vrijdag 29 juni 2012

The LED Wall of the Future.

Bron; www.display-central.com
As we all know the professional display market is much smaller than the consumer market, where LCD TVs (and yes some PDPs) rule the world with an iron fist. Just this week a report from NPD Display Search announced that LCD TV shipments fell for the first time ever during Q1’12. This bad news is following poor business performance reports at many display manufacturers throughout 2011. A very logical scenario for these manufacturers is to press into the commercial space by utilizing available capacity of large display fabs as we have seen from many manufacturers over the course of the last few years. But let us take a look at the display landscape as we know it today.

When we plot the pixel pitch in ppi of a display over the screen diagonal we get the indicated curves for different content resolution, as shown in the attached chart. 720p resolution requires the lowest pixel pitch and a QFHD panel the highest. As the screen size increases, the pixel pitch requirement decreases, or in other words, the distance from pixel to pixel increases.

I have also indicated where the current display technologies play in terms of typical screen size and available pixel pitch. LCD displays cover the high resolution, smaller sized displays, followed by PDP, projection and finally the LED wall. Yes, these display technologies do not necessarily address the same applications as there other factors such as brightness and cost have to be taken into consideration. This will continue to be the case and certain applications will select certain display types based on the application requirements.

But LCDs are pushing into territory that so far belonged to PDP and projection. At InfoComm, some other technology also made an impression that threatens projection even more in my opinion. A company named Silicon Core Technology (SCT) demonstrated a LED wall with a pixel pitch of 1.6mm, a much lower number than what we are used to hear from LED wall manufacturers up until now.

To put this into perspective, I have included these new displays in the chart below.

As you can see, the 90-inch LCD display falls right into the PDP territory and threatens projection with a very competitive overall cost proposition.

When we look at the LED display from SCT, this is even more impressive, as it reaches almost the same pixel pitch as the Sharp LCD display with discrete LEDs.

This LED display is by no means perfect or cost competitive today. However, it reaches a pixel pitch that nobody thought would be possible by now.

Will this technology challenge LCD in the display arena? SCT certainly hopes so, and has plans to further decrease pixel pitch by next year.

Aantal tabletgebruikers groeit snel.

Bron: www.sign.nl
In de eerste helft van 2012 is het aantal tabletgebruikers gestegen tot ruim 2,8 miljoen Nederlanders. Dit betekent dat inmiddels 23% van alle personen die wel eens internetten een tablet tot hun beschikking heeft. In december 2011 waren dit nog 1,7 miljoen personen (14%). Per half jaar komen er op dit moment meer dan 1 miljoen gebruikers bij.

Dit blijkt uit de resultaten van het onderzoek ‘Trends in Digitale Media’ van Intomart GfK die vandaag bekend worden gemaakt. Dit onderzoek verschaft inzicht in het gebruik van smartphones en tablets en het mediagebruik op deze apparaten.

iPad voor thuis
De meeste tabletgebruikers hebben een iPad van Apple. Ten opzichte van de andere merken downloaden de iPad gebruikers twee keer zoveel apps als de gebruikers van andere merken. De meest gedownloade media-app op de tablet is Youtube (48%). Ook blijkt dat de tablet meestal thuis wordt gebruikt; 96% geeft een locatie binnenshuis op als een plek waar de tablet het meest wordt gebruikt, 29% noemt ook een locatie buitenshuis. De gebruiksfrequentie van de tablet neemt toe en 73% gebruikt de tablet één of meer keer per dag.

Acer debuts 6,000 lumens single lamp projector

Acer has introduced, in what it is calling a worlds first, a 6,000 lumens single lamp projector. Called the P7215 it can deliver images for 2,000 hours while using 350 watts.

Acer P7215 offers 6000 lumens from one lamp

Acer’s P7215 features native 1024×768 (XGA) resolution and support for up to Full HD signal.

In addition, it is DLP 3D Ready and offers advanced firmware that enables high refresh rates (120 Hz) to render flicker-free 3D experience.

The P7215 also offers Crestron network control and connectivity options such as HDMI, DVI, LAN and dual D-Sub ports.

Acer’s top-loading lamp design means users can replace the lamp even when the projector is ceiling-mounted.

donderdag 28 juni 2012

QR Code Enables Virtual Peephole.

