zondag 31 maart 2013

Drones fly in huge Star Trek emblem formation over London.

To mark Earth Hour on 23 March, 30 LED-carrying quadcopter drones flew in formation over Tower Bridge, marking out a 94-metre-high Starfleet emblem. It was designed and carried out by Ars Electronica's Futurelab, whose pilots made it rotate slowly in the air not unlike some kind of symbol of invasion from beyond the stars. Then it dimmed, as the buildings alongside it dimmed, as part of the yearly day designed to raise awareness about climate change.

This amazing light show by Paramount, in conjunction with Ars Electonica Futurelab & Ascending Technologies, will see quadrocopters fly into the night sky, forming the Star Trek federation logo beside Tower Bridge on a scale never seen before. In keeping with Earth Hour's initiative, the quadrocopters will utilize batteries that were charged in Austria using green energy from the Austrian renewable energy grid specifically for this event. The event will coincide with WWF's Earth Hour at 8:30 pm. Along with key landmarks such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and The London Eye going dark, the quadrocopters will turn off their glow in support of Earth Hour. To signal the end of Earth Hour at 9:30 pm the quadrocopters will reform the Star Trek logo above London's skyline. The logo formation will hover about 36m (118ft) above the ground at the lowest point and the highest point (the tip of the logo) will be at approximately 130m (426ft) above ground. The total height of the logo will be approximately 94meters (308ft). The light show can be captured from the main location at Old Billingsgate Walk, giving a view of Tower Bridge and City Hall. Other vantage points for the public are the Tower of London and on location at Potters Field Park, Tooley Street, Southwark, London SE1 2AA.


A short futuristic film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo.
This is our graduation project from Bezaleal academy of arts.

vrijdag 29 maart 2013

Art Museum Creates Interactive Visitor Experience.

Video wall allows interactivity with up to 16 people using RFID tags on iPads.
Visitors to the Cleveland Museum of Art and its Gallery One are engaging with displays and curating their own tours thanks to Christie MicroTiles and Christie Interactivity Kit.

Blending art and technology as part of a $100 million renovation, Gallery One's Collection Wall is a 40-foot wide multi-touch screen comprising two Christie MicroTiles video walls — each 15-units wide by 5-units tall — using the Christie Interactivity Kit. A 4-unit wide by 3-unit tall "Line and Shape" MicroTiles video wall with another Interactivity Kit is located in Studio Play, Gallery One's early (childhood) learning zone.
Inspiring visitors and motivating the younger, tech-savvy demographic to explore the museum's thousands of works, including Pablo Picasso masterpieces, the Collection Wall allows up to 16 people to interact simultaneously with the wall using RFID tags on iPad stations. The results they create also suggest further topics of interest. Visitors can personalize and build their collections, curating their own tours on the iPad using the museum's ArtLens app.

More info here.

donderdag 28 maart 2013

room experience with a personal touch.

Combining accommodation and media: the demands from hotel guests are diverse. To be special, hotel operators have to offer customers homelike comfort while at the same time inspiring them with innovative design elements. How to combine the two in the digital world without cluttering the walls with monitors is demonstrated by the ITH Room Xperience by Spanish design studio Serrano Brothers.

The design is based on a new room concept which places the guest’s bed in the room centre, combined with a new media concept where the walls become projection screens for ideas, tasks and emotions.

NCR TouchPort 70 Airport Kiosk Check In System.

NCR Corp. announced that it will provide NCR TouchPort kiosks to Ordos Ejin Horo Airport in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region through a partnership with Beijing Sinonet Technology Co. Ltd. (Sinonet). The kiosks will run on a common use self-service (CUSS) platform, allowing passengers to use the kiosks for self-check-in for flights on all the airlines that operate at the airport.

Passengers arriving at Ordos Ejin Horo Airport can use the NCR self-check in kiosks to check flight information, change seats, check itineraries and print boarding passes. Passengers who have checked in online but wish to make changes can also use the kiosks.

woensdag 27 maart 2013

Aloft Abu Dhabi videoclip.

