woensdag 30 november 2016

Microsoft HoloLens: Introducing SketchUp Viewer from Trimble.

Architectural designs come to life, providing a new level of real-world scale, proportion, and perspective. With SketchUp Viewer on HoloLens, Trimble is transforming 3D modeling as part of the design and construction process.

Learn more about Microsoft HoloLens at http://www.microsoft.com/HoloLens.

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AquaRio 2016

South America's Largest Aquarium Opens with YDreams Global as its Immersive Augmented Reality Technology Partner.

The new AquaRio, which opened in Rio de Janeiro in November 2016, gives visitors the opportunity to have fun with a series of interactive activities developed by YDreams Global. At the Virtual Aquarium, visitors are invited to create their own fish by customizing their color and shape and finally naming their new friend. The experience goes through all the route since with the RFID technology the visitor will be able to see its fish in other screens by the ride.

Another attraction not to be missed is the possibility of the visitor to see in their own hands the body, bones and internal organs of some species using augmented reality.

More detailed explanations on the characteristics and curiosities of the oceans can be checked in interactive videowalls, as well as addressing issues of sustainability and ecology.

In addition, YDreams has also created a series of interactive activities that support the business and help the operation of AquaRio Marinho in Rio de Janeiro, such as route localization guides, digital signage and ticket office with dynamic information on tickets and information panels on the Space attractions.

dinsdag 29 november 2016

London Outdoor - WARNER BROS - Fantastic Beasts.

London - Ocean Outdoor

FIAT 500 | Car mapping.

In 2007, Fiat introduced the Fiat 500 and for eight years the model remained unchanged. In july 2015 a reloaded Fiat 500 was revealed in a spectacular video mapping show in the event venue Fort Voordorp. In addition to all sorts of stands which had a link with the Fiat 500 , there were food stands and performances by the Handsome Poets.

The highlight was the video mapping presentation that was held each quarter for about 100 to 150 people. Hulskamp delivered all the technical facilities and Univate provided the content.


maandag 28 november 2016

Cardinal Health creates immersive ‘Experience Center’ to engage visitors and employees.

Leaders at Cardinal Health wanted to create an immersive “Experience Center” that would engage and educate visitors and employees at their headquarters, located in central Ohio. Simply put — the environment needed to “wow” and communicate the “Essential to Care” brand message.

So the company deployed in its headquarters the “Experience Center,” an immersive environment including “The Customer Portal,” a 15-foot-tall, four-sided interactive tower; “The Dashboard,” a 4K multitouch video wall; “The Gallery Wall,” a 16-panel synchronized video display wall, and two transparent LCD product cabinets. Each contains dynamic content that engages visitors, and Omnivex Moxie digital signage software was employed to manage the elaborate content.

After more than a year of planning, development, and testing — followed by another six months of installation — the resulting environment is simply awe-inspiring. The Experience Center illuminates the lobby of Cardinal Health’s headquarters, drawing employees, business partners and visitors in with its inviting content and easy-to-use technology. Team members from the organization are thrilled to find the Experience Center serves as a big draw for important customers, enticing them to make the trip to Dublin, Ohio, to experience the environment for themselves. This added access to customers allows the team to hold more meaningful, in-person dialogue with their customers and show how Cardinal Health is “Essential to Care.”

video by TAS https://www.facebook.com/tasvision
audio by Astropilot - Inverted Worlds https://www.facebook.com/astropilot

vrijdag 25 november 2016

Hyundai creates 80 digital dealerships with Zytronic based touch tables.

The 80-strong Hyundai car dealer network in Turkey has moved to a digital dealership model, following the installation of 43” diagonal touch tables created by Nerotouch, using custom designed 40-point multi touch MPCT™ Projected Capacitive Technology touch sensors supplied by Zytronic. A further 10-20 tables are expected to be installed in shopping malls, exhibition areas and other venues in the country within the coming months..

According to Asli Kubilay, Managing Partner at Nerotouch, “Hyundai originally approached us with a project to improve the ambiance and customer experience in the dealerships. With our encouragement, they modified the scope of the project, and we have created unique multi touch tables that can not only be used unaided by customers, but can also be used by the sales team as an integrated part of the sales process.” Nerotouch not only designed and manufactured the touch table but also provided the multi touch software for it. Using the tables, the sales team can configure a car for the customer and present them with the finished result.  Hyundai assessed a number of different touch technologies, but selected Zytronic’s ZYBRID multi touch sensors on the recommendation of Nerotouch. “Zytronic sensors can be custom designed in small quantities and provide a truly outstanding user experience, reliably handling multiple touch inputs as salesperson and customer discuss the sale,” commented Asli Kubilay.

