woensdag 31 mei 2017

Porsche Macan Russian Launch.

Sila Sveta produced a dynamic performance for the Russian premiere of a brand new Porsche Macan. The show combined live dancers, their projected copies and industrial motion graphics on the central podium and the side screens. The projected cube was lifted at the end of the performance to reveal the new model to the audience.
Date: April 8th, 2014
Location: Barvikha Concert Hall, Moscow

dinsdag 30 mei 2017

Sony DPT-RP1 - New e-paper device.

Sony's DPT-RP1 is the company 2nd-gen 13" Digital Paper tablet that features a 1650x2200 (206 DPI) Mobius flexible E Ink touch display, Wi-Fi and support for handwriting input.
The DPT-RP1 will cost $700.

maandag 29 mei 2017

Professional 3D Stage Lighting Show by Hi-Ltte.

Hi-ltte 2016 330W 3in1 show.With 100% confidence to sure it's the best,most beautiful,wonderful show!

zondag 28 mei 2017

Columbia University's Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute.

United States|Manhattan.

The Brain Index: a permanent installation on neuroscience research at Columbia University's new Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute.

Klick here.

Klick here.

Topshop to transform Oxford Street into a giant water slide – in VR.

Topshop is continuing its experiments in virtual reality with the unveiling of a new experience at its flagship store on London’s Oxford Street, where consumers will be able to race down a giant looping water slide in immersive 360.

Splash at Topshop will be located in the flagship’s store windows as part of the brand’s ‘interactive pool scene’, which has been designed to mark the start of the summer season. Shoppers who take on the VR activation with Oculus will start their journey on a giant inflatable before being plunged into an uncanny Oxford Street via the mind-boggling blue slide – Topshop-themed surprises are promised along the way.

A branded Snapchat lens will go live until 27 May to support the live campaign. Users can expect to be immersed into a summer-themed aquatic world via the social platform.

Topshop will also be pumping the scent of sunscreen throughout the London store and hosting a number of summer-themed pop-ups, such as soft-serve ice cream vendor Milk Train.

The free experience has been developed in partnership with Your Studio, with the VR being designed in collaboration with Fat Unicorn. It will be open to the public from 25 May until 4 June.

zaterdag 27 mei 2017

Lighting the Sails at Vivid LIVE 2017 - Sydney

On May 26 at 6pm AEST, the Sydney Opera House sails will transform into a large-scale canvas for Vivid LIVE as part of Vivid Sydney.
'Lighting the Sails'

This year, watch Sydney creative Ash Bolland's morphing, mesmeric artwork, Audio Creatures, take shape on the Opera House sails paired with tailor-made soundscapes by Brazilian electronic producer Amon Tobin. Be transported to a world of colourful sea creatures, vibrant plant life and a sleek, organic/mechanistic chrome future.

Vivid LIVE in Sydney plays till june 17 th.

vrijdag 26 mei 2017

Samsung's extra-stretchable display can survive dents.

Flexible displays are nothing new. However, most of them don't live up to the dreams of flexible tech -- they may only bend in a limited way. Samsung thinks it can do better. It just unveiled a 9.1-inch prototype OLED display that's stretchable in seemingly every way imaginable: you can bend, roll and even dent it (up to half an inch deep) knowing that it'll revert to its original form. The technology is still very young, but Samsung believes the stretchy screen will be useful for everything from wearables to in-car displays. Imagine a very thin smartwatch that can take some knocks without smashing into pieces.

That's not the only trick Samsung has up its sleeve, either. It's showing off a 1.96-inch 4K LCD whose ridiculously high 2,250 pixels per inch density would be ideal for virtual reality. You might not notice the distracting "screen door" effect (where you can see the gaps between pixels) common to VR headsets. There's again no roadmap, but it's just as well when even PC-based VR still requires a fairly speedy computer. It could be a while before enough people have PCs that can handle this extra-high resolution at the frame rates you need for smooth VR.

To top it all off, Samsung is also exhibiting a 5.09-inch OLED with "glassless" stereoscopic 3D -- yes, it's still kicking around the concept despite the decline of 3D technology. The use of OLED should offer more natural-looking results than an LCD, Samsung says. There is the risk of a panel being used for gimmickry (Samsung talks about games and pop-up books), but it could also add depth to VR experiences

donderdag 25 mei 2017

How To Maximize Your On-Location Gamification.

Content Content is king when it comes to on-location gamification. Creating engaging and relevant content, tailor-made for your target audience and in-line with your company’s goals is the most crucial ingredient of a successful gamified activation. Moreover, your content needs to be adaptable and change quickly to keep users engaged.

Context: Connect the experience to what’s happening around you–holidays, big events, sports, latest trends. Creating holiday themed activations is a great way to capitalize on holiday craze that is happening all around us!

