maandag 31 augustus 2015

Content creation.

A realtime demo by ASD / Andromeda Software Development,
presented at Assembly 2015 Coding: Kostas 'Navis' Pataridis
Music: Sotiris 'aMUSiC' Varotsis and Fotis 'Leviathan' Panetsos
Graphics: Nikos 'Amoivikos' Batalas

vrijdag 28 augustus 2015

Audi scores engagement with digital signage.


Partnering with Audi, Major League Soccer and MVP Collaborative, MVP Interactive deployed its Mobile GamingWall during the 2015 MLS All-Star week in Denver. Fans attending the events at Skyline Park and Dick's Sporting Good Stadium had the opportunity to take penalty kicks against Audi's virtual goalie.
Before starting the game, fans registered their personal data and answered a short questionnaire using Microsoft Surface Tablets. Each user had one practice kick and five chances to beat the goalie in under a minute. The embedded Microsoft Kinect camera captured the speed of each kick, and points were awarded based on the speed and success of each attempt. This data was displayed on screen resembling the dashboard of Audi's new hybrid car, the eTron.
At the completion of each game play the wall displayed a player leaderboard and the user put in their email address on a nearby keyboard to receive an Audi branded email with an animated GIF of their shot attempts.
During the weeklong event, 17,000 fans witnessed Audi's activation and nearly 3,000 unique emails were captured. Those who played the game posted their action shots on social media, creating a reach of 80,000 social media impressions, according to MVP Interactive.
Watch a highlights video of the deployment below:

The Social Tree / Changi Airport, Singapore.

The Social Tree is a cool idea to engage people, who are waiting for their flights. You can take picture(s) of yourself, share it to your Facebook and upload/display it at the Social Tree that will animate your picture(s) with various cool backgrounds (Avatar Forest, Underwater world, etc.).

donderdag 27 augustus 2015

The Salford Arch.

Set to further transform the Digital Outdoor landscape in Manchester, outdoor advertising company JCDecaux, has launched The Salford Arch – an iconic, digital advertising superstructure that stretches across six lanes of traffic at one of Manchester’s busiest arterial junctions.

One of JCDecaux’s largest roadside digital screens with on average 1.2 million impacts every week (DFT), this double-sided landmark location will be launched by FIAT, Sky, Samsung, JD Sports and Orangina.

The Salford Arch will complement JCDecaux’s Digital Outdoor presence in Manchester, alongside the digitised The Trafford Arch and The Trafford Tower. The Salford Arch will also become part of JCDecaux’s newly formed The Gateways – a nationwide network of premium Out-of-Home locations along key arterial routes that welcome audiences into major UK cities, such as: London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Leeds and Bristol.



A Spanish art studio has put a twist on projection mapping and introduced 3D with stunning effect. The project - Diplopia - was played out at the opening ceremony of the International Mapping Festival of Girona 2015 (FIMG), an event celebrating the Spanish city's architecture through technology and art. Onionlabs, the studio behind the project, created the 3D anaglyph mapping piece that used stereoscopic glasses to create the full effect.

The theme of the festival was contradictions so Diplopia was created to show opposing concepts such as light and darkness, flexible and rigid, near and far, noise and silence and wet and dry.

Onionlab’s Joel Mestre was the producer of the show with music and sound design handled by uunnoo + lko.

FIMG, a free festival, was held from July 24 to August 2, 2015. It included a programme of workshops, events, shows and a competition.

dinsdag 25 augustus 2015

Nanolumens transforms shopping mall atrium.


A three-story tall open space situated in the busiest part of the largest shopping mall in the western suburbs of Brisbane, Australia might be called an “atrium” by some, but Eureka Funds Management, owner of the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, understood that the space could become a revenue-generating 21st Century advertising medium, provided they could find the right visualisation partner to put their plan into action.

They found that partner in manufacturer and marketer of visualisation solutions, NanoLumens.

“The Indooroopilly Shopping Center has recently undergone a major renovation,” explained Rachele Godridge, asset manager at Eureka Funds Management.  “As a result, it is now the largest shopping centre in the western suburbs of Brisbane.”

Godridge and her mall management team at Indooroopilly Business Partnerships (IBP) understood the revenue generating potential of a large visualisation solution that could be hung in the centre of the three-story atrium area. IBP’s mission is to create exciting opportunities for the centre’s retail partners to communicate their sales message in ways that generate immediate feedback.

