zondag 30 april 2017

LiveCube Stations.

Source; www.projectionartworks.com

What is the future of OLED?

Choong Hoon Yi, president of UBI Research made a keynote speech with a theme “The Future of OLED” at ‘The 3rd OLED Korea Conference’ hosted by UBI Research.

Choong Hoon Yi, president of UBI Research stated “100-inch rollable wall TV is the future of OLED”. “human eyes have a wide viewing angle so even if display covers the whole wall, there is no discomfort. Glass substrate OLED may be difficult to carry, and accordingly rollable display can be rolled up and delivered like a carpet.” he added.

He also predicted “plastic substrates and printing process for price cut will be suitable for rollable display. TFT and pixel production techniques made by Solution process will be a key to future technology”. If a speaker is built in rollable display, and a correspondence between the person and sound on the screen will represent a perfect display.

Choong Hoon Yi said the reasons for the success of OLED can be found out in the mobile market. Firstly, 4K contents to be used for future TVs will be used in smartphones, and smartphones will also use 4K resolution.

Second, Apple will release the OLED iPhone this year, and there will be an Apple effect because Samsung Display is building the A3 line for Apple to produce 200 million 5.5-inch OLED displays.

Third, Chinese market accounts for 40% of the global smartphone market, and Chinese set companies have been rapidly increasing the release of smartphones. Lastly, a flexible OLED to cover the full screen smartphone will have no home button and feature wide screen to satisfy visual functions, and its strengthened security system that reads fingerprint and pattern can be applied.

For the four reasons above, he expected OLED will be key in the future mobile market.

Meanwhile, he expected the shipments of OLED panel will be 1.7 billion in 2021, and the sales will amount to US$ 75 billion. Korean display companies will represent more than 80% of the total market in 2021, and China will take up 10~15%. In addition, he forecast that display panel companies will make a new investment in flexible OLED which will account for 70% of the total OLED market.

vrijdag 28 april 2017

New e-paper device: Blendology E Ink badge.

Bledology E Ink badge is an interactive contact exchange platform aimed for conference attendees. The badges use 4" E Ink displays produced by Plastic Logic. The E Ink badges are now available and cost $60 each (these are reusable of course across many conferences

HP announces the IonTouch e-paper based "printing" system.

HP Developed a new system, called IonTouch, which enables cheap and easy "paperless" printing. The basic idea is that IonTouch can be used to "print" small displays for applications such as calling cards, QR Codes, badges and more.

Those cards are based on E Ink, and so does not require any power while the image stays - and of course the image can be changed with the "printing" equipment. Each display is a 2.5" 300x300 monochrome (16 grayscales) E Ink panel. HP is aiming for a low-cost solution and each display will cost less than $2 to make.

donderdag 27 april 2017

High-speed projection mapping captures performance art.

TOKYO, a creative production agency based in Tokyo, has created a unique performance work titled ‘INORI-PRAYER’ in collaboration with design studio, WOW, which captures dance duo AyaBambi using ‘DynaFlash’ high-speed projection.

The project started when Nobumichi Asai, creative director of WOW, approached TOKYO film director Eiji Tanigawa, the dancing duo AyaBambi, and the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. It combines the talents of WOW – renowned for its work with face mapping and CG, and TOKYO – winners of a number of awards for video and commercial productions using new technologies.

DynaFlash is a new projector technology developed by the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory, which enables filming at 1,000 fps, making it one of the fastest in the world. The team also utilised high-speed sensing and 3D mapping technology along with precise depth measurement and high-speed 2D tracking technology to create the mapping system that captures the famous duo made up of choreographer Aya Sato and her dance partner Bambi.


woensdag 26 april 2017

Futuristic Restaurant Eatsa Replaces Cashiers With iPads.

A health-food restaurant in San Francisco has eliminated cashiers and could shake-up the fast food industry.

dinsdag 25 april 2017

UON Visuals is creating Psychedelic VR Animations.

UON Visuals was started in 2015 by 3D animator Mike Voskakis. That would be me! I've been making hundreds of unique videos since 2013 and have over 15,000 fans who enjoy them on my instagram!

