zaterdag 31 januari 2015

Lichtspektakel betovert Gent ( Begium )

Het lichtfestival in Gent is donderdag geopend met een grote 'djoef'. De 44 verschillende lichtkunstenaars dompelen de stad onder in een lichtbad om 'U' tegen te zeggen.

vrijdag 30 januari 2015

PM Screen – Altec Lansing 3D Hologram Projection.

PM Screen premiered at the international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January, 2015. When PM Screen stepped into the biggest electronics show in the world, they provided a unique way to market Altec Lansing’s new Boom Jacket wireless speaker.
By utilizing 3D holographic displays, the company’s creative team has designed a storyline that visually displayed top features of the new speaker. For their first project in the United States, PM Screen placed the Boom Jacket speakers inside holographic displays, and surrounded them with 3D animation. The 3D animation visually displayed the capabilities of the product, as well as caused people to stop and take another look. This powerful way to showcase the product stirred up much interest and excitement from CES attendees.

“While supporting Altec Lansing’s new product launch program, we got an opportunity to show our abilities and create a stand which not only showcases the product well, but also causes it to come alive. We are very pleased with the positive response that our innovative solutions have received from the convention attendees.  Based on the strong, positive feedback, we are very confident that the U.S. market will recognize and respond well to our innovation.”
— Darius Cincys, Director of the US Market for PM Screen.

When presenting new products and technologies at an event the size of CES, it is very difficult to stand out. Understanding the market needs, PM Screen offers services that will help major brands capture the attention of today’s consumer.
About PM Screen:
PM Screen is an innovative multimedia company specializing in 3D mapping projections. Established in Northern Europe in 2010, PM Screen, has now expanded into the US market this year with a newly started office in Seattle, WA.
The company has combined creative and artistic solutions with cutting edge technologies to create a desired “WOW!” effect by successfully portraying reality through animation.
PM Screen has completed projects for a number of well-known European brands, including: Coca-Cola, Mini, Ice Hockey World Championship 2014, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Redbull, Tuborg and more. Over 4 million people have seen a PM Screen production around the World.
PM Screen currently has 30 employees across the globe and is growing rapidly.

woensdag 28 januari 2015

The Broad-Scale Video Mapping Show in Turkey.

Video mapping show in Turkey

At New Year’s Eve, Illusionist presented the biggest video mapping show in İstanbul, Turkey.

Client: Beşiktaş Belediyesi Project Manager: Bilge Kutlu (Beşiktaş Belediyesi)

The Backstage:

In Bursts Of Powder.


Brussels-based photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte captured the spectacular dance movements of a professional acrobatic dancer interacting with impressive explosions of powder.
The performance was actually arranged to promote a new line of coffee creamers produced by the Dutch company Campina Friesland Kievit, which specializes in powdered milk. In collaboration with the Norvell Jefferson creative agency  and a talented dancer, Vanhoutte managed to show the unexpectedly beautiful side of a product as mundane as powdered milk.


The Video

The Making-Of Video

dinsdag 27 januari 2015

Werken met beeldschermen.

Ik tel 5 beeldschermen.


Center Bar 3-D Video at SLS Las Vegas.

This is one of the 3-D video segments at Center Bar inside SLS Las Vegas, formerly the Sahara.

can you guess how it is made ?

After a couple drinks this screen will become a little

Scala retail solutions—the Lift and Learn.

Recently at NRF 2015, we gave our first demonstrations of our brand new retail solutions—the Lift and Learn and the Style Advisor—specifically designed to increase customer engagement. If you missed us at NRF you can watch the videos below to get your first look at each solution. For an in-depth understanding, join us at the Retail Evolution Summit where we’ll show you how each solution can transform your in-store experience right at the Point-of-sale.

The Retail Evolution Summit is an educational gathering of marketers, designers, technologists and digital innovators from key fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands to share insights on the future of retail. Register for the Summit by using code REVSF to take advantage of our reduced rate. This offer ends soon, sign up today!

zondag 25 januari 2015

Disney Research: Beachbot turns sandy beachs into art.