3D mapping projections on the facade of the ALOFT Hotel in Abu Dhabi by Beam Inc and Jorizon.

More information on the Barco site here

Onderzoek CBS Outdoor: Interactive Europe 2013.

CBS Outdoor heeft voor het tweede achtereenvolgende jaar een Pan-Europees onderzoek uitgevoerd naar de kracht van interactiviteit in combinatie met buitenreclame: Interactive Europe 2013.
  • De resultaten van het onderzoek zijn gebaseerd op 5283 interviews, 14 merken, 6 landen en 3 interactieve campagnes
  • Interactive Europe geeft een 360 graden beeld van het interactieve buitenreclame landschap, zowel vanuit consumenten als vanuit merken.
  • 75% van de stedelijke doelgroep bezit een smartphone of een tablet. In 2011 was dit nog 56%.
  • 77% geeft aan actie te ondernemen na het zien van een buitenreclame campagne.
  • Consumenten zijn positief over merken die interactie stimuleren.
Buitenreclame is uitstekend geschikt om mond tot mond reclame te stimuleren, maar wist u dat u met interactieve buitenreclame 54% meer kans heeft om mond tot mondreclame te stimuleren?
Bekijk hier meer interessante resultaten

dinsdag 26 maart 2013

Airport digital signage falls, kills 10-year-old boy.

An airport digital signage flight status display board fell over Friday, collapsing on top of a family and killing a 10-year-old boy, according to the Associated Press and ABC News.

The display board at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport in Birmingham, Ala., toppled over on top of a mother and three of her children, killing one of the children. The mother is in serious condition and was reported earlier today to still be unaware of her son's death.

The airport and the general contractor for the recent airport expansion where the accident took place, Brasfield & Gorrie, both have released statements, but it is unclear what company or subcontractor served as the installer for the digital display boards. A second display similar to the one that fell has since been removed from the airport as a precautionary measure.

The weight of the display, which appears to have included several digital signage display screens in a large metallic enclosure, has been estimated by various sources as being between 300 and 400 pounds. A story on Good Morning America showed eight workers lifting the display board back into a standing position.

The news underscores the need for proper mounting of digital signage display boards for public safety.

maandag 25 maart 2013

Freestanding tablet display.

The Armodilo freestanding tablet display.

Securely display iPad or Android tablets for trade shows, exhibits, retail or corporate settings. Armodilo iPad / tablet kiosks are designed to provide the most versatile and attractive way to create small footprint interactive experiences and are perfect for self-serve content delivery in commercial and high traffic locations

Sleepless in Hong Kong.

Study finds Hong Kong is the most light polluted city on Earth. CNN's Andrew Stevens reports.

CNN's Andrew Stevens reports that Hong Kong has more light pollution than any other city on the planet, and that's causing its citizens to lose sleep. According to University of Hong Kong researchers, who spent two years measuring it, Hong Kong gets 1,200 times more light than a dark night with no manmade light pollution. That compares to a typical European city, like Madrid, which registers only 100 on the light pollution scale. Unlike major cities like Shanghai, London or Sydney, where laws regulate the amount of lighting, Hong Kong doesn't have any laws, only guidelines, Stevens says.

donderdag 21 maart 2013

Interactive air screen.

Displair enters world advertising market with its first interactive air screen. The Russian company introduced its innovative product on March 5 at a major IT and telecom-exhibition CeBit in Hannover, Germany.
Interactive display Displair I is a new generation computer device, forming the image in the air and operated with fingertips, just like traditional tablets. At CeBit the company made a presentation of its product and declared the start of advance booking.

“We’ve barely entered the market, but we already have quite a lot of orders for Displair. We offer two options to our customers: the first is to make a 50% advance payment and to receive the device and a bonus package of applications 2000 USD worth in October 2013; the second is to pay only 1000 USD and to wait until December”, says marketing director of Displair Andrei Melnikov.

