dinsdag 30 december 2014

Happy 2015.

Beamlog wish you a Happy and Healthy 2015

How LEDs Light Up the Times Square Countdown.

Jeffrey Straus, president of Countdown Entertainment and executive producer of Times Square New Year's Eve, tells us about the Time Square Ball’s LED technology and countdown history.

Digitally-Animated Christmas Tree in Times Square

Bron; www.avnetwork.com

Four signs high atop One Times Square joined together to create a digitally-animated, multi-colored Christmas Tree. Representatives from Toshiba Corporation and TDK U.S.A. Corporation joined in a special “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” countdown to light the digital tree which appeared on the Toshiba Vision, TDK, and for the first time, Dunkin’ Donuts screens underneath the world famous New Year’s Eve ball, on Thursday, December 18.

The digitally-animated Christmas tree, measuring 204-feet, was lit on the Toshiba, TDK and, for the first time, the Dunkin' Donuts screens on One Times Square. Encompassing four digital signs, and rising 400 feet above street level, the 204-foot digital tree utilizes state of the art graphic designs, designed for maximum visual exposure in Times Square. As it debuted, first seen in silhouette, a gradual pulsating glow behind the tree began, letting viewers know something special was in the offing. The tree began to sparkle, while another Times Square tradition, a special countdown, slowly appeared. As the countdown got to “1,” thousands of white lights shimmered, with the new rotating tree getting brighter and brighter in sparkling lights as a sash with “Season’s Greetings” enveloped it.

“There is no place like Times Square to kick-off the beloved holiday season,” says Eddie Temistokle, Sr. Manager Corp. Communication & CSR Toshiba America Inc. “We are excited to have the Dunkin’ Donuts’ screen join as part of this year’s display, creating the world’s tallest digital Christmas Tree!”

“We are delighted to be part of this holiday tradition, joining Toshiba and TDK to create the world’s tallest digital Christmas Tree,” said John Costello, President, Global Marketing and Innovation, Dunkin’ Brands. “Times Square is the perfect place to celebrate the holiday season in such a powerful and visual way.”

“TDK is always thrilled to be a part of this holiday tradition in Times Square, the magnificent digital Christmas Tree, which gives holiday cheer to all passing through the crossroads of the world,” says Frank Sweeney, President and CEO, TDK U.S.A. Corporation.

The tree will decorate the winter sky and set the mood for the holiday season in Times Square from December 18, 2014 to January 13, 2015, appearing on the screens every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day.

see this video

maandag 29 december 2014


Here is a 6 minutes mapping projection. For the anniversary of the geography faculty of Geneva, Switzerland, we proposed a huge volcanic scenography. We took care of everything, from conception to realization, construction and installation of the structure which was mapped. We worked in 3K resolution, and with 2 VP of 20’000 lumens. This involved, as you can imagine, long and hard work to create, but the result seemed to work on the public.

Projection mapping produced by: Studio Corium

Look Into the Future.

donderdag 25 december 2014

Projection on Ice.

It’s that time of year where our minds turn to other things: like ice hockey. You might not give a puck but millions cherish the winter sport.
And if you are in pro AV, you’ll cherish the opportunities that come with ice hockey stadiums.
For an example, we’ve chosen the New Jersey Devils because Lord knows they are not playing well and they need the help.
Their Prudential Center arena unveiled a newly-installed 3D projection imaging system. Devils management says their NHL team is the first in the U.S. to permanently install the technology. And it cost them more than $1 million….
“Watching this for the first time is really hard to explain…you have to think of the first time you saw an IMAX movie, or went to Disney, or saw one of the 360-degree screens,” says Hugh Weber, the team’s President of Business Operations.
We could tell you more about the show, but it’s easier for you to watch the video (link below).
Devils management worked with Quince Imaging to install twelve 26,000-lumen projectors in the Prudential Center during the off-season.
NHL fans may have seen Quince’s work before. The company has done one-time special event displays at other sports arenas, including a pre-game show at a Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup playoff game (see the link below).
Devils management says it's hoping the technology at every home game will draw people to their Newark, NJ arena. The technology will eventually be used during period breaks and for special events, but the focus right now is on pre-game entertainment.
That sums up a crystal-clear sports philosophy for New Jersey: If you can’t beat ’em, best entertain them.

