donderdag 31 mei 2012

UCView Digital Signage Content On Demand Feature.

UCView feature which allows Video on Demand capability. Combining digital signage with handheld devices, VOD allows for stored content to be displayed on a digital signage monitor. This feature allows for network operators to access ads, apps, and other content which have been stored in their library. Customers can use a mobile device to obtain content, schedules, employee training videos, and more with a touch of a button. Using just a handheld device, the Video on Demand feature allows for updates to be added in just seconds!

woensdag 30 mei 2012

Google-bril / Project Glass.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin wears his much-rumored Google Glass during an hour-long interview on The Gavin Newsom Show. After demonstrating how the glasses work, he and his wife, Anne Wojcicki—co-founder of 23andMe—discuss gene mapping for preventative healthcare, and Sergey’s role with Google X, the search company’s special research division.

Watch the full interview this Friday, June 1, on Current TV.
De zoekgigant ontwikkelt de bril onder de naam Project Glass. Uit de korte video die online is gezet, blijkt dat de bril bestuurd wordt met een trackpad op de poot. Daarmee kan de gebruiker in ieder geval twee kanten op bewegen.

De volledige uitzending wordt 1 juni uitgezonden. Brin laat daarin weten dat hij hoopt dat de Google-bril misschien al volgend jaar op de markt kan verschijnen

Will Smart TV take over digital signage systems ?

A few years ago (2005), Google filed a patent titled “Allocating advertising space in a network of displays” and during this period I noticed there was a bit of panic in the digital signage industry. Everyone was asking “Why would Google get into the digital signage market?”. With the increasing popularity of Smart Tvs I have started to realise why Google filed for the patent – the answer is Google TV.

The are also now screen manufacturers who have realised the potential of integrating digital TVs with the web and are also getting on board with releasing TVs that are capable of running web 2.0 applications e.g Samsung ua55es8000 55″ LED 3d Smart-TV Web enabled and LG.

I have also noticed that there are now a few digital signage companies developing digital signage applications for Smart TVs and I strongly believe this could be the future of digital signage for both a business and residential environment especially in a few years time when the cost of these screens are more affordable (could even be cheaper that a digital signage solution).

Here’s a video to show you some of the capabilities of a Smart TV:

Digital Signage 2012.

Een middag vol inspiratie, informatie en contacten, met prikkelende verhalen van collega ondernemers. Het ideale podium, om ook uw ideeën te bespreken met collega’s en experts. Voel, ruik, zie en ervaar de energie die deze Digital Signage branche uitstraalt

Follow The Speed

Beeldschermen vormen de gateway naar een andere wereld. Gevuld met informatie, reclame en entertainment vangen ze telkens weer onze aandacht. In Nederland hangen nu zo'n 40.000 beeldschermen in het openbare domein; in het winkelcentrum, bij het tankstation, in de tram, op de sportschool en in het stadion. En het einde is nog lang niet in zicht. Toch lopen we in Nederland behoorlijk achter in vergelijk met het buitenland.

Daar komt bij dat alles bliksemsnel verandert, zeker ook in het beeldschermen landschap.
Nieuwe technieken, nieuwe producten, andere toepassingen, miniaturisering en prijsdalingen, dunner en groener. Met het congres Digital Signage 2012 volgen we de laatste ontwikkelingen en bent u weer helemaal bij.

We …….Follow The Speed !

Plaats                          Miele Inspirience Centre
Datum                         Donderdag 7 juni 2012

Tijd                              12.30 - 19.00 uur

Organisatie Digital Signage Nederland ( DiSiN )
Magenta Publishing
Aanmelden via;

dinsdag 29 mei 2012

Digital Signage Interactivity with SMS technology.

The adoption of digital signage interactivity with SMS technology is an area that has gone unnoticed and the opportunities of this technology is endless.

Why would businesses need to start thinking about these technologies?

It’s simple, everyone carries a mobile phone and everyone knows how to send a SMS message. So if you want your business to use digital signage to interact with your customers, visitors, staff or employees then you need to start thinking about using a technology everyone knows how to use. Yes… I know your probably thinking that SMS is old technology and that newer technologies like QR codes are becoming more popular but we all know that SMS works and compared to QR systems you don’t need a smartphone and an application on the smartphone.

How can this technology be used for your business?