As part of the campaign for Axe Body Spray (strapline - the ultimate weapon to get the girls), the most popular bars and discos in Puerto Rico were given peepholes (QR Codes) which allowed men to peek into the girls bathroom (video below). The QR Codes resolved to steamy videos and if shared on Facebook even steamier videos were unlocked. The results were pretty spectacular; 23% of the target audience peeped daily, there was a 53% increase in social interactions with the brand and a 602% increase in views and feedback on Facebook.

Esprit unveil the first All Olympic LED screen for VISA.

Esprit Digital today unveiled the first of a number of temporary LED and LCD installations at Westfield Stratford.

Esprit were asked by Westfield to design and install a display that looks permanent but that is going to be removed after the olympics. This 6m x 2.7m display is situated at the exit of the Olympic park and it is estimated that over 90% of Olympic visitors will pass through this area daily.

The display adds to the already impressive list of installations that Esprit has at Westfield including the worlds largest video wall and also the worlds thinnest double sided LCD displays, all powered by Scala software.

maandag 25 juni 2012

MIT projection system extends video to peripheral vision.

Bron; www.engadget.com
Researchers at the MIT Media Lab have developed an ambient lighting system for video that would make Philips' Ambilight tech jealous. Dubbed Infinity-by-Nine, the rig analyzes frames of footage in real-time -- with consumer-grade hardware no less -- and projects rough representations of the video's edges onto a room's walls or ceiling. Synchronized with camera motion, the effect aims to extend the picture into a viewer's peripheral vision. MIT guinea pigs have reported a greater feeling of involvement with video content when Infinity-by-Nine was in action, and some even claimed to feel the heat from on-screen explosions. A five screen multimedia powerhouse it isn't, but the team suggests that the technology could be used for gaming, security systems, user interface design and other applications. Head past the jump to catch the setup in action.

zondag 24 juni 2012

LED displays.

Following the Industry’s LED LED displays are hard to miss and seemed to make up the lion’s share of exhibitors at InfoComm 2012’s digital signage zone. This provides clear indication of the growth of indoor/outdoor LED displays. One exhibitor highlighted that in Shenzhen alone, there are over one thousand LED manufacturers. New York’s Times Square and even the Las Vegas Strip provide an excellent show case for this technology. Why did LED-based products play a large role at InfoComm 2012? It’s the only viable technology to provide sunlight readable displays at a reasonable distance. Smaller LEDs are available for close proximity viewing. Historically purchasing LED displays has been an expensive hobby and with demand set to increase, the price will drop and we’ll start seeing more screens being integrated on buildings, billboards and other facilities. With mobile interaction and the integration of social media, the content will undoubtedly set to improve making this technology an exciting platform to work from. Now, all we need is for governments to sign off on making personal information publicly available and we’ll be able to make scenes from the Minority Report a reality - but with various privacy laws that won’t ever happen. Shown is a NanoLumens display at InfoComm 2012

Reclame op (de toe) komst.

De Ster laat weten druk aan het denken te zijn over reclame op tweede schermen van de publieke omroepen, maar vooral ook bij de eigen Ster-reclame op televisie. Reclame kan echt interactief worden. Adverteerders komen ook met eigen toepassingen. Red Bull laat tijdens de spot op tv met een een snowboardwedstrijd op het tweede scherm het filmpje zien maar dan vanuit het gezichtspunt van de snowboarder zien. Bekijk het zelf hieronder.

Bron; www.frankwatching.com
Het synchroniseren van beeld en geluid op beide schermen gebeurt met technologie van het Britse bedrijf Shazam. Dit is vooral bekend van ‘tagging’ en herkenning van muziek in een app die al 200 miljoen keer wordt gebruikt. Door onder meer een samenwerking met American Idol, met de Grammy Awards en Super Bowl kwam Shazam in de markt van tweede schermen terecht. Shazam tekende recent met ITV een exclusieve overeenkomst om adverteerders uitbreiding van hun reclamebereik en interactiviteit te bieden op tweede schermen. Gezien de term ‘Shazam-enabled ads’ wordt er iets van een standaard gezet.

zaterdag 23 juni 2012

EyeClick’s EyePlay game platform.

The EyePlay game platform has been set up in the ZONE 525 Games Room at the Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa. This virtual playground comes from EyeClick, a world leader in interactive technology. When children move on the projected display, it activates and becomes a captivating interactive environment.

The EyePlay transforms the floor into a play space for up to 15 participants. Colorful graphics and sounds are projected onto floors and walls through games that are downloaded to a console. EyePlay is a safe form of entertainment that is appropriate for ages 2 and up. Cutting-edge MotionAware technology powers the EyeClick and reacts when it detects movement.