“To enter the Digital Signage market, where the requirements are very high, we have worked at Displair I starting from May 2012, after receiving the first million dollar investment. We have invited best Russian software and hardware experts. We are ready to present our results on March 5 in Hannover”, says the head of Soft R&D Artem Ushanov.

Before the release there was a six month period when specialists tested the new technologies, leased out commercial prototypes and got feedback from users and clients.

“During this period we had such clients as Russian branches of Microsoft, Intel and Google, agencies Fuse BBDD, Instinct, Grape and many others. Leasing out has become both a way to earn money and the possibility to get the opinions of the major players at CIS market”, says Andrei Melnikov. 

Spheres of use:
1. New advertising technologies.
2. Medicine.
3. Interactive and self-service kiosks.
4. New advertising technologies.
Air Screen Displair Display Hologram Astrakhan "Russia technology" "Leta Group" Moscow Innovation interactive airborne display new technology Iron Man Star Wars new technologies science fiction.

Ultra HD TV voorlopig nog veel upscaling

Bron; www.hdtvnieuws.nl

Ultra HD TV voorlopig nog veel upscaling

We hebben inmiddels al heel wat Ultra HD TV schermen gezien. Laat er geen misverstand over bestaan, die resolutie is een enorme stap vooruit. Het aantal beeldpunten gaat daarbij van Full HD (1.920 x 1.080) naar Ultra HD (3.840 x 2.160) en dat levert een prachtig gedetailleerd plaatje op zowel voor video- als fotomateriaal. We noemen specifiek foto’s omdat we tot nu toe onze hoge resolutie foto’s op een Full HD scherm toch nog maar op een 2 Megapixel (Full HD) TV scherm bekeken.
Voordat u nu allemaal de spaarpot openbreekt om zo’n prachtige Ultra HD TV aan te schaffen zijn er nog wel wat kanttekeningen te plaatsen.

De prijs

De productie van Ultra HD panels komt nog maar langzaam op gang en dat heeft natuurlijk effect op de prijs. Het is een technisch hoogstandje om een foutloos scherm te produceren met 8 miljoen pixels die op zich weer eens bestaan uit minimaal 3 subpixels in de kleuren Rood, Groen en Blauw. Daarnaast vergt de verwerking van Ultra HD beeld en de aansturing van het scherm aanzienlijk meer processorkracht. Die factoren lijken inmiddels wel in bedwang maar daar hangt dus nog wel een bijzonder hoog prijskaartje aan.

Om een indicatie van de prijs te geven: De 84 inch LG 84LM9600 heeft een adviesprijs van 14.999 euro en de Sony KD-84X9005 ligt de adviesprijs in de VS rond de 25.000 dollar. Ook Samsung toonde al een 85 inch scherm. Dat zijn natuurlijk reusachtige schermen maar ook de “kleinere” schermen zullen voorlopig nog een behoorlijk prijskaartje hebben. We schatten dat die zo tussen de 7.000 en 10.000 zullen liggen voor schermen van 55-60 inch.
Bijna alle fabrikanten komen dit jaar uit met Ultra HD schermen en Sony en Panasonic hebben recent zelfs als prototypen getoond van Ultra HD OLED schermen. uiteraard zullen de prijzen daardoor in de komende tijd gaan dalen.

