vrijdag 29 april 2011

The multitouch microscope.

"The multitouch microscope brings new dimensions into teaching and research. Researchers at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) and Multitouch Ltd have created a hand and finger gesture controlled microscope. The method is a combination between two technologies: web-based virtual microscopy and a giant size multitouch display."
"The result is an entirely new way of performing microscopy: by touching a table- or wall-sized screen the user can navigate and zoom within a microscope sample in the same way as in a conventional microscope. Using the touch control it is possible to move from the natural size of the sample to a 1000-fold magnification, at which cells and even subcellular details can be seen." -Multitouchfi Also see the Multitouch website.

The cheaper, more efficient OLED TV.

Chlorine could be key to the cheaper, more efficient OLED TV of your dreams.
Chlorine -- it's not just for keeping your clothes white and your pool clean anymore! Soon, layers of the stuff, just a single atom thick, could play a pivotal role in OLED manufacturing. Researchers at the University of Toronto have found that this tiny amount of Cl can almost double the efficiency of existing displays while reducing complexity and driving down costs. Using a rather simple procedure involving UV light, the team was able to chlorinate standard electrode panels found in conventional OLEDs without having toxic chlorine gas wafting about. While this is good news for manufacturers, it's even better news for consumers.

support for Microsoft Kinect interactive software solutions

"IntuiLab, a global leader in surface computing software applications, today announced support for the revolutionary Microsoft Kinect device across its full line of IntuiFace products and solutions including IntuiFace Presentation and IntuiFace Commerce...Microsoft Kinect brings distant gesture control to interactive solutions. These gesture controls allow users to interact with displayed digital assets from a distance at their own pace and path – for example, browsing through a large quantity of products in a store catalog or manipulating 3D models (such as a mobile phone) – all without having to actually touch the screen..." -IntuiLab (Take a look at the IntuiLab team- an interactive page!)

EON Reality Launches EON Interact - Interact with 3D Data by Using Your Bare Hands Animation xPress, 3/31/11

donderdag 28 april 2011

Sharp walk-in display.

Bron; www.engadget.co

Overview of Multi-Screen Display System at Huis Ten Bosch
Attraction name: 5D Miracle Tour (in the Thriller Fantasy Museum area)
Open to public: April 29, 2011 (Friday, Japanese public holiday)
Image content: Sirena - Mermaid Legend*
(Length: Approx. 8 minutes; original story based on a mermaid legend from Saipan)
System and technology: PN-V601 60-inch LCD monitors (156 units)
Image transmission system
*Content will change on occasion.

We've seen plenty of building-sized televisions -- like the 80,000-square-foot ceiling screen in Beijing, or that record-breaking monstrosity that the Cowboys installed in Dallas -- but those single-dimension LCD's have nothing on this "5D" cube opening on Friday. Constructed from 156 Sharp 60-inch HD displays, the 5D Miracle Tour can only be found at Huis Ten Bosch, a "residential-style resort built after a medieval 17th-century Dutch town" located in Sasebo City, Japan. The unique attraction accommodates 32 guests at a time, and consists of one main front screen, surrounded by additional panels on the top, bottom, left and right. Lasting eight minutes, the tour presents the story of a mermaid named Sirena, though content will occasionally change -- given the transient nature of mermaids, of course. We've only been able to dream of the modern-day curiosities we'd encounter while visiting 17th-century Holland, but we certainly hope this magical place won't elude us the next time we're near Nagasaki.

woensdag 27 april 2011

JCDeaux: The Latest Interactive Campaigns in Portugal.

In Portugal, JCDecaux Innovate turned some of telecoms operator TMN’s MUPIs in Lisbon and Porto into giant touch-screen telephones. Fitted with wireless communication technology, they allowed passers-by to call free or chat with other TMN subscribers.

dinsdag 26 april 2011

Head mounted display (HMD)

Fraunhofer IPMS has developed a head mounted display (HMD) for gaze triggered augmented-reality (AR) applications. The OLED microdisplay based eyetracking HMD enables wearers to overlay the view of the real world with virtual contents, for example watch videos while jogging. The user does not need to touch the display to control it and can select different videos with eye movement.
The Dresden based Institute for Photonic Microsystems, which develops and fabricates MEMS and OLED devices, will show off the microdisplay at SID Display Week 2011, May 17 to 19 in Los Angeles, USA.

