maandag 10 augustus 2015


Is this is the best TV on the planet? Judged purely on picture quality, this 4K OLED has a jaw-dropping combination of total black, cracking colour, judder-free video, a reflection-free curve and an innate ability to make standard-def sources ripple with realism.

FOR Incredible realism Pure, bright whites Best black levels ever Reflection-free curve Now TV app

AGAINST Pointer remote Plasticky stand Confusing WebOS High price Three HDMI

The EG960V is the first Ultra HD 4K OLED TV that LG have released in the UK and it incorporates all the latest developments in that particular technology, along with the most recent version of webOS and a new magic remote. the 55-inch model - the 55EG960V - retails for around £ 3,799, € 4.500 euro // whilst the 65-inch version - the 65EG960V - will set you back £ 5,999.

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