There are many ways this technology can be used for your business. It can be as simple as getting your customers to send an SMS to receive additional information about a product, marketing campaign or even to receive discount coupons upon viewing an advertisement on the digital screens. If you think from a marketing perspective capturing information is useful and important. With this information you can also measure the success of the advertisement or campaign – this is great for advertisers.

Now, if you really want your customers or viewers to interact with the screen by changing content that is being displayed and sending back a message to the sender then SMS technology is your answer. We call this two way interaction – just imagine your business is a restaurant and your venue played music video. You can now let your patrons be in control of what music videos gets played next.
Click on this link to view some examples: SMS interactivity examples

LG Display debuts five-inch Retina Display killer.

Smartphone displays are becoming larger in size, and along with that, we're seeing a nice trend that's bringing greater pixel density. While LG Display's newly-announced 1080p HD mobile display isn't the most pixel dense that we've seen -- a distinction that belongs to Toshiba -- the five-inch panel is more appropriate for consumer applications and boasts an impressive pixel density of 440ppi. Its 16:9 aspect ratio was designed with HD content in mind, and the LCD technology isn't anything to sneeze at, either: it's a variant of IPS known as Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching (AH-IPS), which is said to boast wide viewing angles, fast response times and improved brightness efficiency. Best yet, it seems that consumers won't have long to wait before the panel works its way into consumer technology -- the five-inch HD display is set for availability during the second-half of this year.

Volgens LG kunnen individuele pixels niet meer met het blote oog worden onderscheiden. Bovendien moet AH-IPS (Advanced High Performance In-Plan Switching) zorgen voor betere kijkhoeken en kleuren. Daarnaast zou het scherm sneller reageren op aanrakingen.

maandag 28 mei 2012

Robot hostess FURo.

French company ODM Technologies has signed an exclusive deal with Korea’s Future Robot, for European distribution of their robot hostess FURo.

The concept integrates a variety of digital media – as well as the face which is animated by a screen, the robot has two digital touch-screens. The front screen provides access to a variety of services.

According to its designers, FURo is capable of autonomous movement and vocal recognition and synthetic speech (in up to 30 languages), which make it deal for welcoming, guiding and informing visitors. It also features a smart card reader and a printer, so that it can carry out transactions, such as sales, ticketing, etc.

FURo is currently deployed in shopping centres, hospitals, shops and museums in South Korea.

zaterdag 26 mei 2012

Interactive World Map.

Digital media specialist ThisPlays2 has equipped Connections’ new concept store with a state-of-the-art 19 screen video wall, shaped like a world map. It shows a mix of photos, videos of travel destinations, social media and live data feeds meant to encourage clients to dream and to travel.
ThisPlays2, software editor YCD Multimedia, interior designers and Connection’s IT and Marketing departments all worked jointly on this project.

vrijdag 25 mei 2012

Mozayo multi touch hardwood table is for geeky homes.

With a vision for the ultimate fusion of artistically designed high-end furniture with the most cutting edge multi-touch technology, a privately held firm based in Orange County, Mozayo is now at the forefront of introducing one of the most immersive, and intuitive luxury electric piece the world has ever seen, the multi-touch hardwood table. However, we have earlier seen some of the high-tech coffee tables, along with other examples like the Microsoft surface, the Wilkhakhn touchscreen conference tables, and the Stardust multimedia table with dual-touchscreen. But, the Mozayo multi-touch table, developed through rigorous and continued technological research and development and integration, is an ultimate functional table taking luxury home furnishing to an entirely new level.

The modern, technologically boastful and practically purposeful, the Premium Series M32 features a large 32” Liquid Crystal Display that boasts a resolution of 1377x768, delivering an incredible image quality for viewing all multimedia content. Equipped with premium Dell commercial grade system, the table is supported by Intel i5 Quad Core 2400 processor with 4GB RAM and disc space of 250GB. Additionally, the Mozayo’s integrated IR Touch technology enables a truly responsive and intuitive multi-touch experience to the user, as the multi-touch tracking system operates smoothly under any ambient light conditions, that too, with up to 6 simultaneous touches. Easy to connect; user can connect the table via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet, Mic-in and Audio-Out ports.

donderdag 24 mei 2012

Control with your phone.

visitors to Westfield Shopping Centre in London’s White City area, will be able to play an interactive, multiplayer driving game. The game allows drivers to compete against each other using the Screach app (iOS, Android and BlackBerry), and it’s motion-controlled, triggering the user’s on-screen car when a steering motion is made with the mobile device.
Shoppers can interact with the game by downloading the Screach app and entering code ‘60’ into the keypad. Their device then turns into a controller for the driving game.