“Conceived by Disney Research and working in partnership with a student team at ETH Zürich, the Beachbot is a mobile robot that can turn an ordinary beach into an artist’s canvas. Thanks to innovative balloon wheels, the robot is able to traverse sandy beaches without leaving any noticeable tracks. Drawing is achieved using a controllable rake at the rear of the robot, with individually controllable pins that can be raised and lowered to create thick or thin lines in the sand. The drawing area on the beach is defined simply using four vertical poles that define the corners of the desired sand canvas. The Beachbot can then determine its position on the canvas to a high degree of accuracy using depth sensing and IMU (inertial measurement unit) technology. Artwork can be pre-programmed as the robot can draw lines or create block-filled areas. Alternately manual remote can be used to turn a beach into a live sketchpad. Beachbot is just one of Disney Research’s projects in the area of mobile robotics, including work on path-planning, robot choreography, localization, and human-robot interaction.”

Microsoft Surface Hub.

Unlock the power of the group with Microsoft Surface Hub, a powerful team collaboration device designed to advance the way people work together naturally.
Coming later this year.

zaterdag 24 januari 2015

Video Wall Wow Factor.

Christie’s Richard Heslett shows off an LED Wall that knows how to get attention....

vrijdag 23 januari 2015

On Ice Projection: Leafs vs. Hurricanes.

Take a look at this nice ice projection.It makes you happy and gives inspiration.

donderdag 22 januari 2015

Toshiba 60-inch Touch & amp.

Though Toshiba is a household word in the business equipment and consumer electronics world, the company is a relative newcomer to the digital signage market in the U.S. Nonetheless, the company is starting to make waves with significant installations, especially in the area of sports arenas and stadiums, and with what it describes as "exciting new applications that expand the definition of digital signage." The latter includes interactive technology such as the company's Touch & amp; Get kiosk.

According to Bill Melo, chief marketing executive, Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc., Touch & Get provides an intuitive, self-service way to transfer large amounts of data wirelessly.

"More importantly," he says, "it's super fast."

How fast? "Imagine transferring an entire 2GB HD movie in 2 minutes! Wirelessly!" says Melo.

The secret behind Touch & amp; Get is Toshiba's transfer jet technology. "We're using transfer jet and other Toshiba technologies to push the boundaries of interactivity and re-imagine digital signage," he adds.

In November, Toshiba debuted Touch & amp; Get together with a host of other products at its new installation at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.

The Toshiba 60-inch Touch & Get kiosk is so named because it features video highlights that fans can select and transfer to their mobile phones. Photo courtesy Toshiba.

Microsoft HoloLens.

Microsoft HoloLens Demonstration Shows off Holographic Minecraft, Apps, and More.

Microsoft's new holographic headset can be used to play Minecraft, make video calls, do you work, and more.

woensdag 21 januari 2015

Creating 3D...but how ??

Create a cool deform title with Element 3D V2!

dinsdag 20 januari 2015

The World's Largest Photo Booth.

During the holiday season, Microsoft and Synect launched the largest photo booth in the world. The digital experience captivated store visitors, who could take their pictures at a custom photo station and see the pictures displayed on the stores’ 150-foot long video wall. The interactive installation ran at the Microsoft Stores in Bellevue Square Mall and University Village from December 1 to January 5, 2015.

Photo Booth was built by Microsoft and Synect to integrate with the store’s digital signage network. Driven by YCD Multimedia’s digital signage system, the network powers over 70 store video walls, which can have a resolution up to 57,600 x 1080.

The installation included a Kinect for Windows V2 sensor, a Surface Pro 3, and a Lenovo All in One at a photo station designed and fabricated by Gensler. Plugins and custom development by Synect enabled interactivity with the video wall and allowed the experience to span across multiple devices.

zondag 18 januari 2015

[CES2015] How far LCD TV will evolve ?


LCD TV made another great innovation. It is the LED BLU using Quantum dot(QD) accomplishing an ultimate level of LCD TV picture quality that no one has imagined yet.
At CES2015, the TV-set companies including LG Electronics, Sony, Sharp, TCL, Haier, etc. revealed the QD-BLU LCD TV. Their color reproducibility had reached up to NTSV 110% due to QD-LED and the brightness and contrast range allowed a brilliant picture quality which was never available in the LCD panel as a result of HDR (high dynamic range) technology.

There were only a few exhibitions presenting the night view of clear contrast range but at this CES 2015, Samsung Electronics demonstrated how far the LCD TV has improved by comparing the contrast ranges of the SUHD TV (up) and existing LCD TV.

