zaterdag 30 november 2013

Kinetic Sculpture - Fisher Technical Services, Inc.

Fisher Technical Services, Inc. (FTSI) is a Las Vegas-based entertainment automation company best known for its sophisticated "Navigator" software and automation products.  Their work spans the entertainment world from movie sets to theme parks, theaters to rock tours, and everything in between.  FTSI's mechanical design and fabrication services, automation software, and show control system were used extensively for the Macau Bubble Show, as well as in a myriad of the most technologically advanced theaters and attractions in the world.

In 2009, sixteen of the largest private corporations in China decided to finance the Chinese Private Enterprise Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo. They reached out to Fisher Technical Services to create their dream of a kinetic sculpture and 120 days later they had a grid array of 1,008 150mm diameter spheres, each suspended and motivated by its own micro winch.

Aquarium: the Social Pet-raising Simulator.

The Aquarium gives guests the chance to create and thoroughly customize their own virtual pet fish. The variables available enable guests to create up to 30.000 distinct creatures. 

- Didactic and playful - ideal for young audiences;
- Fosters imagination and creativity;
- High-definition graphics and sharp 3D animation;
- Integration with social media platorms;
- A channel for creative marketing strategies;
- Functions as a distinctive advertising space for brands.

liveposter/posterscope Brit Rythm Campaign.

CBS: ‘Bijna de helft van Nederlandse huishoudens heeft een tablet’.

Op het moment heeft 45 procent van alle Nederlandse huishoudens een tablet. Dit blijkt uit een onderzoek van CBS. Bij huishoudens met ouders en kinderen ligt dit percentage zelfs op 62 procent. Huishoudens bestaande uit één persoon van 45 jaar of ouder hebben het minst een tablet in huis: hierbij ligt het percentage op 23 procent. Het onderzoek maakt geen onderscheid in de verschillende soorten tablets, maar vermoedelijk zal een aardig deel van Nederland een iPad in huis hebben liggen. Anderhalf jaar geleden stelde GfK, dat het merendeel van de Nederlandse tabletgebruikers een iPad bezit.

CBS tablet groei

vrijdag 29 november 2013

Looklup - Opvallend billboard in Londen


British Airways heeft opvallende billboards geplaatst in het centrum van Londen. De billboards tonen een filmpje van een kind dat naar de lucht wijst op het moment dat er werkelijk een vliegtuig van British Airways overvliegt.

Dankzij een beetje digitale magie, weet het kind precies wanneer een vliegtuig van British Airways overvliegt, wat het vluchtnummer is en waar het vandaan komt of naartoe vliegt.
Het billboard wil erop wijzen hoe magisch vliegen eigenlijk is, onder het motto ‘look up’.

donderdag 28 november 2013

woensdag 27 november 2013

Kinetic Sculpture Brings Mythic Eagle To Life.

First Peoples at the Melbourne Museum

The Creation Cinema is an immersive multi-sensory experience that invites visitors to share a moment of spiritual and sensory awakening.  Bringing together sound, visual art, technology and storytelling, it represents the essence of creation for Victorian Aboriginal people and shows their spiritual connection to country.

Inspired by the notion of continuity and the omni-present nature of creation, the centerpiece of this experience is a large kinetic sculpture. The kinetic form symbolises Bunjil the Creator, a wedge tail eagle in flight.  It is 2.2m in width, mirroring the size and majestic nature of the wedge tail eagle, and is in constant motion.  The moving form shows the wings of a bird in flight yet also reflects a universal motion seen throughout nature – the movement of a wave, the lines of a mountain range, a manta ray moving through water, a snake moving across the land.  Visitors are invited into a spiritual space to see, and feel, creation in motion - past, present and future.

The kinetic sculpture will be further brought to life with striking visuals, anevocative soundscape and a poetic narrative that conveys the significance of creation, Bunjil and the Aboriginal ancestor spirits.  The sculpture will be suspended in the centre of a circular room within the exhibition.  As they enter, visitors will be surrounded by ambient sound and see visuals projected onto the kinetic form.  They will also listen to a song-like narration, spoken by Aboriginal actors Jack Charles and Pauline Whyman.

Openluchtbioscoop in Rotterdam.