Gamers can select from a number of car models and colours before making their way along the race route, competing against other users. Called the 60 Second Challenge, the drive simulates America’s Route 66, allowing users to collect tokens along the way.

Paul Rawlings, CEO of Screenreach Interactive, said:
“Swiftcover is using Screach to deliver something truly innovative to its consumers. By converging these two media platforms and using our motion control and multiplayer functionality they are really going that extra mile to capture the imagination of consumers.”

What’s even more interesting is that users can connect to the app through Facebook, and have their Facebook profile picture featured on the screen, as well as post news of their activity to their Facebook profile. Of course, the profiling features will also enable Swiftcover to glean more information from consumers and how they’re interacting with the brand.

woensdag 23 mei 2012

Axe Creatief : Revolving Doors

Images of different women were placed on revolving doors. Every time the doors were turned it appeared as the guy is sleeping with a different girl.

dinsdag 22 mei 2012

Why Touch, When You Can Point ?

Mainstream gesture-based technology for digital signage may take another step forward with the introduction of the Leap, an iPod-sized 3-D motion control device that lets users control their computers by gesturing with their hands instead of using a keyboard or mouse and is slated for release this winter for a retail price of only $70.

David Holz, CTO, and Michael Buckwald, CEO, co-founders of San Francisco-based startup Leap Motion, claim the Leap is accurate to within 1/100 of a millimeter and 200 times more sensitive than existing motion-sensing technologies.

"The biggest thing that other technologies can't do that we can, is track fingers and track them really accurately. Doing that requires deep, sub-millimeter tracking with multiple fingers and there's just no other technology in the world that's capable of doing that," Buckwald said in an ABC News interview.

Though the device was designed for desktop and laptop computer displays, we wonder why it couldn't be incorporated into place-based digital screens or kiosks, making them not only touch-free but also contamination-free.

We realize other touch-free technologies exist and are already in use on digital signage, but none of the devices we've seen is as compact as the Leap. We would also be surprised if any of these technologies matches the Leap in price.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

maandag 21 mei 2012

Samsung Transparent Displays 22" - Showcase Lightbox from Crystal Displays.

The video above gives a preview of our new 22″ showcase lightbox due to launch in May.
Features & Benefits:
  • UK Design & Manufacture
  • Plug and Play solution
  • Optimised white high performance LED lighting for energy efficiency
  • High resolution Samsung Transparent LCD
  • Thermally toughened protective glass
  • Powder coated sheet metal construction
  • Optional IR Touchscreen
  • Optional HD Media Player
  • Optional multicolour LED lighting
  • Optional external branding (custom colours / screen printing, logos etc)

Meer informatie hier.

Person of Interest interactive digital signage

This was an interactive outdoor advertising campaign done by Inwindow Outdoor for Purina Beneful brand Dog Food. It took place in the Columbus Circle subway station in New York City as well as high-traffic locations in LA, Atlanta, Chicago and St. Louis. Users could play fetch with their virtual dog, customize its look and have a picture taken with it as well.

vrijdag 18 mei 2012

interactive dog park.

Digital signage is turning a New York City subway station into an interactive dog park where commuters can play fetch with virtual dogs.

The new interactive branding campaign for Nestle Purina PetCare Company's Beneful brand dog food launched by Inwindow Outdoor kicked off recently in New York City's Columbus Circle subway station, and similar installations will roll out this month to Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and St. Louis.

The Columbus Circle installation features a 64-foot-long interactive, motion-tracking digital billboard owned by CBS Outdoor. According to a release from Beneful, the billboard's virtual, animated dogs will start following commuters as they pass by, pawing at the screen and yipping to get passersby to stop for a game of virtual fetch. The campaign also has a social media aspect, as participants in the promo "can also customize the dog of their choosing and access their photo using a mobile device to share on their social networks and on," according to the announcement.

"Beneful really wanted to talk about how their brand should be associated with play," Inwindow Outdoor CEO Steve Birnhak told Mashable. "People can walk past and are 'assigned' a dog that will try to engage the passerby and when they do, there will be a pile of tennis balls on the screen."

woensdag 16 mei 2012

100,000 LEDS spheres were floating down.

