Object Consulting

woensdag 14 juli 2010

Touchscreens in 3D ?

while touchscreen devices are more ubiquitous than ever, really only allow users to draw in two dimensions. beyond is a concept that allows users to sketch in three dimensions of an interactive surface developed by jinha lee and hiroshi ishii of the MIT media lab. the system utilizes a collapsible input device for direct 3d manipulation. the small pen-like tool collapses into the digital world when pressed
against the screen, giving the illusion that it is inside the virtual space. by moving the pen around the screen and adjusting its height, users can draw objects in three dimensions. by adding an interactive glove element, the system can even be used to draw cubes, cylinders and other three-dimensional objects. while the concept is quite novel, it could become an indispensable tool for designers sketching digitally.

Beyond – Collapsible Input Device for Direct 3D Manipulation beyond the Screen from Jinha Lee on Vimeo.

MHkiosk deployed at Malaysian airport.

Kuala Lumpur—Malaysia Airlines (MAS) customers using the newly launched iPad MHkiosk will get a waiver on the administrative fee for travel during the six-month pilot project period.
The iPad MHkiosk enables users to book and purchase flights, search for flight schedules and flight status, check in as well as choose their preferred seat.MAS also is introducing 12 traditional self check-in kiosks, with six in Kuching and another six in Kota Kinabalu. The kiosks employ touchscreen technology and are equipped with passport and card readers for instant passenger recognition. They print 2D barcode boarding passes.

dinsdag 13 juli 2010

Afrikaans LED record voor Nike.

Nike heeft in Johannesburg – het episch centrum van de internationale voetbalwereld – de grootste interactieve LED-installatie van Afrika gelanceerd. Op een scherm ter grootte van een half voetbalveld kunnen fans wereldwijd persoonlijke boodschappen voor hun helden afspelen, verwerkt in een bewegende animatie van de betreffende topspeler. Ook Oranje-internationals Sneijder en Van der Vaart zullen oplichten boven Johannesburg.

Het indrukwekkende scherm van Nike is vanaf vandaag te vinden in hartje Johannesburg op de muren van The Life Centre, een van de meest in het oog springende gebouwen van Zuid-Afrika. Op de imposante wolkenkrabber worden de interactieve animaties geflankeerd door 90 meter hoge foto’s van steraanvallers Cristiano Ronaldo en Robinho.

maandag 12 juli 2010

Ikea Italië

Zo kan het natuurlijk ook.
Ikea in Italië gebruikte de showcase in de bushokjes van JCDecaux om deze te vullen met allerlei keukengerei. De boodschap is simpel "Er is weinig nodig om orde te scheppen in de keuken.

zondag 11 juli 2010

Digi in poster.

CBS outdoor vraagt op een bijzondere wijze aandacht voor de nieuwe film "True Blood". Bij het metrostation op Times Square in New York plaatsten zij een mini-display (10 inches) met hoog definitie in een billboard klassieker. Je kunt je alleen afvragen waarom er niet geinvesteerd is in een groot formaat scherm zodat de adverteerder geen dubbele kosten voor deze media uiting had (print + video).

donderdag 8 juli 2010

Alles wat u moet weten over 3D.

Whether you buy into the hype or not, it’s plain fact that 3D is everywhere these days. From movies and games to laptops and handhelds, pretty much every screen in the house is going to be 3D-capable in a year or so, even if you opt not to display any 3D content on it. Those of you who choose that path may stop reading now, and come back a little later when you change your mind. Because if you have kids or enjoy movies and games, there will be a point where you’re convinced, perhaps by a single standout piece of media, that 3D is worth it at least some of the time.

But 3D isn’t as easy to get used to as, say, getting a surround-sound system or moving from 4:3 to widescreen. Why is that? Well, it’s complicated, but worth taking the time to understand. Moreover, like any other new technology, 3D is not without its potential risks, and of course studies will have to be done to determine the long-term effects of usage, if any. For now, though, it must be sufficient to inform yourself of the principles behind it and make your own decision.

Meer info hier.

Augmented Shadow.

Augmented Shadow is a design experiment by a programmer, Joon Moon, he is playing with the shadows lying on the boundary between the real, virtual and fantasy.