Op het nieuwe gebouw van Remco Koolhaas deRotterdam is vanaf maandag de grootste Video mapping van West Europa te zien.
Dit is uitgevoerd door Beamsystems.

>> zie hier een video shot vanuit een raam aan de overkant.

maandag 25 november 2013

What Can Be Learned From Panasonic’s Exit from Plasma?


Panasonic’s final announcement of its exit from plasma display manufacturing signals the end of the road for the technology. It is worth reflecting on some conclusions:
  1. When Panasonic started its plasma business, it was by no means clear that large (say 40”+) LCD displays would be viable. There were a number of other approaches: plasma addressed LCD (PALC) for one, along with field emission displays (FED/SED). Strategy is about choices and Panasonic’s decision to go with PDP was unfortunate only in hindsight. Sharp made the right bet (LCD) but had a poor outcome: branding and timely investment seem to have had as much effect on the outcome as technology choices.
  2. Competing with a different but non-disruptive technology is dangerous. Plasma’s biggest problem was that far more companies had committed to LCD. Samsung and LGE were at best uncommitted to PDP. Panasonic’s PDP research team had to counter every move in LCD and translate it to their technology supported only by their own turnover. Inevitably they slowly lost ground, in the same way that Philips lost to TFT with its TFD (thin film diode) LCD process in the 1990’s. Toshiba’s SED never got beyond the demonstration stage.
  3. The best technology doesn’t always win. Consumers buy benefits, not technology or features. A superior technology gives a head start, but perhaps little more.
  4. ‘Good enough’ is good enough. Markets move in sudden leaps, not steady incremental improvements. HD is good enough for most consumers: few can see the subtle display differences on real programming content and even fewer will pay extra.
There are some stark lessons for OLED. One of its benefits has been explained as ‘it’s an emissive technology.’ Plasma is emissive, yet that wasn’t enough to save it. OLED has to compete with an entrenched, depreciated, mature technology in LCD. This is a very different situation to the dash towards flat panel TV that we saw in the last decade. Furthermore, high-value TV markets are saturated and OLED offers only incremental benefits over LCD at this time.
OLED may well be a winning solution in other applications where extreme thinness, lightness, color and contrast are truly valued. Camera viewfinders, aerospace and mobile look to be far more fertile opportunities. Smartphones are growing far faster than TV, while markets like lighting could be completely revolutionized by OLED. Perhaps the obsession with OLED TV is a distraction from playing to OLED’s real strengths.

zondag 24 november 2013

Campagne UPC Alles-in-1 pakket.

UPC heeft vorige maand haar Alles-in-1 pakket via de digitale schermen van Ngage Media gepromoot. De dynamische spot toont de veelzijdigheid van dit UPC pakket aan.

vrijdag 22 november 2013


TexTales is a new way of storytelling through the combination of textile and an augmented fairy tale tablet or mobile app.

kickstarters project
pledged of £90,000 goal

days to go


This work is a collaborative design project from Eindhoven University of Technology, Industrial Design Department with Unit040, Johan van den Acker Textielfabriek and studio Toer. It is a part of the CRISP Smart Textile Services project.

woensdag 20 november 2013

LGMiniBeam - Digital street artist.

A video artist became the subject of a recent LG viral advertising campaign when he used the electronics manufacturer's Minibeam projectors and a Mini car to stage a series of clever digital street installations. The artist, only known as Jaun, removed the headlights from the car and replaced them with the small, WiFi connected, 500g projection units.
The video shows Jaun opening up pools, complete with swimming sharks, in the road and synchronised swimmers performing on a zebra crossing.

Finally, Jaun jets off as the car appears to sprout wings and transform into a jet plane.

The applications are novel but projector powered headlights aren't new. In April Mercedes-Benz displayed a concept car with headlights capable of beaming pictures of videos onto screens or other surfaces at the Shanghai motor show.

dinsdag 19 november 2013


IGZO from Sharp

maandag 18 november 2013

Giant videowall feeds Leicester Square crowd’s hunger for movie.


ODEON and NEC Display Solutions have brought one of Europe’s largest public digital display screens to Leicester Square, debuting at the world premiere of ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’.

The LED digital display measuring 107 square metres, on the facade of the Odeon Leicester Square in London’s West End, replaces the old poster board and is flanked by two 18 square metre displays in one of the UK’s most prominent locations, which welcomes more than 90 million tourists every year.