All animations are based on the geometric visual imagery the human brain is capable of generating during periods of intense meditation, sensory deprivation, holotropic breathing and under the influence of psychedelics. I plan on pushing computing technology to its absolute limits in the decades to come, in order to show a glimpse of the unimaginable beauty and complexity the mind can create under different states of consciousness.

Using Virtual Reality, my intention is to make these experiences fully immersive!

While most of my animations are free to enjoy, I want to give something special to the wonderful fans who support me on Patreon. For a small monthly fee, you can download full quality, 1080p or 4K animations at 60 fps. Most of them will be in stereoscopic 3DVR format, viewable in google cardboard or Samsung Gear VR!

Video Animation Software.

People Use Viddyoze To Make Their Competition Cry!
In 3 Clicks - all done in the cloud.
Full-Auto Video Anomation Software

Moer info here

maandag 24 april 2017

Video Wall - Art or Information?

Video walls are becoming increasingly popular as a way to attract and engage customers. They draw people in, immersing them in a brand or experience.

And with the increased adoption of video walls comes fresh possibilities for content creation. Customers are expecting video walls to be bigger and more eye-catching than ever before. With new technology such as 4K, fine-pitch LED and OLED taking a bigger market share, the content possibilities are growing dramatically.

Video walls are more than just a form of entertainment, though. They are also a prime way to combine art and information to communicate with consumers in a way not possible with single screens alone.

“Video walls can redefine interior spaces and offer a new, dynamic way of delivering informative and artistic content,” said Todd Rickenbach, Operations Manager at Allentown, Pennsylvania-based digital signage content design agency, Render Impact.

“Artistic content can be taken to an entirely new level with 4K+ video walls,” Rickenbach said. “The sky is the limit and designers can use vibrant colors, textures, compositing and effects to create truly captivating motifs.”

Digital signage deployers are clearly seeing the power of video walls.

According to research from Chicago-based research firm Markets and Markets, the size of the video wall market is expected to top $18 billion by 2020, more than quadruple the $4.1 billion market size in 2013. Newer applications and uses are expected to be one of the main drivers of market growth during that time, along with their growing use in the hospitality market.

Marketing campaigns can be brought to life on video walls in a way not possible with other media. Video walls afford the opportunity for designers to create an immersive experience due to their sheer size.

MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit, for example, worked with Render Impact to create a feeling of live, contemporary life with its recently debuted casino entrance 4K video walls. The casino hotel used three-dimensional computer animation to have a waterfall fall over and interact with their logo as one of the featured content pieces for the new video walls.

Terrell Place, Washington DC.

Featuring nearly 5 million LEDs installed on 1,700 square feet of wall, the 80’ by 13’ interactive media wall has transformed the once typical office lobby into a living, breathing (literally) work of art.

Fifteen ceiling-mounted thermal-imaging cameras capture occupant presence and movement within 20 feet of the wall, showcasing images of D.C.’s cherry trees across the seasons. Gentle breezes give way to a flurry of petals as a body is detected. At times the scene is a burst of fireworks or an animation of the city’s iconic statuary, architecture or scenery.

Rather than projected imagery, this video wall diffusion fabric, with its 2,900 LEDs per square foot, is distinctly different from interactive installations commonly found in shopping malls or museums. The diodes, just 5ML in diameter, are installed behind an acrylic diffusion layer and are ventilated through an air cavity to keep them cool and operating efficiently. Planar Clarity Matrix LCDs are also featured in the installation, all of which are clearly visible from the street.

Audio also plays a key role in the project as ambient sounds of nature, the city and music enhance the experience. The audio components include Clark Synthesis audio transducers that are cleverly concealed in walls, solid drive transducers mounted to the ceiling and four ceiling-mounted Tannoy speakers for non-directional sound.

Once the site of a lunch counter protest against segregation in the 1950s, the lobby of Terrell Place is now covered with motion-activated media that brings the space to life.

vrijdag 21 april 2017

The LUMIHD Mini Projector.