Go NJ Devils Add Projection Technology

Watch Ice Hockey Projections Montreal Canadiens Style


The New Jersey Devils show off their new 3D on-ice projection system with an amazing show before their home opener on 10/18/14.

Bron; rAVe EUROPE.

woensdag 24 december 2014

The Transparent Car.

Car doors and backseats become invisible with this nearly magical technology Read more here.

dinsdag 23 december 2014

Funny Christmas Tree.

Merry Christmas everyone. 

I stumbled across an (old / 2012)  innovative christmas tree made up of 55 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2s and an iPad Mini for the star. 

MokiMobility created the setup.

Isn't it funny !

zondag 21 december 2014

Virtual Fitness - Basic Fit

- Installation at Basic Fit /  250 locations
- installed by First Impression 
- powered by Scala

Content creation.

Get yourself ready for the Christmas & New Years Eve shows with the funky "Loli Pop" pack. It'll be released on Resolume soon, but you can get now - ahead of the crowds, on our new official website: stvinmotion.com. 25 seamless loops, in HD 1080p & incl. Alpha Channels!

vrijdag 19 december 2014

HeavyM - a ready-to-use projection mapping software.

HeavyM is a ready-to-use projection mapping software. It allows you to create visual animations and project them on real objects with a videoprojector. You can also use your own video contents and adapt them on your structures. In addition to be a tool, HeavyM is a community where happy people can share their ideas and project, help each other or express themselves.

Digital signage lands at New Zealand's largest airport.

Bron; www.digitalsignagetoday.com

New Zealand's largest airport is flying the digital signage skies, targeting the 15 million travelers who fly in and out of Auckland Airport each year, and the 38 million people travelling through the airport corridor annually.

The deployment by out-of-home advertising firm APN Outdoor comprises a mixture of landscape, portrait, video wall and 4K screens (totaling 72 displays) all powered by AerWave software from Aerva, according to an announcement today from Aerva.

The new high-resolution digital screens in the International and Domestic terminals advertise high-profile brands such as Huawei, Steinlager Pure, Skoda, Cigna, Tourism Asia, Vodafone and Corona. And APN Outdoor's LED digital billboards at the airport are New Zealand's largest. Aerva's reseller in New Zealand, Ngage Media, provided the Aerva software configuration and content scheduling to APN Outdoor's requirements.

"Airport travelers are a unique audience requiring a specific strategy to engage them in the right way and at the right time," Aerva CEO Sanjay Manandhar said in an email to Digital Signage Today. "Particularly in airports, special consideration needs to be taken into account for where your audience is, because each location — domestic or international, air side or ground side, duty-free merchandizing or baggage claim — can have your audience in a different frame of mind and engaging with screens in a different way.

"For instance, the Food Court and Passport Control areas are going to have completely different goals and content requirements. As a result, different areas of the airport will have different best practices and challenges for communicating with the audience in the right context".

So the system platform allows for a wide variety of content formats, can power virtually any kind of screen and is very versatile, he said.

 "This flexibility allows APNO to precisely fit the screen that was installed to the content best suited for that airport location, to the travelers' experience at each location, so there is complete alignment," he said. The result is a network of 72 screens showing content uniquely selected for the audience each is serving throughout the airport."

All APN Outdoor digital campaigns will be managed locally by specially trained content managers from APN Outdoor's Parnell, New Zealand, office.

"Digital-out-of-home is a $15 billion industry and growing at 23 percent per annum," Ngage Director Alan Nicholas said in the announcement. "Digital signage, mobile and Wi-Fi will be the key methods advertisers use to communicate to the market. Billboards will feed you personalized information, make decisions on what to display according to who is looking at it — and will identify viewers by the mobile device in your pocket."

All parties involved in airport advertising are going to benefit from the new network of digital signage screens at Auckland Airport, Manandhar told Digital Signage Today.

"For brands, the most important function of OOH advertising is consumer engagement," he said. "With APNO's new network powered by Aerva, brands can use mobile interactivity and the integration of social and user-generated content to allow travelers to participate in their campaigns from their mobile devices at the airport. Consumers can interact through the sharing of photos, tweets, videos and other mobile-enabled technologies with the campaigns as they happen.

