dinsdag 25 april 2017

UON Visuals is creating Psychedelic VR Animations.

UON Visuals was started in 2015 by 3D animator Mike Voskakis. That would be me! I've been making hundreds of unique videos since 2013 and have over 15,000 fans who enjoy them on my instagram!

All animations are based on the geometric visual imagery the human brain is capable of generating during periods of intense meditation, sensory deprivation, holotropic breathing and under the influence of psychedelics. I plan on pushing computing technology to its absolute limits in the decades to come, in order to show a glimpse of the unimaginable beauty and complexity the mind can create under different states of consciousness.

Using Virtual Reality, my intention is to make these experiences fully immersive!

While most of my animations are free to enjoy, I want to give something special to the wonderful fans who support me on Patreon. For a small monthly fee, you can download full quality, 1080p or 4K animations at 60 fps. Most of them will be in stereoscopic 3DVR format, viewable in google cardboard or Samsung Gear VR!

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