NEC LED videowall at ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ premiere

The trio will display images for the latest movies and, during events such as premieres, live footage including celebrity interviews and clips will be screened for the passing public to view. Officially launched at the world premiere of ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’, the displays bring a highly engaging instalment to London’s iconic West End.
The installation of the new screens will allow Odeon Leicester Square to instantly change what the screens display, eliminating the need to regularly hire traditional ‘cherry picker’ lifts to change what is displayed on the poster boards, making the screens a more environmentally friendly alternative to displaying posters.

More information

vrijdag 15 november 2013


Game on! The launch of #doubledigital on the Rembrandtplein - Amsterdam the Netherlands with adidas #allinornothing.

Westfriesgasthuis in Hoorn kiest voor NUCLeUS.

Van 20 t/m 23 november a.s. vindt in de Messe Düsseldorf de vakbeurs MEDICA 2013 plaats. Deze beurs is al jaren wereldwijd dé medische vakbeurs. De Medica 2013 is tevens als de belangrijkste beurs aangewezen voor de Nederlandse Topsector Life Sciences & Health

Hulskamp Audiovisueel is officieel dealer van NUCLeUS van producent eSATURNUS uit Leuven (B).

NUCLeUS Digitalisering van operatiekamers is een actueel thema, waarbij video-over-IP gebaseerde oplossingen steeds vaker als standaard worden beschouwd. Met behulp van deze technologie worden oplossingen gerealiseerd die onhaalbaar zijn met een klassieke A/V benadering, zowel op gebied van IT, infrastructuur als diagnostiek.

Wij nodigen u graag uit om de beursstand van eSATURNUS in hal 13, beursstand D57 tijdens MEDICA 2013 te bezoeken. Mocht u geen gelegenheid hebben om naar Düsseldorf af te reizen dan geven wij u graag een demo in onze 'Live Experience'.

JCDecaux lanceert eerste digitale Mupi® van Europa.



JCDecaux introduceert een nieuwe standaard in digitale reclame op het belangrijkste buitenreclameformaat in Nederland (2m2). Het bedrijf nam donderdag 7 november op het Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam haar eerste digitale object in gebruik: de Mupi® Métropole. Hiermee beschikt JCDecaux over het eerste volwaardige digitale buitenreclameobject op Abri/Mupiformaat in de openbare ruimte in Europa. Hoewel Nederland qua digitale ontwikkelingen over het algemeen niet voorloopt, heeft JCDecaux hier dus wel een grote innovatie gerealiseerd.

Dit object biedt adverteerders nagenoeg onbegrensde creatieve communicatiemogelijkheden en voegt een krachtige dynamische component toe aan het medium buitenreclame. Met de komst van de eerste digitale Mupi® toont JCDecaux aan dat zij ook in het huidige economische klimaat blijft investeren in haar productaanbod. De Mupi® Métropole is voorzien van een high tech 72” lcd-scherm en wordt bestuurd met een zeer geavanceerd content management systeem. Hiermee kunnen uitingen middels live updates altijd aangepast worden en inhaken op de actualiteit. Zo kunnen adverteerders inspelen op weersomstandigheden, het tijdstip (daypart advertising) en kunnen social media- en RSS-feeds in de uitingen worden geïntegreerd. Daarnaast kan een digitale Mupi® gebruikt worden voor crowd control bij evenementen of calamiteiten en gaat JCDecaux er Amber Alerts op uitzenden.

“Hiermee zetten we de eerste stap in de digitalisering van ons productaanbod”, meldt Bart de Vries, Commercieel Directeur van JCDecaux. “Dit object combineert de kracht van een niet te missen aanwezigheid op toplocaties, met flexibiliteit en actualiteit. Ik ben er dan ook zeer trots op dat wij in Amsterdam de primeur hebben van de eerste digitale Mupi® op straat. Wij waren in Nederland de eerste met het Billboard, de eerste met de reclamedragende Abri en nu geven wij met de plaatsing van deze eerste digitale Mupi® aan dat wij een grenzeloos vertrouwen hebben in de toekomst van buitenreclame”, aldus De Vries.

donderdag 14 november 2013

Eindhoven Airport Video Wall.