MAY 6TH 2012

This festival of LED lights was held May 6th, 2012.
It was an incredible event where 100,000 LEDS spheres were floating down the Sumida river giving a beautiful spectacle.

dinsdag 15 mei 2012

Microsoft's MirageTable gives videoconferencing an AR boost.


Microsoft is pushing the boundaries of videoconferencing with a 3D, Kinect-based interactive solution. MirageTable allows sharing and interaction with real and virtual objects using a Kinect sensor, a curved screen and a 3D projector. Researchers, led by Hrvoje Benko, previewed the solution on the Mircrosoft Research site and recently presented it at the Computer-Human Interaction (CHI) conference in Austin, Texas.

The Kinect sensor records 3D images of the user, which are then displayed on the curved screen using the 3D projector.
Researchers explain that this allows users to make virtual copies of real-world objects and interact with them without the need for gloves or other tracking devices.

More inf here

maandag 14 mei 2012

LED alphanumeric displays making strides.

Manufacturers of LED displays are continuing to improve their quality

Article Image
Manufacturers of LED displays in China are continuing to strengthen their offerings in the home appliance, industrial control and traffic system sectors.
The creators of alphanumeric displays are developing high-temperature variants and products that are able to withstand temperatures up to 105 degrees C.
More releases can render brighter and clearer alphanumeric figures yet have low power and longer life span.
These have 7.1 to 101.6mm-high characters, 565 to 635nm wavelength and 2,000 to 3,900mcd luminous intensity. The units can last more than 50,000 hours.
While the advances are being made, makers are continuing to create small, lightweight and shock-resistant products.
Manufacturers are confident that the products will continue to expand in the near future, as economic conditions in Europe and the US are not having a major impact on growth.
China's exports of LED products rose by 25 per cent in 2011, and are expected to continue to rise by 30 per cent in the months ahead, thanks to government aid, which subsidizes about a third of all LED development costs.

Touchable Displays Of The Future.

These Fraunhofer microprojectors are still quite a ways off from being implemented into real phones, but the technology is certainly interesting. Based on an insect’s compound eye, the projector is a wafer of tiny LEDs that can twist and turn depending on position. This means there is no “keystoning” and the beams striking the surface will always be “crisp and clear.”

“Our projector consists of hundreds of tiny microprojectors in an array, each of which generates a complete image,” said Marcel Sieler, a researcher. “This technology, known as ‘array projection,’ is modeled on nature – on the compound eye found in some insects – and with it for the first time we can create very thin and bright LED projection systems with tremendous imaging properties.”

In short, the screen geometry changes with the position of the projector. Using the phone’s position sensor the projector calculates the optimum angle for each micro-array.

By adding infrared beams to the mix, the researchers have been able to make the screens touch sensitive, allowing you to tap, swipe, and select items on any surface. Because the arrays are very small you could feasibly stuff these into a phone or even a smart surface that interacts directly with a mobile device.

The company will display the system this month but don’t expect it in your phones for a while. The future, as they say, is here. It’s just not evenly distributed.
Bron; Fraunhofer

zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Digital billboard + mobile + social.

I think this is a great formula. The holy grail, in fact.
This is where I see the real potential in truly using the places and things around us to engage. Not just through one, but all three.

This target group in particular always has their smartphone with them. We set up a digital billboard that became a virtual basketball hoop for passers-by. They were able to throw a virtual basketball by moving their smartphones.

ING recently created one such experience in Germany:

donderdag 10 mei 2012

Epson EH-TW480 beamer.

Met het EK2012 voor de deur lijkt het een ideaal moment om een beamer aan te schaffen. De Epson EH-TW480 levert op papier uitstekende specificaties voor een bescheiden prijs. Hoe zit het met de praktijk?De EH-TW480 wordt geleverd met een draagtas en is licht genoeg om naar vrienden mee te nemen en aldaar een mooie, witte muur uit te zoeken. Hoewel een scherm natuurlijk beter is, vinden wij het zeker geen straf om een paar uur lang filmpjes te kijken op een kale muur. Misschien komt dat door de goede lichtopbrengst van de projector (2800 lumen), waardoor hij in een verduisterde kamer een helder, scherp beeld neerzet. Overdag is het wat meer behelpen, maar zelfs in een zonovergoten kamer weet de Epson EH-TW480 nog een zichtbaar beeld te projecteren.

