donderdag 30 juni 2011

Merck Serono Mediawaxwall.

Merck Serono Headquarters

In 2006, global pharmacy biotech giant Merck Serono, a division of Merck KGaA, refurbished its Geneva, Switzerland headquarters. Chicago based architect Helmut Jahn’s concept integrated the already existing building complex into a steel/glass structure.

Jahn asked “ag4” to develop a concept that would stage and organically integrate its contextual focus as a biological-research center into a media façade. The concept, “Layers of Life”, combines such natural elements as water (a waterfall) and beeswax (1.4 tons, formed into 138 blocks) in the first layer, and 50 LED display screens, which are embedded into some of the wax modules, in the second layer.

"Ag4" commissioned Cologne-based artist Mic Enneper to create the beeswax blocks. After having heated the wax, he manually formed the large blocks using hot air and a spatula. The organic interplay of the first two layers with mirrored walls and media programming reflects the “complexity of biotechnology, a science that feeds off different sciences and disciplines.”

Images range from genetic-code symbols to Merck Serono employees working in worldwide laboratories and manufacturing facilities. The 432-sq.-yd. media façade extends across the main wall of a five story atrium that faces a stairway and surrounding buildings.

Media façades are creating high-end branding opportunities. “A media façade doesn’t necessarily tell stories as much as it creates an emotional connection to the building by its visual presence”, ag4’s co-founder Cristopher Kronhagel said. “Here, the message sometimes explains and sometimes adds to the mystery of what the client does.” Either way, the building will have the public’s rapt attention, which is the best you can ask a media message to do.

Nieuw Samsung schermen voor snelle beeld wisselingen.

Samsung bringt mit der SyncMaster UE-Serie eine Lösung speziell für Videowandinstallationen auf den Markt. Die LED Large Format Displays sollen durch Energieeffizienz und eine extrem hohe Bildwiederholrate überzeugen. Die Modelle seien daher für schnelle bewegte Inhalte besonders geeignet.

Die Displays verfügen laut Herstellerangaben über sehr schmale Rahmen von 5,2 Millimetern. Das digitale Signal kann bei den Monitoren über den DisplayPort-Anschluss eingespeist und ohne zusätzliche Hardware via Daisy Chain auf bis zu 16 Displays übertragen werden.
Die UE-Serie ist in den Größen 46 und 55 Zoll erhältlich. Die Bildwiederholfrequenz von 240Hz und das statische Kontrastverhältnis von 5.000:1 sollen für eine Reaktionszeit von vier Millisekunden und damit einen schnellen Bildwechsel ohne jeglichen Qualitätsverlust sorgen. “Schnelle Schnitte, wie sie oft in Filmtrailern oder Musikclips verwendet werden, können so ihre volle Wirkung entfalten und den Betrachter auf eine beeindruckende visuelle Reise im Großformat mitnehmen”, so Samsung.

Die Modelle SyncMaster UE46A LED und UE55A LED sind ab Ende Juli 2011 im Handel verfügbar. Die unverbindlichen Preisempfehlungen (inkl. MwSt.) liegen bei 2949 Euro beziehungsweise 3799 Euro

Augmented Reality maakt het ons gemakkelijker.

Pfeile weisen den Weg durchs Einkaufszentrum, ein Spielzeug erscheint in voller Größe und 3D und der Schauspieler aus dem aktuellen Kinofilm tritt aus dem Plakat – Szenarien, die es längst gibt. Möglich werden sie durch Augmented Reality-Software.

Augmented Reality steht für erweiterte Realität und das ist sie in der Tat, denn die Anwendungen verbinden reale Objekte und Welten mit virtuellen. Im Bereich Digital Signage gibt es bisher nur Leuchtturmprojekte, meist temporäre Installationen. Das allerdings könnte sich bald ändern.

Meer informatie hier.

ITRI touchscreen technology lets you pinch-to-zoom boob tubes of any size.

Turning a plain old display into a multi-touch affair isn't exactly a groundbreaking feat, but we're still drooling over the Industrial Technology Research Institute's (ITRI) latest touchscreen enabler. The Taiwan-based outfit recently showed off a new attachment that the folks over at Netbooknews claim can make displays of any size touch-friendly. We're told that the touchy-feely accessory is still in development, which means it probably won't hit our living room anytime soon, but our fingers are tingling just thinking of the possibilities.

maandag 27 juni 2011

Samsung erweitert LED Display-Portfolio.