Eindhoven Airport selected digital signage software provider Net Display Systems and the creative services firm Seenspire to help develop a Video Messaging Wall that optimizes the passenger journey.

Along with providing interesting, relevant information, the airport also wanted to make passenger journeys easier using content that reduced the perceived waiting time. The communications required, as well, messaging that promoted available airport services.

woensdag 13 november 2013

inFORM - Interacting With a Dynamic Shape Display.

The frighteningly bright young minds at MIT are making a lot of progress with the concept of changing interactivity from graphic user interfaces to tactile ones. I can’t begin to explain how this all works, but it’s intriguing and impressive.
The little mechanical blocks that slide up and down as images shape-shift are early stage and very low resolution. But you could imagine what this would be like with very fine blocks, down to pixels wide. I have seen high resolution projection mapping concepts by Christie that play with these concepts for things like seismic exploration maps and military reconnaissance.
Very, very cool stuff.
Full story in Fast Company, but spotted on The Verge

LED Evenement 2013


Op 27 november 2013 vindt de vierde editie van het LED Evenement plaats in Congrescentrum Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. Voor OEM’ers, ontwikkelaars, R&D managers, (licht)architecten, de gebouwde omgeving en led-toepassers in het algemeen wordt dit evenement vormgegeven vanuit de basis van de elektronica.
Ontwikkelaars, componentenleveranciers, testbedrijven en toepassers van ledapplicaties wisselen tijdens het LED Evenement hun visies en ervaringen uit met de aanwezigen. De laatste stand van zaken van ledtechnologie komt aan de orde. De toenemende mogelijkheden van elektronica en de snelle ontwikkeling van de ledtechnologie bieden steeds meer kansen bij het maken van ledapplicaties.

Hot topics

In 2013 zijn de hot topics ‘Thermal Management & Optics’ geïntroduceerd in het lezingenprogramma. Daarnaast komen ‘Test & Measurement, Certificering, Ontwikkeling & Productie Applicaties en Hardware’ uitgebreid aan bod. Naast het lezingenprogramma en de kennismarkt krijgen exposanten en bezoekers de mogelijkheid hun laatste innovaties te tonen op het Armaturenplein.


maandag 11 november 2013

SpaceGlasses the future of computing ??

Meta's SpaceGlasses video shows the huge potential of augmented reality, bringing the computing scenarios of "Iron Man" to life. 
META.01 Developer Edition

Center Parcs Bostalsee - AquaRacer.

Der AquaRacer ist die rote Reifenrutsche im Aqua Mundo des neuen Center Parcs Bostalsee in Nohfelden/ Germany. Die lange und recht zügige Reifenrutsche besticht vor allem durch ihren knackigen Jump ganz am Ende. Lustiges Ding!
Typ: AquaRacer
Länge: 139 m
Hersteller: Hartwigsen/Aquarena
Baujahr: 2013

zondag 10 november 2013

Worlds first Curved UHD TV from Samsung at IFA-2013 -

Samsung unveiled the world’s first ‘Curved UHD TV’ in 65- and 55-inch – The Curved UHD TV combines superiortechnology
 and curved form factor to deliver a more immersive viewing experience
- With the Curved UHD TV, Samsung puts an end to the debate over technological superiority
BERLIN, GERMANY – Sept. 5, 2013 – Samsung Electronics showed its leadership in the UHD TV market today by unveiling the first Curved UHD TV in the world at IFA 2013, the largest consumer electronics tradeshow in Europe.
The 55- and 65-inch Curved UHD TV deliver unrivaled picture quality due to the combination of UHD TV’s great details and curved shape providing a more immersive experience and enhanced sense of presence.
- See more at:

“We introduced the world’s first “Curved UHD TV” at IFA 2013 to meet various consumer expectations waiting for next new generation TV technology,” said EVP Hyun-suk Kim, head of the Visual Display business at Samsung Electronics. “This will be a milestone opening a new era of next generation TV by invigorating UHD TV Realizing curved UHD TV is more difficult to produce than curved OLED TV due to the panel characteristics. The world’s first curved UHD TV proved Samsung’s unbeatable position in TV technology once again.
Given that UHD TV market is still at its initial stage, Samsung’s will release the Curved UHD TV to market based on consumer response and market demands.
The Curved UHD TV joins a growing Samsung line up of UHD TVs including 110 inches to 98-, 85-, 65- and 55-inch models. This extensive line up of UHD TVs confirms that the next generation of television technology has begun in earnest.
The Curved UHD TV follows the company’s recent release of the Curved OLED TV that launched across the world including South Korea and U.S. after it was initially unveiled at CES 2013 earlier this year.