De Ultra HD content

Mocht u na het lezen van het voorgaande nog niet zijn afgehaakt dan blijft er nog een factor over om in de overwegingen te betrekken en dat is de content. De TV zendgemachtigden in ons land zijn nog niet eens toe aan volledig in HD uitzenden, een techniek die op TV in juni 2006 zijn intrede deed. Het kan dus nog wel even duren voordat we reguliere TV programma’s in Ultra HD resolutie in ons land kunnen bewonderen.
De huidige generatie Blu-ray Discs en Blu-ray spelers zijn nog niet in staat om 4K resolutie op te slaan en weer te geven. Datzelfde geldt voor Home Cinema sets en tuner-versterkers. Door het gebruik van meer efficiënte compressie technieken zoals HEVC zullen de genoemde problemen op korte termijn kunnen worden opgelost maar dat vraagt dan toch weer nieuwe investeringen van de consument.
Om toch betere resolutie (beter dan Full HD) op de fraaie Ultra HD TV weer te geven zit in deze TV’s vaak een zogenaamde upscaling functie ingebouwd. Hiermee kan dan een Full HD beeld worden verbeterd tot een kwaliteit die ergens tussen Full HD en Ultra HD inligt. Eenzelfde upscaling functie zien we ook in nieuwe, duurdere Blu-Ray spelers en cinema sets. Wanneer u die aanschaft is het wel zaak om te zeker te stellen dat u HDMI kabels gebruikt die Ultra HD kunnen doorgeven.
Aan de andere kant zijn al wel Ultra HD demo uitzendingen beschikbaar via de satelliet en ook YouTube heeft al wat Ultra HD content beschikbaar. Daarnaast kan Ultra HD content vanaf een server of harddisk worden weergegeven. In veel bioscopen kunnen we trouwens ook al een tijdje van deze mooie beeldkwaliteit genieten.
We zijn overtuigd van de waarde van Ultra HD, zeker op grotere schermen, maar we moeten ook reëel zijn en erkennen dat op de Ultra HD TV voorlopig nog veel upscaled content bekeken zal worden.

woensdag 20 maart 2013

Instapinformatie door led-strook op NS station.

Op perron 1a van station 's-Hertogenbosch wordt een proef gedaan met actuele instapinformatie. Treinreizigers kunnen op een led-strook op het perron zien hoe druk het is in de trein die binnenkomt. Ook is te zien waar de 1e en 2e klas is, waar een stiltezone is of waar iemand z'n fiets kwijt kan.

Tijdens het in- en uitstapproces meten sensoren hoeveel mensen er in- en uitstappen en hoe zij zich door de trein bewegen. Ongeveer 2 minuten na vertrek van de trein zorgt het systeem voor een update van het 'real time' overzicht van de bezetting. De informatie wordt gevisualiseerd in de nieuwe instapfunctionaliteit van de Reisplanner Xtra. Door het tonen van de exacte indeling van de trein zien deelnemers aan het proefproject: •waar de 1e en 2e klas zich bevinden •waar de stiltezones zijn •of de trein Wi-Fi heeft •waar de ingang voor fietsen of rolstoelen is •in welke gedeelten van de trein het druk of rustig is

Meer info http://www.ns.nl/instapinformatie

dinsdag 19 maart 2013

Projection showcases biggest swimsuit models on the planet.

On February 13, Sports Illustrated (SI) swimsuit-issue cover model Kate Upton—wearing a Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber coat—was part of one of the largest three-dimensional (3-D) mapping projections ever conceived.
To launch its 2013 swimsuit issue, SI collaborated with Pearl Media on a nighttime event in Las Vegas, Nev. They used the exterior façade of Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino as the canvas for a 4,738-m2 (51,000-sf) 3-D mapping projection. Animation was provided by Go2 Productions.
Titled ‘7 Continents, 17 Wonders of the World,’ the presentation featured images of SI’s famous cover models. Attendees watched from poolside at the hotel and the event was streamed live on the web.
Pearl Media has also handled large-format outdoor campaigns and interactive storefronts. Its most recent work includes a Pepsi-sponsored projection recapping the 2012 National Football League (NFL) season in New Orleans, La., for the 2013 Super Bowl.

Watch Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's biggest event ever!! Projected on the Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino see the 17 beautiful Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models come live! Produced by Pearl

maandag 18 maart 2013

SensyTouch - 42" multi-touch table and 60" wall systems.