"Allowing the traveller to participate in the brands' campaigns through these mobile channels is tremendously engaging and extends the reach of these campaigns well beyond the confines of the airport itself."

donderdag 18 december 2014

Campagne Eurojackpot.

De campagne van de Eurojackpot in december was niet te missen op de schermen van Ngage Media. De Jackpot van maar liefst 57 mln euro was genoeg aanleiding om dit goed onder de aandacht te brengen via de schermen van Ngage Media. De campagne is uitgevoerd in opdracht van Posterscope.

Interactive Visitors Center - Ciudad Grupo Santander, Madrid.

S.I.G.A. (Santander Interactive Guest Assistant)

Advanced robotics, interface design and interactivity mark the difference at bank HQ visitors center

YDreams' project, "El Faro" Visitors Center, is the gateway to Santander Group's financial complex, one of the largest financial institutions in the Euro zone. The center is a creative mix of advanced robotics, hi-res LED paneled columns and interactive interface design that offer visitors memorable and impactful forms of exploring the group's history and global presence.

Knee-high autonomous robots greet and guide visitors to their destination in the center, a large-scale model of the financial campus uses augmented reality and advanced graphics to explore points of interest, and a 12-meter tactile, interactive wall senses when people approach, triggers eye-catching graphics and lets visitors explore multimedia contents about 'Ciudad Group Santander'

woensdag 17 december 2014

JCDecaux Ireland Launches Digital Out-of-Home Shopping Center Network.

The company will deploy its iVision digital signage through six shopping centers in Ireland's main cities and towns.

JCDecaux Ireland has begun the rollout of a national digital retail advertising network starting with St Stephens Green Shopping Centre in Dublin. According to the company, a further five shopping centers have been selected for the first phase of this digital development, including Frascati in Dublin, Douglas Village Cork, Eyre Square Galway, MacDonagh Junction Kilkenny and Scotch Hall Drogheda.

All of the shopping centers chosen for digital upgrade will be getting JCDecaux iVision units, which have a 70-inch screen, ensuring that content can be delivered on a grand scale. The iVision has a very modern, contemporary look and incorporates the latest LCD technology, offering clients superb picture quality, the company said.

"We are very excited to have started building a digital retail network across Ireland's main cities and towns," said Joanne Grant, managing director of JCDecaux Ireland. "Digital out-of-home advertising offers endless possibilities for both creativity and campaign flexibility. Careful consideration has been given to choosing the right locations for our digital retail network, providing advertisers with an opportunity to engage with consumers at key stages during the shopper journey."

Greg Devitt, St Stephens Green Shopping Centre Manager, said, "Stephens Green Shopping Centre are very pleased to be working with JCDecaux. The iVision digital units are exceptionally stylish looking and we are confident that they will enhance our customers shopping experience."

JCDecaux Digital will be available in St. Stephen's Green and Frascati Shopping Centers from December 29, 2014, with MacDonagh Junction and Eyre Square available from late January, the company said. Cork and Drogheda will follow in late February, with more locations in the pipeline for 2015.

Koledo introduceert de ledwall.



Koledo Professional led solutions heeft de Ambium Dynamic Ledwall met DuPont Corian op de markt gebracht. Deze ledwall brengt sfeer in interieurs, aldus de fabrikant.

Bron; www.sign.nl

Bij de ontwikkeling is gebruikgemaakt van de ervaring van Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions, gespecialiseerd in fabricage en installatie van DuPont Corian voor commerciële en tentoonstellingsprojecten. DuPont Corian fungeert als beeldscherm én kader voor de ledtechniek van Koledo.


Koledo beschikt over speciale ledpanelen waarop 480 meerkleurige leds per vierkante meter zijn verwerkt. Deze worden zodanig geschakeld dat de losse lichtpunten gezamenlijk een digitaal beeld vormen dat kan worden afgespeeld. De film wordt zichtbaar door 6 mm dikke panelen DuPont Corian in de kleur Glacier White. Medeproducent Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions ontwikkelde de schermconstructie die aan de voorzijde een enigszins diffuus beeld geeft: dynamisch en toch rustig.


