vrijdag 30 november 2012

An Amazing Video Gallery.

Hyundai hired Universal Everything to create a dynamic video installation that would foster creativity within the company.

Designing a car is about so much more than designing a car. Not so long ago, Ford’s J Mays told me that he’d urge his designers to talk about anything but cars--movies, music, and travel--to keep them inspired. WIth that in mind, it makes a lot of sense that Hyundai tapped Universal Everything, a studio known for creating stunning animations for Coldplay and big commercial brands, to create 18 inspiring animations to be played on Hyundai’s campus outside Seoul. These weren’t advertisements to be played at trade shows but internally focused media, to generate new ideas from within. “Our outside perspective of the company forms fresh ways of looking at their processes, leading to a series of abstract films, with only subtle hints of automotive and construction details,” Universal Everything’s Matt Pyke tells me. “The abstract, logo-less approach was taken to ensure every viewer found their own interpretations.” The collection of “video sculptures” is an incredibly diverse play on several tactile materials. It ranges from riffing on the human figure in motion (with bright lights and color)--which is a bit of a Universal Everything trademark at this point--to intense liquid particle effects, to a choir of plasticky geometric aliens, to, yes, even a car being carved from a solid block by wind.

The clips play in a continuous loop at Hyundai’s Vision Hall, welcoming engineers, scientists, and various workers to entertain the abstract. I imagine that the 82-foot-wide screen, displaying a whopping 16K resolution accompanied by 36-channel surround, must be every bit as immersive as sitting in the front row of a movie theater (but displaying an image that’s extraordinarily sharper in the process). All of that said, I’m curious as to how Universal Everything’s abstract animations--displays that might make more sense at a rock concert or a modern art museum--have struck such a chord with big corporations. It wasn’t until I heard the studio’s goal, “to give digital forms a heart,” that the artistic-corporate synergy made sense. “By bringing life and a human presence to abstract materials, you create a deeper empathic connection with the viewer,” Pyke explains. “This emotional approach to data, products, and communications sits well with brands looking for a personal, life affirming connection to their audiences.”

donderdag 29 november 2012

Toekomst: iPad blijft marktleider in versnipperde tabletmarkt.

Bron; wwwipadclub.nl

De iPad kwam in 2010 op de markt en pakte meteen een koppositie met 85% marktaandeel. Eind 2011 was dat gezakt naar 58 procent en dit jaar zal het naar verwachting nog ietsje verder zakken. De exacte percentages zijn helemaal afhankelijk van de partij die je gelooft, maar ABI REsearch heeft nu berekend dat Apple in het derde kwartaal van 2012 een marktaandeel van 55 procent heeft weten te behouden. Dit is meer dan elke andere speler. Het is daarom interessant om eens te kijken hoe de nabije toekomst eruit gaat zien.

Een brede groep spelers is bezig met tablets: pc-fabrikanten, mobiele telefoonmakers als Samsung, boekwinkels als Amazon en Barnes & Noble, zoekmachinereuzen zoals Google en zelfs softwaregiganten zoals Microsoft. Tientallen partijen proberen een voet aan de grond te krijgen. De kans is klein dat één van die spelers een serieuze concurrent voor de iPad wordt of dat er een echte iPad-killer opstaat.

In plaats daarvan zal de tabletmarkt de komende jaren gedomineerd blijven door de iPad. De rest van de markt moet worden verdeeld onder een steeds groter wordende groep gelukszoekers. Apple’s iPad was niet de eerste tablet op de markt, maar wel kwalitatief de beste, met het beste ecosysteem en de beste marketing. Met de iPad mini gebeurt eigenlijk weer hetzelfde: Apple is niet de eerste met een mini-tablet maar brengt wel een product op de markt dat kwalitatief beter is dan de concurrentie. Toch heeft ABI Research wel wat kritische punten richting Apple: door ook een goedkopere iPad mini te maken geeft Apple eigenlijk toe dat de Android-fabrikanten met hun 7-inch tablets eigenlijk gelijk hadden. En om nou te zeggen dat de iPad mini uitblinkt door innovatie, prijsniveau of beschikbaarheid…? Drie factoren die volgens ABI Research ook belangrijk zijn om een product te laten slagen.

woensdag 28 november 2012

Visualisation tool harnesses 416 displays and 1.5bn pixels.