The sleek SensyTouch 42" multi-touch table and 60" wall systems provide custom-designed interaction for many industry applications, including trade shows, hospitality, shopping malls, museums and automotive showrooms.
"The 32 simultaneous, zero-pressure touch, multi-touch all-in-one systems are the trend for companies that want to change the way they do business," said Suda Sampath, President and CEO of the Irvine, Calif.-headquartered company.  The sleek design-only 2.6 inch depth-is among the thinnest design in the industry. The SensyTouch solution empowers and engages an audience whether it's business presentations or shoppers searching for a specialty store in a mall. Information is there at a touch. "Interaction is a powerful tool, one that SensyTouch's wall mount or table top multi-touch screen provides," said Sampath, "We offer a complete package from design to technical support. The end-to-end value becomes evident when the customer experiences SensyTouch in action."


A new generation of gesture controlled displays could be driven by a flexible, transparent image sensor developed by a team of Austrian researchers at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. The developments, detailing a new way of capturing images using a potentially disposable polymer sheet, were recently published in the Optical Society's (OSA) journal Optics Express.

The new imager, which resembles a flexible plastic film, uses fluorescent particles to capture incoming light and channel a portion of it to an array of sensors framing the sheet. 

"To our knowledge, we are the first to present an image sensor that is fully transparent – no integrated microstructures, such as circuits – and is flexible and scalable at the same time," said Oliver Bimber of the Johannes Kepler University Linz in Austria, co-author of the Optics Express paper.

Researchers say the technology could be used as a transparent overlay that would seamlessly transform displays into gesture controlled devices without the use of cameras or external motion-tracking devices.
 Read full press release from the Optical Society


vrijdag 15 maart 2013

Portable USB Whiteboard.

portableusbwhiteboard 1 Portable USB Whiteboard   turn your projector and any wall into a digital whiteboard

One day we’ll look back and say, ‘remember when we had blackboards in schools, how quaint.’ Despite the impressive cost advantage and the fact that they work even when the power’s out, blackboards haven’t really advanced over the decades have they? Which makes them ripe for innovation in some way.
This Portable USB Whiteboard could be one option. The device works alongside a standard projector and laptop computer to give an interactive tool which lets you write on the wall with the supplied infrared pen and treat it just like a touchscreen interface. Only bigger. Much bigger. Take a look at the video to get a better idea of how it works.

The system works via infrared, delivers a 150 inch diagonal screen size and the pack includes a receiver, pen stylus, extendable pointer pen, manual, cables and software. It’s designed for classrooms, presentations and other activities where it’s useful to be able to annotate for a room full of people. Or students. Priced at $139.82 /£93.62.

donderdag 14 maart 2013

Sharps Magic Mirror.

DSE 2013: Sharp Details Magic Mirror Technology

Interview with Lyle Bunn - DSE 2013

Lyle Bunn DSE2013 Philip M. Cohen Interviews Lyle Bunn, ‘the Professor” of digital signage.

Comqi wint award.

Bron; www.sign.nl

Digital signage ontwikkelaar ComQi heeft een award voor In-Store Engagement gewonnen met de Passport applicatie. Met deze applicatie kunnen gebruikers hun smartphone gebruiken om inhoud te beheren op een digital signage scherm.

Het product is goed ontvangen door de markt en is ingezet in bioscopen en fastfoodrestaurants in de VS en Israël. De Shopper Innovation Awards is een jaarlijkse Canadese marketingprijs.


Volgens de jury onderscheidt de applicatie zich van andere mobiel-gerichte toepassingen door gebruik te maken van HTML5-technologie, zodat rijke webgebaseerde applicaties kunnen draaien op elk apparaat, zonder dat consumenten applicaties moeten installeren op hun mobiele telefoon.