The Brookstreet Hotel chose to install the Gold Package, which includes 30 graphically intense games. Options available include everything from sports focused games like “Super Soccer” and “Ice Hockey” to music games such as “Piano,” “Drums” and “Disco Floor.” Children can play educational oriented games on the EyePlay like “Capitals” and “Solar System.” Meike Buechler, Marketing Manager for the Brookstreet Hotel, remarked, “Since implementation, the EyeClick game has been a huge success in our newly created games room. We see not only the little kids play for hours, but we also see grown-ups from neighboring businesses come to the hotel for lunch and then stop at ZONE 525 for a quick and fun game of soccer or hockey.”

donderdag 21 juni 2012

Led-gevel Ziggo Dome in gebruik.

De officiële opening van het gloednieuwe Ziggo Dome mag dan voor 24 juni aanstaande gepland staan, nu al vormt de revolutionaire concertlocatie een lichtpunt in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. Letterlijk, wel te verstaan. Sinds eind vorige week is namelijk de led-gevel van het gloednieuwe gebouw in gebruik, die Ziggo Dome in de wijde omgeving zichtbaar maakt.

Ultieme live beleving
Ziggo Dome luidt een nieuwe periode van concertbeleving in. Het gebouw is niet alleen een architectonisch hoogstandje, maar werd vanaf de eerste schets ontwikkeld met een bijzonder doel voor ogen: het creëren van de ultieme live beleving.

Indrukwekkende cijfers
Kosten noch moeite werden gespaard, wat een aantal indrukwekkende cijfers oplevert. De buitenzijde van het gebouw bestaat uit 120.000 pixels van elk zeven led-lampjes wat een totaal maakt van 840.000 led-lampen. Tevens maken 500.000 lampjes de gevel tot een high resolution Video Wall.

Nieuw hoofdstuk in muziekgeschiedenis
Ziggo Dome is op dusdanige wijze ontworpen, dat het aan elke gelegenheid kan worden aangepast. Of het nu gaat om de kleur en sfeer van verlichting, de grootte van de zaal of zeer specifieke eisen op het gebied van geluidskwaliteit. Ziggo Dome tekent vanaf 24 juni aanstaande voor een nieuw hoofdstuk in de muziekgeschiedenis.

Pufferfish takes spheres interactive and goes high res.

Bron; www.InAVateonthenet.net
Ben Allan, marketing director of Pufferfish, reveals the company's new interactive sphere and high resolution sphere, outlining some innovative new applications for both products.

woensdag 20 juni 2012

McDonalds in Poland.

Here is a smart campaign idea from McDonalds in Poland by DDB Warsaw, which has just won some acclaim at Cannes.

At the Central Station of Warsaw, Poland, McDonalds integrated their menu into the train timetable. The timetable not only showed up-to-date schedule information but also showed how many items from the menu you had time for depending on how long you had to wait for your train. If you were delayed by 20 minutes it showed that you would have time for a cheeseburger and some fries. This is a clever way to capture users attention when they are likely to be waiting around. McDonalds saw an increase of 4,500 extra customers in the first month after installing the new timetable.

Sharp presenteert 'grootste led-tv ter wereld'

Bron; www.nu.nl
Sharp heeft maandag in New York naar eigen zeggen de grootste led-televisie ter wereld geïntroduceerd. De tv heeft een schermdiagonaal van 90 inch en kan overweg met 3d.

Deze Aquos LC-90LE745U heeft een beelddiagonaal van 90 inch, omgerekend 2,29 meter. Daarmee heeft het nieuwe scherm volgens Sharp een driemaal zo groot beeldoppervlak als een televisie van 55 inch. Met zijn enorme schermformaat is de televisie overigens niet de dunste: het toestel is ruim 10 centimeter dik.

Met zijn gewicht van 64 kilo is de tv echter eenvoudig aan de muur te hangen, aldus Sharp in een persbericht.

De televisie geeft beelden weer in full-hd resolutie. Ook kan het apparaat 3d-beelden weergeven middels actieve-sluiterbrillen, waarvan er twee worden meegeleverd. Het toestel is inmiddels verkrijgbaar in de VS, waar de prijs 11.000 dollar bedraagt. Of de 90-inch televisie ook in Nederland uitkomt, is nog niet bekend.
During The Society for Information Display (SID), the leading global organization dedicated to the advancement of electronic display products and display, Dimenco received a Best in Show Award 2012.