Rigo Herold, PhD student at Fraunhofer IPMS and participant of the development team, said: “This unique device enables the design of a new generation of small AR-HMDs with advanced functionality”.

A demonstrator model will be unveiled at SID 2011 with the following technical specifications:

•Special Eyetracking-Algorithm for HMDs based on bidirectional microdisplays
•Front brightness: > 1500 cd/m²
Herold will present the system at the exhibitor forum at May 17, 2011 4:00 p.m.:

Tegelijk 2D en 3D beelden op een laptop.

Met de Toshiba Qosmio T851 kun zonder bril 3D beelden bekijken. Op zich al bijzonder, maar dat is niet het meest revolutionaire aan deze laptop.
Dat is namelijk de mogelijkheid om gelijktijdig naar 2D beelden en 3D beelden te kijken. Zo kun je een 3D film bekijken en ondertussen in 2D wat mailen of surfen.

En zo heeft de Toshiba Dynobook Qosmio T851 nog wat speciale 3D mogelijkheden zoals de Face3D-techniek. Deze zet gezichten op foto's om naar 3D, maar laat de rest van de foto in 2D staan.
De Qosmio T851 is voorzien van een Core i5-2410M-processor, een GeForce GT540M videokaart, een blu-ray drive en een SpursEngine beeldprocessor. Deze laatste zet 2D beelden om naar 3D.

Juli 2011 moet de Toshiba Dynobook Qosmio T851 in Japan in de verkoop gaan.

vrijdag 22 april 2011


WindMillz Architects is in opspraak bij vrouwelijke collega's vanwege het gebruik van zijn sexueel getinte raamfolie.

donderdag 21 april 2011

Gesture and Multitouch interactive media wall.

Below is a video of an interactive media wall at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, the winner of the 2011 Award of Excellence from the Digtal Screenmedia Association in the category of Best Government/Education/Non-Profit Agency Deployment.

Detailed information about the Discovery Wall, including an overview of the technology, objectives of the deployment, and the positive outcomes of his project can be found on the Digital Screenmedia website.

"Float4 Interactive is a creative technology company that develops interactive systems for entertainment, advertising and design applications."

Interactive technology: Float4 Interactive
Content: Zebra Dog
AV Integration: R2W
Concept: Sensory Interactive

DISCOVERY WALL: 10 X 4 Christie MicroTiles
5496 X 1650 resolution
Gesture + MultiTouch Interaction
2 X RealMotion Servers

dinsdag 19 april 2011

Foto shot april 2011

New silver-packing transparent conductive film.

Bron; www.engadget.com
We first heard of the wonders of silver ink back in 2009, but it wasn't until earlier this year, with talk of 3M's new capacitive touchscreens, that we experienced its real-world potential for display technology. Well, it looks like 3M's not the only name in the Ag game, in fact Tokyo-based Toray Industries recently announced the development of a transparent conductive film that ditches the traditional ITO (indium tin oxide) for silver wire. In order to produce this new material, a layer of Ag wires, measuring several hundred nanometers, is applied to a polyester (PET) film by way of a wet method. The result, the company said, is a more flexible, durable, and transparent film that is well suited to touchscreens of just about any size. There's no word yet on when the film will appear on real-deal devices, but we'll definitely keep an eye out for the silver screens.

Zie hier het persbericht.

zondag 17 april 2011

Interactive Display with 4,500 Streaming Videos,

This video wall streams 4,500 videos through Fusion-io's NAND flash card. It can take care of 1 million transactions per second, the equivalent of 6 gigabytes of throughput per second.

donderdag 14 april 2011

Bridgestone builds world's largest e-paper tablets.

Check out these A4 and A3 paper-sized AeroBee terminals from Bridgestone. The company, best known for its tire commercials featuring adorable animals about to get run over, unveiled two new tablets with 21-inch and 13-inch (underwhelming) color e-paper screens -- the largest available on the market. You can check them out in the video, but don't get too excited, these beasts aren't destined for consumers. Instead, they're being marketed to businesses which will likely use them as in-store displays or kiosks.