Epson EH-TW480 beeldkwaliteit
In het algemeen vinden we de beeldkwaliteit van de EH-TW480 hd-ready (720p) projector erg goed. Het contrast is prima en de kleuren zijn mooi. De beamer maakt gebruik van lcd-projectie, waardoor zwart niet zo diep is als bij dlp-projectoren, maar van het dlp-typische regenboogeffect heb je bij de EH-TW480 geen last.

Omnishapes from Eyevis.


woensdag 9 mei 2012

Looks like virtual Tupac might have some company. With Kinect, you are the hologram. Besides logging in lots of quality time at a South Korean theme park, the Kinect is now doing double duty at the Human Media Lab of Queen's University in Canada thanks to a 3D holographic chat system called "TeleHuman." The setup basically creates a life-size rendering of its subject by using six Kinect sensors, a 3D projector and a cylindrical display. This allows the viewer to walk around the cylinder for a 360-degree view of the subject, giving new meaning to having someone's back during a chat. The director of the Human Media Lab says the TeleHuman could be available for $5,000 within five years. In the meantime, the tech is also being used by the research team to create a 3D anatomical model browser called the "BodiPod." The BodiPod can display various layers of the human body, which can be virtually peeled off as the viewer gets closer to the display.

dinsdag 8 mei 2012

C&A, is putting “real-time Likes” counters on its hangers.

Facebook is constantly absorbing our real-life data that we contribute to the social network, but one Brazilian clothing store is taking Facebook’s data and throwing it back into the physical world.
The store, C&A, is putting “real-time Likes” counters on its hangers in retail locations around Brazil. The Like data is taken from C&A’s Facebook page, where the company has listed its various wares for people to interact with. When a person Likes an item, that Like shows up on the hanger. It is meant to help customers with purchasing decisions. If they are unsure of one item, they can see how many people online think the product is a good buy.

The problem is, so much of online shopping is based on a picture. An image online says nothing about the fit, fabric, or quality of the clothing. If you’ve got a poorly made, ill-fitting shirt, you’re probably not going to be swayed into buying the piece just because it has 482 likes on Facebook. Similarly, if the item has only two likes, but makes you look like you’ve done nothing but get massaged on a beach in Bora Bora, you’re probably going to buy it regardless of its online popularity.
The Verge notes that C&A is not doing well in its European establishments, but hopes the Facebook integration in its Brazil stores will help it keep up with the times. It’s a funny way to integrate social, but it shows how stores are finding new opportunities to use Facebook’s data in marketing outside of the digital world.
via The Verge; image via C&A’s Facebook Page

Koppel Apple TV aan een VGA-projector.

De Apple TV wordt door Apple niet alleen aangeprezen als ideale settopbox voor thuis. Ook op het werk of in de klas zou het kastje een uitkomst zijn. Je kunt er immers je iPhone of iPad draadloos naar ‘mirror-en’. Er is alleen één praktisch bezwaar: op menig kantoor of school hangen beamers die nog niet de benodigde HDMI-aansluiting hebben.

Kabeltjesmaker Kanex heeft daar nu een oplossing voor: de ATV Pro. Dit kastje, dat geen stroom nodig heeft, sluit je aan op de HDMI-connector van de Apple TV. Aan de andere kant zit een VGA-aansluiting én een minijack-aansluiting voor audio output. Zo kan de nieuwe Apple TV toch nog aan oudere projectors of monitors gekoppeld worden. Het signaal dat doorgestuurd wordt gaat tot 1080p in 50 tot 60 Hz.

Het kastje is vooralsnog niet in Nederlandse winkels te koop. Je kunt de ATV Pro wel online bestellen bij Kanex. Dat kost je 60 dollar én 10 dollar verzendkosten. Mocht je dat teveel gedoe vinden, dan kun je bijvoorbeeld ook gaan voor een HDMI-VGA-converter van HP. Deze heeft echter geen output voor audio.

zondag 6 mei 2012

Interactive Digital Wayfinding in Retail.

Alexandrium Woonmall Rotterdam uses AOpen to power their Digital Signage network and Interactive Wayfinding touch displays.

Digital Signage is the ideal way to disperse content and messages in a targeted manner. Displays are now used to project HD video content, sound and text. Synergy is possible between various devices, enabling retailers to connect and interact with their customers, using the latest mobile technology.