Dimenco shows glasses-free 3D displays at SID 2012. www.dimenco.eu

dinsdag 19 juni 2012

Surface van Microsoft

A tablet that's a unique expression of entertainment and creativity.
A tablet that works and plays the way you want.
A new type of computing. Surface.

Softwaregigant Microsoft brengt een eigen tablet op de markt. De Surface werd maandag gepresenteerd en gaat de concurrentiestrijd aan met de iPad van Apple.

the full video from the company's event, embedded below

The Popcorn Hour S-300 DMP.

Bron; www.dailydooh.com
The Popcorn Hour S-300 – described as a small-sized and powerful digital signage solution utilizing the latest Sigma Design SMP8671 chipset, from Syabas Technology Inc. is the latest DMP to come to our attention.

It’s a small, fanless design for displaying full 1080p HD video and photos and the obligatory it seems support for weather, twitter, and RSS feeds in a multi-zone format on the screen itself.

The Popcorn Hour S-300 comes with a 4GB USB drive for local storage or can play centralised playlists from a network.
The MSRP for the Popcorn Hour S-300 will be EURO 249 in the European Union (including VAT)

The Ultimate Technology Mash-Up.

The famed interactive agency, Second Story, has recently completed a technology demonstration using Planar’s proprietary and completely-transparent electroluminscent display technology. In this mash up captured on video, you will see a Planar transparent display used with head tracking technology to create interactivity.

Planar’s transparent EL displays are a fresh approach to transparent with wide viewing angles and crisp graphics. These features are on display in the Second Story Labs as they created a virtual object in space with compelling results.

Second Story Interactive Studio was established in 1994 and since then has garnered over 400 industry awards, been featured at SXSW and Sundance Festivals, and they have had two projects inducted into the Smithsonian’s Permanent Research Collection. Recognized by the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and the White House, Second Story is a pioneer in the combination of art and technology.

maandag 18 juni 2012

EIT Bubblescreen.

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) ICT Labs and MultiTouch Ltd. present an almost five-meter long interactive dual-action wall at CeBIT 2012. Reseachers have solved the problem how to attract people to use the multitouch display wall. The multitouch wall with 3D motion sensing cameras reacts to new potential users passing by and lures them to touch the wall and explore the content when they approach it.

On the interactive wall made of eight MultiTaction® Cell 55" modular multi-user touch displays and four Microsoft Kinect® 3D motion sensing cameras, visitors can playfully learn about EIT ICT Labs activities using a user interface developed by EIT ICT Labs researchers.

France: BMW’s Flagship Store in Paris Showcases Digital Vortex.

BMW has recently opened a flagship store on the Avenue George V in Paris. The store, designed by the architect Eric Carlson, is full of digital systems: 3D configurators, touch screens, tablets, LCD mirror and … Digital Vortex

Created by Oyez!, the vortex are ‘round vehicle exposure platforms’, featuring one circular LED screen and 30 aluminum stems with LED diodes embedded, allowing the creation of different visual scenarios.

The aim: to place the presented models in the limelight and in context, transmitting a feeling of speed, movement, and landscape

The four vortex systems have been made interactive through the installation of 24 lasers across the entire store. The lasers activate the launch of different scenarios (the turning on of devices, content and light intensity changes…) based on a set of predefined parameters (footfall, visitors’ movements…).

The four platforms are inter-connected, being able to work in or out of sync to create different atmospheres.

Valéry Héneaux, the General Manager of the store, can also take control of the system and select the different scenarios to be played via a dedicated iPad app.

donderdag 14 juni 2012

Manchester Airport T1 Pre Security Holograms

Manchester Airport T1 Pre Security Holograms.

woensdag 13 juni 2012

Live Digital Samsung LFD Matrix Video Wall.

Live Digital Samsung LFD Matrix Video Wall - Samsung LFD showcases how the correct digital signage software along with multiple displays can be designed in anyway or form to capture an audience. Live Digital - See the Difference

Wexler Flex One E-Reader comes with LG E-Paper display.

