woensdag 30 december 2015

Happy 2016

A short animation for the incoming New Year. Wim Goossens © 2015 http://www.wimgoossens.nl

Happy New Year "Londons Big Ben" - 2016


Paper Wave, kinetic installation with dmx winches and led light.

2 years ago

CITROËN celebrates the 5th anniversary of its DS-Models, and in the same time marks the 136th birthday of its founder Andre Citroën while presenting its newest C4 Cactus model, below “The Paper Wave” the longest Kinetic Lights installation ever. A 65m long array of Kinetic Lights hovered above the car-runway. The installation looks like a delicate wave and is made of thin paper sheets that change colors. The installation is simple and pure, in the same time it is unique in its dimension and layer-like structure. The idea for the installation comes from CITROËN and agency Lever de Rideau, its effective implementation from WHITEvoid designers and engineers.

Mendelssohn Effektorium - Virtual orchestra for the Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Museum Leipzig.

The Effektorium is a technically complex, but user friendly, and exceedingly fun installation at the Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Museum in Leipzig.

The museum visitor enters the room to find himself at the conductors stand with digital music notes and an orchestra of 13 speakers in front of him. Each speaker represents a different group of instruments. The visitor is given a conductors´ stick, and the concert may begin. On the repertoire are works of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. By browsing the electronic note-pad the visitor freely chooses which work he/she wishes to conduct, and by swinging the conductors stick decides upon the tempo. The visitor can also exclude a certain group of instruments or decide to hear just one instrument solo. In this way one enjoys a very personalized version of Mendelssohn-Bartholdys work.

The idea for the Effektorium originated in the cooperation between Bertron Schwarz Frey Studio and WHITEvoid. WHITEvoid administered the implementation.

The Effektorium is exceptional in its kind, and put the Museum of Medelssohn-Bartholdy among the most elaborate music museums in the world.

How to get high-brightness digital signage right.

As digital signs are increasingly being used in street-level windows of banks, stores and other facilities, it is important to understand how to make sure these outward-facing displays will be visible to passersby in sunny environments.

Windows facing east and west have the biggest problems with digital signs getting overpowered by sunlight. Conventional displays designed for indoor use provide as little as 20 per cent of the necessary brightness to be daylight-readable. Luminance of at least 2,000 nits is required to ensure the screens’ messaging is not washed out.

Another factor is polarization. Many passersby on sunny days will be wearing polarized sunglasses, which visually distort the images on regular liquid crystal displays (LCDs). Fortunately, high-brightness screens are now available with integrated circular polarizing technology that prevents such distortions, eliminating ‘display blindness.’

samsungoutdoor1Many high-brightness displays also use sensors to measure ambient light and automatically adjust themselves accordingly. Outdoor-facing screens need to be at their brightest on sunny days, but less so under cloudy conditions and at night. A screen that’s always bright will not only turn off viewers, but also consume more energy, elevating operating costs.

dinsdag 29 december 2015

Make Someone Happy.

Public city screens in the Netherlands.

Star Shower lighting for Christmas.

€ 70, = // More info here

BMW 7 Series Launch, 2015.

Russian d3 users Dream Laser have created another stunning projection show with the launch of the BMW 7 Series.

When the new luxury BMW 7 Series launched in Russia recently Dream Laser showcased the sleek vehicle with a dynamic 3D mapping presentation driven by d3 Technologies’ 4×2pro.

Nizhy Novgorod-based Dream Laser creates multimedia laser shows and 3D mapping for a wide range of clients. The BMW 7 Series project was commissioned by TransTechService; it was staged in showrooms in three cities across Russia. In 2014 Dream Laser deployed a d3 4×2pro for a 3D mapping presentation for the BMW X5 Sports Activity Vehicle.

The BMW 7 Series presentation began in darkness when tiny swirling points of light revealed an outline of the vehicle. CGI drapery was pulled back to uncover sleek, shiny surfaces mapped with flow lines, changing vehicle colours, speeding reflections and lights – all choreographed to a high-energy music track. When the house lights came up a presenter discussed the attributes of the new car.

“The main objective of the show was to focus the guests on the car’s uniqueness, exclusivity and luxury,” says Dream Laser project manager Evgeniy Stepanov. “The audience was impressed!”

More information

vrijdag 25 december 2015

Mexico stock exchange capitalizes on digital signage.

Bolsa Mexicana, the Mexico stock exchange, has deployed "the largest indoor and outdoor display in Latin America," according to an announcement from financial market displays provider Wavetec.

The Dubai-based company said it installed a total of 150 square meters of ultrabright LED digital signage displays, composed of both 4mm and 10mm pitch.