The team strives to provide its retail partners with distinct advertising and marketing programs that influence their purchase path while they’re in the mall.

The design of the Indooroopilly Shopping Center runs along straight lines, which means that the right visualisation solution can be seen from virtually every angle of approach by every shopper in the mall.

Godridge worked with Digital Place Solutions to create a design that would galvanize the attention of shoppers, providing an advertising medium that would help retail partners communicate directly with their customers.

As the principles of the Australian digital display and place based media consultancy, Stephen Rubie and Gerry Thorley are experienced in helping proactive clients to gain a competitive edge through the design of customer engagement solutions that stand out from the crowd of traditional digital signage.

“We knew from the start that NanoLumens could imagine and execute a compelling, revenue-generating solution that was also cost-effective, space-efficient and eco-friendly,” Rubie explained.

That solution is now suspended in the centre of the massive atrium area located in the northern end of the mall.  The IBP team was challenged with a large atrium space and a very limited weight capacity loading in the ceiling to hang a display.  The NanoLumens visualisation solution provided the perfect mix of high resolution, high impact LED display with a very lightweight and ultra-slim profile to meet the aesthetic objectives of the mall.

The attributes of the NanoLumens solution made it possible for the mall to select an appropriately sized display for the atrium without requiring any structural support works to be carried out in the ceiling. The installation process was made simple with the display being partially fabricated in sections on the floor of the mall with each piece lifted into place with a portable mini crane.

The 6mm pixel pitch double-sided digital banner measures 7mX4m (23’X13’), is 160mm (6.5”) thick, weighs less than 1,500kg installed and draws less power than a typical vacuum cleaner.

maandag 24 augustus 2015

Philips light partner for the Allianz Arena and FC Bayern München.

Football and event location

Inside the stadium, 69,901 spectators are spread out across three terraces, all of which are under roof. The lowest rows are especially close to the playing field because no running track encircles the turf - the arena is a cauldron of soccer. The fan shops for both teams are housed here as well and make soccer hearts beat faster. For the visitors’ enjoyment, there are various kiosks, a stylish bar-lounge-café, and of course the fan events for the Bavarians and the Lions.

Even if no game is taking place, the Allianz Arena with eight event boxes, two VIP lounges out of a total of 106 luxury boxes is also the place for business meetings, presentations, or celebrations.

The first games were held in the Allianz Arena in 2005, and Portugal and France met here for the World Cup 2006

zondag 23 augustus 2015

Studio Knol's classroom fuses digital and analogue tools.

Contemporary discourse on future learning environments became the catalyst for a cutting-edge spatial project, Pencil vs Pixel, by Dutch design collective Studio Knol. Developed for the MU art space and School Around, an initiative of the SintLucas Creative Community – with support from Anna Dekker, Christiaan Bakker and AugmentNL – the project featured an in-depth exploration of a physical classroom and its potential to evolve into a place for interactive learning.

Students used a new educational format to engage with a design topic included in their current curriculum. The project was divided into four phases that ranged from the entirely analogue to the wholly virtual, all of which were contained within a purpose-built learning space.

The interior was covered in 28-x-28-cm tiles, or ‘transformative blocks’, many displaying various textural identities. The first phase provided only analogue experiences based on physical interaction. The second and third phases combined analogue and digital components, and the final phase offered a totally virtual experience.

Although the project afforded interesting alternatives to today’s learning environments, the research was not aimed at changing the present educational system in the Netherlands, but at informing leaders in the debate on digitization in the classroom. One conclusion was that opportunities provided by digital tools do not invalidate the benefits of a hands-on schoolroom and its relevance to education.

Photos Corneel de Wilde

zaterdag 22 augustus 2015

Polyera to release an OTFT-based flexible E Ink smartband next year

Polyera unveiled their first product, the Wove Band. This smartband device is truly flexible and uses the company's OTFT (organic-TFT) technology flexible backplane technology and an E Ink display.

Polyera will start shipping samples in December to developers and artists, and the commercial launch is planned for mid-2016.

vrijdag 21 augustus 2015

Amscreen Media Changes Hands In Deal With DigiCom

Amscreen Media Network, a leading UK-based digital out-of-home network with more than 3500 place-based digital screens located in retail and healthcare venues, has been acquired by DigiCom.