Volgens Koledo Professional LED Solutions is deze ledtechnologie, waarvan de basis is ontwikkeld door Philips, nu voor het eerst gebruikt in een designobject. “Deze wall is uniek. Het is feitelijk een beeldscherm, vergelijkbaar met een televisie, maar afgewerkt met DuPont Corian voor een diffuus lichteffect. Het uiteindelijke resultaat is prachtig en nog vandalismeproof ook. En je kunt er de mooiste sfeerbeelden op afspelen” vertelt Maud Boereboom van Koledo.


De DuPont Corian panelen zijn 74 cm breed en leverbaar tot 2,4 meter hoogte. Door koppeling van meerdere panelen kan een beeldscherm van enorme afmetingen worden gecreëerd. De Ledwall inclusief alle techniek heeft een totale dikte van maximaal 15 centimeter. In veel gevallen zal gekozen worden voor volledige integratie in de muur. De ledwall is echter ook leverbaar met omkadering.

Tablet schiet vaste computer bijna voorbij.

Voor het eerst is het aantal Nederlanders in de leeftijd 13+ dat een tablet bezit, net zo groot als het aantal Nederlanders in het bezit van een vaste computer (beide 61%).

Het aantal Nederlanders met een vaste computer daalt van 8.3 miljoen (65%) in december 2013 naar 7.9 miljoen (61%) in december 2014. Dit, terwijl het aantal Nederlanders in het bezit van een tablet met acht procent groeit naar 7.9 miljoen (61%).

Het aantal laptopbezitters is met ruim 10 miljoen (77%) nog wel steeds groter dan het aantal tabletbezitters. Het aantal smartphone bezitters groeit naar bijna 10 miljoen Nederlanders (76%).

Dit blijkt uit resultaten van het onderzoek 'GfK Trends in Digitale Media'. Het onderzoek verschaft inzicht in het bezit en gebruik van mobiele apparaten en digitale media.

maandag 15 december 2014

Runtastic thinks you'll like exercising with a VR headset.

Let's be frank: indoor exercise can suck. You're usually stuck in a gym or your home, and you can't get feedback without either a pricey trainer or a distracting mobile app. Runtastic thinks there might be a better way. It just developed Oculus Rift versions of some of its strength and toning exercises that could liven things up. It sounds a bit ridiculous to strap on a virtual reality headset for your workout (and it probably still is), but the technology promises things that just aren't possible in the real world. You can get fit in much more interesting locales, such as the great outdoors or a beachside home, and the entire interface is designed to keep your hands free -- a virtual trainer and hovering stats let you see how well you're doing while in mid-lunge.

The company sees this as the Next Big Thing in fitness, and has dreams of putting VR helmets on "runners, bikers and more." With that said, the vision is more than a little optimistic. As anyone who's used the current Oculus Rift will tell you, the headset gets hot and sweaty even in normal use -- it could get downright sauna-like if you're very active. There's also the matter of having to tether yourself to a PC, which limits where and how you work out. We've asked Runtastic how it plans to handle these issues, and we'll let you know what it says. For now, though, this is more a vision of what VR fitness could be like than something you'll want to try right away.

zaterdag 13 december 2014

illuminade 2014 // Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Lichtkunst is hotter dan ooit. In en om Amsterdam barst het inmiddels van de initiatieven op dat gebied, een ontwikkeling die een enorme boost heeft gekregen door het Amsterdam Light Festival (ALF), dat dit jaar alweer haar derde editie beleeft. Gisteravond trapten we een boordevol lichtkunst-weekend af met een bezoek aan de (uitstekend verzorgde!) officiële opening van de Illuminade, de wandelroute van het ALF. De route is wat compacter dan in vorige jaren en lijkt zich wat meer op diversiteit en minder op ‘spektakel’ te richten, al wordt er naar onze bescheiden mening nog te veel ingezet op interactiviteit-om-de-interactiviteit. (Wat is dat toch eigenlijk een rare tendens: er groeit een generatie op die straks staat te klappen voor een Mondriaan en teleurgesteld wegloopt als de vlakjes niet van kleur veranderen...) De bijdrage van Beeldjutters in de Henri Polaklaan bestaat uit enkele kleine maar fijne projecties in eenvoudig wit licht en werkt daardoor zeer poëtisch. Met name die handjes-op-de-boom zouden wij zó willen meenemen en op Parklicht tonen. En dat geldt ook voor de fluorescerende herfstblaadjes-aan-touwtjes van Gonzalo Bascuñan & Perrine Vichet in de Artistuin: een originaliteitsprijs zullen ze er wellicht niet mee winnen, maar ondertussen is het een betoverend mooie installatie.
Maar oordeelt u vooral zelf! De Illuminade van het Amsterdam Light Festival duurt t/m 4 januari a.s. De route start bij de festivaltent naast de Stopera aan de Amstel en de toegang is gratis.