150109_ces2015 lcdtv의 진화_1

In addition, the exterior design has changed completely different from the existing LCD TV in the curved and thin film shape under 10mm. Even the viewing angle of wide color LCD attained a level of spontaneous emission 
- How far LCD TV will evolve?
- The answer was in this CES 2015.
- It is the OLED TV.

150109_ces2015 lcdtv의 진화_2

LG Display is the only company in the world capable of producing OLED panel and at this moment, 
it is LG Electronics which has a capacity to mass-produce OLED TV.
The superiority of OLED panel’s color reproducibility, contrast range, response time, viewing angle, thickness, etc. over LCD was already attested in the smart phone Galaxy series. Therefore, the survival means for those TV manufactures which cannot produce OLED TV is to make LCD TV most similar to OLED TV as much as possible until they can supply a large quantity of OLED panel.   
At this CES2015, LG Electrons mobilized every technology available for LCD TV to go after OLED TV. The LCD TV came close to OLED TV with a curved design despite the color reproducibility, viewing angle, thickness and getting thicker. In particular, the contrast range has enhanced to such a degree that it is indistinguishable with OLED TV if no explanation is provided. But after all, LCD is LCD and OLED is OLED. It might imitate but cannot be the same.
The opportunity for LCD TV to transform once again by the emergence of OLED TV will go down in history of TV as an example of proper competition

vrijdag 16 januari 2015

GE Tour to ocean floor uses Oculus Rift.


GE is using Oculus Rift to take visitors to its research centre in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil down to the seabed. The American corporation has developed a 3D virtual tour of a subsea robotic factory that it believes will one day replace manned floating platforms in the oil and gas industry. The company says that energy companies are already planning to place entire industrial oil and gas processing plants on the seabed. Researchers at GE’s Rio centre are already exploring these opportunities.

Using Oculus Rift, the tour begins in a pilot’s seat of a Nautilus 1 submersible vessel, which travels more than 1.5km beneath the ocean’s surface.

Katrina Craigwell, head of global digital programming as GE, said: “The Oculus Rift experience provided an opportunity for us to take viewers into otherworldly territory that we wouldn’t normally be able to visit.

“Traveling a mile down to the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Brazil, the experience highlights the extreme environment that subsea technology must withstand, and a vision for how a subsea factory will work in the future.”

Bringing the past to life at Moesgaard Museum.

How Panasonic's Visual Systems are entertaining three generations of visitors at Denmark's newly opened cultural historical museum in Aarhus.

woensdag 14 januari 2015

A massive yawn.

It's a simple but brilliant idea - show the face of a man yawning and you might just yawn yourself. This is the idea behind Sebastian Errazuriz's new installation in Times Square, A Pause in the City That Never Sleeps. Each night in January, from 11:57pm to midnight, Times Square's electronic billboards will show a continuous yawn on a loop. On Saturday, January 17th, you can join the artist at 11:45pm on Duffy Square for a special gathering where all are encouraged to join in on a massive yawn.
Advertising screens fill with an omnipresent head looking dawn from the skies to the people passing beneath. Since yawn are contagious, the masses of people looking up at the screens will inadvertently feel like they will have to stop and yawn. As the yawning masses move through the city, they'll now unconsciously carry their contagious message with them, spreading this moment of pause throughout the city.
Tim Tompkins, President of the Times Square Alliance, said, “The beauty of Sebastian Errazuriz’s piece is its attempt to induce a contagious moment of calm and pause at the otherwise bustling crossroads of Times Square. That juxtaposition is sure to be powerful for all who have the chance to see it. We will see how the largest digital display of yawns in history will affect the city that never sleeps."

dinsdag 13 januari 2015


Cosmo av was proud to be once again part of an international and prestigious event : the 17th edition of the Mediterranean Games’ opening and closing ceremonies in the Mersin stadium in Turkey which was broadcasted live on televisions in all of the 24 competiting countries across Africa, Europa and Asia. Cosmo av was in charge of two gigantic video mapping shows. The ceremonies combined dance, poetry, music, singing, video and fireworks, and recalling the most striking events in turkish and mediterranean history.

maandag 12 januari 2015

Avegant's headphone-like wearable display.