Garmin touchscreen horloge.

Bron; www.fan.tv

De Garmin Forerunner 610 is een echt hebbeding. Dit sportieve GPS-horloge beschikt over een touchscreen.Dit betekent dat je met een vinger door de menu's kunt scrollen.

Zoals de naam al aangeeft mikt Garmin met dit GPS-horloge vooral op hardlopers. Deze kunnen trainingsprogramma's en tijden bijhouden op het horloge en via internet deze cijfers met andere sporters vergelijken.

Ook kan het horloge met een optionele hartslagmeter je hartslag meten en je via een vibratiestand laten weten wanneer deze boven een vooraf ingesteld niveau komt. Ook bij een bepaalde afstand of een betaalde snelheid kun je jezelf via de trilfunctie laten waarschuwen.

Het horloge en de touchscreen zijn bestand tegen vocht, zowel in de vorm van regen als in de vorm van zweethanden.

Garmin heeft aangekondigd het horloge nog voor de marathons van Boston en Londen op de markt te brengen. De armin Forerunner 610 gaat in Amerika 350 dollar kosten

woensdag 13 april 2011

Infotainment in der Bergbahn.

In den Schweizer Lenzerheide Bergbahnen ist das europaweit erste Infotainmentsystem in Bergbahnen in Betrieb genommen worden. In 35 Gondeln gibt es Bildschirme. Zusätzlich befinden sich Displays und Videowalls in der Talstation und in den Restaurants. Gezeigt werden, wie auch auf anderen ähnlichen Systemen, Werbung und Informationen zum Skigebiet, der aktuelle Pistenzustand, eine Veranstaltungsvorschau, das Wetter und die Lawinensituation.
Herausforderung bei dem Projekt war die Sicherung einer ständigen Stromversorgung und einer regelmässigen Internetverbindung. Die Software für das System stammt von screenIMAGE.

Das Projekt steht unter der Federführung der deep AG in Chur. Vermarktet wird es von der APG Montagne.

dinsdag 12 april 2011

Lenovo komt met 23-inch tablet.

Bron; www.nu.nl
De Chinese computerfabrikant Lenovo komt dit jaar met een 23-inch tablet die op een bureau en met een toetsenbord gebruikt kan worden maar ook gemakkelijk verplaatsbaar is. Dat maakt William Cai, topman bij Lenovo, bekend tegenover Techradar.

Volgens Cai geeft het bezitten van een computer of laptop én een tablet problemen omdat gebruikers constant moeten wisselen tussen twee apparaten.Een tablet die je zowel als computer op een bureau kan gebruiken als kan verplaatsen en bij je kan hebben op de bank is volgens hem de uitkomst.
Volgens Lenovo is de tablet gebaseerd op een alles-in-een desktop maar het scherm is los te gebruiken en de computer weegt ‘aanzienlijk’ minder dan een normaal exemplaar.

“We werken nu nog aan het verlengen van de batterijduur en het verder verminderen van het gewichtsverlies, maar denken dat er een markt is voor een 23-inch tablet”, aldus Cai. “De tablet is uiteraard niet zo mobiel als kleinere varianten, maar kan in huis gemakkelijk verplaatst worden. Ook is de tablet te combineren met een toetsenboord of te gebruiken als televisie.”

maandag 11 april 2011

New Sony Store.

In addition to celebrity homes, movie studios and walk of fame, Los Angeles can now add one more fun tour bus trivia item to their list. The first newly branded Sony Store in the United States. Announced today, the store is a completely different experience from any Sony in-store encounter you’ve seen to date with a new concept and packed with gadgets to play with.

It would be easy to type out a couple of fancy descriptions telling you about all the fun stuff but we thought we’d step it up and send our SGNL crew to the Westfield Century City shopping mall to give you the grand tour.

23 Awesome Commercial Projectors.

We highlight some great projectors for installs in various venues. Lets face it: for all the designing, programming and various components involved in most commercial installs, the projector often stands out as the tip of the iceberg. It’s what clients see - corporate boardroom clients, education clients, sports bar clients, control room clients, and countless others. Commercial Integrator decided to round up some of the best projector solutions for integrators working in various venues. We chose to highlight some because they’re great for tight, short-throw environments like the Casio XJ-ST155. We picked some take a look here

vrijdag 8 april 2011

donderdag 7 april 2011

OL-521 50" full HD DLP LED-lit projection module.