Samsung präsentiert die SyncMaster ME-Serie mit drei neuen professionelle AV-Modelle Digital Signage-Anwendungen und erweitert damit sein Angebot an LED Large Format Display-Lösungen. Alle drei Modelle sein mit einem MagicInfo Lite Player ausgestattet, der die direkte Wiedergabe verschiedener Multimedia-Formate ermöglicht.

Die schlanke Form und leichte Bauweise sollen Installationen an Orten erlauben, an denen neben einer zuverlässigen Performance das Design eine entscheidende Rolle spiele.
Samsung gab bekannt, dass es sein Portfolio an LED Large Format Display-Lösungen in den kommenden Wochen weiter ausbauen wird. Vorgestellt werden die HE-Serie mit integriertem HDTV-Tuner sowie die UE-Serie für energieeffiziente Videowand-Installationen.

Die Display-Modelle der ME-Serie sind in den Größen 40, 46 und 55 Zoll erhältlich. Sie verfügen über einen Rahmen von 15 Millimetern und einer Bautiefe von weniger als 30 Millimetern. Die Full-HD-Auflösung, das hohe Kontrastverhältnis und die Reaktionszeit von 8 Millisekunden sollen hohe Bildqualität garantieren.

Die Modelle SyncMaster ME40A LED, ME46A LED und ME55A LED sind ab Ende Juni 2011 im Handel verfügbar und kosten je nach Modell zwischen rund 1.600 und 3.600 Euro

zaterdag 25 juni 2011

Uit Balans.

Ook last van overgewicht ?? De bus zal er niet van overhellen. Aardig is ie wel, deze reclame op een Nederlandse bus van de WeigtWatchers.

donderdag 23 juni 2011

Barco demos new projectors.

Chris Colpaert, strategic marketing director for projectors at Barco, demonstrates the company’s CLM-HD6 for corporate environments and the HDX-W14 and W16 models for rental and staging.

woensdag 22 juni 2011

Eerste gebruikerscijfers Connected TV.

Penetratie WebTV:
2010: 8 procent
2011: 20 procent
2012: 36 procent
2013: 56 procent

Zojuist publiceerde Peter Olsthoorn op de website van Immovator de eerste cijfers op het gebied van connected TV. Conclusie: connected TV breekt door met inmiddels een aandeel van 22% van het aantal verkochte toestellen in 2010. Dat zijn er zo’n 420.000. De gemiddelde prijs voor WebTV toestellen bedroeg € 1.127. Indien de groei zich doorzet heeft over 2 jaar 56% van alle huishoudens de beschikking over een Web TV. Althans dat is de voorspelling van GfK, dat de cijfers op een rijtje zette. Naast de ontwikkeling van connected TV zijn het afgelopen jaar ook steeds meer bluray-spelers en Home Cinema spelers geïntegreerd met internet in het apparaat. Van alle verkochte bluray-spelers is al 47% uitgerust met internettoegang, maar bij Home Cinema bluray nog maar 8%.

dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Vivid lichtshow in Sydney.

Vivid was de titel van een grote spectaculaire lichtshow gehouden in Sydney.

Sydney will once again be transformed into a spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas when Vivid Sydney takes over the city after dark from 27 May -13 June 2011.

versnelde opname;

maandag 20 juni 2011

multitouch wall.

FusionPage Interactive, software and interactive solutions company, and MultiTouch Ltd., developer of modular multi-touch LCD screens for large-scale displays, have together designed and installed the first multi-user, multitouch exhibit in Space Center Houston at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.The multitouch wall, comprised of four 46” MultiTouch Cell displays, has been installed in conjunction with NASA’s commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the first Space Shuttle launch, STS-1, on April 1, 1981. It is permanently installed in the center.

The multitouch wall will provide high-resolution photos and videos of the Space Shuttle, which multiple users can manipulate simultaneously. This initial installation is part of the first phase of the exhibit, which will eventually include the full space shuttle, space station, and Apollo mission histories.