Twee awards

Passport werd in 2012 op de markt gebracht en heeft inmiddels twee awards in de wacht gesleept. De eerste prijs was van de Digi Awards, waarbij het werd uitgeroepen tot Best New Content Management Software, Web-based, in Digital Signage Technology.

dinsdag 12 maart 2013

iGIVE Kiosk for Donation-supported Organizations

inLighten, a provider of digital signage, self-service and audio solutions, has announced the release of the iGIVE Digital Donation Kiosk.
"This unique kiosk has been created to address a number of the issues faced by organizations such as museums, zoos, arts groups and houses of worship that depend on donations for a significant portion of their funding," said Matt Welter , director of communications for Clarence, N.Y.-based inLighten. "The iGIVE Kiosk is attractive, interactive and invites spontaneous giving in a way that makes filling an envelope or mailing a check a thing of the past."

inLighten CEO Dan Snyder added, "With the continuing transition to a cashless society, the expansion of alternate payment methods and the proliferation of information resources, donation supported organizations have had numerous conversations with us about a unified solution that would enable them to integrate giving and self-service information gathering into the experience individuals have when they attend an event, participate in an activity or visit an organization's facility. iGIVE is the answer to that need."

For donors who use cash or check, the iGIVE Kiosk features a cash and check acceptor that deposits donations into an all-steel, double-secured vault within the kiosk. A bank card reader is also provided to enable giving by credit or debit card. Completing the spectrum of payment options is the iGIVE Kiosk's ability to accept online donations made through PayPal, Intuit, Google Wallet or other online payment services with which an organization participates.

klick for more info here.

the LEAP Motion Controller.

We tried out our Developer Unit of the LEAP Motion Controller in the Visualizer, Windows 8 Start Screen

The Leap Motion experience at SXSW 2013

One app I really like is Adam Somer's AirHarp, featured in the video clip below: AirHarp is the result of a weekend hacking session with a Leap Motion dev board. Leap Motion is a highly precise and responsive motion tracking device, making it a perfect tool for expressive musical interactions. AirHarp is being developed in C++ using my audio processing toolkit, MusKit. The source code for both projects is available at http://github.com/adamsomers.

Here is a preview of our work with the Leap Motion controller. In the same spirit as our support for Microsoft Kinect, we have encoded true gesture support, not just mouse emulation, for the creation of interactive applications by non-programmers. The goal is to hide complexity from designers using IntuiFace Presentation (IP). Through the use of IP’s trigger/action syntax, designers simply select a gesture as a trigger - Swipe Left, Swipe Right, Point, etc. - and associate that gesture with an action like “turn the page” or “rotate the carousel”. As you can see in this video, it works quite well. :-) We will offer Leap support as soon as it ships.

maandag 11 maart 2013

First 42-inch Flexible Display Using Printing Technology.

There is at least one connection between printing technology and flexible displays. The connection between these two innovative technologies resulted into a huge flexible display with 42-inch diagonal. The display is the result of collaboration between Toppan Printing and Plastic Logic, and the first demo was presented at Retail Tech Japan.

The 42-inch bendable display uses thin film transistors (OTFTs), technology with field-effect transistors build by using semiconductors layer, dielectric layer, and metallic contacts.

Display features includes areas with flexible electrophoretic display (EPD) module which consist in a Plastic Logic monochrome display with a pixel pitch of 0.7 mm. This technology has a better resolution compared with electronic paper displays about six times.

Other features include a thickness of 3mm also with a major impact on weight.
This bendable display can be used in various applications including on a wall like a poster.

zaterdag 9 maart 2013

The first ever QR code made from flowers.

M&andS has created the first ever blooming QR code, targeting Mothers’ Day shoppers at Westfield White City shopping centre.

Made from almost 10,000 fresh flowers including Pink Avalanche Roses and Cymbidium Orchids, the 5m by 3m display contains an interactive QR code enabling passersby to order a Mothers’ Day bouquet direct from their mobile and enter a competition to win a year’s supply of flowers for their Mum.

Shoppers can download the M&andS app on their iPhone and use the built in QR code reader. The QR code will be at the shopping centre between 4th and 10th March.
In line with the retailers Plan A commitments, the flowers will be used to create compost after the event has finished – much like most marketing QR codes.

vrijdag 8 maart 2013

BenQ W1500 thuisbioscoopprojector met Full HD.

