woensdag 30 december 2009


Happy New Year !!

Het team van Beamlog.nl wenst alle lezers een fijne jaarwisseling en een succesvol 2010.....PROOST !!

Happy 2010.

Happy 2010 ....en een sprong verder in de toekomst .....Beeldschermen ...overal.
Predicting the Past: A Vision for Microsoft Surface. New systems of interaction require new approaches to design. Microsoft Surface stands at the forefront of this product space. This presentation looks at one of the richest sources for inventing the future: the past.

dinsdag 29 december 2009

Headaches with 3D Movies.

This past weekend was the release of “Avatar,” which was supposed to be the 3D movie of the year. However, there are many people who are claiming that the 3D version only created headaches and nausea for them. A writer from Shadow Locked who experienced this effect has released their explanation for the phenomena. When most people watch a typical 2D movie, when the action is happening on one specific spot, the audience has a tendency to watch the blurred portion of the screen, which is suppose to display something going on in the background. However with 3D movies, the problem is that when we look at that background section, we only see an out of focus image, which can play games with the eyes and brain. So if you do suffer from nausea or headaches while watching 3D images, try to keep focused on what is happening in the foreground. More info here .

Researches at the University of Tokyo are displaying a brand new technology that will prove very useful to the medical field. The Volume Slicing Display allows a doctor to look at full head and body scans with the help of a normal piece of Plexiglas and a projector. The doctor holds the plastic sheet above the projector and it will display the image onto the sheet. To make this technology unique, the projector can detect exactly how the sheet is held and will alter the sliced image accordingly. This means that if the doctor tilts, bends, raises, or lowers the sheet, they will see a completely new image with every movement. Not only does this allow the doctor to see and part of the body instantly, but it also eliminates the need for expensive and numerous print outs. Instead each patient will have a sheet of Plexiglass with a barcode on it that will only display that patient’s information. The researches are currently displaying the technology at SIGGRAPH2009 in Asia.

maandag 28 december 2009


SNIFF time lapse from karolina sobecka on Vimeo.

The final piece in the Emergence Exhibition is “Sniff” by Karolina Sobecka and Jim George. Sniff is an interactive projection: an animated dog follows passers-by, discerns their behavior as friendly or aggressive, tries to engage them and forms a relationship with them based on the history of the interaction. As the viewer walks by the projection, their movements and gestures are tracked by a computer vision system. Sniff is an exploration of the moment of engagement.
It partly grew out of interest in philosophical discussion about the mind and mind theory, particularly in what’s termed the “commonplace” understanding of mental states and inferring of agency. Our automatic interpretation of behavior as social interaction is especially emblematic in a non-linguistic engagement with the ‘other’, which in case of Sniff produces a hybrid space of virtual and real emotions, social guess-work and mind modeling. Sniff is an attempt to trigger an intense, playful and insightful level of engagement at which we solve the “other minds” problem in everyday life. Sniff is inserted into our physical reality and follows its rules.

Nieuwjaarsparty in Berlijn

Berlin startet wieder mit einer der größten Silvester Open Air Partys der Welt zwischen Siegessäule und Brandenburger Tor ins neue Jahr. Die LED-Flächen werden von Screen Visions GmbH bereit gestellt, die auch um die Vermarktung kümmern.
Über eine Million Gäste werden zu der Feier erwartet – mehr Menschen als am New Yorker Times Square. Die Videowände sind integraler Bestandteil der Silvester Show, die mit einem gigantischen Feuerwerk, internationalen Live-Bands, DJs und anderen Show-Acts aufwartet.

Mit den Spots erreichen Werbetreibende in der Silvesternacht ein Millionenpublikum. Feiernde aus Deutschland und der ganzen Welt werden auch zum Wechsel ins neue Jahrzehnt in Berlin erwartet.

Gregor Schmidt, Projektleiter bei Screen Visions: „Mit einer Reichweite von über einer Million Menschen ist die Silvester-Veranstaltung für Werbetreibende das Kommunikationshighlight am Jahresende.“

Auf den insgesamt fünf Videowänden laufen Werbespots, die einmal pro Stunde, insgesamt dreizehn Mal, ausgestrahlt werden.

donderdag 24 december 2009

"Holographic" Multitouch.

Eggwong's company is Eatang Digital Technology. Although most of the website is in Chinese, it looks like it provides interactive design services as well as software kits.

Holographic muitltouch from eggwong on Vimeo.

dinsdag 22 december 2009

Ag Country 2x1 Video Wall.