A 416 screen, 1.5 billion pixel display is being hailed by its creators at Stony Brook University as the largest immersive display, driven by a graphic supercomputer, ever to be built. The New York education institution unveiled the Reality Deck at its Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) on November 15. Its primary purpose is to enable scientists, engineers and physicians visualise vast amounts of data and was constructed with a $1.4 million (€1.1 million) National Science Foundation (NSF) grant and a $600,000 match from Stony Brook University. Arie E. Kaufman, PhD, Distinguished Professor and chair of the Computer Science Department and Chief Scientist of CEWIT, directed the project. He illustrated the display’s capability, saying that the United States population of approximately 300 million people could take a "class photo" from a satellite, and "there would be enough resolution for each person to be depicted in five pixels in colour". Dr. Kaufman continued: "In the Reality Deck, data is displayed with an unprecedented amount of resolution that saturates the human eye, provides 20/20 vision, and renders traditional panning or zooming motions obsolete. Users just have to walk up to a display in order to resolve the minutiae, while walking back in order to appreciate the context that completely surrounds them." A 360-degree "smart screen" changes images according to the location of the viewer walking around the Reality Deck. Future applications to stream video in real time are planned.

Interactive desks boost learning.

Bron; www.inavateonthenet.net

Interactive tables hold the key to increasing understanding of maths for primary school pupils, according to researchers at the UK's Durham University. Findings from a three-year project called SynergyNet suggest that multitouch, multi-user desks increase fluency and flexibility in maths. The study, which involved more than 400 pupils mostly aged between eight and ten, also demonstrated benefits of interactive desks over paper. The findings, published in the journal Learning and Instruction, showed that 45% of students who used collaboration tool, NumberNet increased in the number of unique mathematical expressions they created after using NumberNet, compared to 16% of students in the traditional paper-based activity. Professor Liz Burd, lead researcher on the project from Durham’s School of Education, said: "Our aim was to encourage far higher levels of active student engagement, where knowledge is obtained by sharing, problem-solving and creating, rather than by passive listening. This classroom enables both active engagement and equal access. "We found our tables encouraged students to collaborate more effectively. We were delighted to observe groups of students enhancing others’ understanding of mathematical concepts. Such collaboration just did not happen when students used paper-based approaches." The Durham University team designed software and desks that recognise multiple touches on the desktop using vision systems that see infrared light. These desks are networked and linked to a main smartboard. The teacher can send tasks to different tables to individuals and groups can send one group’s answers on to the next group to work on and add to, or to the board for a class discussion. A live feed of the desks goes directly to the teacher who can intervene quickly to help an individual while allowing the group work to continue.

dinsdag 27 november 2012

BMW's Performance sport steering wheel

Bron; www.engadget.com

Extra information when driving can be useful, but also distracting. Enter BMW's new M Performance sport steering wheel -- which offers a whole bunch of data and information while letting you keep your eyes (mostly) on the road. Essentially it's a high-grip Alcantara wheel, with a small OLED display at 12 o'clock, and two LED meters on either side. There are three readout modes: EfficientDynamics, Sport and Race. The former will tell you average fuel consumption, speed as well as oil and water temperature. Sport mode will tell you lateral g-force data (that cleverly remains on the display until you bring the wheel back to its neutral position) while the LED strips provide cues for gear shifts. Like to take things out on the track? Lap times, with section splits, and even a drag-style Christmas tree mode will help you get those times down. How much for this king of steering wheels? A racy $1,700.

maandag 26 november 2012

Surface Space, Content Space, and Interactive Space.Interactive TV Design Discussion

.The following video is a presentation by Dale Herigstad, Chief Interaction Officer at Possible Worldwide, from the 2012 TV of Tomorrow Show. If you are interested in interactivity and UX across screens and spaces, it is worth taking the time to watch! The "new world" combines TV and the internet, and poses new opportunities for design. Dale encourages flexibility and fearlessness, and setting goals for the long term. This means that organizations must move away from the "silo" approach, and create teams that can integrate across screens, platforms, content, and input methods, moving from flat-space to interactive, dynamic,layered, 3D, and augmented space.

BTW, Dale Herigstad was one of the people commissioned by Steven Spielberg to work on the interface design for Minority Report.

vrijdag 23 november 2012

Surface Tablet vs. iPad Video, via SAY Media.

On Monday june 18th, Microsoft held a secret press event in Los Angeles where it announced a new family of tablets under the Surface moniker. Along with Surface, the event revealed a branding shift for Microsoft, one that values the unity of hardware and software, and the idolization of aesthetics. Something about it felt familiar...

Microsoft wil ook een augmented reality-bril.