MultiTouch and FusionPage collaborated over a three-month period to develop the specifications and the system design for the multitouch wall.

zaterdag 18 juni 2011

Digital Menus at YamYam.

YamYam is an Asian cuisine restaurant brand with choice, variety and simplicity at its core. The YamYam concept takes the very best of traditional Asian cuisine and combines it with a stylish and contemporary venue.

At YamYam, digital menu boards are helping to make the ordering process as simple as possible. You can create your own meal by choosing what you want from a simple menu. It’s broken down into three easy steps: one, choose your base (noodles or rice); two, select a topping; three, select a drink. Simple!

The finished result is a QSR experience which goes beyond just the delicious food and quality service, leaving you with a lasting positive brand impression.

“Signature’s expertise have provided a menu board system which is helping our business and is in line with our brand. The menus look fantastic and fit perfectly with the look of our restaurants, helping to create the customer experience we are looking for. Our customers love it and we’re very pleased with the results.” - Lamen Reddy, YamYam

Take a look at the video and pictures below

donderdag 16 juni 2011

McDonalds OOH Interactive ping pong.

Super fun interactive OOH idea by DDB Stockholm to make people interact with McDonald’s and win coupons. Three things I love about the project: 1. It takes outdoor advertising interactivity to a new level (and not just see your picture on a giant screen!)

2. The game is mobile web based, you don’t have to download an app to play.
3. Getting a coupon gets a bit challenging and fun. Way better than cutting it out of a newspaper. This kind of activation even delivers a brand experience, which is something you absolutely don’t get with the coupons give away we are used to.

Airbus Envisions Air Travel in 2050

Can flying be fun again? Yes, it can. Airbus just released a video and a series of images that envision air travel in 2050 as a fully immersive, human-centered experience. The company’s designers and engineers conceptualized a plane with "bionic structure and interactive membrane” that provides spectacular panoramic views through its almost fully transparent skin.

The travel experience puts the passenger firmly back in control. Leg room issues in coach would be a thing of the past. Instead of dividing into classes, the aircraft of the future offers spaces based on user preferences. Passengers would be able to spend some of their time on board in a ‘smart tech’ section, a few hours in the ‘interaction’ section, or they could relax and enjoy the views in in the ‘vitalizing’ section upfront. Oh, and there will be automorphing seats, virtual golf, a lot of contextual info on touchscreens (of course), and many other neat interactive features.

Some of the ‘futuristic’ concepts are so intriguing that one wonders why they can’t be implemented sooner than 2050. Sure, innovation cycles in the aviation industry are notoriously long, but still: Why do planes by and large still look like in the 70’s and the in-flight experience is getting worse every year. Do we really have to wait 40 years before flying is fun again?

woensdag 15 juni 2011

Lichtkunstwerk Broken Light wint Lamp Award 2011.

Broken Light heeft in Barcelona de eerste prijs gewonnen in de categorie Urbane and Landscape Lighting van de prestigeuze Lamp Award 2011. Het lichtkunstwerk betovert sinds december 2010 de Atjehstraat in Katendrecht te Rotterdam.

Lichtontwerper Rudolf Teunissen van Daglicht & Vorm Lichtdesign nam de Lamp Award in ontvangst. Broken Light was een van de vier kanshebbers. De jury beoordeelde 594 inzendingen uit 61 verschillende landen. Uit het juryrapport: "De jury benadrukt de grote kwaliteit van het voorstel dat licht en schaduw op een zeer vernieuwende en innovatieve wijze combineert in één concept en het vermogen heeft om de stedelijke ruimte te transformeren en te verbeteren met kunstlicht."

Broken Light is 150 meter lang en verlicht de rijweg, de stoep en de huizen van de Atjehstraat (foto). Het is uniek dat het lichtkunstwerk fungeert als openbare verlichting. De lichtpatronen op de stoep in combinatie met de verticale lichtbanen veranderen de beleving van de straat. Sociale veiligheid wordt doorgaans geassocieerd met veel licht. Rudolf Teunissen kiest voor verassende subtiele lichteffecten om een bijzondere beleving van de ruimte te creëren

55 inch tablet computer.

