vrijdag 30 juni 2017

Canada’s largest single digital screen.

Astral Out-of-Home has introduced Canada’s largest single digital screen—measuring more than 7.9 m (26 ft) high and 57.3 (188 ft) long—atop the former Hard Rock CafĂ© in downtown Toronto, facing Yonge-Dundas Square.

Engineered by Media Resources International (MRI) in Oakville, Ont., the light-emitting diode (LED) billboard ‘wraps’ around the corner of Yonge Street and Dundas Square, one of the busiest intersections in the city. It replaces a series of Cieslok Media’s static and digital sign faces along the roof of the vacant building, which is being redeveloped as a Shoppers Drug Mart.

“This digital wrap represents a major addition to our portfolio,” says Karine Moses, president of Astral, which acquired Cieslok earlier this year. “The sheer scale of the screen, which synchronizes full-motion video with a dedicated static face, provides flexibility for advertisers to deliver a powerful story and bring their

E-Ink Case i7 Plus: Dual Screen For iPhone 7 Plus.

E Ink Smart Case Designed for Adventurers, Bookworms, Businessperson, Selfie-taker And Everyone Else.
It is the world's thinnest and lightest eReader.
Incredibly light and thin.

OAXIS was founded by a group of passionate young people who band together to work on projects that they hope to make a difference in this boring electronic gadget world.
More info on Kickstarter here.

Oaxis launched a crowdfunding campaign for the new case, which already achieved its goal. The case will cost $159 and will ship in July or August 2017.

woensdag 28 juni 2017

ITV, Goodstuff and Ocean Outdoor live stream the Grand National across Digital Outdoor screens in the UK

ITV partnered with Goodstuff and Ocean Outdoor to live stream The Randox Health Grand National on a number of large format digital outdoor screens across the country, positioning the biggest race of the calendar as a must-see event.

This year racing returned to ITV for the first time in 32 years, in a new four-year deal to show UK horse racing on terrestrial television encompassing live broadcasts of almost 100 days of racing each year – including 42 days on the main channel.

The Grand National took place on 8th April at Aintree, the first time that ITV screened the event. Watched by millions around the world, the race will be the most viewed of the year, with ITV positioning it as too good to be missed. Goodstuff came up with the idea to live stream the race across digital outdoor screens, selecting Ocean as the partner to deliver the idea.

The campaign ran across Ocean’s iconic Liverpool Media Wall, Manchester Printworks and Eat Street @ Westfield London screens. Live countdown timers to the race were activated on the day, culminating of a live broadcast of the event at 5.15pm. The three full motion City centre screens command a combined fortnightly impact of in excess of three million people.

Biggest DOOH screen in the East Midlands goes live (UK)

Sony Pictures, OnePlus, John Lewis, Dior and Boots are Ocean Outdoor’s brand partners for Nottingham One, the City’s first external large format digital out of home (DOOH) screen which goes live this week. 

Nottingham One, which is positioned above the main entrance to the City’s intu Victoria Centre, debuts with campaign for one of the Centre’s flagship department store. Measuring 11.52m wide by 7.68m high, around the height of a two storey building, it becomes the largest premium OOH screen in the east midlands.

The launch ad campaigns were created and planned by Manning Gottlieb OMD, MediaVest, Mediacom, and OMD. 

Nottingham’s first large format external digital advertising screen will engage shoppers with original content w hich is tailored to their consumer profiles.  The incorporation of responsive technology like audience recognition cameras and free wifi aligns the new screen with similar intelligent out of home assets in other major retail cities.

Ocean Outdoor sales director Nick Shaw said: “Nottingham One fills a void in the external large format screen market in the city, allowing brands to make a real step change in how they use DOOH to connect with shoppers, visitors and mobile audiences who are outdoor and ‘always on’ in terms of connectivity.”

Nottingham One connects in particular with highly mobile audiences who also register as light TV viewers.  Nottingham has the fourth largest youth population in the UK. Forty-one per cent are 16 to 44-year-olds and the city is home to 80,000 students.

The intu Victoria Centre is a retail and leisure hub including anchor stores John Lewis and House of Fraser, popular national multiples, high fashion and independent shops, boutiques and food outlets.

The centre registers 24 million shoppers a year, the highest shopper footfall in the East Midlands and the numbers close to those registered by Westfield London (28 million). Nottingham is the UK’s seventh biggest retail city.

dinsdag 27 juni 2017

A life size Super Mario Bros.

jogging will never be the same..

Abhishek Singh recreated a life size Super Mario Bros. level and played it wearing HoloLens in New York's Central Park. He did this all dressed as Mario and he filmed the augmented reality experience. Singh built this experience in Unity3D and the video was recorded entirely through the HoloLens with no post production.
Read more here.

maandag 26 juni 2017

Catnip Color Perception.

Universe of Water Particles on the Living Wall.

Projected onto a rock are the same kinds of plants as those planted by the botanical artist Patrick Blanc on the opposite wall. With the daily rising and setting of the sun the appearance of the artwork changes.

Universe of Water Particles is a virtual waterfall created in a virtual 3-D space using teamLab’s concept of ultrasubjective space, a term that refers to the depiction of space found in premodern Japanese painting.