“Based on the Zytronic sensors we were able to create a touch table whose slick operation is every bit as impressive as its sleek appearance. Zytronic further enhanced the appearance of the screens by incorporating the Hyundai logo into the seamless, all glass border. The whole thing looks, feels and works like a giant tablet computer,” she continued.

Nerotouch was able to exceed Hyundai’s expectations by creating a table that could be readily moved around the car showroom, allowing dealership management to adapt the layout to changing needs, for example placing the table next to a new model. It also allows them to experiment with different locations to see which is the most convenient and productive position for customers and staff. The custom designed 42” ZYBRID® touch sensors are manufactured from thermally tempered 4mm anti-glare etched glass, combining class leading durability, a low “stiction” surface for optimum finger glide, and excellent image visibility under overhead lighting.

donderdag 24 november 2016

NYDSW: NEC Display Talks About MultiPresenter Technology.

Sonic Light Bubble.

Sonic Light Bubble - Interactive public art A living breathing bubble responds with light and sound when approached and touched, this giant synthetic organism attempts to humanize lighting based public art and attracts passes by to engage and interact with it's beauty.

The bubble is a six meter diameter clear inflatable structure, dotted with an array of addressable LED disks shining inside and out. These custom disks act as a volumetric video screen providing mesmerizing 360 degree visual delights, day and night. Sounds are also reacting to the visitors on the outside. The Sonic Light Bubble can be set up in two hours and dismantled in one.

Premiered at Federation Square - Melbourne June 2016.


woensdag 23 november 2016

Ultra Gain front projection film, stage right!

The Ultra Gain self-adhesive front projection film made a prominent appearance at the recent high-profile Ecommerce 1to1 conference in Monaco.

Suspended 6 inches above the stage surface, alongside the presenters’ podium, was a 3-metre tall, 1.8-metre wide plexiglass panel. Applied to the entire front surface of the panel was a single piece of Pro Display’s Ultra Gain self-adhesive projection film.

As the pictures below show, the front-projected screen played an important role in supporting the speakers and bringing their presentations to life. The decision by the set designers to ‘go portrait’ was an inspired one, creating a commanding visual focal point and lifting the stage set beyond the usual conference fare.

The floating portrait screen works brilliantly alongside the presenters, complementing the content of their keynote speeches while feeding live social media to the audience. Here are a few pictures from the show – we’re sure you’ll agree that Ultra Gain puts in a great performance, with bright whites, with excellent contrast and colour.

Follow this link for more information.

dinsdag 22 november 2016

Retail Hospitality.

Concept for a new way off shopping. Combine a online Shelfdesk store and a visual experience inside your store

More info at www.cue-design.eu

maandag 21 november 2016

SCULPT mapping.

Installation interactive
Collégiale Saint Martin - Angers - France
Réalisé par Yann Nguema
Musique : EZ3kiel

More information at www.behance.net/gallery/45400305/SCULPT-Mapping

zondag 20 november 2016

Forrest CityScreen Salamander Street / Edinburgh

Forrest Media is delighted to introduce their latest digital installation in Edinburgh. Positioned on the drivers’ side (left) of the A199 Salamander Street facing all south and eastbound traffic heading towards the A1 Motorway and set within Edinburgh’s ‘Motor City’ – with a dozen main dealerships in close proximity and delivering over 200,000 fortnightly impacts!

The sheer size and orientation of the new screen on such a major route means it ticks all the boxes for advertisers.

Forrest now operate 20 Giant Roadside Digital Screens; 4 in Scotland’s Capital city and this latest addition complements our City Centre screen on Leith Walk as well as our two full motion screens in Seafield Rd and Western Approach, Murrayfield.

woensdag 16 november 2016

3D Holographic projection test.

Video projection onto a special "photonic reactive" (invisible to the eye) mesh screen. We used a 15k video projector to generate the "holographic type" 3D effects. The video shows the second outdoor test (16 09 2016) of this new and exciting 3D system. The mesh is very light weight so easy to hang. it can be held in place a number of ways. This test we hung it from a cable.

This new product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor events and installations.

Graphene membranes may hold the key to low-power color e-paper.

Researchers from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands designed graphene-based "mechanical pixels" that could, among other applications, be someday used to enable color IMOD e-paper displays.

In these so-called "graphene balloons", a double layer of graphene (two atoms thick) is deposited on top of circular indents cut into silicon. The graphene membranes enclose air inside the cavities, and the position of the membranes can be changed by applying a pressure difference between the inside and the outside. When the membranes are closer to the silicon they appear blue; when the membranes are pushed away they appear red.