The acquisition now places DigiCom in control of one of the UK’s largest digital out-of-home networks, reaching 10 million adults every week across the healthcare, digital roadside and forecourt retail sectors.

DigiCom was founded by Tom Goddard, a seasoned veteran of the out-of-home media space. Goddard’s previous positions include executive deputy chairman at Amscreen, as well as CEO at CBS Outdoor (now Exterion Media). Goddard will continue as group chairman of Ocean Outdoor.

“Digital out-of-home is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing and most exciting sectors to be in. The Amscreen Media network acquisition offers DigiCom a huge foot print across the UK and access to an excellent product powered by Amscreen. We look forward to bringing a range of new opportunities and offerings to the market in the coming months,” said Tom Goddard, Executive Chairman, DigiCom.

As part of the deal, DigiCom will work in partnership with Amscreen who will provide full technology and service support for DigiCom’s advertising screen networks. The existing media agreements with the various network partners, including Tesco and Shell will be managed within DigiCom.

The acquisition follows the news earlier this year of a complete hardware refresh across Amscreen’s entire 2500 digital roadside screen network to the new mini-digital 6 Sheet format. The new screens provide further opportunities to integrate with other media channels and leverage real-time data to offer more relevant, targeted and measurable advertising activity. A full reappraisal of the 650 screen healthcare network is also planned.

donderdag 20 augustus 2015

LG bets that OLEDs are the future of displays.

It's no secret that LG has been fond of OLED screens as of late, but the company is now proving that it's committed to those organic displays for the long haul. It's investing the equivalent of $8.5 billion into developing OLED technology over the next three years for everything from TVs to cars to wearables. LG only describes this as a bid to "pioneer this untapped OLED market" and "keep the competitors at bay," but it's not hard to see a few reasons why it'd pour cash into this relatively exotic technology -- and it's not all about one-upping Samsung. The move is certainly necessary for cars and wearables, where flexible OLED is important for putting displays on less-than-flat surfaces. However, LG is also doing this to resist the race-to-the-bottom trend in screen pricing, especially in the TV space. Like 3D and 4K, OLED gives LG a reason to ask a premium for that giant TV or banana-shaped smartphone -- it doesn't have to compete as much on price. That effect will only last for so long -- OLED TV prices have fallen rapidly in the past few years -- but it could keep LG ahead of the pack (or at least, near the front) for a little while longer.

SOURCE: Bloomberg

Coca’s DOOH Campaign Generates Online Buzz.

NEW YORK, NY — A new campaign by Coca-Cola is generating a fair amount of social media buzz. Coke’s #cokemyname Twitter campaign combines social media with digital out-of-home screen in the heart of New York’s Times Square. Coke’s campaign invites people to tweet their name to a dedicated campaign hashtag: #CokeMyName – which then generates a “story” about their name that appears on a digital billboard screen in Times Square. A camera then snaps an image of that story and tweets it back to the person’s mobile device.

The campaign generated more than 350 million social impressions and 42,000 posts using the #CokeMyName hashtag. Tweets with #cokemyname were mentioned across the USA and 110 other countries.

Interior Video Design.

More information here

woensdag 19 augustus 2015

"holographic" projector.

HOLHO converts smartphone or tablet into a "holographic" projector.

On the verge of a pyramid one of four parts of the image from the smartphone screen (or the tablet computer) is projected. Thus, each side of the viewer sees the image, creating the illusion of three-dimensional objects within the pyramid.

Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram

maandag 17 augustus 2015

Amdocs - video mapping a 30m mountain in Timna israel 2015

A unique animation created to finish off the amazing company event for AMDOCS. a band was playing in the light area of the mountain and started to show visual fx as teh song progresses. song: The circle of life.

Animation: Dorian Natan [studio locomotion ]
Design: Kathy ray
Director: Amit fisher
Client: Amdocs

Innocent in TLV White Night 2015.

A locomotion production in Tel Aviv

donderdag 13 augustus 2015

Why Digital Signage ?

Why Digital Signage ? Here are all the reasons why it’s growing — and being added to more and more media plans by advertisers and their agencies.

woensdag 12 augustus 2015

Video Mapping in Karlsruhe’s 300th anniversary celebration.