Ag Country recently donated dual LCD configurations to both NDSU and University of Minnesota to help keep students informed about the latest job openings and news in the farming community. Since the displays are posted in each school’s college of business they also wanted to post the latest commodity prices to create awareness for the futures markets that help drive Ag business.

The end result if a very graphical and visual design that helps provide valuable brand recognition to Ag Country while communicating with students on both campuses.

Grand Opening of Atlantis

In 2008 was er nog geld in Dubai !!

23 november 2008
Around 2,000 VIPs - including A-list actors, models, musicians, sports stars and businesspeople from around the world - enjoyed the opening of Dubai's lavish Atlantis Palms resort Thursday night. ...
Around 2,000 VIPs - including A-list actors, models, musicians, sports stars and businesspeople from around the world - enjoyed the opening of Dubai's lavish Atlantis Palms resort Thursday night.

The opening of the £750m Atlantis Hotel in Dubai was celebrated by what's said to have been the world's biggest firework display. There was also a massive star-studded party.

Kylie Minogue reportedly got £2m for performing at the event and was one of around 2,000 guests. Rooms at the hotel aren't cheap though - they go from £550 to £23,000 per night.

The UK celebrity set was well represented at the bash, with Lily Allen putting on a suitably posh frock. Guests at the party also enjoyed lobster and champagne and were looked after by 1,000 waiters.

Have you been there ?

zondag 20 december 2009

LG komt met led-monitor.

Bron; www.nu.nl
Ook pc-schermen stappen over naar led. LG lanceert met de 24-inch W2486L een prachtexemplaar. Deze Full-HD monitor trakteert op een duizelingwekkend contrast, maar valt vooral ook op door zijn design. De W2486L staat op een sokkel die nog het meeste weg heeft van een fraaie rode vaas. Het scherm zelf is met 2 centimeter slanker dan Sidonia. Bovendien zijn de knoppen fraai weggewerkt, waardoor eigenlijk alleen nog de aan/uit-knop in het oog springt.

Ondertussen moet de ledbacklight zorgen voor een beste beeldkwaliteit. Zo belooft LG een (dynamisch) contrastratio van 2.000.000:1. Verder zijn er twee hdmi-poorten aan boord, zodat men er naast de pc ook een console of blu-rayspeler op aan kan sluiten.
Het ledscherm heeft ook een ‘Auto Bright’-functie die de helderheid van het paneel op de omgeving instelt, om energie te besparen. Goedkoop is het fraaie scherm echter niet. De W2486L kost 339 euro.

donderdag 17 december 2009

dinsdag 15 december 2009

Hightech in der Wartezone.

Klimaanlage, Ladestation und Digital Signage in einem Funktionsmöbel integriert – Wartebereiche sind schon lange nicht mehr nur mit einfachen Sitzbänken ausgestattet. Der Terminalausrüster Kusch + Co bietet nun für internationale Flughäfen hoch technisierte Sitzgelegenheiten an.
Mit der Produktserie 7500, die bereits im Zürich Airport und Paris CDG eingesetzt wird, ist nun auch mit integrierter Frischluftversorgung und Digital Signage lieferbar. Größter Vorteil für die integrierte Technik ist die vereinfachte Installation und Servicefreundlichkeit der FIDS (Flight Information Display Systems) Systeme. Aufwändige und kostenintensive Deckenabhängungen sind somit überflüssig. Zusätzlicher Vorteil sind die nun in Augenhöhe angebrachten Displays. Obwohl die Dwell Time am Gate schon sehr hoch ist, wird sicherlich die Aufmerksamkeit auf den Content nochmal erhöht.

Philips presenteert kleurrijk e-papier.

Bron; www.nu.nl
Philips heeft een doorbraak bereikt in de vervaardiging van elektronisch papier. Het bedrijf is erin geslaagd om ‘e-papier’ te maken dat van kleur kan veranderen.
Philips ziet grote mogelijkheden in de nieuwe techniek. Zo kan het elektronische papier worden bevestigd op de behuizing van elektronica als mp3-spelers en mobieltjes, zodat gebruikers zelf het uiterlijk ervan kunnen aanpassen.
Met een druk op de knop is het dan mogelijk om het apparaat van kleur te laten veranderen, gelooft Philips. Zo denkt de Eindhovense elektronicafabrikant aan toepassingen als ‘e-wallpaper’: een behang met de eigenschappen van een kameleon.