Computer-generated water consisting of hundreds of thousands of water particles is virtually poured onto a virtually sculpted rock. The computer calculates the movement of the particles to produce a simulation of water that flows in accordance with the laws of physics. Lines are drawn in relation to a selection of 0.1% of the particles. The sinuousness of the lines depends on the overall interaction of the water particles.

What a Loving, and Beautiful World.

Worlds Unleashed and then Connecting - SAGAYA

When a dish is placed on the table, the world contained within the dish is unleashed, unfolding onto the table and into the surrounding space. The worlds unleashed from each dish connect in the external space creating a new larger world. The worlds unleashed are affected by the other dishes on the table.

For example, a bird released from one dish can perch on the branch of a tree unleashed from another. The trees that grow from each dish are not identical; their sizes and shapes are affected by the worlds unleashed by the other dishes on the table. These unleashed worlds are also affected by your behavior. If you stand still, a tiny bird might alight on your hand; if you move suddenly, it might fly away. The worlds unleashed from the dishes on the table influence each other, react to the actions of visitors, and combine to create one single continuous world. The world is constantly changing from moment to moment and no two moments are alike.

What is on the table is observed by artificial intelligence. Therefore, the plates can be arranged on the table however visitors wish.

America's Got Talent.

Ukraine dancers snag the coveted Golden Buzzer thanks to Tyra Banks!
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zondag 25 juni 2017

In the Zone (360)

A short piece edited down from a 3-hour live remix session of several episodes of the Twilight Zone television series in which out of context emotional gestures heighten the surreal sense of wonder and confusion that was the show’s hallmark back in the day. Music: My Funky Bro by Ethnomite Pux.

from Mike Celona

donderdag 22 juni 2017

Dutch Lady: Flying Farm

Agency: AR&Co and Leo Burnett (Vietnam)

The Dutch Lady is a leading brand in the Dairy Beverages category in Vietnam that gives away toy collectibles with their products. Given the rise in mobile penetration, they decided to launch an app that, when scanning the Dutch Lady milk pack, transported kids to the world of Matt Truitman, the Dutch farm boy, and Bella the cow. As they unlocked new characters by scanning different farm toys, the game would become more fun, building awareness, engagement and interaction. The app achieved over 40,000 downloads and a 19% increase in product sales during its launch, as well as winning multiple awards.

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Facebook's brain-to-text initiative.

Current examples are Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), especially in the case of Parkinson's disease, but also in the case of depression, as well as the control of machines (including the use of computers) by brain-computer interfaces (also implanted), especially for paralyzed persons For computer games. In addition, there are far-reaching visions of a cyborgisation of man, artificial memory, total control of the emotions and the widespread control of machines by "thoughtfulness".

Imagine sending an email without using your fingers. At its F8 developer conference, Facebook announced an initiative working towards the ability to type directly from your brain.

woensdag 21 juni 2017

Samsung's gorgeous new TV doubles as artwork.

Samsung wants to make your TV feel less like technology.

At least, that’s the idea behind the Frame TV: a swanky, minimalist television set that’s designed to look like a large picture frame.

The Yves Behar-designed TV was first showcased earlier this year as a sort of concept device, but now Samsung is rolling it out as a full-on consumer product. The company announced on Friday that the Frame will be available to purchase on Samsung’s site starting June 18.

As you might expect, it’s not cheap: A 55-inch model will go for $1,999, while a 65-inch model will cost $2,799. A handful of different color snap-on bezels will cost $200 for the smaller model, and $250 for the larger one.

For that cash, though, you get a TV that’s a bit more striking than the usual black boxes sitting in most living rooms.

The Frame TV comes with black wooden bezels by default, but if you buy another pair, they snap on very easily. Three additional finishes are available: light brown (seen above), dark brown, and white.

More information here

dinsdag 20 juni 2017

Mvix Wins InfoComm 2017 Best of Show Award for Digital Signage Software.

STERLING, Va., June 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Mvix, a leader in content-rich digital signage solutions, today announced that their software was named winner of the 2017 InfoComm - Digital Signage Best of Show Award. Presented by NewBay Media, the Best of Show Awards recognize new and outstanding products exhibited at the InfoComm 2017 show. Just recently, Mvix also won the 2017 DIGI Award for Best Digital Signage Software.

Free for all Mvix customers, XhibitSignage is a content-rich digital signage software that enables businesses to create and send dynamic content to touchscreen displays, digital signs, video walls, and 4K displays. This is made possible through integrations with 3rd party APIs such as emergency/CAP alerts, social media, live traffic, dynamic weather, RSS/MRSS feeds, news, enterprise HTML5, Google Docs, wayfinding, QR code, and more.

The software also includes industry-specific content apps such as courtroom dockets, movie box office, flight stats, event listings, metrics dashboards, workplace posters and more.

More info here.

Monkey escape with the Mirror Head.

The Mirror Head revolutionizes the presentation of your products or your events. It makes your retail space eye-catching with effects and makes your presentation of your goods unique: Whatever you want to put in the spotlight, with the Mirror Head is is as simple as a game. You can use any object or any spot in the room to "play on" and project there moving or rigid images.