Keep it fresh: change and adapt your content constantly on a weekly/monthly/bi monthly basis, depending on the recurrence of the audience at your store. This way you can keep your visitors in anticipation of something new every time they visit.

woensdag 24 mei 2017

Void Projection Mapping by Zender Bender

Projection mapping onto Void speakers. Fun shape to work with, you get lots of reflection back into the cone which can be fun to work with.

dinsdag 23 mei 2017

Displaylite Unveils Smart Interactive Mirror

Displaylite launched a new 32” Smart Interactive Mirror. Called the Displaylite Reflect 32, the product enables the customer to experience a real mirror while also being able to see and interact with digital content displayed on the screen.

Features include a 32” Full HD display, 12 point PCAP touch screen, stereo speakers, camera and motion detector all housed in a robust chassis, suitable for mounting in portrait or landscape.

The Displaylite Reflect 32 mirror enables a more immersive digital experience in the physical store space.  When used as a mirror the screen content can be conveniently hidden.

Smart Mirrors can be used in instore fitting rooms, enabling the customer for example, to change the lighting in the fitting room, request a different size, browse through other items in the store, or interact with a sales assistant through the mirror. Other applications include: retail store, hotels, restrooms, and hair and beauty salons. The Displaylite Reflect 32 is the first in the range, with 46” version due to be released by Displaylite in July 2017.

Products are available across Europe via a network of AV Resellers, System Integrators and Distribution partners.

maandag 22 mei 2017

Visionect launches a new 13.3" digital E Ink sign.

Visionect announced a new 13.3" E Ink based sign display called OneThree. This battery-powered wireless display is a "place & play" digital sign that can display information in any place.

The OneThree casing is made of fully recyclable aluminum and glass and the display is a low-power E Ink display (Visionect says that it uses as much energy in a year as it takes to boil a cup of water). The OneThree will start shipping in the fall of 2017.

Self Makeup with Deep Learning

When it comes to next generation retail, it is important to segment client types.

Some clients need recommandations and human  contacts while others are fine or prefer with self-service. The luxury industry is no exception to this trend and our daily digital world make the consumers more autonomous in their purchase experience. Now, the approach must be more subtile in the luxury industry than in plain retail.

In order to split the consumer flow into these two categories, LM3LABS has developed and deployed an interactive kiosk solution for self makeup for a famous cosmetic brand in Japan.

The solution lets the user select her language. Then, she selects a look among the list which instantly appears on her face as a realistic makeup. She can unselect items from the look. Once the selection is made, she can print the list of the items and give it to the sales person.

The Self Makeup solution works with the same quality on ladies with glasses and on all skin tones. Indeed, LM3LABS developed a unique blending algorithm which mimics the real makeup powder. The colored dust creates the same natural result on any type of skin.

More info here.

vrijdag 19 mei 2017

Dubai Festival City – ‘A Child’s Dream’ by Laservision.

IMAGINE – ‘A Child’s Dream’ officially named “World’s Largest Permanent Projection Mapping”.

The show takes viewers on a journey through the vibrant imagination of a young child. Dynamic fountains conjure up liquid sculptures evoking aeroplanes, magical whales, optical illusions and giant dancing robots. The visual spectacle is choreographed to a musical score encompassing modern pop, rock, and electronic music.

IMAGINE is one of Dubai’s most spectacular entertainment attractions. 360-degree fountains, powerful lasers, record breaking water-screen projections, colourful LED lighting, and a towering video mapping projection on the InterContinental Hotel combine to produce one of the most technologically advanced shows in the world earning a Guinness World Record in the process.

Open air cinema.

An immersive video mapping broadcast on the Place des Héros in Arras on the occasion of the centenary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. A video mapping spectacular on the Heroes' Square. Arras, May 9-12 2017

woensdag 17 mei 2017

dinsdag 16 mei 2017

lift and learn.

RFID and physical sensor triggering


maandag 15 mei 2017

the Cabin Size Scanner.

An Innovend Vending Solutions development; After a successful introduction and launch with Samsonite, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has introduced the Cabin Size Scanner at Schiphol Group Airport. Simple, fast & easy. Place your luggage, press start on the screen. Within seconds you see if your cabin luggage is approved to take into the cabin. The device scans the outside luggage dimensions, weighs your cabin luggage and compares the values with the max. values allowed by the airline. Elise de Kok designed the user interface, clear, fast and easy. Partner Zemic Europe has supplied the high quality weigh scale components.

zaterdag 13 mei 2017

Video mapping on the monument "Mоtherland calls"

Vide mapping on the monument "Mоtherland calls". Within the patriotic action "Light of the Great Victory" Volgograd.


Gig For Sleepers.