“Bradesco Next” ATM by YDreams brings home an El Ojo Bronze.

YDreams-designed ATM @ the Bradesco Next space in São Paulo
YDreams’ work for the Bradesco Next bank agency at JK Iguatemi in São Paulo, Brazil was distinguished with a Bronze award in the Ambient Design category @ the El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2013 XVI International Festival, one of the most reputed advertising festivals in Latin América! In the past YDreams has picked up several El Ojo awards for its work in areas that include AdverGames and Point of Sale Promotion and Activation.

donderdag 7 november 2013

Shuttle Atlantis at the Kennedy Space Center.


Digital signage, through Delta Products and MultiTouch interactive touch screens, takes the ancient technology to modern age and makes it accessible to the visitors who have the opportunity to explore the mechanisms of the space shuttle Atlantis at the Kennedy Space Center.

Pantallas MultiTouch en el Space Shuttle Atlantis
Little more than two years ago that the shuttle Atlantis space return from his last mission, but despite his inactivity, his memory is still alive at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. An environment of entertainment which was opened to the public on June 29 and where digital signage has taken a leading role.
The Atlantis is the centerpiece of an exhibition of 90,000 square meters, installed at the Kennedy Space Center of NASA in Florida, which pays homage to the last ferry that sailed the space. This exhibition offers visitors more than 60 touch experiences and high-tech simulators, but it also has a large number of digital signage and interactive kiosks whose contents have been made by the Agency screens Unified Field.
"Digital signage helps to carry the ancient technology to modern age and makes it accessible to give visitors the opportunity to explore the mechanisms of transport through interactive touch screens," says Jason Bell, senior producer of New York City-based Unified Field.
This exhibition have implemented a wide variety of technologies, from the projection, to the display, such as a large video wall of Delta Products and two large interactive display systems of MultiTouch.

Pantalla LED Delta Products en Space Shuttle Atlantis

More information here.

VIA's versatile video wall signage solution.


VIA Technologies isn't a name that often pops up on Engadget, but its latest video wall signage solution deserves a shout-out. The idea's simple: you can output a 4K x 2K footage to an array of thin-bezel 1080p LCDs -- powered by S3 Graphics cards -- arranged in any way you like, including the orientation of each monitor. While the Taiwanese company wasn't keen to show off too much of its backend system, we were given a glimpse of its S3 MagicView software, which lets you easily fit one or multiple clips across a carefully aligned canvas corresponding to the LCDs.

(HTC and VIA are both chaired by Cher Wang, so it's no surprise to see the latter displaying HTC ads for its signage demo. Wang's husband, Wen-Chi Chen, is the President and CEO of VIA.)

A complete system similar to the above two -- either with eight 46-inch panels or fifteen 42-inch panels -- could cost between NT$3 million (about US$102,000) to NT$4 million (US$136,000), and it's also available for rental. VIA said it's targeting the likes of churches, schools, cinemas and shops with its range of signage solutions, some of which can be powered by the company's Android PCs to reduce costs.

dinsdag 5 november 2013

New state-of-the-art centre-hung multi-media display.

Madison Square Garden – New York’s iconic indoor arena – has unveiled its new state-of-the-art centre-hung multi-media display. The display serves as the centrepiece of The Garden’s brand-new LED video display system, known as GardenVision, which debuted last Friday, October 25, as part of the third and final phase of The Garden’s unprecedented, USD 1 Billion three-year transformation.

New GardenVision at Madison Square Garden
This Daktronics system includes more than 20 individually produced LED displays and provides attending fans with an enhanced visual experience.

Hank Ratner, president and CEO, The Madison Square Garden Company said, “With the completion of our historic Madison Square Garden transformation, ‘the world’s most famous arena’ has also now become the world’s most state-of-the-art arena, ensuring that we continue our tradition of providing fans with the very best experience possible when they attend an event at The Garden.

More info here

maandag 4 november 2013


i look VIDEO BUSINESS CARD is a video card with a sound element serving as a 2GB memory stick and individual business card, housed in an attractive presentation box.