Source; www.dynamicprojection.com/skullmapping-gallery-invasion/

Directed and animated by Filip Sterckx
Concept by Filip Sterckx + Antoon Verbeeck
Paintings by Antoon Verbeeck
3D modeling by Birgit Sterckx
Sounddesign by Roundhouse
Mocap actor: Nicolas Vanhole
Projector: Panasonic VZ570
Mirror Head: MH12-VZ57L
Media Server: MDC-X1

BOE Flexible OLED, 27" 8K, Bezel-less, foldable phone, AMQLED, 4K and more.

BOE from Beijing China shows their flexible OLED, plastic displays, which will be used for the foldable and flexible bezel-less smart phones of the future. BOE also shows their 5" AMQLED Active Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diode display. 3.5" 4320x4800 ultra high pixel density VR/AR display. BOE iGallery 37" 8K LCD with 325dpi 100% high color gamut. MLOC and metal-mesh active pen touch technology also with force touch. 5.7" 4K lower power display. Eye-care display with less blue light. 5.5" QHD 3D with eye tracking. 13.3" FHD privacy display. 18.4" 4K display with 110% Adobe color gamut. 9.6" HD automotive dual view. 15.6" Curved plastic display for automotive. 27" 8K display. From the SID Display Week.

Some E Ink demonstrations from SID.

E Ink has unveiled a new prototype foldable E Ink display at SID 2017. The display which you can see below in the video is 10.2" in size and features a 220 PPI - similar to E Ink existing flexible Mobius displays. You can see in the video that the display does not fold completely, there's still a gap - the bending radius is 7.5 mm.

Water projection on the floor.

Take a look at >> www.facebook.com/IncredibleThingsOfficial/videos/2129036000656310/

maandag 19 juni 2017

donderdag 15 juni 2017

Japan Display developed a 400-600 PPI E Ink backplane.

Japan Display (JDI) announced that it has developed the world's highest-definition e-paper backplane, that enables E Ink dispalys to reach 400-600 PPI. This development is the first achievement of the strategic alliance between JDI and E Ink announced in November 2016.

The new backplane is based on LTPS (the same backplane used for high-end LCD and OLED displays) and enables e-paper displays o reach WXGA and FHD resolutions.

dinsdag 13 juni 2017

Touch table.


maandag 12 juni 2017

Simple is always best. Soofa, a spinoff of MIT, joined forces with Visionect to activate public spaces in Boston. The result is the Soofa Sign, a solar-powered bulletin board with an electronic paper screen to share information with the local community, contributing to the city’s sustainability goals. All it takes to install this smart urban display are four bolts fixing the sign in place.

more info here.

vrijdag 9 juni 2017

Hologram breakthrough could see integration with electronic devices

Source; www.inavateonthenet.net

Holograms are more commonly the realm of sci-fi films but thanks to work from universities in Australia and China we could see them integrated into devices including smart phones and TVs.

A group of researchers from Australia’s RMIT and the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) have reported the creation of the world’s thinnest hologram in science journal Nature.

The team, led by RMIT University’s Distinguished Professor Min Gu has designed a nano-hologram that is simple to make, can be seen without 3D glasses and is 1000 times thinner than a human hair.

“Conventional computer-generated holograms are too big for electronic devices but our ultrathin hologram overcomes those size barriers,” Gu said in an article on the RMIT website.

“Our nano-hologram is also fabricated using a simple and fast direct laser writing system, which makes our design suitable for large-scale uses and mass manufacture.

“Integrating holography into everyday electronics would make screen size irrelevant – a pop-up 3D hologram can display a wealth of data that doesn’t neatly fit on a phone or watch.

"From medical diagnostics to education, data storage, defence and cyber security, 3D holography has the potential to transform a range of industries and this research brings that revolution one critical step closer.”

The team is already planning how to move the research closer to a real world application. However that involves making the hologram – which has as broken previously recorded thickness limits – much thinner.

Dr Zengji Yue, who co-authored the paper with BIT’s Gaolei Xue, said: “The next stage for this research will be developing a rigid thin film that could be laid onto an LCD screen to enable 3D holographic display. This involves shrinking our nano-hologram’s pixel size, making it at least 10 times smaller.

“But beyond that, we are looking to create flexible and elastic thin films that could be used on a whole range of surfaces, opening up the horizons of holographic applications.”

maandag 5 juni 2017

The Antarctic dome at Coachella.

Discover the amazing artistry behind "Chrysalis", Obscura's mind-blowing 360° audio-visual sensory experience housed inside The Antarctic, the world’s largest geodesic projection dome. Created exclusively for Coachella by Obscura Digital, and powered by HP, "Chrysalis" took audiences on an immersive and mind-blowing metamorphic journey through time, space and consciousness.

"Chrysalis" - An Obscura experience

vrijdag 2 juni 2017

Nike's LED running track.

New Nike track lets you race against yourself with lap sensors projecting your avatar on a LED screen. The sick activation is part of Nike's latest shoe launch. Even non-runners will be into this track that let's you compete against yourself.