My waiting has ended once with the advent of the first device widely available with flexible screen. Yes, this is Wexler Flex One E-Reader. This uses LG technology for displaying images, a 6-inch monocrom bendable screen Don’t think about it’s a device which can be rolled and put in a pocket. No, is not so far, but is a first step in mass production of flexible devices.
Flex One E-Reader comes with a plastic cover that surrounding the display with a thickness of 0.7mm. The thin screen has a low power consumption and also has a lightweight of 14 grams.
LG screen do not respond to touch, the only possibility to navigate is to use the device menu. There are rumors about new devices with such screen available soon.

dinsdag 12 juni 2012

Tactus makes physical buttons appear and disappear from touchscreens.

Bron: www.inavateonthenet.net
A haptic technology that permits users to interact with a touch screen via dynamic, physical buttons that rise from the display has been showcased at SID Display Week 2012 in Boston, USA. Tactus Technology says its Tactile Layer component can make real physical buttons, guidelines or shapes rise out of a surface and recede to invisibility from any touchscreen.

Tactus joined forces with Touch Revolution to showcase a prototype system on a Google Android tablet. The companies offered hands-on demonstrations within the I-Zone at Display Week 2012.

The company microfluidic technology to create physical buttons that rise from the touchscreen to give users the experience of operating a physical keyboard. When no longer needed, the buttons recede back into the touchscreen, leaving no trace of their presence.

According to the company: "The Tactile Layer panel is a completely flat, transparent, dynamic surface that adds no extra thickness to the standard touchscreen display since it replaces a layer of the already existing display stack. Tactus enables manufacturers to create devices with entirely new ergonomics and form factors, since the screen and the keyboard can now be combined.

maandag 11 juni 2012

Corning unveils slim, flexible Willow Glass.

That is not plastic in the image above, it's glass. In particular it's a sheet of Corning's new 100-micron-thick Willow Glass, a new ultra-thin and flexible substrate for LCDs and OLEDs. The extreme thinness of the glass should lead to lighter, svelter devices, but it also means that shape is no longer a barrier for design. In fact, Corning expects Willow Glass will eventually lead substrates to be manufactured "roll-to-roll" instead of "sheet-to-sheet" -- similar to how newspapers are printed. Even though the glass is as thin as paper (literally) it doesn't give up its patented Corning toughness. Though, we wouldn't subject this to the same sort of abuse that the more brolic Gorilla Glass is built to withstand. Willow will start showing up in smartphones first, but the company is already looking into additional applications, such as solar cells and lighting.

zaterdag 9 juni 2012

Augmented Reality and Virtual Shoe Fitting on a Ströer Digital Advertising Screen.

In April, the kempertrautmann agency designed and deployed a virtual fitting solution for the Görtz shoe chain in the middle of Hamburg Central Station.

The solution is based on three Microsoft Kinect devices and a large screen. Customers can select the pairs that he would like to try by contact-free interaction, then, see the results on his feet thanks to an augmented reality function.

If the fitting is successful, then the customer can flash a QR code with his smartphone to access the online Görtz store and proceed to purchase the pair of his choice. He can also upload a series of pictures to Facebook to share the experience and ask friends their advice.

It is especially interesting to note that instead of setting up a dedicated screen, the operation uses one of Ströer’s Out-of-Home Channel screens.

Bron; http://en.ooh-tv.com

vrijdag 8 juni 2012

De vliegmaatschappij Scoot Pte heeft alle televisies in hun vliegtuigen vervangen door iPads, zo schrijft Bloomberg. Hierdoor zou niet alleen het gewicht van het vliegtuig met 7 procent zijn verminderd, nadat het aantal plekken aan boord met 40 procent was toegenomen. De iPads bevatten een aantal films, muziek, games en televisie-programma’s om tijdens de vlucht te bekijken of beluisteren. Een draadloos systeem moet er in de toekomst voor zorgen dat er vanuit het vliegtuig nieuwe content naar de iPad gestreamd kan worden.

Scoot Pte is een budgetvliegmaatschappij die tussen Australië, China, Singapore en Thailand vliegt. De iPads worden geïnstalleerd in de vier Boeing 777′s van de maatschappij. Omdat Scoot Pte in de komende jaren wil uitbreiden naar 14 vliegtuigen, zal ook het aantal iPads waarschijnlijk toenemen. De maatschappij bespaart op de lange termijn, omdat het gewichtsverlies ervoor zorgt dat er minder brandstof wordt verbruikt. Passagiers in business class kunnen de iPads gratis gebruiken, terwijl reizigers in economy 17 dollar moeten betalen om ze te huren.
Hoewel de iPads van Scoot Pte niet veel effect zullen hebben op vluchten vanuit Nederland, is het interessant om te zien hoe andere vliegmaatschappijen er gebruik van maken. De iPad heeft dezelfde mogelijkheden die veel entertainmentsystemen aan boord bieden, maar is tegelijkertijd een stuk compacter en soms ook goedkoper. Daarnaast hoef je geen systeem in te bouwen, omdat het personeel de iPads gewoon aan boord kan uitdelen aan passagiers. Het lijkt een kwestie van tijd totdat meer vliegmaatschappijen ook de iPad zullen inzetten

LG brengt het EK Voebal in 3D naar Scheveningen.