We use video projections to render
surrealistic images over the existing surroundings.

We like music, dance and theatre.
We like beamers, beamers and more beamers.
We like to work outside.
We like poetry, the surreal and dark atmospheres.
We like natural surroundings.
We like industrial surroundings.
We like to whisper in your ear.
We like to party.
We like silence.

We work location based.
We work with progressive and immersive technologies.
Sometimes we also work with old technologies (like a hammer and rusty nails).
We work together with lots of other creative people

vrijdag 12 december 2014

The cicret Bracelet

Help us to release the Cicret Bracelet We need 700,000 euros to finish the first prototype of the Cicret Bracelet.

Lux turba sensus Amsterdam.

Herengracht 295, 1016 BL Amsterdam, The Netherlands https://tunemelt.tv

Contribute to the interactive projection Lux Turba Sensus at Amsterdam Light Festival. Developed by Univate, the projection is fed by real-time big data collected during the Amsterdam Light Festival. Add your own content to the installation using the hashtag #BENSCHITTEREND

woensdag 10 december 2014

dinsdag 9 december 2014

Amsterdam Light Festival.

sprookjesachtig mooi

Op dit moment vindt in onze hoofdstad het internationale Amsterdam Light Festival plaats. De binnenstad, de grachten en de Amstel zijn wekenlang versierd met duizenden lichtjes: alsof je door een sprookje wandelt.
Het is de derde editie van het winterse lichtfeest, dat vijftig dagen lang te bezoeken is.

Kijk NEMO eens schitteren
Er is genoeg te doen: zo heb je keuze uit bijvoorbeeld een wandelroute dwars door het centrum. De vaartocht Water Colors neemt je mee over de  grachten – die er behoorlijk romantisch uitzien met al die weerkaatsende lichten. Er is ook een Water Colors Cruise: een gids van Blue Boat Company vertelt dan uitgebreid over alle kunstwerken die je tegenkomt.
Door de hele stad
Ook kun je lichtevenementen bezoeken in verschillende musea, theaters, restaurants en winkels: allemaal in het teken van A Bright City – het thema van dit jaar.
Leuk voor het hele gezin
Het festival duurt tot en met 18 januari 2015. De wandelroute kost – inclusief een high tea in het Amstel Hotel – € 55 per persoon. Water Colors duurt in totaal 75 minuten en kost € 27,50 per persoon. Kijk op hier voor de laatste informatie, groepsprijzen en alle wandel- en vaarmogelijkheden.

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-03 om 17.00.29
Schermafbeelding 2014-12-03 om 16.59.50
Schermafbeelding 2014-12-03 om 17.00.16

maandag 8 december 2014


One of the most popular art installations at Coachella 2014, #Lightweaver was the perfect harmony of art, architecture, light, and sound on a monumental scale. Towering 45 feet tall with a diameter of 75 feet, the main stage sculpture created a shifting shadow silhouette by day and came to life after sunset, providing an intricate canvas for a kinetic media experience.

Designed by StereoBot, the installation was visible across the festival grounds, creating a dramatic focal point as well as a living pavilion that attendees could pass through or linger in to experience. At sundown, the sculpture began to “breathe” and emit warm ambient tones. #Lightweaver performed at the top of every hour, with smaller effects in between. Utilizing a new technique called “light mapping,” moving head lights trace the contours of the structure, blurring the lines between virtual 3D space and real word volumetrics. Obscura provided concept, lighting, and audio design for the installation, which continues to captivate viewers with its magic online.

For more information, visit obscuradigital.com/work/lightweaver/

zondag 7 december 2014

Lyst’s ‘big data’ visualised in projection mapping.

With an inventory of over one million items from more than 9,000 global fashion designers and retail stores, not to mention a solid group of actively purchasing consumers (a record $10m in sales was generated in a recent month), it might come as no surprise to hear Lyst has also got a lot in the way of data.