Fits in the palm of your hand.
To day $ 100

More info here

donderdag 20 april 2017

Mercedes Benz Pebble Beach - Interactive Towers | spinTouch

At the Pebble Beach Concours D'elegance, the most prestigious car show in the world, spinTouch provided a way for Mercedes-Benz to tell their story and illustrate their great heritage interactively and digitally. Their guests were included in the presentation, moving through Mercedes-Benz narrative with the multi-touch solution.

SpinTouch is passionate about helping you engage your audience through fully immersive user-driven experiences. The technology allows your clients to engage and be proactive while exploring the product at hand. Our expertise in interactive application development and hardware integration offers a comprehensive solution for your interactive marketing and storytelling needs. We help you digitally express what your brand, products, and services have to offer making communication and connection with your audience simple.

Five individual zones each included the following;
- 10' Multi Touch Tower
- 4 LED Panels with ambient background video
- Custom portrait myShowcase
Learn more at: spinTouch.com

woensdag 19 april 2017

OmegaWave Casino video wall.

This shows a very creative and innovative way to deploy your video walls.

dinsdag 18 april 2017

The use of a Cisco Spark Board

This demonstration is showcasing the different features of the Cisco Spark Board.
Cisco Spark is a free App, you can download here - http://www.cisco.com/c/en_uk/solution...

Kinetic Ireland CEO on RTE TV.

how we are piloting new technology which can track people's eye movements and determine their age, gender, mood and facial features as they pass digital ad displays on Dublin's streets.

Graphene the key to tougher flexible OLED displays.

You can already find flexible displays in your phone or smartwatch, but there's a good reason you don't find them everywhere: the transparent electrodes in many OLED screens are too fragile to take a lot of abuse. That might change in the long run, though. South Korean researchers have made the first OLED panel that uses graphene for its electrodes. The hyped wonder material is both flexible and shouldn't chip, which is more than a little important for a display that you're going to bend and twist. This will ideally lead to displays woven into your clothes, or next-generation wearables that can take a lot of punishment.

The approach works with very large OLED panels, and you can pattern it into custom shapes that fit your exact needs. Expect some creative displays, in other words.

Unlike many graphene inventions, there is a real chance this could escape the lab. The scientists want to commercialize flexible OLED screens within 5 years, and LG Display sees graphene helping to make that a reality. With that said, there's good reason to remain skeptical. Many, many researchers have heralded breakthroughs in graphene, but mass-producing it is still a challenge. The team will have to find a way to make these electrodes en masse for them to exist as more than a clever idea.

vrijdag 14 april 2017

Intevi Ipad & Tablet Integration.

Source; www.intevi.co.uk

Integrate an iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or PC with your Digital Signage network and control content via the tablet device.

18 circuits, and more than 140 racing cars - race simulator !

Immersive is the first Dutch start-up that offers animated Virtual Reality Experiences. It is extra special when all your senses involved in an experience. Virtual Reality combined with motion simulators is unique in the Netherlands. The start-up was founded by three young entrepreneurs with a passion for motorsport, business and technology. For Immersive is just crazy and we strive to be a leader of the most unique and innovative customer experiences. Innovative, enterprising and challenging; so we like to challenge others.

The hypercars sound very loud and every vibration in the car feel back in control. With an eye to detail we have selected the most realistic simulator games. Compose your own dream race together and decide how much help you need during the race. Sit down, imagine seat and terrorize the circuit with your driving skills!

Opening in Almere at april 15 th. 2017 - 12 h.

woensdag 12 april 2017

An easy way to change the content on Video Walls.

Some video wall solutions allow tablets or smartphones to change the content or even the configuration on a video wall in real time based on presets which can be created by an administrator. For example, in a retail environment, video walls can be used as sales tools. A video wall by default perhaps may be showing video content about the brand/store, but when needed, salespeople can showcase a specific product for a customer based on that customer’s interests.  All using a smartphone or tablet.         Administrators are able to curate the content and control what layouts and what videos are available, and then non admin staff, in this example a salesperson, can invoke that content from a smartphone or a tablet just pressing a button

This is a great example of interactivity with a clear ROI.  And it can be used in many other environments–a receptionist can change the video wall in a corporate lobby based on which guests are coming through when.  A tour guide at a museum or a someone giving campus tours can change the content on a video wall when needed to enhance the tour.