Bron; www.hdtvnieuws.nl
De BenQ W1500 is een DLP projector met full HD resolutie van 1920 x 1080 in 16:9 formaat. De projector beschikt ook over up-to-date 3D-technologie. Daarbij is hij voorzien van de nieuwste WHDI-draadloze technologie. Dankzij de 1,6-voudige zoom en lensshift is de W1500 flexibel voor wat betreft plaats van opstelling. Met het elegante design in wit/zilver past hij goed in een modern interieur.
De BenQ W1500 maakt een eind aan lange HDMI- kabels voor de thuisbioscoop. Met een WHDI-dongle (draadloos HDMI) brengt het nieuwe model audio- en videosignalen over, en draagt per Wi-Fi draadloos signalen over naar de Blu-ray speler of de spelletjesconsole. Ook 3D-inhoud kan op deze manier overgebracht worden.
De BenQ W1500 maakt gebruik van frame-interpolatietechnologie, waarmee tussenbeelden berekend worden. Soepel verlopende bewegingen, zonder vervagingen, voor actiefilms en sportmanifestaties zijn het resultaat.
Meer info hier.

woensdag 6 maart 2013

Digital menu board updated via Excel.

Bron; www.avinteractive.com

Eclipse Digital Media has launched a new digital menu board system that can be updated using an
Excel spreadsheet called Embed.


The Embed menu board system is powered by Onelan digital signage media players (NTBs) and DCE software. This allows the NTBs to be updated via external sources and in this case, Excel spreadsheets. They are able display various types of content including HTML5, CSS3, video, RSS feeds, images, text and audio. As accredited Onelan advanced content design partners, Eclipse has developed a range of digital menu board layouts that include sushi bars, coffee shops and QSRs plus interactive touchscreen menu board content with table reservation functionality, all of which come with the ability to update content via Excel.

dinsdag 5 maart 2013


Monster Media partnered with Posterscope to present Nokia with an interactive experience promoting the Nokia N8 mobile phone and the film Tron: Legacy. The display that resembled a giant N8 phone was located in Hollywood, CA, the home of American cinema. Users were able to engage with the system through multi-touch interaction by spinning a carousel-style list and selecting video clips to view. Once a selection was made, the screen transformed to look as if users were viewing the clip on the Nokia N8.


Augmented Reality Bus Shelter.

To promote the launch of Intel’s Ultrabook and make everything else seem old fashioned an augmented reality campaign was created where users could choose from one of three settings: Medieval, Western and Kung Fu. From these scenarios a live video feed of the user was augmented to add headwear onto them that made them fit in with the setting they had chosen. The user then had the opportunity to have their picture taken and upload it to Facebook where the best photos will make the Intel Ultrabook Hall of Fame.

Intel Ultrabook - Augmented Reality Bus Shelter from Posterscope on Vimeo.

zaterdag 2 maart 2013

Yota Devices presented the YotaPhone.

Yota Devices (a spin-off from Russia's Yota telecom) is the company behind E Ink's dual-display (LCD/ E Ink) phone shown at IFA 2012.

The smartphone with two 4.3" displays, a 720x1280 LCD and a 200 dpi E Ink. The company said they will production in Q3 2013, and today they announced that it signed a production deal with Singapore's Hi-P international (a company that produced Amazon's e-readers and other Apple and RIM products).

E-Ink at 2013 FlexTech Conference, Phoenix, Arizona.
E Ink was exhibiting at FlexTech 2013 conference, showing off the latest flexible and color E Ink panels and prototypes. Nothing new here, but a good intro to E Ink's current technology:

iWatch - A Future Concept.

A sneak peak into the future

vrijdag 1 maart 2013

Barco Belgian Beer Bar

(mei 2012)
Barco joined with event production experts at DWP Live and Monster Media 3D to create the first-ever 3D projection mapping on Caesars Palace in Las Vegas at CinemaCon 2012.