De sponsor van het populaire tv-programma Voetbal International-Oranje plaatst 3D televisies in het LG 3D Supportershome. Daarnaast plaatst de elektronicafabrikant 3D televisies in veertig strandpaviljoens. De paviljoens met 3D televisie zijn te herkennen aan de oranje LG beachflag voor de deur.

Evenals de studio van VI-Oranje, is het 3D Supportershome gevestigd in het Supportershome in het Kurhaus. Supporters kunnen hier de wedstrijden van Oranje volgen onder het genot van bier en bitterballen. Kaarten zijn te winnen via de website van de VI-Oranje 3D voetbalgame of gratis bij aankoop van een LG Cinema Screen tv.

maandag 4 juni 2012

Frozen Planet.

BBC Augmented Reality Brings Arctic Animals To Life In Local Malls

To promote its new DVD ‘Frozen Planet,’ BBC Home Entertainment partnered with Appshaker to launch its first Augmented Reality Tour in the U.S. Across various shopping malls, animals seen on the series were brought to life on the big screen using augmented reality technology. The impressive display allowed consumers to interact with the realistic-looking animals.

This marketing campaign was similar to what Disney did at Times Square, where cartoon characters interacted with people on screen through augmented reality.

zaterdag 2 juni 2012

ITU lays out recommendations on 3DTV.

Bron; www.engadget.com
The ITU has stayed busy, as we mentioned earlier it met to hammer out standards for UHDTV (Ultra High Definition TV), and also recently announced a new set of recommendations for 3DTV. On the 3D front it focused on standardization for delivering video in both 720 and 1080 line formats, digital interfaces used for studio production and methods to evaluate quality based on picture quality, depth and comfort levels. As far as UHDTV which is still quite a bit further off, the group has decided the term will cover both 4K and 8K (aka Super Hi-Vision) resolution video, as multiples of the existing 1080p standard. That means Quad Full HD (QFHD, or 3840x2160 resolution) and Digital Cinema 4K resolution (4096x2160) both fall under the umbrella of 4K (check the aspect ratios to see where the "missing" pixels went, or have a listen to this week's podcast. We've got a video with Study Group Chairman Christoph Dosch discussing the future possibilities of both 3DTV and UHDTV, as well as press releases with a few extra details.

vrijdag 1 juni 2012

LG lanceert 's wereld dunste OLED-TV.

Bron; www.dutchcowboys.nl

Technology LG heeft vorige week in Monaco 's werelds dunste 55"-OLED-tv (EM9600) met een 4mm 'dik' scherm gelanceerd. Het bedrijf noemt het de nieuwe standaard en wie het scherm ziet kan zich daar wel iets bij voorstellen. Niet alleen is het scherm maar 4mm maar ook de rand om het Cinema Screen scherm is slechts 1mm. Dit laatste heeft vooral een positief effect bij 3D vertoningen.

Als je dit nieuwe scherm en de specificaties vergelijkt met de oude vertrouwde televisie uit de jaren 60 of met de huidige generatie van LCD en LED (flatscreen) televisies staat versteld van de voortdurende vooruitgang van schermkwaliteit. Nimmer was een beeldscherm zo dun en zo scherp. Het is nu nog wachten op transparante schermen (Glass project) of de virtuele (holografische) schermen zoals deze nu al in TV Series worden getoond. OLED en de manier waarop LG dit nu introduceert is zonder meer vernieuwend.

Een superdunne televisie betekent ook dat je een oplossing moet zoeken voor het geluid en alle denkbare aansluitingen. LG heeft dit bij de EM9600 opgelost door de speakers en o.a. drie usb- en vier hdmi-poorten in de voet van het toestel te stoppen. Hierdoor blijft de geluidskwalitiet wel wat achter bij de zeldzame specificaties van de televisie zelf.

Meer info vindt u hier.