Barco's 50” OL-521 LED-lit projection module offers an ergonomically excellent viewing experience, with the sharpest and most saturated colors in full HD resolution (1920x1080). The OL-521 video wall has been designed for an entirely maintenance-free operation over several years, without any need for consumables. The OL-521 comes with Sense6, a unique sensor technology that provides brightness and color stability over time and across the entire display. Sense6 continuously measures brightness and color and adjusts the color space to provide an image that is most convenient for the human eye. This means that no maintenance or manual adjustments are needed. Thanks to the small depth of the projection module, the OL-521 video wall can easily be installed in confined spaces. The OL-521's rugged design makes the video wall ideally suited for industrial environments.

Publitec erects 5.7m screen.

A 5.7m wide screen is providing a stunning backdrop to the Publitec stand in hall 9 of Prolight + Sound, Frankfurt. It is created with 12 Sanyo PLC-HF1500 projectors and an AV Stumpfl fast fold screen.

woensdag 6 april 2011

Kinect hack turns tourists into 3D souvenirs.

Bron; www.engadget.com
As souvenirs go, a miniature replica of yourself -- striking a pose of your choosing on Barcelona's La Rambla street -- is a far sight more original than a bullfights-and-senoritas snow globe. This past January, the hilariously titled BlablabLAB enlisted three Kinects and a RepRap machine to snap passersby and render them into personalized tchotchkes, in a project called Be Your Own Souvenir. Subjects stood atop a small platform, mimicking the human statues on La Rambla, as the Kinects captured their likeness in full 360-degree glory. The resulting images were then processed as a mesh reconstruction, saved as a G-code file, and then fed through a 3D printer -- and voila, out popped the tiny statuettes. If you're a fan of flashy editing and Kinect-based street experiments, check out the video.

Be Your Own Souvenir! from blablabLAB on Vimeo.

Local News Team Tricks Anchor Into Licking iPad.

In this heroically coordinated prank by a local news crew, an unsuspecting anchor is tricked into first sniffing, then licking her iPad. You say "piezo-electrics," I say brilliant use of technojumble. Please take note, and hope your less tech-savvy friends haven't seen this clip by the time next April Fool's rolls around.

360-degree video recording to the iPhone 4.

We've seen still photos shot in the round, but wouldn't it be nice to snag some panoramic moving pictures every once in a while too? Well, the folks at EyeSee360 certainly think so, which is why they've given the iPhone 4 some 360-degree video recording capability with the GoPano Micro. Comprised of a plastic case for your handset, a detachable 360-degree lens, and a GoPano app, the system lets iPhone fanboys do a circular pan with the swipe of a finger. That put you in the moviemaking mood? Well, you can't get your hands on one just yet, but the venture has already reached its $20,000 funding goal, so those willing to invest $50 can head over to Kickstarter to reserve one of the first GoPano Micros off the production line

zondag 3 april 2011

Laser Illuminated Projector Association.

The trend seems to be getting serious with a new association being formed by the giants of the projection industry in the US. The Laser Illuminated Projector Association (LIPA) has launched with the goals of explaining the benefits of laser illuminated projectors, advocating for a positive regulatory environment, and developing appropriate training guidelines. The announcement was made today by the LIPA Advisory Committee, composed of industry leaders Barco, Christie Digital, Eastman Kodak, IMAX Corporation, Laser Light Engines, NEC Display Solutions, Necsel/Ushio Ltd., and Sony. “LIPA will provide an important and appropriate vehicle for the industry to work cooperatively in fostering a welcoming business and regulatory environment,” stated Pete Lude of Sony, a member of the advisory committee. “We are excited about actively participating in accomplishing LIPA’s objectives.” In a laser illuminated projector, the light source is a system of red, green and blue (RGB) lasers. Experts have stated that the use of lasers as the illumination source in digital cinema projectors has several important financial and quality benefits over current illumination technology. These benefits include dramatic reduction of operating costs through increased lifetime and reduction of maintenance, uniform image color and intensity, as well as increased 3D brightness. Meer informatie hier .