The once social curation site, now e-commerce platform, recently showcased that fact in collaboration with Holition.The latter created a projection that visualised the vast amount of data Lyst receives daily, in real-time. As per the video below, it documented around 250,000 items of clothing and accessories on the screen at any one time. Prices were shown, as were brands, combined designed to enable the viewer to understand and spot popular trends.

This “engaging and colourful piece of digital art”, as Holition refers to it, was on show at Lyst Studios, the company’s headquarters, in Shoreditch, London.

Said Holition CTO, Russell Freeman: “[Lyst] sucks up a huge amount of information every day and we wanted to be able to visualise that in a really beautiful way.”

Lyst, which launched in 2010, has also just announced what it refers to as a “complete brand refresh”. A new logo, a content-led homepage and a redesign across desktop, tablet and mobile are included. Working in partnership with creative agency Wednesday, the company has introduced a new aesthetic that it refers to as “modern, bolder and more distinctive”.

Chris Morton, Lyst CEO and cofounder, said: “We’ve spent much of the last four years focussed on building a deeply engaging product that delivers a truly personalised shopping experience for each of our millions of users around the world, and that’s now generating very meaningful sales for our partner brands and stores globally. I’m delighted that we have now been able to turn more attention to our brand, with this new identity and content based homepage forming the first of several exciting brand- led initiatives in the coming months.”

The move comes off the back of the aforementioned successful sales figures as well as the fact the company is on track to grow 400% year-on-year for the third year in a row. Its universal checkout launched in 2013, which enables shoppers to buy from different fashion brands and stores in one basket on Lyst’s website and mobile apps, is reportedly behind the growth.

Armin van Buuren - Only Intense.

Opening Intro Show Ciudad de México DF Palacio de los Deportes

donderdag 4 december 2014



When BASHIBA was asked to design the lighting and sound effects for Europe's newest WaterPark, "Splash e Spa", we wanted to respect the unique properties of the dome, permeable to light and resonant to sound. Rather than fighting against the natural light entering the dome’s membranes or the reflections of the pool illuminations on the dome, we worked with them transforming for example the latter into the magic of northern lights, or developing them into a storm with flashes and heavy rain.

"This domed building impressed with its design and construction quality, and in particular with the clever lighting of the three domes which in the early morning and evening creates a magical atmosphere inside and out."
At night, the artificially lit membrane shining in darkness, reminded us of a living organism, a structure that breathes. By activating the "wave pool", the light reflections on water added the dynamic lighting effects that we wanted. Similarly, we used the existing sound of the water being pumped away from the sides of the pools (pink noise) as a relaxing sonic backdrop and natural base, and we then added on top the intriguing sounds of whales, so that the people in the pools could imagine to be swimming with the gentle giants of the deep. For our solution, it was important that such effects should support the activities and wellbeing of the guests of the waterpark. This also meant that the different areas of a same space, used in part for excitement (e.g. the wave pool), in part for relaxation (e.g. the pool bar), needed to be shaped in parallel, creating specific immersive zones in which people could enter, also emotionally, into different worlds.

The way we can best intervene in such spaces that are not a white canvas, but have specific characteristics and which are animated by the people using them, was to design the lights in real-time. We wrote custom code in vvvv, a real-time programming environment, and we picked two Enttec cards (ODE and MK2) to connect our computer to the Stageline DMX512 Mergers, so that we could control the lights of the dome and the two pools without interfering with the preset scenes that were programmed using a Compulite Vector and controlled via a Crestron touch screen. With our setup, we could rapidly test multiple immersive spaces, create interactive scenes so that we could experience dynamic changes, and then immediately select what felt right for the waterpark.

Solution Process OLED to be released from 2016.

