donderdag 18 december 2014

Interactive Visitors Center - Ciudad Grupo Santander, Madrid.

S.I.G.A. (Santander Interactive Guest Assistant)

Advanced robotics, interface design and interactivity mark the difference at bank HQ visitors center

YDreams' project, "El Faro" Visitors Center, is the gateway to Santander Group's financial complex, one of the largest financial institutions in the Euro zone. The center is a creative mix of advanced robotics, hi-res LED paneled columns and interactive interface design that offer visitors memorable and impactful forms of exploring the group's history and global presence.

Knee-high autonomous robots greet and guide visitors to their destination in the center, a large-scale model of the financial campus uses augmented reality and advanced graphics to explore points of interest, and a 12-meter tactile, interactive wall senses when people approach, triggers eye-catching graphics and lets visitors explore multimedia contents about 'Ciudad Group Santander'

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