This compact, innovative business card comes with a 2.4 inch monitor and truly impressive sound element. Video data, slide shows, PDFs, pictures and even music can be stored on this perfect 2 GB memory stick. The front and rear of its high-quality plastic housing can feature 4-colour printing. The presentation box can feature an individual design and is equipped with a USB adapter for transferring data and recharging the battery. 

i look possibilities

Small, compact, lightweight and handy: This innovative business card has never been seen before and features an integrated, ultra-thin screen.

The Video Card price is  € 19,90 by 100 pieces.

zondag 3 november 2013

Interactive Digital Video Wall.

Interactive Digital Video Wall Spooks Subway Riders at Columbus Circle

Interactive Digital Video Wall Uses Motion Sensors and Gesture-based Technology To Capture Commuters Attention

NEW YORK, NY — An interactive digital video wall was recently used to promote Witches of East End, a new television series from Lifetime. The interactive display was set up at New York’s Columbus Circle subway station to engage commuters passing through the location during a three week period from September 13th to October 6th. The campaign positioned two, nine-foot square digital panels, complete with motion sensors and gesture-based technology, along a high-traffic concourse inside the station.
On the first screen’s motion sensors enabled the campaign to trigger the on screen content, the more movement that occurred in front of the screens, the more the scene changed. The Witches of East End digital out-of-home campaign starts with an extreme close up of a woman’s eye. Her green iris reacts as commuters stroll by. Then, a masses of black birds fly out of her eye and trees ignite in a blaze. The campaign encourages commuters to interact with the screen using gestures to cause the flames to burn brighter, higher and faster. The second screen, equally as large, played the show’s trailer.

Witches of East End's Interactive Digital Video Wall Uses Motion Sensors and Gesture-based Technology To Capture Commuters Attention

The campaign was produced by Pearl Media, specialists in digital and interactive out-of-home experiences. “The video walls are designed to get busy Upper West Side commuters to put down their small screens and spend time with cool content on a really big screen so that they’ll tune in to their medium-sized TV screens when the series premieres on October 6,” said Josh Cohen, CEO, Pearl Media.

Baileys Chocolat Luxe - 3D Special Builds

Enhancing the impact of the Baileys Chocolat Luxe launch, the deliciously seductive new drink in the Baileys range, were 3D bottles coated in gold foil.

The beautifully crafted 3D bottles were wrapped in gold foil with the brand unveiled by a single tear. This gave the special build the look and feel of a special luxury product that had just been revealed to the world.

vrijdag 1 november 2013

The Art of Outdoor lies in Twitter and Tate Britain.

The Art of Outdoor Digital Competition 2013 has labelled Twitter and Tate Britain as top creative experimentalists in the digital out-of-home sector, with two winning campaigns that epitomise the industry's forward-thinking and courageous capacity. 

This year's competition allowed entrants to slip into two different categories: 'DOOH Techniques' or 'Interactive and Experiential'. The competition creator Ocean Outdoor then invited brands to submit their own creative concept, which either showcased effective DOOH techniques across any of the media owner's existing digital sites, or, alternatively, they could supply an interactive brief for selected full-motion screens, such as Eat Street at Westfield London Shopping Centre. 

Outdoor media specialists Live Poster and Posterscope collaborated with media agency Total Media, providing the victorious DOOH Techniques entry. The trio wished to address London's working community in addition to incoming and outgoing Heathrow Airport traffic, outlining a campaign that would magnify the presence of Tate Britain. The idea is a response to the continually descending arts budget, suggesting that the gallery needs a high quality advertising strategy to simultaneously boost its brand and return on investment.

More info here

The Tate Britain 'DOOH Techniques' winner will receive a campaign worth £100,000, followed by £75,000 for second place and £50,000 for third. Twitter's 'Interactive and Experiential' success will be rewarded with an entire weekend of Eat Street domination, with second and third place winning £20,000 and £10,000 of media respectively. 

CEO of Ocean Outdoor, Tim Bleakley, said: "This competition recognises and rewards new ways of thinking, digital out of home providing both the canvas and the palette to express these new creative ideas. The number and quality of entries this year helped to create an exceptional shortlist, reflecting the creativity community and media businesses growing love for digital out of home."