Bron; www.nu.nl
Microsoft heeft net als Apple en Google interesse in een augmented reality-bril. Het bedrijf heeft een patent aangevraagd op een dergelijke bril die specifiek voor live-evenementen geschikt is. Dat blijkt uit een patentaanvraag van Microsoft die Techcrunch op het spoor kwam. Microsoft wil informatie via de bril projecteren op objecten en gebeurtenissen uit de echte wereld. Zo kan tijdens een sportwedstrijd informatie worden gegeven over statistieken van de wedstrijd of uitslagen van andere teams. Google heeft al prototypes van een dergelijk product (zie foto) uitgebracht. Onder de naam Project Glass is de zoekgigant bezig met de ontwikkeling van een augmented reality-bril. Google richt het apparaat echter meer op het dagelijks leven. Gebruikers kunnen bijvoorbeeld informatie krijgen over het weer of gebouwen waar ze naar kijken. Eind 2013 of begin 2014 moeten de eerste Google-brillen in de winkel liggen. Apple Onlangs bleek dat ook Apple bezig is met een vergelijkbaar project en daarvoor een patent aangevraagd heeft. Of Apple en Microsoft ook echt al bezig zijn met de productie van een bril is onduidelijk.

woensdag 21 november 2012

Multi-iPad table.

The iPad table, a project of the Universal Mind interactive agency in Grand Rapids, links 15 iPads together to create one synchronized display. The co-creator of the iPad table, Joe Johnston (who put it together with David Tucker), told us that the system was conceived and built from scratch including the industrial design of the table and the custom app driving the connected iPads. A private wireless LAN hands off object information from iPad to iPad, allowing the moving "hypercards" to bounce and sail across the full extent of the iPad matrix. Double-tapping one of the cards expands it into a full webpage or other content.

It's easy to see how this sort of system could be popular and useful in a conference, retail or exhibit context. In fact, it strongly resembles another tabletop approach to touch computing that's had its branding co-opted to launch a different product: Microsoft Surface, Mark I. Before the Surface name was attached to the tablet convertible with the snappy keyboard, Microsoft was marketing Surface as a cocktail table-sized touchable computer intended for public, tourism and exhibit functions; that concept lives on as Samsung's SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense. If you're interested in experimenting with multiple iOS displays linked together, Aachen University's Mobile Multi Display app is in the App Store now; for single-device inexpensive digital displays on the iPad, check out DynaSign or Digital Signage X. The utility of the iPad as a kiosk device took a big leap forward with iOS 6's Guided Access, which permits non-jailbroken devices to lock in a specific app and restrict sensitive screen areas while disabling the home & sleep buttons (making our "best of 2011" iPad accessory, the BubCap, a bit less necessary). Professional multi-display solutions from companies like Videro (profiled by us here) and Sedna are capable of driving the iPad as well as the Mac, but haven't yet reached the point of multi-device iPad display configurations.
More information here

Liquid crystals: a new type of LCD display screen.

These very low power screens will have a variety of uses in the market in the future. They can be update wirelessly and the first place you can expect to see them is in a supermarket near you. Dr Cliff Jones, Shaun Gray and Dr Emma Wood of ZBD Displays Ltd, winner of the 2012 Innovation Award, awarded by the Institute of Physics for developing and commercialising a novel e-paper display for use in shelf-edge labelling in supermarkets and other retail settings. ZBD has created an e-paper display by applying a sub-micron texture onto the glass surface of a liquid crystal display, allowing it to hold an image even when the power is removed. The work is the product of world-leading research at the liquid crystal research centre at DERA.

dinsdag 20 november 2012

3D displays on view at Amsterdam Central Station.

Last week Balfour – a London based 3D advertising company installed multiple Dimenco glasses-free 3D displays at Amsterdam Central Station (Metro lobby). Along with the displays in the recently opened cinema Pathe Amersfoort the 3D glasses-free displays are now truly making their debut at public places in the Netherlands. The advertisements range from Star Wars Lego to City Box to Durex placements and are all in 3D. The 3D effect can be seen from far, and in despite of everyone’s busy schedule, many by passers stop to take a look at one of the displays to see what’s going on. This is what we call “3D stopping power”.
If you’re in the neighborhood of Amsterdam Central Station, be sure to stop by and take a look at the next big step in glasses-free 3D display technology.

maandag 19 november 2012

Pinball // Flipperkast.