Avegant Glyph

Avegant's Glyph headset has been long in the making, but it finally looks to be ready for action... well, almost. The unique mash-up of headphone and wearable display is now poised to ship in fall 2015 for $599, or $499 if you pre-order before January 15th. That's both a long time to wait and more expensive than you might have expected from the Kickstarter campaign, but that patience may just pay off. Avegant has unveiled the finished design for the Glyph (shown here), and it's much sleeker than earlier concepts and prototypes would suggest -- you'd be hard-pressed to tell that there are eyepieces tucked into the headband. We'll give the finished design a try as soon as we can, so watch this space if you're looking for a video headset that could liven up your commute.

The Glyph is a premium mobile media headset. Watch video or listen to audio on the move. Preorder now at

Message to Porsche Drivers.

DOOH Billboard Campaign Tailors Message to Porsche Drivers

World’s First Car Recognition DOOH Billboard Campaign Spotlights Porsche Drivers

AUSTRALIA — An innovative DOOH billboard campaign aimed at Porsche drivers senses when a Porsche is within range and automatically changes the screen’s message. The billboard, located at Melbourne Airport, uses a camera positioned 300 meters (328 yards) from the billboard to analyze approaching traffic including the vehicle’s make and model in real-time. When it identifies the car as a Porsche it triggers the message “It’s so easy to pick you out of a crowd”.
“The world first concept, developed specifically for Porsche by oOh! media’s creative services team, demonstrates the multiple new ways DOOH billboard campaign can be used to create a unique customer experience for brands,” said John Purcell, Commercial Director, Operations and Technology at oOh!. The billboard will reach up to 200,000 travelers over one week as they make their way to one of Australia’s busiest airports. It’s another great example of oOh!’s capabilities in reaching audiences. oOh!’s broader digital strategy is not just about upgrading our current sites into digital billboards, it’s about creating solutions to help clients find creative ways to engage with their customers.”
Over the last year oOh!media has introduced several innovations as part of the company’s overall digital strategy that include the launch of integrated online platforms, QView and Hijacked. In addition, the company has introduced sensor-based dayparting capabilities that enable contextually-based advertising using outdoor temperature or time of day to triggers advertisements.
Last winter, oOh!media launched a sensor-based awareness campaign for Dimetapp, an over-the-counter cold and flu medicine, that triggered across oOh! media’s DOOH advertising network when the temperature drops below the local winter average. oOh! media also developed a temperature controlled advertising campaign on behalf of Unilever to promote Magnum and Lipton Iced Tea products during the summer.
Toni Andreevski, Director of Marketing, Porsche Cars Australia, said: “It’s appropriate that Porsche is part of this world first highlighting the award winning excellence of the Porsche brand. The power and flexibility of digital technology today is a real winner for high value brands to reach just the right audience.”
Porsche’s creative agency is The Ross Partnership, media placement was done by PHD. Porsche’s “It’s so easy to pick you out of a crowd” DOOH billboard campaign will be live for five days starting Saturday, 10 January.


zondag 11 januari 2015

3D body scan with Artec Eva.

Game, set, match: The kiosk as tennis coach.

For recreational and club tennis players, it's all too easy to continue to play and hit the ball just as they've always done - whether that's been successful for them or not. Without a coach, as professional and collegiate players have, the opportunities to garner good advice on their strokes or their game-playing strategies are limited at best.
PlaySight Interactive Ltd., an Israeli-based company, is looking to change all that with its SmartCourt kiosk.


An "after-action review system" the interactive SmartCourt kiosks comprise hardware and software installed directly on the court; these are augmented with on-court cameras. Using advanced image-processing and analytical algorithms, the SmartCourt system automatically tracks the players and the ball - recording all of the activity and motion during the match or practice. The collected video and activity log is then analyzed and uploaded to the Cloud, and the player's performance can be reviewed directly via the court kiosk just moments after the action has taken place (as well as post-match or post-practice online).
PlaySight has already installed 50 SmartCourts globally, it reports, including 31 here in the States. It's scheduled to install more than 100 SmartCourts in Florida, California, New York and at other locations around the world in the near future.

We had to keep the balance between very good hardware and affordability so that each club around the world could afford the system. Systems cost about $10,000 per court.