De InFocus Mondopad heeft alle kenmerken van de gemiddelde tablet computer, maar er is één groot verschil. Het ding is 55 inch groot!
55 inch, dat betekent dat het scherm een doorsnede van 140 centimeter. Met andere woorden de InFocus Mondopad heeft de afmetingen van een heel grote televisie. Toch noemt fabrikant InFocus zijn Mondopad een tablet.

Het bedrijf weet daarmee aardig de trent de doorbreken dat alle apparatuur altijd maar kleiner moet.Met een standaard met wieltjes daaronder is zelfs deze tablet computer nog mobiel te noemen, maar we verwachten dat de InFocus Mondopad in de praktijk niet veel verder komt dan een presentatieruimte of vergaderkamer. Voor presentaties en video-conferencing is deze enorme tablet namelijk zeer geschikt met zijn touchscreen, zijn soundbar speakers en HD-videocamera. Ook ondersteunt de Mondopad WiFi.

De processor van de InFocus Mondopad is een Intel Core i5. Er is standaard 4GB geheugen aan bord.

De touchscreen-computer is zeer geschikt voor het draaien van Powerpoint presentaties, als whiteboard, als digitaal schoolbord en voor het tonen van websites, spreadsheets en documenten. Het besturingssysteem is Windows 7, maar InFocus heeft een speciale gebruikersinterface gemaakt die met zijn grote pictogrammen echt het idee geeft dat je met een tablet aan het werk bent.

In Noord Amerika is de Mondopad te koop voor een kleine 6.000 euro. of de enorme tablet computer ook naar Europa komt hangt van het succes in Amerika af.

Giant Globe OLED Display Geo-Cosmos.

The next time you’re in Toyko’s Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, it’s going to be hard to miss the updated Geo-Cosmos. This 20 foot globe was recently revamped and and thousands of LCD panels were ditched in favor of 10,362 OLED panels, which feature a resolution 10x greater than the older screens. The Mitsubishi Electric-made sphere is the largest such of its kind in the world. There are even interactive touchscreen panels dubbed Geo-Scope around the room that allow visitors to interact with a similar, although, flat representation of the globe including weather data and a simulation of Japan’s recent tsunami.

donderdag 9 juni 2011

A Mirror That Monitors Vital Signs.

One night in late 2009, Ming-Zher Poh and his roommate, Dan McDuff, asked some friends to sit in front of a laptop. Poh, an electrical- and medical-engineering graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was trying to transform the computer’s webcam into a heart-rate monitor. He hoped that his software would allow doctors to check the vital signs of burn victims or babies without attaching uncomfortable clips, and that it would make it easier for adults to track their cardiovascular health over time. That night, the program wasn’t working in real time, but its measurements were near perfect. “Right away I knew we had something special,” Poh says.
A year and a half later, a large framed mirror embedded with a more refined version of Poh’s system sits in the MIT Media Lab. Behind the two-way glass, a webcam-equipped monitor is wired to a laptop. Stand before the mirror, and the otherwise blank monitor projects your heart rate on top of your reflection.

When your heart beats, it sends a pulse of blood through your blood vessels. Blood absorbs light, so when more of it travels through the vessels, less of the light hitting your skin is reflected. A webcam can pick up those small fluctuations in reflected light, Poh says, and a computer program can translate that data into a heart-rate reading.

How It Works: Medical Mirror: The webcam in a monitor behind the two-way mirror captures the changes in the light reflected off the subject’s face when the heart beats. The computer translates the light data into a heart rate reading.

Researchers had tracked this effect with a high-resolution camera, but Poh wanted to use a simple webcam so that nearly every computer and smartphone could double as a heart-rate monitor. To make that possible, he developed an algorithm that could pick out the heart rate’s light pattern from all the other reflected light captured by a webcam. With help from McDuff, a grad student at the MIT Media Lab, Poh wrote code to process the data in real time, allowing the laptop to generate an instant heart-rate reading.

Poh plans to try to bring the mirror to market after he finishes his Ph.D. later this year. He says the system could be used to measure other vitals as well, including respiratory rate and blood-oxygen saturation, which should broaden its appeal. “This shows your inner health,” he says. “Maybe as people use it, they’ll say, ‘This is part of my identity. It’s not just how I look on the outside.’"

dinsdag 7 juni 2011

JCDecaux launches the i on London’s Cromwell Road with Ford.