Courtyard Marriott welcomed consumers to their Lobby Launch through this interactive marketing campaign developed by Monster Media, Posterscope, Carat and McGarry Bowen. Monster Airport walls, located in five major markets, attracted the attention of busy travelers and entertained them with a remodeled version of the classic, pinball. Through multi-touch interaction, players experienced the amenities and services now available to guests in the renovated lobbies. At the end of the game, high scorers entered their initials to add themselves to a leader board and were encouraged to snap a photo with their score. Courtyard Marriott then added the photos to Facebook so players could check in to see if their high score had been beat!

Courtyard Marriott from Monster Media on Vimeo.

Digital Signage in Rusland.

Even een kijkje over de grens.

ADAY video 08-10-12 from PosterscopeRussia on Vimeo.

zaterdag 17 november 2012

Verlichte beeldplafonds.

Verlichte plafondvisuals vormen een nieuw instore medium voor zowel retail als horeca. LedSEE introduceert de plafondvisuals met energiezuinige ledverlichting. Op de beeldplafonds van LedSEE kun je elke campagne groots afbeelden. De commerciële mogelijkheden zijn oneindig. Dit nieuwe systeem heeft volgens het bedrijf een zeer laag energieverbruik en een ultralange levensduur, en past in vrijwel elk systeemplafond. Prints wisselen De verlichte plafondvisuals geven een extra ruimtelijk effect en hebben een hoge attentiewaarde. Het ondersteunt de branding van retailformules en merken. De fullcolour prints zijn eenvoudig te verwisselen, waardoor het systeem ook ideaal is voor actiemarketing

vrijdag 16 november 2012

Times Square screen hacked!

Times Square screen hacked! Certainly, this screen was not hacked. This is simply a novel advertising approach to promoting a new TV series “Coma” based on the novel by Robin Cook. However it is also a good example of how the digital advertising video screens are now part of our perception from which we get a good deal of useful or not so useful information.

donderdag 15 november 2012

Nike’s High-Tech Wristband Fuels Your Workout.

Ask anyone about the activities they perform each a day and they’ll rattle off a litany of actions. Running for the train. Walking up three flights. Shooting hoops after work, then navigating supermarket aisles grabbing stuff for dinner. Ask them how many calories they burned doing all of that, however, and they’ll have no clue. Nike’s got a new gadget that tracks all that exertion and motivates you to get more active by turning your workout, and everyday activities, into a game with a reward called NikeFuel. FuelBand is a wristband that records data collected by an accelerometer. It tracks calories expended, steps taken and the time of day as well as your NikeFuel score and presents it on an LED display. Your score is based on an algorithm that assigns points to various movements. The more active you are, the more NikeFuel you earn. You can earn it doing just about anything, track your progress with your iPhone or iPad and eventually share it with others via social media platforms. “[FuelBand] is a common measurement across a wide spectrum of activity,” says Trevor Edwards, a Nike VP.

Meer informatie hier

woensdag 14 november 2012

A paper-like, low-power color video display.

Japan Display inc. has developed a paper-like, low-power color reflective LCD that can display video.

dinsdag 13 november 2012

Signagelive Powers 24 Screen-video wall at Wales Millennium Centre.

The Wales Millennium Centre (WMC) wanted to give its reception area a face-lift and decided that its rear projection display was no longer suited for the business. Too much ambient light and poor image resolution did not justice to the popular art centre. To remedy this, the WMC called upon Cardiff-based AV installer Morgan Signs, which promptly proposed a 24 screen video wall, driven by one powerful Signagelive cloud-based media delivery player. The WMC is situated in Cardiff Bay and according to the annual Survey of Visits to Tourist Attractions in Wales, it’s the top attraction in the region. The number of visitors, excluding those attending performances, reached 1,046,958 in 2011, up 3.1 per cent on 2010. The 42in panels are arranged in a 12×2 format. The video wall has been split into seven ‘zones’ of differing arrangements of screens. Rod Hill, Morgan Signs general manager explains: “The digital canvas in the Signagelive system is divided according to with the number of screens. Each layout can have different content but if they want they can also unite the content across the screens.” Jason Cremins, Signagelive’s CEO expands: “Our cloud based digital signage solution is capable of streaming a wide variety of HD media and content including live streams, news and ticketing information. It also allows total flexibility in terms of layouts and up to the minute content updates for shows. If, for instance, the WMC wanted to change all the screens for a one-off corporate event, it can do that easily. Even live performances from within the centre can be broadcast onto the video wall.” The content is managed locally by the IT staff and also monitored remotely by Morgan-signs.

maandag 12 november 2012

ooVoo gratis software voor videovergaderen.