The installation included a 40-meter-long LED ticker on the front elevation of the stock exchange's building. Thomson Reuters sponsored the project and provided support to renovate the displays at the exchange, according to the announcement.

Wavetec said it has managed successful projects, screens installations and system integrations in more than 25 stock exchanges in Spain, Chile, Peru, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai, Nigeria and Kenya. It provides financial market displays that enable real-time information dissemination to financial institutions.

During the first phase of the project, Wavetec installed an 8-square-meter screen in the authorities balcony and a full-color, 360-degree curved indoor LED display with a resolution of more than 3 million pixels, reaching 54 meters of the perimeter of the stock exchange's trading floor. In the second phase, the 40-meter curved LED ticker covering the front of Mexico Stock Exchange's symbolic building was installed. Both the indoor and outdoor displays are designed to ensure high brightness even when exposed to bright sunlight or outdoor harsh climatic conditions, the company said.

Donatello Suite, Wavetec's turnkey enterprise level software also was integrated at the exchange, offering tools for canvas design, and data and content management such as changing stock prices on the fly. The system also offers performance monitoring and reporting features.

donderdag 24 december 2015

TfL trials Kindle-style electronic ink bus stop displays.

Kindle-style “electronic paper” information displays could be rolled out on bus stops across London after a trial was launched.

Transport for London is testing the new screens at a bus stop on Waterloo Bridge and will also install the system in Parliament Square, Piccadilly Circus and Sloane Square in the New Year.

The E Ink displays use the same technology as Amazon’s Kindle e-reading devices to show three screens of information - maps, timetables and real-time arrivals. The interactive displays look similar to the current paper timetables.

Transport chiefs say they are testing the “viability” of the technology and working out the cost of introducing it across the network of 19,000 bus stops

The test model in Waterloo Bridge is powered by a solar panel which sits on top of the bus stop. Information is transmitted over the 3G telecoms network.

Simon Reed, TfL’s head of bus systems and technology, said: “We’re constantly seeking new and innovative ways to provide the best possible real time information to our passengers to make their journeys easier.

This trial has the potential to make a huge difference, giving us the ability to get a variety of real-time travel information to customers at bus stops whilst also cutting waste and increasing efficiency.

“It supplements the wide range of real time and journey planning information we already provide to our customers through our website, direct to customers’ phones or tablets and through our extensive ‘open data’ which now powers over 350 apps.”

woensdag 23 december 2015

Shadowhunters: Revealing the Shadow World.

The latest campaign for ‪Shadowhunters‬ is now live on the streets of ‪Boston‬ @JCDecauxGlobal Now this is how you promote a tv show or Movie.

Kompas Wayfinding.

The company dimedis from Cologne offers interactive digital signage solutions for shopping malls aimed at improving customer communication and loyalty in the form of “kompas wayfinding” – a digital guiding system based on digital signage columns. Customers can use these to find the shop they are looking for. They start the search by touching the screen, either using a cloud featuring shop logos, or via the onscreen keyboard. Here customers enter the name of the shop they are looking for or the names of particular items such as shoes or – even more general – refreshments. The route from the current location to the chosen destination is then calculated dynamically.

The system also documents anonymously all the users’ actions and searches, providing valuable information on customer behaviour in the process. The dimedis guiding system is also used at trade fairs, helping visitors to find their way around and providing them with additional information such as event times, timetables and weather information. In this video Ibrahim Mazari, Head of PR/Communication at dimedis presents the functions of “kompas wayfinding”.

maandag 21 december 2015

Big screen leading customers to small screen.

Out-of-Home advertising reaches 80% of consumers on an average day. Take Your Message Further.

vrijdag 18 december 2015

EXCISION - THE PARADOX 2016 TOUR (Official Tour Trailer)

Experience Excision's new stage production The Paradox live on The Paradox 2016 Tour with special guests Figure + Bear Grillz, plus 150,000 watts of PK Sound! Get tickets to see Excision now at http://excision.ca

For a full list of Tour dates, Tickets, and exclusive tour merch bundles head to http://excision.ca

donderdag 17 december 2015

True Visual Collaboration for the Enterprise.

Mezzanine: True Visual Collaboration for the Enterprise

Jaguar creates ‘Actual Reality’ prank.

Jaguar invited people to experience the only virtual reality simulation worthy of the F-TYPE. One that turned out to be not-so-virtual. Watch their reactions.

Click here for a test drive of your own: http://bit.ly/1NStoAF

Images at the wave of a hand.