Direct Donations From Digital OOH Poster

this is a terrific charity program that combines a public-facing set of screens, a card reader and trigger-based content to drive donations to a German relief charity. The Social Swipe program allows people in public spaces to swipe a credit card to make a small donation to Miserior. Put together by the Hamburg agency Kolle Rebbe, and installed at an airport, the set-up cleverly builds the card reader into the gap between LCD panels and uses the swipe action to trigger content. The credit card cuts through the bound hands of an imprisoned Filipino child or slices a loaf of bread for a Peruvian family, showing that a donation of just ?2 Euro can make a difference. When donors received their credit card bill, they were asked to turn their initial donation into a monthly one.

dinsdag 11 april 2017

E-Ink and Sony in Joint Venture.

E Ink® Holdings, "E Ink" (8069.TW), the leading innovator of electronic ink technology, today announced E Ink and Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation, have agreed to establish a joint venture (“JV”) responsible for planning, designing, developing, manufacturing, selling, distributing and licensing products that utilize electronic paper displays, as well as related applications and the integration platform for system partners.

E Ink and Sony have cultivated a strong partnership through a wide array of collaboration products since 2004, with Sony selling Digital Paper adopting E Ink’s electronic paper display technology. The new JV will leverage both E Ink’s development and manufacturing technology for electronic paper displays and Sony’s expertise in product development and marketing. By doing so, it will aim to create new electronic paper display products and systems, and grow the market of ePaper-based solutions.

Press Release

maandag 10 april 2017

The Midnight Special.

Source; www.eness.com

We transformed an old-school bus to take you on a trippy journey to stillness for our latest art installation, The Midnight Special.

From the outside, The Midnight Special has the appearance of a retro Australian school bus, but step inside and you are sucked into a futuristic gravitational vortex of choreographed light and sound. Colour shatters in hypnotising patterns across viewers who lie on the bus floor, soaking up the meditative ambience from the LED light show.

The light vortex calms and speeds up playing visual tricks on the audience, who forget the structures are there between the illusive, floating light formations. The installation structure is an array of addressable LEDs designed by our team - each light was carefully mapped with specific content in collaboration with Hyper Reelist (Jobe Williams), then synchronised to react to a soundtrack composed for this experience by Mark Williams.

The Midnight Special evokes nostalgic feelings mixed with the unseen, unfamiliar and unexperienced. The Midnight Special was last seen at Strawberry Fields Festival – a festival of music, art and love.

zondag 9 april 2017


Create your own video form surface with the unique system design.

CircLED allows you to put together different types of logo, lettering or creative elements as a video display and to record with content of your choice.

You can choose between differently curved modules with different angles as well as a square tile.


vrijdag 7 april 2017

kompas wayfinding Abu Dhabi Mall.

Dimedis presented the compass wayfinding route on a stele used in the Abu Dhabi Mall or in the Neuer Markt shopping mall. Compas wayfinding is an intuitive and intelligent routing system. The interaction with the compass wayfinding route is done via a touch screen. Kompas wayfinding documents anonymises all actions and searches of the users and is thus a permanent survey tool. The core feature is the intuitive LogoCloud:

donderdag 6 april 2017

Immersive Video Wall in Netflix's new LA HQ.

This is pretty amazing – an 80-foot, 13K, fine-pitch LED video wall running custom ambient content in the lobby of the new Netflix building in LA.

Vast video walls in lobbies is not all that uncommon anymore among well-heeled companies and property owners, but the content in many to most of those cases is meant to please and entertain and engage. In the Netflix lobby, the content puts visitors on the sets of some of the online streaming network’s most popular and iconic shows.

Guests walk in and find themselves in the jungle scenes of Narcos or behind bars in the women’s ward of Orange Is The New Black. Rather than doing the predictable by running trailers or clips from the shows, the 1.9mm LED wall shows mostly static scenes with only subtle movements and supporting audio.

It’s pretty fantastic, and something I now want badly to get out to LA to see some time.