ooVoo is een gratis programma voor videoconferencing. Je kunt er een beeldgesprek met maximaal twaalf personen tegelijk mee opzetten. Ideaal dus voor videovergaderen. Je kunt met alle personen in beeld beeldtelefoneren, maar ook via tekst chatten en bestanden delen. Onder de vergadering kun je specifieke berichtjes sturen zonder dat de anderen dat zien. Bron www.fan.tv
Het programma is makkelijk te gebruiken want de software detecteert zelf de benodogde hardware zoals de microfoon, webcam en luidsprekers. ooVoo werkt onder alle versies van windows sinds Windows XP, maar ook op de Mac, smarphones (iOS en Android) en op tablet computers. Als de bandbreedte dat toelaat kan er in HD ooVoo kent ook een betaalde versie zonder advertenties. Bij deze versie kun je ook videogesprekken en audiogesprekken opslaan, en je kunt er samen mee op één desktop werken.
Klik hier voor de download.

Adaptive camouflage to remove objects from the rear view mirror.

Bron; www.inavateonthenet.net
Researchers at Keio University in Japan have created a prototype of a system that uses optical camouflage technology to render the backseat of a car transparent to the driver. The idea is to give the user a direct view of objects behind the vehicle rather than the indirect view given by rear view mirrors and current camera technologies. It uses a half mirror with a recursive reflective coating to create the illusion. According to Professor Masahiko Inami, who invented the system, the chief advantage over digital rear view mirrors is that it gives a true sense of depth. The current system only works for the back seat, but the eventual goal is for the solution to provide an uninterrupted 360-view of the car’s surroundings.

vrijdag 9 november 2012


Hyundai ix35 Optioneel display voor achteruitrijcamera Links in de binnenspiegel is een 3,5-inch groot display geïntegreerd dat de beelden van de achteruitrijcamera laat zien. Daardoor is eenvoudig te zien of er zich mensen of obstakels achter de auto bevinden tijdens het achteruit rijden.

donderdag 8 november 2012

projectiondesign® releases world’s first ‘panoramic’ DLP® projector.

A unique projector designed for advanced meeting rooms and collaborative spaces in which users are sharing a variety of graphical image content both locally and remotely, the F35 panorama boasts an exceptionally wide image aspect ratio of 21:9 or 2.37:1. In an office environment with an average ceiling height, this enables images as wide as 4m (13’) to be created without the need for edge-blending the output of two separate projectors. Furthermore, the F35 panorama’s flexible input configuration means that it can project simultaneous side-by-side images from two separate high resolution sources, fill an entire screen from a single source, or simply set up a video conference call next to a computer presentation
More information here.

Rise Goes Interactive In Canada.

Bron; www.asukuluk.com Business people attending the 2012 Nunavut Trade Show and Conference in Canada’s high north took advantage of an interactive conference and wayfinding touchscreen fully built and running off the Rise Vision platform. Interactive developer Travis Daley put together all the content elements using Adobe design tools and then scheduled a web gadget to bring the presentation into the Rise Vision platform. “The floor map and interactivity,” explained Daley, “was created with Adobe Edge, it was hosted separately and pulled with the Rise URL Gadget. Live Real-Time Feeds The presentation also included time, weather, shuttle bus information and a social media stream calling from the event’s #NTS2012 Twitter hash tag. Daley borrowed on a Rise presentation’s HTML foundation to experiment with slick multi-page presentations that he says show a lot of promise for future work. Overall, Daley was impressed with Rise and excited about what he might do with it on future projects. “Thanks for making such a great platform.

woensdag 7 november 2012

Microsoft's New Multi-touch, Ink & Pen Tech.

Earlier this year, Microsoft bought Jeff Han's company, founder of Perceptive Pixel. Jeff Hans now works for the Microsoft Office division of the company, where there is a push to bring new and improved large multi-touch displays to the corporate world. With this off-the-desktop move, developers are challenged to develop applications for Windows 8 that will be geared towards supporting collaboration in corporate settings. Jeff Han and Nathan Fish were at Microsoft's "Build" conference recently to give a presentation about the nuts and bolts of the new technology - how it works, and suggestions for design. Although the video presentation is over an hour long, it is worth setting aside some time to watch!

Develop solutions that flow with your customers business - starting with individuals and information workers on their phones, desks or virtual offices, moving into conference rooms, brainstorm areas, boardrooms and common areas. Learn how Microsoft’s new pen and touch capabilities software and hardware will enable you to develop products that will help businesses be more efficient. Have a sneak peak on what our large multi-touch displays (82” and 55”) can bring to your solutions.