Source; www.inavateonthenet.net

The ability to create bespoke animated characters with a wave of the hand may seem like magic, but Walkabout Projection is making it a reality. Clients including BBC and Adidas have so far used the wireless, fully portable projector to create animated images on any surface. Video artist and projectionist Shaun O’Connor has created a HD video device which can create pop-up performances outdoors and indoors powered by ‘magic’ hand gesture control.

The wearable tech device allows users to customise their visual content – which can include characters, logos, and selfies – to suit their requirements.

A Unity3D gaming engine and Leapmotion sensor controller that feeds back to the mini CPU and battery attached to allow real-time body mapping in a mobile environment.

The system is a collaboration between O’Connor and Xbox Kinect programmers. The lightweight projector’s rig is invisible under clothing, visible in ambient light and is battery powered for ease of use.

The device is available for visual performance and promotional branding via the company PrickImage.

dinsdag 15 december 2015

New technologies uses phase-change materials to create efficient and bright e-paper displays.

Oxford University researchers developed new technology based on phase-change materials (similar to ones used in re-writable DVDs) that can be used to create non-volatile highly-efficient e-paper displays. Oxford established a new company called Bodle Technologies to commercialize this new technology

The phase-change materials can manipulate light - by electrical, optical or mechanical means - they can be used to filter, steer or dim light using very little power. Bodle already demonstrated a sub-100nm pixel size and a very rich color gamut (they say it exceeds "other display technologies"). David Fyfe (the executive chairman of Oxford Photovoltaics and the former CEO of Cambridge Display Technology) will serve as executive chairman.

Source: Oxford University, Bodle Technologies

Nanoparticle-based windows could switch colors on demand.

One day, you might not need special bulbs to give your room's lighting a different hue -- you'd just tell the windows themselves to change. Rice University researchers have discovered that you can change the colors transmitted through glass by sending a voltage through pairs of gold and silver nanoparticles, which you frequently find in stained glass windows. Jolt a window one way and you'd get a bright red; reverse the voltage and you'd get blue. All you're really doing is forming or removing chemical bridges between the particles.

The technology is still far from production, so don't expect to renovate your home just yet. However, you only need tiny amounts of the precious metals to achieve dramatic effects. As such, you might well find yourself upgrading to color-shifting smart windows around the whole home, not just in one or two prime locations.

zondag 13 december 2015

Finland's largest video wall - deployment in two minutes.

Finland's larges video wall in Helsinki Railway Station and second largest in Tampere Railway Station.

vrijdag 11 december 2015

donderdag 10 december 2015

Football Temple.

Directly at the main station in Dortmund radiates since the end of October, the German Football Museum with its media façade. Inside it comes to 7,700 square meters to all facets of German football history. The permanent exhibition on two levels has staged interactive and multimedia with its more than 1,600 exhibits. These include a multivision on the history of German football, the treasury with the most valuable trophies of the national team as well as the Hall of Fame for the big German player and coach. Mercedes returned to the original current bus of the national team, a special exhibit: Visitors can take on the seats of the National Player Position and views with interactive formats behind the scenes of the national team. The multi-purpose arena, including play area and a wide cultural program to round the offer.

The 60 square meter LED facade on the front side of the house shows moving images of historic matches. In addition, co-sponsor Sky helps the museum to the content shown LED exterior wall with program content of its sports channel.
  This museum commemorates the 2006 World Cup in their own country, was initiated by the German Football Association. For the exhibition concept with its five areas, the communication agency Triad is responsible.

Deutsche Fußball-Museum (3 Jahre Bauzeit, 36 Mio. Euro, 3000 qm, 1600 Exponate).

woensdag 9 december 2015

ORBITAL - circular flip dot display and kinetic sculpture - 180.000 pixels

ORBITAL circular flip dot sculpture

With almost 180.000 mechanical platelets (so-called flip dots) which rotate by an electromagnetic pulse, ORBITAL is the largest flip dot installation in the world. The kinetic sculpture was designed and developed by WHITEvoid specifically for the customer center of Volkswagens Autostadt (car city) in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Originally used for airports and railway stations, the analog flip dot technology is reminiscent of the early seventies, a time when traveling was still an adventure.

The ORBITAL installation provides a similar experience, beeing sculpture, information carrier and media artwork at the same time. The visitors receive pick up information for their new car and simultaneously follow the play of the animated tiles to pass the waiting time. Ornaments and structures move in sync to disintegrate shortly thereafter. The resulting mechanical clicking acts as an almost symphonic sound bed and announces content updates to the display.