The technology set-up is all the work of the NY and LA-based D3, which sells a range of LEDs but also a very high-end server and software that drives these kinds of experiences. The company has been quietly building up an impressive book of business, a lot of which they can’t formally talk about.

More information here

woensdag 5 april 2017

The Bosch Experience Zone.

The Bosch Experience Zone focuses on customer interaction, which is about exploring and experiencing. As an integral part of a shop-in-shop solution, the information terminal has the task of leading the customer to the building market, there are different approaches, for example, about projects that convey inspiration in a playful way. Service is the focus. Digital signage is at the POS - with the integration of the online shop - the ideal bridge for Omnichannel campaigns.

dinsdag 4 april 2017

Renewed Mondriaanhuis / Amsterdam the Netherlands

Follow in the footsteps of Piet Mondrian. Accompany him on a trip at the renewed Mondriaanhuis along the cradles of his unique art. And look trough the eyes of the man who kept reinventing himself and his work. Tinker imagineers created the multimedia concept and a new design for the interior that refers to his entire oeuvre. The challenging premise was that most of the original works are in museums all over the world. That is why the journey starts with a video installation of Mondrian’s oeuvre.

A musical picture story that takes the visitors from his early landscapes and colourful seascapes to the abstract world he is famous for. Accompanied by the contemporary music that he liked, from Ravel to jazz, from Stravinsky to boogie-woogie. Mondrian spent his last years in New York, where he made a fresh start: he got rid of the black lines and explored new spaces in his work. Visitors enter Mondrian’s dream world, in which his work, the city, and his favourite music all melt together into one audio-visual spectacle.

maandag 3 april 2017

Southwest Airlines Projection Mapping - Dallas.

Southwest Airlines Projection Mapping Experience.
A brand re-launch of epic proportions

DALLAS – Southwest Airlines revealed a new look with a stunning visual display. Rumors dominated the conversation this past week ( 2014 !!) as aviation insiders and enthusiasts speculated on what Southwest Airlines was going to announce. A host of reporters, bloggers, and Southwest Employees were called to Southwest Airlines Headquarters yesterday to witness a momentous unveiling effort told through a spectacular, larger-than-life video presentation.

Following days of teaser messages to Employees and Customers, the new look began to unveil at 2 a.m. CDT Monday morning. By 8:30 a.m. CDT the airline’s Hangar 5 was filled with media from all over the country as well as Southwest Employees and partners, and the show began.

“We wanted this to be a moment for the media and for Southwest’s Employees to really experience the power of their new look with a 4D experience they’ll remember for a lifetime,”

DME, and its creative partner, Go2 Productions, utilized multiple 35,000 lumen projectors, state of the art proprietary mapping software, and concert quality sound, bringing Hangar 5 to life with 3D mapped imagery that covered more than 13,000 square feet. More than 4,000 people were in attendance to witness the world’s first immersive 3D/4D projection experience in the interior of an airplane hangar.

“This show allowed Southwest Employees to feel pride in their brand and to experience a continued awakening of where they’re going in the future,” said Aaron Gaeir, Chief Executive Officer of Grandesign Media Services.

The day’s events were capped off with a deck party at the airline’s Maintenance Hangar, where Southwest Employees, partners, and members of the press were invited to see the new aircraft, displaying the new Heart livery, up close and personal.

zondag 2 april 2017

Kineti Touchscreen Table - Powered by Microsoft Windows 10

La Table Kineti: For those looking for a table with screen and Windows 10, here's this design.
More info

DEX - Stockholm’s Mall of Scandinavia.

Mediatec & BAJT choose d3 2x2plus for new sculptural LED video installation at Stockholm’s Mall of Scandinavia.

London-based video architecture firm BAJT has created the volumetric content for DEX, the beautiful new sculptural video installation at the Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm. BAJT was commissioned by Mediatec to showcase the full creative potential of the huge volumetric installation, which is 65 meters long and comprised of 3,800 LED strips, each with a maximum of 64 individually controlled pixels.

The Mall of Scandinavia is Scandinavia’s biggest shopping venue. It is located 5 kilometers from Stockholm’s city center. DEX is a permanent architectural installation, mounted in the ceiling, which runs 24/7. More information here