Video mapping specialists Maxin10sity has featured in the German city of Karlsruhe’s 300th anniversary celebrations, providing projection mapping using 24 Panasonic 3-chip DLP projectors. Maxin10sity started the celebrations on 20 June with other artists featuring in the festival, which continues for 15 weeks throughout the summer.

The Schlosslichtspiele (Palace Light Projection), organised by Stadtmarketing Karlsruhe and curated by the Karlsruhe Centre for Art and Media (ZKM), will illuminate the entire southern façade of the Karlsruhe Palace until September 26.

To project on the Karlsruhe Palace 180m long by 20m high façade, 24 Panasonic 3 chip DLP projectors were rigged in two towers 80m away from the façade. The organisers tripled the number of projectors used, as the opening night was so close to the summer solstice, reaching 75 lux on the facade.

Each tower hosts four groups of three projectors shooting at various angles. All projectors were dry hired from Lang Medientechnik. And because the audience is very close to the castle, the projection surface has a resolution of almost 11K (10800 x 1080).

More info here

E Ink and Netronix announced a new JV to integrate and assemble e-paper devices.

E Ink Holdings announced a new joint-venture with e-reader maker Netronix. The two companies iwll launch a new JV (Netronix will hold a 51% share) in China's Jaingsu province that will focus on e-paper system integration and product assembly services.

E Ink says that the new venture will provide its services for applications such as smartphone back covers, electronic shelf labels and e-paper billboards. Production (or assembly/integration, really) will begin in October 2015.

dinsdag 11 augustus 2015

Royal Caribbean, Anthem of the Seas: Tribute to Leonardo da Vinci.

Since 2014, Moment Factory’s multimedia entertainment has been entertaining audiences on Royal Caribbean International (RCI)’s technology driven ship Quantum of the Seas. Following the success of this collaboration, Moment Factory was mandated to create a new show for RCI’s latest ship Anthem of the Seas. Spectra’s Cabaret. Moment Factory was also mandated to create an assortment of digital vignettes integrating the latest technologies. These vignettes generate continuous entertainment for spectators in the Two70 lounge. The films are projected onto screens that slide down over the windows to form an ambient surface over 100 feet wide and 20 feet tall. Six mobile Roboscreens, each measuring over seven feet high, are controlled by powerful robotic arms to create additional platforms for projections. The most stunning of these vignettes is the short film paying tribute to Leonardo da Vinci. More than just a film, it is a cinematic experience that plunges into da Vinci’s complex and visionary mind. It brings to life a conceptual invention that he was never able to achieve himself. Several centuries ahead of his time, he had envisioned a flying device. The film breathes life into this flying machine and helps bring da Vinci’s dream to completion while placing it in a modern context. The audience is invited aboard, ready to be transported on an epic journey. The voyage glides through 15th century Rome, drifting through some of da Vinci’s thoughts, inventions and drawings. Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man also comes to life as the sketch transforms into a male dancer gracefully performing with a Cyr wheel.

Industrial designer, VJ, video artist and lighting programmer.

From Swen Seyerlen Industrial designer, VJ, video artist and lighting programmer [e:cue] since 2001.

Here's a quick & dirty overview, an unsorted selection of VJing, visuals, projects, commercial and art installations, festivals, mapping, LED setups and lighting, opera and video productions. Thanks to JACOB JUNG for the soundtrack. Thanks to my mates @ LICHTINSTALLATIONEN.COM

maandag 10 augustus 2015

Lumes - Live murals for live buildings.

LUMES is a light emitting tile system with flexible configurations and tailored interactive content to personalise your space. Lovingly crafted in Melbourne, ENESS deliver a new and innovative canvas for digital art.

LUMES will be showing in... Sydney at Indesign Galleria 13 -15 August 2015 Register here..


Is this is the best TV on the planet? Judged purely on picture quality, this 4K OLED has a jaw-dropping combination of total black, cracking colour, judder-free video, a reflection-free curve and an innate ability to make standard-def sources ripple with realism.

FOR Incredible realism Pure, bright whites Best black levels ever Reflection-free curve Now TV app

AGAINST Pointer remote Plasticky stand Confusing WebOS High price Three HDMI

The EG960V is the first Ultra HD 4K OLED TV that LG have released in the UK and it incorporates all the latest developments in that particular technology, along with the most recent version of webOS and a new magic remote. the 55-inch model - the 55EG960V - retails for around £ 3,799, € 4.500 euro // whilst the 65-inch version - the 65EG960V - will set you back £ 5,999.