Audio visual part for 404.zero live performance "Gig For Sleepers". Real time generated visuals inspired by Flexi's Gaussian blur diffusion methode (shadertoy.com/view/lsy3zh)
Visuals by Kristina Karpysheva
Sound by Alexander Leticus
Produced at QuartaRiata Residency of Arts, 2017

donderdag 11 mei 2017

Audi A5 World Premiere - Coupé Tradition.

On the 2nd of June 2016 the new Audi A5 Coupe was introduced to the World in Ingolstadt, Germany. Maxin10sity helped to make this moment even more unforgettable by creating a spectacular show consisting the history of the Audi Coupes from the beginning. You can share the moment here.

Technical spec
Barco HDQ 2K40 projectors
Christie Pandora box media server
Fohhn Linea LF-120s and 220s
Lang AG HMS- media servers
Meyer Sound MINA line arrays and 700 HP subs
Ventuz player

Projection Mapping on National Museum of Art Bucharest - Spotlight Festival 2017.

Enjoy the new artwork “Star Tears” created by Maxin10sity. The show was made for the facade of the National Museum of Art of Bucharest for Spotlight Festival 2017, organized by ARCUB.


Visuals by WERC for Noisia&BlackSunEmpire.
Noisia Invites 27-04-2017 Groningen, Blackout 06-05-2017 Eindhoven
Music: Black Sun Empire & Noisia - The Veil

woensdag 10 mei 2017

Cardriod Circles.

Playing around in Luminosity, a Touchdesigner based - optimised to the hilt - media server / vj tool. Sounds like you should all get a chance to play with it very soon! In Luminosity, you can easily craft plugins and their mappable controls as well as store presets that you can recall on the fly. This video demonstrates Cardio Circles, a plugin that will be included with Luminosity which is then combined one of Keith Lostracco's cool displace effects.

dinsdag 9 mei 2017

Mapping on trees.

VJ projection mapping on the arbre de la Liberté (Freedom tree) in Bayeux, France

Bayeux - Arbre de la Liberté - Spectacle

zaterdag 6 mei 2017

Samsung Picture Frame TV

Samsung has been paying special attention to aesthetically-conscious displays lately, starting with its Serif TV. Now the company is launching its very own Samsung picture frame TV, a compelling option for home media rooms.

Aptly dubbed “The Frame,” the TV is designed to be the focus of the room when it’s on. When it’s switched off, however, the hope is that the TV will simply blend into the background or complement the room decor.

Samsung has achieved this through digital art. When users turn the TV off, instead of just displaying a black image, it can display one of more than 100 art pieces from 10 different categories like landscape, architecture, wildlife, action and drawing. This way, the TV can stand alone as a faux piece of art or blend in with other pictures on the wall.

Like standard picture frames, The Frame can be flush mounted to the wall with Samsung’s No Gap wall-mount, which was launched earlier this year at CES 2017. The TV also includes Samsung’s invisible connection technology, which utilizes just one cable in the back of the TV for everything from power to inputs.

As with other picture frame TVs on the market, The Frame can be customized to ensure it fits in with a customer’s decor, including interchangeable bezels and an optional studio stand.

Samsung says that The Frame will be available this spring. Pricing details have yet to be announced.

vrijdag 5 mei 2017

Energy of Bucharest

The Military Circle building in Bucharest has once again come to life and color at the Spotlight Festival, with our newest video mapping work, Energy of Bucharest. This time, we chose to play even more with the architectural elements of the building, the geometric forms being of great help to animate this imposing facade.

donderdag 4 mei 2017

YANGA promo - april 2017

Promo for Basic Fit
Source; www. firstimpression.nl

woensdag 3 mei 2017

Terrad Music to launch its Gvido digital music score by the end of the year.

In June 2016 Terrada announced its Gvido E Ink sheet music device, that lets you see sheet music pages (PDFs) on two 13.3" flexible (Mobius) E Ink displays. The company now announced that it plans to start shipping this innovative device by the end of 2017. The device also includes input via a stylus (Wacom). The device features Wi-Fi, bluetooth, 8GB of internal memory and micro SD slot. The whole device weighs only 650 grams.

dinsdag 2 mei 2017

Stop-Motion History at NYC’s Fulton Center

“The Blowing Bowler” is a stop-motion animation by Chris Sickels (Red Nose Studio), for the Fulton Center transit complex in lower Manhattan. “The Blowing Bowler” depicts a brief history of New York City’s subway car designs as a man pursues his wind-tossed bowler hat in a subway station.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Arts & Design won the DSE 2017 Gold APEX Award in the Immersive Environments category.

More info here

maandag 1 mei 2017

Enra - Japanese Performance Arts Company.

A performing arts company established March 1, 2012, enra is composed of video artist Nobuyuki Hanabusa with eight performers


Firebird - enra × Nobuaki Kaneko

enra " primitive "