Players using the kiosk can experience really dramatic changes in their game. They can watch video to see how to correct specific moves. A lot of players have never seen themselves on video or their stats, so the kiosk can help bring out the pro in each player. A player can try to improve his serve over the next two years, but by watching it on video, these improvements can happen in minutes. For example, one player's coach was always telling him he wasn't bending his knees, but by watching himself on video he could improve his game after one session. This is a way to make the game a lot more fun, too, because you have feedback, which is most important in any training or practice.

More information  here.

donderdag 8 januari 2015

FlatFrog adds 78-inch curved digital signage Samsung touch display.

FlatFrog Laboratories AB, provider of InGlass multitouch screens, is now demonstrating a new class of UHD 78-inch curved multitouch display. The touch technology is bezel-free with "perfect transparency" suitable for UHD touch displays that the company says cannot be matched by existing capacitive or IR touch solutions. This solution is part of the 15- to 84-inch high-resolution multitouch platform supported by FlatFrog.

Touchscreen technology provider FlatFrog has launched a new 78-inch ultra-high-definition curved touchscreen display that it is demonstrating at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company announced.

"Our ability to support curved UHD interactive displays up to 84 inches is a true differentiator for our customers, and demonstrates the broad capabilities of InGlass touch technology," said Dhwani Vyas, CEO of FlatFrog, in the announcement. "In the second half of 2014 we have accelerated our multitouch product offerings first to 65 inches, followed quickly by 84-inch sizes and now with support for curved displays. We will continue to add more exciting features to our offering in 2015."

FlatFrog's InGlass touchscreens enable thin edge-to-edge design with optical clarity. At this form factor, the clarity combined with edge-to-edge design is well suited for interactive digital signage, conferencing, interactive whiteboards, education, control centers, gaming and hospitality displays, the company said.

To capture the end consumer attention, OEMs design large interactive displays, interactive touch content and now have additional curved display options with FlatFrog that support widescreen panoramic effect, the company said. This allows users to immerse themselves in the interactive digital experience for signage, gaming, and other applications. According to FlatFrog, InGlass touch has no sensor grid obstructing the visual clarity. In addition, InGlass touch technology allows for tablet-like bezel free design.

Ocean Outdoor - Best of UK DOOH 2014.

Best of DOOH 2014 from Ocean Outdoor on Vimeo.

woensdag 7 januari 2015

Skymedia omarmt 3D-TV technologie van Dimenco.

Skymedia, een grote Koreaanse tv-producent, gaat toestellen produceren op basis van 3D-technologie van het Nederlandse Dimenco waarvoor geen speciale bril nodig is.
Dimenco maakte het tekenen van deze licentieovereenkomst bekend tijdens de CES (die van 6 t/m 9 januari in Las Vegas word gehouden).


“De enige manier waarop de consument 3D zou moeten ervaren is zonder de noodzaak van een speciale bril,” zegt Alex So, CEO van Skymedia. “Daarom ben ik zeer enthousiast om te werken met dit toonaangevende No-Glasses 3D-bedrijf in de wereld en zo de beste 3D televisie-ervaring voor onze klanten te bieden.”


Optische laag
Tot nu toe werd 3D auto-stereoscopische (No-Glasses) displays altijd aanzienlijk aangetast door de waargenomen resolutie, beperkte bewegingsvrijheid en de hoge kosten. De reden hiervoor is de optische laag die extra is gelamineerd op de bovenkant van de LCD. Deze optische laag wordt gebruikt om verschillende informatie naar elk oog te ‘zenden’, waardoor de 3D ervaring onstaat. Dit is vergelijkbaar met een lensvormige (lenticular) kaart. Naast deze optische laag is slimme beeldverwerking nodig om een optimaal 3D-beeld te genereren.

Optische structuur
Dimenco’s technologie heeft de beperkte bewegingsvrijheid en verlies van resolutie opgelost door het aanbrengen van een unieke optische structuur op de top van de 4K (UD) resolutie LCD-panelen. De combinatie van deze optische structuur (Dimenco Clear View) en de onderliggende hoge resolutie van het scherm scherm resulteert in een prachtige No-Glasses FHD 3D-ervaring.

dinsdag 6 januari 2015

Screen mirroring with ClickShare and IOS devices.