The project plays on the fact that shadows present distorted silhouettes depending on the light. Augmented Shadows take the distortion effect into the realm of fantasy. The shadow is an interface metaphor connecting the virtual world and users. Second, the unexpected user experience results from manipulating the users’ visual perceptions, expectations, and imagination to inspire re-perception and new understanding. Augmented Shadow utilizes this unique interface metaphor for interactive storytelling. Maximizing the magical amusement of AR, it is embedding an ecosystem where imaginary objects and organic beings co-exist while each of them influences on each other’s life-cycle, even though it is not in use by users.

Augmented Shadow_document from Joon Y Moon on Vimeo.

dinsdag 6 juli 2010

The Buried Life 5th Avenue Promo / New York.

Een nadenkertje !!
Een fraaie toepassing van een groot scherm in een drukke winkelstraat.

maandag 5 juli 2010

Atlantic City.

The younger brother of Las Vegas is Atlantic City is much more modest in its appearance. It’s almost a miniature version of Las Vegas with the only exception of the losses. The screens that almost invisible during the day turn into blazing fires during the night. But they are smaller and simpler in all respects. The only exception is the huge LED media façade of the Harrah’s casino – a huge high-rise turned into an LED screen that is visible even on the highway far from the city. To attract customers one needs more than just an ordinary LED screen today.

zaterdag 3 juli 2010

LED billboards in small cities.

Dmitry Melchuk, a representative of a small Russian regional advertising agency, says: “Naturally, our audience is much smaller than that in the big cities. But advertisers are more interested in brand recognition and brand memorizing. From this point of view, the LED billboards in small cities are much more noticeable than in large cities”.

We would hardly think of writing about if we did not start getting news about similar tendencies in other countries, including the USA. For example, recently an outdoor advertising company in the small city of Ardmore in Oklahoma decided to set up advertising digital billboards though the population of this place is only around 25 thousand people. The network is not large – only three LED billboards, but the agency believes that more billboards will follow.The LED digital billboards in such remote and lonely place instantly turned into a sensation. Local businesses realized that advertising on LED billboards raises their status in this small community where everyone knows about everyone. As a result in the first 45 days of LED billboards network operation the utilization of billboards (the index of advertising time sold) amounted to more than 90 percent. You may appreciate that number by comparing it with the average utilization index in Moscow LED digital billboards: in peak season it never exceeds 56%.

donderdag 1 juli 2010

The Gazprom Experience.

The Gazprom Experience at the Europa leisure park in Rust, Germany is part entertainment venue and part corporate branding exercise. While visitors queue for the Blue Fire Megacoaster they are treated to an exhibition about gas courtesy of the world’s largest natural gas company. The subject matter might sound tedious but the effects and the technology employed are anything but.

The event and information hall, situated by the massive rollercoaster, opened at the end of March 2010. It incorporates three large rotundas, which serve as light-proof spaces for 360° projections and subdivide the queuing area. The open hall can also be used to house events. The whole concept and design, including media and graphic design, was created by Triad Berlin Projektgesellschaft. Triad, led by technical manager, Henning Foest was also responsible for project and technical management.

A graphic ribbon runs across the hall, linking the rotundas. The massive graphics dominate the space while the units also screen the hospitality area from the rollercoaster launch pad and the queuing area. In each dome six Panasonic projectors, mounted on a special floor-standing steel construction, provide the panoramic films while Kling & Freitag speakers generate a surround sound experience.

Videos within the domes depict to visitors how gas is produced. The projections tell stories of finding, producing, transporting and using fossil natural gas. In the first dome, the experience becomes multi-sensory as a bass shaker is used to shake the visitors’ gangway during parts of the video that depict drilling for natural gas. The structure-borne sound converter is often used in 4D cinema installations and makes the sound tactile.

The 360° films are projected onto 2.5m high screens. Each screen is 18m in length and images are entirely created with Computer Generated Images (CGI). The dynamic surround sound and special effects like wind and spray are designed to immerse visitors in the experience.
Finally, the ‘Gazprom Game’ allows visitors to build a pipeline from Russia to Germany. In order to do this they have to answer numerous questions about natural gas as quickly as possible. There’s also a trip to Russia up for grabs for the triumphant game player. Lesser points do warrant prizes of lesser stature. Visitors can play the game by uploading it to their mobile phone via Bluetooth or SMS. Alternatively they can use the ELO 1739L touchscreen on site.