zaterdag 18 juni 2011

Digital Menus at YamYam.

YamYam is an Asian cuisine restaurant brand with choice, variety and simplicity at its core. The YamYam concept takes the very best of traditional Asian cuisine and combines it with a stylish and contemporary venue.

At YamYam, digital menu boards are helping to make the ordering process as simple as possible. You can create your own meal by choosing what you want from a simple menu. It’s broken down into three easy steps: one, choose your base (noodles or rice); two, select a topping; three, select a drink. Simple!

The finished result is a QSR experience which goes beyond just the delicious food and quality service, leaving you with a lasting positive brand impression.

“Signature’s expertise have provided a menu board system which is helping our business and is in line with our brand. The menus look fantastic and fit perfectly with the look of our restaurants, helping to create the customer experience we are looking for. Our customers love it and we’re very pleased with the results.” - Lamen Reddy, YamYam

Take a look at the video and pictures below

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