Read the review Read more reviews at Watch more videos at

vrijdag 7 augustus 2015

donderdag 6 augustus 2015

Digital signage telling Toronto where to go.

The City of Toronto is piloting a digital signage project aimed at better informing residents and visitors about the city's mass transit options and helping to reduce the city's carbon footprint.
Toronto has partnered with San Francisco-based transit digital signage provider TransitScreen to pilot multiple digital signage displays in city buildings, including one screen in the lobby of City Hall and another installed at Metro Hall.

"As a resident of Toronto, I'm excited to begin this partnership with the city," said Andres Trivino, TransitScreen's Canada and Latin America manager, on the company website. "The City of Toronto is planning to convert the city into a low-carbon emission city through the Transformation Toronto 2050 initiative, and bringing TransitScreen will help promote and inform the citizens of all the multimodal transportation options Toronto offers. This partnership will help to reduce the city's dependence on single-occupancy vehicles."

According to the TransitScreen website, the transportation display kiosks will include live real-time transportation information and directions to all local transportation options, including TTC subway, TTC bus, TTC streetcar,  TTC Alerts, Go Transit bus, Go Transit train, car2go, Zipcar and Bike Share Toronto, in an effort to make it easier for people to choose sustainable transportation in Toronto.

"The partnership with the City of Toronto is a major win for TransitScreen north of the border," TransitScreen COO Ryan Croft said on the company website. "As more and more cities commit to sustainable urban mobility, we will continue to partner with leaders who want to help residents and visitors make more informed transportation choices."

In addition to the TransitScreen transportation information display kiosk — which Toronto's deputy mayor called the first of its kind in a Canadian city hall — the city also installed a wayfinding digital signage kiosk at City Hall intended to make the building "more open and accessible," Toronto Deputy Mayor Denzil Minnan-Wong told a local television station:

woensdag 5 augustus 2015


From an Under Armour installation that tests athletic ability to a Warby Parker photo booth experience, interactive customer experience was the order of the day at the inaugural Interactive Customer Experience Summit.
Held June 28-30 at the Sofitel Chicago Water Tower, the ICX Summit focused on technologies such as digital signage, self-service kiosks, mobile and tablets, as well as emerging technologies ranging from beacons to Internet of Things and augmented reality.
Highlights included a scavenger hunt and tour of Chicago-area interactive technologies actually deployed in stores, an opening keynote by Jason Goldberg of Razorfish, an awards dinner party at Skydeck Chicago and a closing keynote by Blaine Hurst of Panera.

More information here

dinsdag 4 augustus 2015

Coming Soon to Manchester...

As part of the newly formed The Gateways that launches soon, The Salford Arch – an iconic digital superstructure that stretches across one of Manchester's busiest arterial routes – will be going live this September.

Showcasing its strong presence in Manchester, JCDecaux has created a CGI video to demonstrate how The Salford Arch will provide a powerful addition to its unprecedented Digital Roadside portfolio in the city. The film takes you on a trip along Manchester’s key arterial roads, bringing to life iconic The Trafford Arch, The Trafford Tower and The Salford Arch.

- See mere here

PromoVideo NN Tetris.

Using the popular game of the 80's to combine this with a playful way of knowledge testing. Ideal for usage at a trade show to start a conversation. for example about the questions the visitor answered. A photo is taken during the game and instantly printed and sent to their email and given to players when they finished playing. Using a physical installation with real buttons and arcade style game console joystick makes players feel like they are back in those days. by asking participants to give their contact details because they can win a prize, follow up with the photo is easy. ,br>

6,400 mechanical, color-changing spools of thread.

Forever 21 and BREAKFAST (agency) are excited to unveil the F21 Thread Screen, a 2000 pound machine that uses 6,400 spools of thread to display Instagrams that are hashtagged with #F21ThreadScreen. See your selfies turn into art at

zaterdag 1 augustus 2015

Opening ceremony of 2015 Southeast Asian sporting event at Singapore.

With 160 Christie Roadster HD20K-J and S+22K-J 3DLP projectors deployed for a projection mapping performance at the opening ceremony of the Southeast Asian sporting event at Singapore’s new National Stadium on June 5, 2015