A visitor of the home decoration section can now easily find the way to the shop or shops they would like to visit. The shops are categorized in sections to make the search easy. Once you find the shop that you would like to visit you can select it and receive an animated route description. A QR code will also appear, so you can save the information on your smartphone. The displays will show advertisements combined with information and promotions of the mall. The advertisements will be a way of generating income for the mall, because the retailers will have the possibility to run commercial advertisements.
More information here.

zaterdag 5 mei 2012

Atmel unveils XSense sensor film.

A new technology that will revolutionize flexible screens will be launched soon by Atmel. XSense sensors it’s very thin film in which are integrated electrical circuits to respond to the touch. This new technology allows creation of flexible smartphones and tablets, maybe in the near future their design will look completely different by the actual products.

Atmel is the company that produces flexible film by printing electronic circuits on the film, but this technology came to life inside the Conductive Inkjet Technology company.

Unlike existing touch screens available on the market and using several layers to display images and respond to touch, the new technology is much simpler and incomparably flexible with current technologies. Almost no size limit to use such flexible film sand also there is no flexibility limit.

Concepts for iPhone with a flexible display.

The fever of bendable screens cover the Internet and appears new concepts that integrate in a more inventive this feature. Apple hasn’t escaped the concepts that implemented in some way or another flexible screens. Ace and Jocker are two flexible concept smartphones that includes specific iPhone features.

Both models have integrated AMOLED screens that can be bendable and made ??from Graphene. This type of screen is used when it’s needed a high thermal conductivity.An external source of energy comes from solar panel attached to the screen and that adds up to 30% of energy to the device.

Both devices are the body created from aluminum that is a good cooler.

Until Apple will take the decision to release devices with flexible screens, we look forward to launching by Samsung the Galaxy Skin.

vrijdag 4 mei 2012

Burberry World Live

Burberry World Live, a 360 immersive experience, began in Taipei on 26 April 2012.

Christopher Bailey designed a custom cylindrical space that brought to life the Burberry worlds of British Heritage, Fashion, Music and Weather to celebrate the opening of the Burberry Taiwan flagship store at Taipei 101.

Combining an eight part 360 degree film, a live musical performance and digital weather experience, Burberry World Live will tour cities globally including London, Hong Kong and Chicago later this year.

This multi sensory experience is the first to blur the physical and digital dimensions of the brand.

Uki wordt 2 jaar in België.

Uki, de Belgische televisieserie voor kinderen geproduceerd door Universal Music, wordt 2 jaar. Om dit evenement te vieren, wordt een 'ad-e-motion' met de tekens van het programma uitgezonden op 32 schermen van Clear Channel belgium, gerangschikt in de centrale gang van Bruxelles-Midi.( treinstation Brussel Zuid )

Deze animatie, die springt van de ene zijde naar de andere zijde, is de eerste in België.

woensdag 2 mei 2012

Reusachtige tv krijgt 8K resolutie.


Panasonic werkt samen met televisiemaker NHK aan de productie van plasmatelevisie met een diameter van 145 inch, ofwel 3,68 meter. De beoogde resolutie is nóg indrukwekkender: 8K, dat is 8x Full HD ofwel 7.680 bij 4.320 pixels. In Japan noemen ze dit: Super Hi-Vision. Het Japanse televisiestation NHK beschikt over de enige camera’s in de wereld die in deze hoge resolutie kunnen filmen. NHK is al een samenwerking aangegaan met de BBC om de Olympische Spelen in Londen te gaan registeren in Super Hi-Vision. Panasonic heeft nog geen prijs of lanceerdatum vrijgegeven voor dit knotsgekke scherm.

dinsdag 1 mei 2012

Live Street Video Feed Immerses Hotel Guests In Local Action As It Happens.

The InterContinental hotel on Michigan Avenue, Chicago, has installed floor-to-ceiling display panels behind its concierge desk. The large installation streams a live feed from the busy street. Guests can continue to immerse themselves in the buzz when they check into the hotel as the display almost looks like a window backdrop with oncoming vehicles and foot-traffic.

The hotel is making the most of being branded as the only hotel in Chicago with an entrance that directly leads to Michigan Avenue. A spokesperson from InterContinental confirmed that the hotel does plan stream the live feed on its website soon.

Image courtesy of HotelChatter