Duur van deze videopresentatie is 1.12 uur.
Zeker de moeite waard !! Alles over touch, -multitouch, touch + stylus en schermopbouw.

dinsdag 6 november 2012

Sizo in and outdoor signing heeft in opdracht van winkelcentrum The Wall langs de A2 een zeer opvallende reclamedoek geplaatst. Over een lengte van 600 meter is een doek met alle logo’s van de in het winkelcentrum gevestigde winkelketens gemonteerd. Het doek is niet alleen het langste van Nederland maar is ook een technische innovatie omdat het de golvende lijn van de geluidswal volgt. Het doek valt s’avonds goed op door de verlichting met behulp van 200 LED spots. Deze energie zuinige spots hebben een lichtopbrengst van 500watt, maar gebruiken slechts 35watt. Op deze wijze wordt veel energie bespaart. Reclamedoeken vallen goed op en zijn snel te plaatsen. Door de duurzaamheid van de materialen kunnen deze doeken vele jaren blijven hangen.

maandag 5 november 2012

Live IPAD gaming on building facade.

Are you up for something completely new? This setup combines live 3D mapped projections on the façade of a big building with an IPAD controlled game. Together with Lab101, Famous and some other partners this shooter was custom built and installed in a popular student neighborhood of Ghent. Every student who shot a virtual bottle in the game received a real one afterwards. Interaction, WAW, WOW and fun with the biggest computer game on earth was the result.

Games for Health Europe.

Vandaag en morgen in Amsterdam.

zondag 4 november 2012

Concept: Smart shirt,

T-shirts met Led kennen we al. Met dit onlangs gepresenteerde prototype van een smart shirt, maak je je T-shirten ook nog eens slim en interactief. Dankzij een LED-display, camera, ingebouwde luidspreker en microfoon en een internetverbinding via je Smartphone kun je je T-shirt personaliseren! Of en wanneer het tshirtOS geproduceerd gaat worden is niet bekend, maar de onderstaande video geeft goed weer wat we zouden kunnen verwachten. 1024 LED screen 32 by 32 RGB pixel grid embedded into the fabric of the t-shirt to make a full colour display.

vrijdag 2 november 2012

Horseback Riding in Your Den.

To help older or disabled adults combine therapy with entertainment. Vita Care uses a special chair that sends out stimulation and vibrations synchronized to the movements of a video of an outdoor activity such as horseback riding.

donderdag 1 november 2012

Samsung komt met agressievere aanpak tabletmarkt.

Samsung is van plan een agressieve aanpak op de tabletmarkt toe te passen om van tablets de nieuwe groeifactor te maken binnen de mobiele afdeling van het bedrijf. Dat heeft Robert Yi, hoofd Investor Relations bij Samsung, laten weten aan analisten en investeerders, zo meldt the Wall Street Journal. Samsung is al enkele kwartalen de grootste smartphonefabrikant wat betreft het aantal verkochte toestellen. Het laat bijvoorbeeld Apple achter zich, terwijl Samsung vrij laat groot geworden is.
Op de tabletmarkt wil de Zuid-Koreaanse fabrikant nu dezelfde strategie toepassen. "Samsung richt zich op het uitbreiden van de verkoop van tablets in het vierde kwartaal zodat het de nieuwe groeifactor wordt in onze mobiele afdeling", aldus Yi. Op de tabletmarkt is Samsung nog geen grote speler. Apple blijft de markt met de iPad domineren, maar Samsung gaat vanaf het vierde kwartaal dus een agressievere aanpak toepassen.

ING Belgium can give you a 270-deg projection experience.

Optoma Europe has supplied EX785 projectors for two ambiance projection room installations at the ING Bank in Belgium. ING Bank required the upgrade of two substantial meeting rooms to provide 270-degree ambience projection to help transform the interior experience. In total, 30 EX785 XGA projectors were installed in two rooms. Edge-blending technology produces an image that is over 20 metres wide blended across three sides of the rooms. This provided the ability to create a multifunctional fully-immersive projection experience. In autumn 2012 ING Bank in Belgium decided to upgrade two of their existing meeting rooms for 270 degree ambience projection. Critical to the design brief was the ability to realise the ambience vision within incredibly tight throw distance constraints and the design requirement that off axis projection was needed to avoid shadowing the image. The contractor and AV integrator AV Line, designed and installed two multifunctional AV rooms for ING and were further contracted to create two ambience projection systems. The museum installation company Wave provided additional blending expertise.