What causes the color change effect is the interference between light waves reflected from the bottom of the cavity and the membrane on top. These reflected waves interfere constructively or destructively depending on the position of the membrane – either adding up or cancelling out different parts of the spectrum of white light. This interference enhances or reduces certain colors in the reflected light. This is basically an IMOD display system, similar to Qualcomm's Mirasol technology.

Source: Graphene-Info

dinsdag 15 november 2016

City Play, the 1st urban digital OOH network in Belgium.

For the very first time in Belgium, digital takes over the Brussels streets, offering a new playground to creatively engage the public in real time. The City Play vertical digital screens are located on strategic locations in the city center and in the pedestrianized districts of Toison d'Or, the Place Louise, around the Grand Place, along Boulevard de Waterloo and other key locations.

Glass LED Wall Trans-eyes Transparent LED Display P6 6x8ft outdoor brightness.

Screen size: 6x8ft, 1.8x2.4m. floor stand installation.
6000 nits high brightness work in day light.

maandag 14 november 2016

The innovative Bedside TV features a smart touch control panel on the bottom of the TV for a personalised user experience. The illuminated control keys provide easy navigation even in the dark.
Philips Professional Display Solutions

zondag 13 november 2016

A screen for clean air.

A crowded street brings a screen to life. It shows surprised passers-by, which is already possible today, to make the road traffic more colorful, quieter and healthier.

vrijdag 11 november 2016

Stardust Promo.

Stardust is a Modular 3D particle system for After Effects. It has an easy to use node based user interface and ships with a host of presets to create stunning effects.

Learn more at Superluminal.tv

donderdag 10 november 2016

Donald Trump on Empire State Building.

Empire State Building project the face of Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States of America

woensdag 9 november 2016

LG unveils latest OLED technology.

LG revealed a number of new products at the recent Integrate expo in Sydney, including OLED Arch signage (pictured below), which was exhibited for the first time globally.

LG OLED technology uses self-lighting pixels to create Infinite Contrast Ratio. It creates perfect blacks and is equipped with the latest HDR technology, which enhances images on the screen through the graduation of contrast in light and dark areas.

Taking the form of a towering arch, the structure of the OLED signage is made from flexible thin, single or double sided panels that can be curved over a two-metre radius in landscape or 1.5 meter in portrait to create tunnels, arches and shapes not possible with LED panels

Anima Lumina, A Night Walk at the Zoo.

As part of its revitalisation efforts, the Zoo Sauvage de St-Félicien asked us to join them in creating a new way to experience the zoo, at night. The result, Anima Lumina, is a night walk exploring animal life through a series of virtual scenes.

Creating a multimedia experience that could exist in harmony with the zoo’s residents represented a number of challenges. These challenges quickly transformed into sources for creative inspiration as we sought to credibly reproduce or evoke the presence of animals. We wanted the experience to be every bit as pleasing as seeing the animals firsthand during a daytime visit.

The Zoo Sauvage de St-Félicien is a unique ecosystem of animal species, distinct habitats, and a multitude of landscape enhancements. It was essential to treat the area delicately in shaping a 1.5 km multimedia trail. Our team crafted an experience that, through sound and immersive effects, feeds the imagination by enhancing the sensorial experience. Shadows, for example, are an important ingredient. The team carefully studied how the forest moves at night so that the installations capture its natural nocturnal rhythms.

We took advantage of the zoo’s natural scenography to create an experience that blends projection, lighting, and an original soundtrack. Technology is masked within the environment as it enhances natural phenomena and amplifies the sensorial experience of the darkened forest: in all, a nighttime experience inviting visitors to follow their instincts.

dinsdag 8 november 2016


Short animation film for Elena Ghisellini collection Fall Winter 2016/17.


maandag 7 november 2016

The new flagship of Nespresso in Barcelona is designed around a large curved screen Led Dream.

Signature machines, capsules and coffee accessories has taken one new step in his concept of boutique of coffee with the recent opening of its flagship store in the Centre of Barcelona, in which innovation in the design of spaces and the audiovisual elements set the standard to improve the experience of customers when they taste a coffee.

Located in the Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona (Passeig de Gràcia, 55), the new flagship store of Nespresso offers its customers an innovative space which, under the concept of boutique, account with a careful design, audiovisual and material elements in all areas of the store to create "a meeting point and reference your tasting experience and know-how in coffee" , as designated since the signing, in the Catalan capital.