De nieuwe ‘e-skin’-technologie heeft geen achtergrondverlichting nodig, maar gebruikt omgevingslicht om iedere mogelijke kleurtint te laten zien. Dat maakt e-skin energiezuinig, aldus het elektronicabedrijf.
De technologie is gebaseerd op elektronisch papier, oftewel e-papier. E-papier kon totnogtoe alleen monochrome beelden weergeven, en wordt onder meer gebruikt in e-readers. Wanneer de eerste e-skin-producten op de markt komen, is nog niet bekend. Philips’ kleurrijke digipapier is tot en met vrijdag al wel in actie te zien in Japan, waar de International Display Workshops 2009 plaatsvinden.

maandag 14 december 2009

Volvo commercial.

Hier een geweldige Volvo reclame in 3D muurprojectie.
Frankfurt 2009 geproduceerd door NuFormer ( Zierikzee ) in samenwerking met Saatchi & Saatchi.
Meer info; 3D Projections on Buildings: A distinctive way of communicating.

woensdag 9 december 2009

JCDecaux Innovate Touch-Screen Bus Shelters.

Bron; www.dailydooh.com
This was a recent national Out of Home campaign to coincide with the launch of LGE’s latest Chocolate handsets (including the new Chocolate BL40 and the forthcoming Chocolate BL20).This two week campaign ran across London 6 sheets and national bus T sides in addition to the five interactive touch screen bus shelter specials booked in London, Manchester and Glasgow shown here.

vrijdag 4 december 2009

The New Digital Canvas.

Nach über zwei Jahren Entwicklungszeit unter strengster Geheimhaltung bringt Christie Digital das neue Produkt „MicroTiles“ auf den Markt. MicroTiles sind wie digitale Fliesen, die gestapelt und wie Bausteine zusammen gesetzt werden können, fast so wie Lego-Steine.
In den einzelnen Fliesen befinden sich DLP-Projektoren, die mit einer LED-Beleuchtung arbeiten und so brillante Farben ermöglichen sollen. Christie gibt die Lebensdauer der „LED Light Engine“ mit 65.000 Stunden an. Das entspricht 7.5 Jahre Dauerbetrieb, bis die Helligkeit auf die Hälfte des Ausgangswertes gesunken ist.

Im Gegensatz zu randlosen LC- und Plasma-Bildschirme sollen die MicroTiles sehr einfach in der Handhabung sein. Einfach zusammengesteckt und miteinander verbunden erkennt jedes Modul seine Nachbarn. Bilder sollen sich so einfach auf die geschaffene Fläche präsentieren lassen, ohne dass die Bildfläche kalibriert werden muss – das erledigen die Wunderfliesen laut Christie ganz von allein. So entstehen nahezu beliebige Flächen mit „sichtbaren“ Rand von nur einem Millimeter Breite – ohne Blickwinkelabhängigkeiten.
Christies MicroTiles werden auf ISE vom 2-4 Februar 2010 in Amsterdam ausgestellt werden.

Houten spiegel.

Interactive Art.
Daniel Rozin's houten spiegel en hoe het werkt.

Meer informatie.

Glasvezel wolk.

The Cloud - from MIT Mobile Experience Lab on Vimeo.
Meer info Hier.

donderdag 3 december 2009

25 Story Digital Signage Video Wall.

American Eagle Outfitters Inc. recently announced plans to open its flagship store in Times Square. The 25,000-square-foot store offers four levels of shopping, and also is outfitted with several interactive digital features.

Inside, the flagship store has a 13-foot video wall to add dramatic impact.

In addition, the store will feature a customer experience called “15 Seconds of Fame.” With a purchase, customers will be invited to pose in a mini photo studio. Moments after, the customer’s photo will be projected onto the 15,000 square feet of LED screens (25 stories high) outside the store for all of Times Square to see, said the company.

The LED screens will feature content for 18 hours every day, according to the company. American Eagle Outfitters has partnered with the following organizations to deliver an impactful, creatively ground-breaking visual experience in Times Square:

* The Barnycz Group — an experiential design firm specializing in the creation of unforgettable, large-scale interactive dynamic content environments. The firm conceived the design, integrated the technology, and is overseeing the installation of this dynamic architectural facade of synchronized LED displays, as well as the store’s interior A/V systems.
* Barco — a global technology provider specializing in high-resolution LEDs and displays, provided the 12 panels that wrap the building’s exterior, with a total pixel count nearing 3.3 million, along with the LCD monitor wall at the store entrance.
* R/GA — an award-winning digital agency and global leader in designing retail and digital environments, is creating content for the interior and exterior signage displays, and proprietary technology that powers “15 Seconds of Fame.” The partnership is focused on developing experiences that showcase AEO brands and customers, drawing Times Square visitors from the street into the store.
* ABC Regional Sports & Entertainment Sales — a unit of ABC National Television Sales, is the exclusive advertising sales representative for the technically advanced sign. Numerous advertising options, ranging from real-time delivery to simultaneous showcasing of multiple products, will be offered. The association with AE’s target customer of 15- 25-years old adds heightened value for advertisers across many categories such as music, movies, TV, computers, phones, food, beverages, autos and travel.