The possibility to mass produce AMOLED panel in RGB structure by solution process was confirmed after the appearance of the solution process 4K OLED TV by Panasonic in 2013 and as AUO unveils the 65-inch FHD AMOLED panel at SID 2104 which uses hybrid process of employing inkjet printing method and deposition method simultaneously.     
According to the Solution Process OLED Report 2014 issued by the UBI Research on the 26th, it is expected to release AMOLED panel by solution process by 2016 considering the stages of the process equipment and materials developments up to now.
The solution process is producing OLED by printing the material of liquid condition. The efficiency of the material usage in case of the existing RGB deposition method is as low as about 10%, requiring complicated processes and it is difficult to apply to the large area substrate.
The efficiency is theoretically 100% for the solution process, resulting cost saving and even the process of RGB method without cutting the substrate at the 8thgeneration line is possible.
However, there are remaining issues to be resolved as the material property is low compared to the deposition material and it is unavailable to produce high resolution panel.
The personnel from the UBI Research reported that the analysis shows the probability to produce from 8.4-inch FHD panel to 8K high resolution panel over 30 inches in RGB method for it is possible to print up to 300ppi as the printing error reduces. The present OLED panel for tablet PC has a resolution of about 262ppi because it was produced in PenTile method. Now, the large area panel as well as the RGB OLED panel for tablet PC are mass produces as a result of the solution process allowing up to 300ppi.

141127_solution process oled report_eng

[Figure : The scope of panel available for the solution process]

 Also the property of emitting material was improved. Assumed from the analysis of properties announced so far, the efficiencies of red and green among other emitting materials for the solution process are developed close to the deposition material. Especially for the green, the small molecular material for the solution process appears to be more efficient than the polymer material for the deposition. “Considering the development level of the material and process equipment for the solution process, the AMOLED panel produced in the solution process will be released actively from 2016, and in view of the current line conditions of panel companies, the investment ability, and technical situations, it is expected to produce the AMOLED panel for the tablet PC at first” said the personnel from the UBI Research.In addition, the AMOLED panel market for the solution process will be the size of $380 million with the average annual growth rate of 141% by 2017 as the material for the solution process is anticipated to have the full competitiveness by the same year. 

woensdag 3 december 2014

Holt Renfrew At Toronto Yorkdale.

Yorkdale is by most measures Canada’s premium shopping mall – the place where most luxury retailers establish their first flagship store in the country and where established retailers put in a lot of money to draw in crowds.

Holt Renfrew equates kinda sorta to a Neiman Marcus store in the US – a decades-old luxury apparel store with a handful of large locations across the country.Last year, it reworked its Yorkdale site, and baked in six columns of seamless LED panels at the entry. Each column measures 29 feet high by 4 feet wide, which function together as two three-display arrays at either side of the entrance.
Holt Renfrew can run specific content on each individual column or have it span across the entire façade.

They had used Scala as the CMS, and was put in place by Toronto’s Gridcast Media. The screens are Nanolumens.

dinsdag 2 december 2014

Turn On The Lights - Amsterdam 2014

Traditiegetrouw viert de Bijenkorf de start van het feestseizoen met het evenement Turn on the Lights, dit jaar voor het eerst georganiseerd in maar liefst vijf winkelsteden op donderdag 20 november 2014 .
Vijf internationale theateracts zijn die avond voor de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Eindhoven en Maastricht verzorgd met als apotheose het ontsteken van het recordaantal van 600.000 lichtjes aan de gevels. Turn on the Lights in Amsterdam was voor het gehele Nederlandse publiek via livestream te volgen op deBijenkorf.nl.

With thanks to the students of Circus Arts at Codarts for making it such an amazing night.

maandag 1 december 2014

BA Uses Incredible 4D Projection To Show Off Its New A380.

Bron: www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/

BA has released an incredible video using 4D projection to celebrate the launch of its first A380 flying from London to Singapore.

The video uses a technique known as projection mapping: five HD projectors are positioned around the 1:20 scale model of the plane while custom animations then blanket the aircraft inside a giant lightbox.

The result is something that's not unlike a 'Holodeck' as the projectors can place the plane in almost any scenario whether it's flying above the skies or taxiing along a runway.

On October 29 2014 British Airways' first A380 flight landed in Singapore. To celebrate the launch of this flagship aircraft to Singapore we used some of the world’s most precise 4D projection technology to create a visually breath-taking video of the aircraft's journey.

The video, which was shot in a studio environment, harnesses the magic of 4D projection. Seven high powered projectors have been used to map a world of stunning effects on and around a 1:20 size scale model of an Airbus A380. Tracking the journey to Singapore, the video depicts beautiful scenes including ‘the canvas above the clouds’ scene which uses dry ice to recreate the serenity and beauty of flight.