The new software update of Barco’s ClickShare CSC-1 Base Unit, available for free here, includes the unique feature to mirror the screen of any iOS device. This means you can show the content from your iPhone or iPad directly on the central meeting room display. In this video, we show you how easy it is to use this option.

maandag 5 januari 2015

Tech gadgets in 2015

2014 was the year of big smartphones, drones, 3D printing and security hacks. So what will next year bring? We look into the tech crystal ball and reports on some of the innovative trends and gadgets you can expect to hit the market in 2015.

zaterdag 3 januari 2015

the promotion of QD-LED BLU LCD TV.

Lately, the media, research institutes and stock firms are scrambling to release data on the marketability of QD-LCD TV which is the LCD TV applying the QD (quantum dot) materials to the LED backlight. In the strict sense, it is not a LCD technology but a backlight technology. The QD-LCD BLU (backlight unit) can be divided into the three types; one is applying the QD material directly to the LED chip, another is arranging it in front of the LED chip; and lastly it is placing it in between LCD and Light Guide Plate after filming by inserting the QD materials to the barrier film.
141224_qd-led blu lcd tv 띄우기 주의보
Source: Wikimedia,

The QD-LED BLU is being recognized as a LCD TV technology that can compete with the OLED TV as it has a merit to improve the color reproducibility up to about 12 percent compared to the existing LED BLU. Until now, the LCD TV manufacturers take the notion of resolution as a major marketing means to compete with other products like PDP. And it was the same with the OLED case. However, the Apple iPhone highlighted the resolution as the biggest difference with the Galaxy S of Samsung Electronics but Samsung Electronics counter attacked with the color reproducibility as overcoming the resolution issue with the pentile technology, ranking the first in the market share. The LCD TV part, presenting the 4K and 8K TVs continuously, expected that the OLED TV won’t be able to catch up but LG Display is planning to come into the market from 2015 as developing the 4K OLED panel in the 55-inch with the oxide TFT and WRGB OLED technologies.
Given that the superiority of the OLED panel’s picture quality over that of LCD was verified through Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S and LG Electronics’ OLED TV, the best way to defense for the companies with no available OLED TV to sell is the early release of QD-LED BLU LCD TV with the improved color reproducibility.
The products applying new technologies have been well received in the market. The problem is that promoting the QD-LED BLU LCD TV to the extent of highlighting excessively may cause the distortion of a market or capital. For instance, the domestic stock firms are indeed reporting that the QD-LED BLU LCD TV as a highly eco-friendly product with an efficient energy consumption. But it is known that the brightness of the QD-LED BLU LD TV is 30 percent less than the existing LED BLU LCD TV. If the brightness decreases, it requires more LED chip and more driving modules as well, raising the production cost. Moreover, it emits more heat in proportion to the added amount of LED chips, increasing the corresponding cost for heat dissipation.
It is expected that the application of the QD-LED BLU will be limited to the premium products as there are numerous factors causing the increase of the production cost in varied channels. Though it is true that the QD-LED BLU can provide better picture quality than the LCD TV, it must be clarified that it is not the product surpassing the LCD TV.

And the careful attention of various media in using the name ‘QD TV’ is needed in that it might confuse general customers. The QD technology is also a very fascinating and appealing technology for the OLED developers. They are already developing the OLED panel using the QD materials and the blue elements in the field of OLED panel manufacturing technology. Then, this OLED TV eventually becomes the QD TV. Accordingly, it must be noted that any reports written without the clear understanding of QD may cause a considerable social repercussion in the display market.   

vrijdag 2 januari 2015

A World Record.

De brandende palletstapel van 15 bij 15 meter is door het Guinness Book of Records uitgeroepen tot het grootste vreugdevuur ter wereld. Volgens de organisatie was de stapel 4.000 kuub groot, wat neerkomt op ruwweg 30.000 pallets. Op het strand bij Scheveningen zijn elke jaarwisseling 2 vreugdevuren: Scheveningen-dorp bouwt traditiegetrouw een brandstapel ten noorden van de haven, Duindorp doet dat op het Zuiderstrand.

Het oude record, ongeveer 1.700 kuub, stond sinds 2007 op naam van een groep Sloveense bouwers.

Hieronder beelden van de fikkende berg hout