“We know that shopping in Times Square is a landmark event for millions of customers who come from around the globe to visit,” said Jim O’Donnell, chief executive officer, American Eagle Outfitters Inc, New York. “American Eagle Outfitters’ goal is to offer them a retail experience unlike anything they’ve experienced before — even by Times Square standards.”

Berliner High-Tech-Arena O2 World.

Die O2 World im Herzen Berlins ist eine der modernsten Multifunktions-Arenen der Welt. Mit ihrer Eröffnung wurde auch eine der fortschrittlichsten Display-Infrastrukturen in Betrieb genommen. Insgesamt visualisieren 247 Sharp-Displays die Top-Events der Hauptstadt, darunter 32 professionelle Monitore des Elektronikkonzerns.
Besonders viele Blicke ziehen die 65 Zoll Monitore der Serie PN-G655E in den VIP-Bereichen und öffentlichen Umläufen der O2 World auf sich. Mit einer Bilddiagonale von 165 Zentimetern, einer Full-HD-Auflösung von 1.920 mal 1.080 Bildpunkten und einem statischen Kontrast von 2.000:1 liefern die Displays im 16:9 Format detailgenaue Bilder. Sie sind für Entertainment rund um die Uhr ausgelegt und kommen ohne Lüftung aus. In den Restaurant-Abschnitten, Entertainment-Suiten und dem Medien- und Regiebereich sind außerdem 26 Systeme aus der leistungsstarken PN-465E-Serie von Sharp im Einsatz. Mit weiteren 215 LCD-TVs in Größen von 19 bis 42 Zoll verwandelt Sharp die O2 World in eine wahre High-Tech-Arena.

In genau 728 Tagen wurde das 165 Millionen Euro teure Projekt O2 World verwirklicht. Bis zu 17.000 Besucher finden Platz in der Arena, deren mehr als 1.400 Quadratmeter große LED-Fassade eine der größten Outdoor-Installationen der Welt ist.

woensdag 2 december 2009


ScreenScape Networks was featured on CTV Live at 5 last night. Live at 5 is the Maritime's most popular news and current affairs program in Canada. Reporter Dan Viau created an interesting piece about this company. The clip gives a very good description of the ScreenScape digital signage service and community. Watch the video

Architectural Projection at UQAM.

A little late, but a nice find by http://adnmontreal.wordpress.com, here's a video of a architectural projection on the Université de Quebec à Montreal promoting the 38th edition of the Festival du Nouveau Cinema, which ran between the 7th and 18th of October.
The installation was conceived by new media consultant and developer Playmind.

Projection architecturale : Festival du Nouveau Cinéma from playmind on Vimeo.

Savent, Apple Based Control.

Bron; www.dailydooh.com
Evolution Home Entertainment Corp. has announced the Canadian launch of Savant – the Apple-based control and automation solution that unifies audio, video, lighting, security, climate, communications, Internet, and more, into one seamless experience.

Through customizable touch panels, remotes, mobile devices and keypads, Savant gives the user effortless control and management of each service in his home.

“With Savant’s simplified solution, your home’s entertainment, security, lighting, heating, air conditioning, and pretty much anything else you can think of, can be easily accessed and controlled,” says Brad Middleton, product manager for Evolution Home. “And, yes, you can do it from anywhere in the world.”
A simple tap on a screen allows the user to turns lights off and on, raise and lower shades, turn off the audio and video, or even start the coffee brewing.

While wall screens are usually 13”, they can vary and be mounted even as a 42” screen in a coffee table. Further, once an installer puts the system into a home, it can be upgraded automatically without further visits to the home. And access can be via an app in an iPhone or other portable device. If there is a problem – eg. if there is a neighbourhood electricity failure – the home owner is notified quickly by e-mail.
A basic music and control system set-up starts at about $6,500. The more extras you add, the higher goes the cost.

One of the premiere features of Savant, which is already available in the U.S., is TrueImage Control, which enables the user to select and control services in any given room by viewing a photo of the space and simply touching the element he wants to adjust or change.