All this is made possible by advanced computerized control technology, which is located inside the rings. In order to control this vast amount of flip dots, about 500 meters data and power cables were installed. Nearly one hundred IP addresses are used for adressing the integrated control interfaces. With a diameter of 9 meters ORBITAL is also the world's first double-sided curved flip dot board. Even if a single flip dot weighs considerably less than one gram, the whole installation has a total weight of 3 tons.



dinsdag 8 december 2015

Spark Life 2025.

Primesight is launching a festive competition

Primesight is launching a festive competition to celebrate the expansion of its industry-leading network of digital roadside 48-sheets, which reaches 50 this week, making it the UK’s broadest-reaching digital out-of-home (DOOH) network for the best value of its kind.

The nationwide competition will use Primesight’s digital roadside 48-sheets in five of the UK’s biggest cities and invite the industry to spot Santa as he progresses on his annual rounds.

Every day from December 7-11, each of the five sites in Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and London will display a cryptic clue hinting at the whereabouts of Santa. Primesight will share the clues with its network of clients, allowing them to guess the location and enter a daily prize draw.

Naren Patel, CEO of Primesight, said: “Our Christmas campaign marks a milestone and highlights the national reach of our digital screens, while offering our clients a fun, interactive way to celebrate the festive season.

“2015 has been an important year for Primesight and has seen real growth in our digital portfolio. Our ambition is to reach 100 digital 48-sheets in 2016, offering exceptional coverage across the UK while providing high-quality advertising solutions and creative opportunities for clients.”

Primesight’s ambition is to help drive the market forward, offering a broader array of digital OOH solutions, flexibility and dynamism, while offsetting the concentration of digital billboards in London and allowing advertisers to maximise audience reach and improve targeting across the UK.

maandag 7 december 2015


The truth and distraction.

Across all audience segments under 50, television engagement is declining rapidly. The amount of time Americans aged 18 to 24 spend watching traditional TV (inclusive of live, VOD and DVR) is down 37% since 2010 – or 46 fewer hours per month. For 12-17s, TV time is down 31% (or 36 hours). 25-34s are down 28% (or 42 hours). Granted, Nielsen’s figures don’t capture TV Everywhere, but Adobe (the primary TV Everywhere authenticator) reports that only 13M of 250M+ Pay TV watching Americans used TV Everywhere in 2014 (and Q4 actually showed a 2.5% drop in users). Furthermore, had every one of 2014’s 2.1B authenticated streams lasted a full hour[1], it would have increased 2014 TV viewing time by a mere 0.41%.

This time is not simply evaporating. Instead, it’s moving to services such as Netflix (each of the company’s 43M US accounts watches more than 2 hours a day), Twitch (15M American viewers watching 30 minutes a day), YouTube (163M watching 35 minutes a day) and scores of other low cost (if not free) digital-first brands and services.

zaterdag 5 december 2015

portal canyon and trippy Frog - audiovisual mix.

Video by TAS - http://www.facebook.com/tasvision
Music by Occult - Kuru, David Starfire - Big Chillum (Whitebear Remix) Whitebear: https://www.fb.com/whitebear.aus

vrijdag 4 december 2015

Full Dome projection.

Christie and Newmedia join forces to present the new Honda motorbike with a stunning audiovisual show in a spectacular geodesic dome.

EE Lab Demo Day - Leap Motion + VR

We invited Leap Motion into the office today for a Demo Day in our San Francisco EE Lab. It was great to get a hands-on demo of their latest software/hardware that integrates the Leap Motion product with a VR headset - in this case it's an Oculus Rift. To learn more about the Razorfish Emerging Experiences team, please visit our blog emergingexperiences.com

woensdag 2 december 2015

PSCo Assessment Centre.

Visit the PSCo Assessment Centre to view the latest technologies side-by-side including;

• 1mm, 2mm and 3mm pixel pitch LED • 4 different size high bright displays set-up in window • Full range of ultra large format displays • Latest video wall technologies • Broad range of display bracketry • HD, 2K and 4K players and video wall processors

Working side by side to find the right technology for your requirements

dinsdag 1 december 2015

Stack Downlight: A Bulb That Gets To Know You.

What if your lights could understand their surroundings? Stack added occupancy- and ambient-light sensors to its LED Downlight bulbs. The result is a lightbulb with smarts: It can turn off when you leave a room and recognize when it’s morning in order to wake you up. To protect you, the system can even mimic your lighting habits when you’re away on vacation. Don’t like the schedule? You can custom-program it yourself with a companion app. $150 (for a starter pack of two bulbs and a hub; $60 for each additional bulb); ships in December.