JCDecaux has unveiled the i, a new digital site on London’s Cromwell Road. Ford is the launch advertiser in a two-week campaign booked with JCDecaux through Kinetic and Mindshare.
The i provides one advertiser with a creative canvas on the only digital outbound site on Europe’s busiest road.
Measuring 5 x 5 metres, the i has an HD screen with 10mm pitch, the same HD as the recently upgraded M4 Torch.

Communicating to 1.6 million people* every fortnight travelling to West London and Heathrow Airport, the Cromwell Road i reaches an audience that is 33 per cent AB and 67 per cent ABC1.

Global projector market up 13 per cent.

New data from Pacific Media Associates (PMA) has shown the worldwide front projector market grew 13 per cent in the first calendar quarter of 2011 from its level in the first quarter of 2010.

PMA divides the front projector industry into three brightness ranges, New Era (under 500 lumens), Mainstream (500 to 4999 lumens), and High-End (5000 or more lumens). Each of the three experienced very different year/year growth rates during Q1. The newest and smallest in revenue terms, New Era was up 95 per cent, the oldest and biggest, Mainstream was up only three per cent, and the intermediate High-End was up 29 per cent.

The ultra short throw range of projectors was growing the fastest, doubling its share from 2010’s first quarter to 2011’s first quarter. PMA also found strong Mainstream growth in the widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) WXGA resolution, as it increased from just under 10 per cent to13.5 per cent of the market.

Meer informatie vindt u hier

zondag 5 juni 2011

Display van waterdruppels.

Deze display van waterdruppels, is een leuke vondst die we je niet wilden onthouden. Met behulp van een speciaal soort waterafstotende materiaal, waarin kleine gaatjes zijn geprikt, kan men controleren wanneer de druppels naar beneden vallen. Door de juiste hoeveelheden in de gaatjes te pompen kunnen er op een bijzondere manier woorden of andere zaken worden weergegeven: dat ziet er mooi uit, zoals je kunt zien in de video.

Pioneer ontwikkelt innovatieve Floating Vision 3D-techniek.

Onlangs heeft fabrikant van consumentenelektronica Pioneer een innovatief prototype van een 3D-display getoond, waarmee men objecten als het ware voor het scherm kan laten zweven. Floating Vision 3D is volgens de ontwikkelaars vooral geschikt voor navigatieschermen in de auto. Dat deze techniek er erg goed uit ziet blijkt uit het onderstaande filmpje.

Neo-i: iPhone dock met beamer.

Met deze handige gadget van Optoma kunnen video’s en afbeeldingen op een eenvoudige manier op de muur worden geprojecteerd: dankzij een ingebouwde pico-projector hoef je slechts een iPad of iPhone in het dock te duwen, en klaar is Kees. Het aansluiten van andere apparaten (zoals spelcomputers of laptops) op de Optima Neo-i is ook mogelijk, dankzij een VGA- en HDMI-aansluiting. Voor een beeld van twee meter breed zul je echter wel wat geld op tafel moeten leggen; de Neo-i is voor 345 dollar te koop op Amazon.

Sony's new OLED display promises higher quality images, glitch-free brightness.

It may not be as flexible as some of the other displays we saw at last week's SID conference, but Sony seems confident that its new OLED panel will deliver high quality images with enhanced, glitch-free brightness. The 9.9-inch screen transmits images in 960 x 540 resolution, boasts a ninety-six percent color gamut, and is powered by a Self-Aligned Top-Gate TFT (in which the gate material is placed above the insulator) that reduces disparities in luminosity. To achieve this, Sony developed a new, four-part manufacturing process that lowers the parasitic capacitance between the gate electrode and the TFT. The top-gate structure, moreover, shortens the TFT's channel length, making it easier to adapt the technology to larger, high-resolution displays. No word yet on when the prototype will hit the market, but when it does, it'd be nice if it's priced as reasonably as some other OLEDs from Sony.

woensdag 1 juni 2011

In de Oslo Metro "Stortinget Station"

Een fraaie "time lapse video" over de installatie van een Digital Escalator Panel (DEP ). De bouwer is Espirit Digital in opdracht van JCDecaux.
= Stortinget Station Oslo Metro =

It consists of 92 x 32"Digital Cassettes, ImageFlow software on 4 Escalator runs.