Its most innovative elements include an impressive curve Led display that presides over the main hall of the store, fruit of the supply and installation of display systems project carried out by the company Led Dream along with his partner NET-IP.

The Led display, with a resolution of pixel of 6mm and a surface area of 15 metres in length, is made up of a specific type of flexible modules that enable the undulating forms that the Italian architectural Studio Parisotto e Fomenton (together with the local team's pillar) required for your design.

zondag 6 november 2016

Intel's 500 Drone Light Show.

Last year they put 100 drones in the sky and broke a world record. This year they set a new challenge: 500 drones. Watch the new world record performance in action.

vrijdag 4 november 2016

Symmetrical Paint Mixing is Strangely Mesmerizing

Canadian artist Annette Labedzki specializes in abstract figurative painting, but she’s also discovered the internet’s insatiable taste for the unusual and obscure with her Instagram account where she shares paint mixing videos. If watching paint dry is the most boring thing in the world, watching paint mix might be one of the more interesting things. For some of her clips Labedzki makes symmetrical versions, where the palette knife is obscured and everything seems to happen like magic

Panasonic PT-JX200 Spaceplayer

In a retail environment.

donderdag 3 november 2016

DooH campaign: Be The Fastest.

Source ;http://digitalsignagesummit.org

During the summer, Virgin Media used the time leading up to the Olympics to carry out a spectacular screen campaign on the Thames: ‘Be the Fastest’. A prominent testimonial came in the form of star athlete, Usain Bolt.

With an athlete such as Usain Bolt, you’d almost expect him to run the 100 in under 10 seconds over water too. After all, Bolt is pretty damn quick.

Virgin Media used this for its ‘Be The Fastest’ campaign and created an evening spectacle on the river Thames in London at the beginning of July 2016 at 09.58 P.M: a homage to Usain Bolt’s record time of 9,58 seconds set in Berlin in 2009.

Virign Media also utilised the tugboat’s 108 pontoons to lay a custom made 100 metre long LED screen from VER UK, spanning a total of 600 m².

To prepare Londoners for the one of a kind advertising campaign, the ship could also be seen floating during the day up and down the river. The Curb Media created three-minute evening performance campaign could be seen particularly clearly from the London Eye. Treatment Studio was responsible for the animations.

Two d3 4x4pro media servers from d3 Technologies were utilised for the installation. Among other elements, the 6K LED canvas was divided into different areas of Full HD. Programming and the operation was taken care of by Sensel Studio. Integrator and engineer Spindrift Projects was also on board.

woensdag 2 november 2016

Projection Mapping Examples.

Projection mapping works onto Sculptural Cube Concept Main Stage @ Fractangular open Air Collaborative Arts and Music Festival 2016 Buckland, Tasmania ,Australia , This video is my own continued exploration from the solid base of the collaborative techniques used at Fractangular by Artists Alison McCrindle,Aedan Howlett,Jamin and VJs Logan Loagsta Wade and Cary Smucklepod Littleford. Some original footage done by the on-site artists and then a whole lot of additional exploration Examples.

dinsdag 1 november 2016

Forget holograms, here's a 'floating e-ink' display.

The amount of pixels in a display has been the source of forum flamewars since the advent of HDTV, which makes an experimental display technology from the University of Sussex so interesting. It's called JOLED and it measures a whopping 7 x 6 voxels high and wide, respectively. Hold on, it gets more interesting. Each voxel is a diminutive multi-colored sphere, and they're suspended in mid-air by an array of ultrasound speakers that "create high-pitched and high-intensity soundwaves that are inaudible but forceful enough to hold the spheres in place," according to the school.

That holds the JANUS objects in place, but to make them spin and show different colors at different times is something else entirely. What seems to be the key to the rotation is that the spheres are coated with titanium dioxide -- also used to purify air when mixed with concrete -- which, when a exposed to an electrical field causes them to rotate.

"JOLED could be like having a floating e-ink display that can also change its shape," researcher Deepak Sahoo said in a canned press release quote.

Maybe don't expect to have these sitting on your desk, though. The school suggest that it could wind up like many of Disney Research's projects and be used in commercial or tourism settings. Some examples? Showing the changing patterns of carbon footprints or changes in currency conversion rates. So, don't expect to watch Luke Cage on one of these in HDR anytime soon is what I'm saying.

"We also want to examine ways in which such a display could be used to deliver media on-demand," University of Sussex's Sriram Subramanian said. "A screen appears in front of the user to show the media and then the objects forming the display fall to the ground when the video finishes playing."

The scientists hope to increase the pixel density as well as the amount of colors displayed (sound familiar?), and is presented at Japan's ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium.