zondag 31 mei 2015

Israel airport installs face recognition passport kiosk.

Israel has improved passport wait times by installing biometric passport kiosks in Ben-Gurion airport. These kiosks use a facial recognition system to identify passengers, according to a report by Israel National News.

This new development has been driven by the Biometric Database Law in Israel which requires a database with fingerprints and facial contours of all Israeli residents. According to a survey, 86 percent of Israeli passengers were happy with the new biometric kiosks and the improved wait times.

"This is another step in our project to promote improved service to the public," Immigration Authority CEO Amnon Ben-Ami said in a statement. "The stations prove themselves every day, both with the Israeli public and with tourists."

zaterdag 30 mei 2015

Giant Flip-Dot Display Boasts 74,088 pixels.

This huge flip-dot display was part of the oovoo.com booth at 2015 CES. We loved watching it and wanted to know more about how it worked and who built it. The ooVoo crew shared plenty of details which are shared in the full article:


donderdag 28 mei 2015

Vertical Viewing.

Interactive AppStore for retail and Digital-Out-of-Home at NEC Showcase.

DOOHapps is the world’s first Interactive AppStore for retail and Digital-Out-of-Home. Frederik De Wachter, founder and Marketer, explains how DOOHapps brings interactivity in one place, easy to understand and setup. As a result, your displays turn smart for a mature interactive advertising channel.

DOOHapps  that attract and convert consumers for outdoor advertising, shopping, entertainment and information purposes. Via a web-interface you easily personalize your media, run the campaign and follow up your reporting

DOOHapps Golden Village installs first interactive cinema lobby video wall in South-East Asia.

Golden Village installs first Asian interactive application wall Golden Village is showing off a large video wall with interactive applications at its headquarters in Singapore. Visitors can interact with a number of applications on a giant 4 x 3...

woensdag 27 mei 2015

Command and Control.

NEC Showcase 2015

Promoting Digital Signage

Here’s a fun - and funny - rap video about dynamic digital signage commissioned by Digital Signage Expo to promote the industry and the 2013 staging of DSE in Las Vegas.

dinsdag 26 mei 2015

APPLE WATCH Times Square LED board remote control.

Dangerous !!

Check out this quick demo of the Activate The Space APPLE WATCH Digital Out of Home LED remote control app. Clear Channel uses it for ground control during events of their giant video boards in Times Square NYC.

If you want control like this for your large video spectacular or any ~sedna presenter digital signage digital signage system, please contact  www.activatethespace.com

maandag 25 mei 2015

Be a Force of Nature.

A great interactive visual from Nike

zondag 24 mei 2015

Chip-on-board LEDs find their way into signage.

Chip-on-board (COB) and multiple-COB (MCOB) light-emitting diodes (LEDs) will experience triple-digit annual growth in the signage and professional display market, according to the latest market research from ElectroniCast Consultants.

According to the consultancy’s new forecast, the worldwide value of all LEDs in signs and professional displays reached $2 billion in 2014 and will increase by about 12.1 per cent each year, to reach $3.56 billion in 2019. The study subcategorizes LEDs by package type, including dual in-line package (DIP), surface-mount diode (SMD) and the aforementioned COB/MCOB. Further, the use of each package type is segmented by sign and display type, including backlit channel letters, sign boxes and digital signage.

For DIP LEDs, the company forecasts an increase in consumption value of more than 20 per cent per year. SMD LEDs, however, are expected to see negative growth in some regions and sign types, as COB and MCOB LEDs are set for explosive value growth of 179.5 per cent each year.

“The use of COB and MCOB LEDs in signage and display applications is relatively new,” says Stephen Montgomery, director of ElectroniCast’s LED market and technology research group. “Typically, they are considered the next-generation technology for general illumination applications, but they are now finding their way into channel letters, sign panels, boxes and backlighting units, as well as research and development (R&D) and new product introductions in digital display applications.”
The full report is available from ElectroniCast at www.electronicast.com.

vrijdag 22 mei 2015

song contest 2015 " sweden "

Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes (Sweden) - LIVE at Eurovision 2015: Semi-Final 2

donderdag 21 mei 2015

Ceiling mount for 360° visibility.

ceiling mount.png

Our new multi-display ceiling mount range provide an innovative solution for delivering 360° visibility from a single mounting point for a range of configurations. Ideal for use in high‐traffic public areas, such as sports venues, corporate settings, restaurants/bars, retail, stadiums, convention centres, and transportation applications, Peerless‐AV’s Multi‐Display Ceiling Mounts minimise mounting costs and maximise space with options for three, four, or six displays.

woensdag 20 mei 2015

An Interactive vertical Fog Screen.

Iretail.solutions brings a unique interactive water vapor projection on the market for events or in-store solution. Noise and water consumption are very low and ther is a standard for touchscreen interaction in the vapor. The vertical column can be placed without the suspension or other securing this in contrast with other solutions in the world, which have a horizontal resolution and wherein there is a suspension structure is required. Also, one can project through the vertical solution to floor level. >br>

LG Display unveils wallpaper OLED panel.

LG Display's OLED clinging to the wall through magnets

Forget buying a clunky wall mount for your TV... what if you could stick it up like a fridge magnet? LG Display is hoping you'll do just that. The company has unveiled a 55-inch OLED screen that's so thin and light (0.04 inches and 4.2 pounds) that you can put it on your wall using a magnetic mat. The design doesn't exactly leave room for much else -- you'd probably need a breakout box for TV functions -- but it raises the possibility of big-screen sets that easily blend into your living room's decor. Unfortunately, LG isn't saying if or when this panel will translate into a real product. You'll most likely have to settle for the company's more conventional OLED TVs in the short term, including a giant 99-incher due this year.

dinsdag 19 mei 2015

Resta 2015 - Interactive booth.

Interactive booth of Vilnius City Municipality in 22nd International Exhibition of Construction and Renovation RESTA 2015 - the main annual event of construction business in the Baltic countries.
Quality. Innovation.Trust.

PM Screen is one of the leading global providers of complete special media installation solutions.

maandag 18 mei 2015

Marley Coffee Kiosk for USA Marines.

The U.S. Marine Corps is famous for depending on its secret weapon, Go Juice, also known as coffee. The Marines are deploying a battalion of self-service coffee-vending kiosks from AVT Inc., which recently announced the contract with the Marines that will allow the Corps to deploy custom coffee kiosks in several bases.

The deal is good news for AVT in the wake of its recent Chapter 11 filing. While AVT President Wayne Salvino stressed that the bankruptcy proceedings were never a threat to the company's existence, he did acknowledge that this deal couldn't help but improve the company's bottom line.

"We had a few systems within the Marine Corps on a pilot program," Salvino said. "After months of use, the Marine Corps ordered additional units. This validates the quality of the system under rigorous daily use; it reaffirms that consumers enjoy using the interactive machine; and demonstrates that people love the flavor of the premium coffee and hot beverages the kiosk dispenses."

The custom coffee vending machines were first available at the Quantico Marine Base in Virginia, according to a press release. They will now be situated in five bases: 29 Palms, Miramar, San Diego, Parris Island and Camp Allen.
Corona, Calif.-based AVT, a developer of custom vending machines, kiosks and automated retailing, said demand is growing for the self-service coffee kiosks it supplies to Marley Coffee Automated Stores.

Marley Coffee, also based in Corona, was founded by Rohan Marley, the son of Jamaican music legend Bob Marley. The company has been growing its retail presence rapidly, and its kiosks are now available in national U.S. grocery chains including Safeway, Kroger and Albertson's stores.

Marley Coffee said the growth in demand for its kiosks has been helped by the announcement by Marley Coffee kiosksOuterwall, parent company of Redbox, that it plans to close its Rubi coffee kiosks venture.

"We will be significantly increasing the number of Marley Coffee kiosks throughout the nation," Joe Menichiello, Marley Coffee Automated Stores' vice president of sales, said in a statement. "We have already secured many of the former Rubi locations and are now expanding on this sizeable base."

The AVT-designed Marley 360 has an interactive touchscreen that allows customers to order any of 15 different gourmet blends including espressos and cappuccinos. As they watch, the beans are ground and filtered water is added to custom-brew the coffee.

"The Marley 360 is the first automated system that truly duplicates the coffee shop experience in terms of quality, variety and loyalty," Menichiello said. The freshly brewed coffee costs about half the price charged by a typical coffee shop, according to the company.
Marley Coffee said AVT is currently manufacturing hundreds of Marley Coffee automated kiosks, which are being deployed in shopping malls, universities and military bases.
Marley Coffee is offering automated coffee kiosks to individuals on a turnkey basis. Entrepreneurs can purchase a Marley Coffee automated kiosk as a passive investment, while AVT and their partners handle everything from identifying a location to restocking the machine, the companies said.

kiosk security

Biometric security is on a rapid growth curve, and the market for biometric scanning devices is expected to reach $13.8 billion in 2015 [1]. Traditionally, biometric security methods have been employed by government agencies, but with the use of biometric security in consumer devices, such as smartphones and laptop computers, the consumer sector is starting to see rapid growth in the deployment of biometrics.
One measure of the consumer usage of biometrics is through the download of biometric-enabled mobile applications. Juniper Research estimates that the download of biometric authentication applications will grow quickly over the next five years from the current level of 6 million downloads predicted for 2015 to an estimated 770 million biometric application downloads in 2019. This is largely driven by Apple's Touch ID authentication system which is at the forefront of the consumer biometric expansion.
Similarly, the number of users of biometric security devices is expected to grow to 2.5 billion users with 4.8 billion devices by 2020. It is predicted that within the next three years, biometrics will become standard on smartphones and other mobile devices.

The growth of biometrics in kiosks

While biometric security measures have been available for some time, they have largely been utilized in the government space, but as consumers continue to build comfort with these devices, they will become a common element in self-service applications, such as retail and health care kiosks.
Biometric devices offer two distinct advantages over traditional knowledge-based (e.g., passwords) and credential-based (e.g., ID cards) security systems:
  • Accuracy of identification – Because biometrics analyze the distinctive and measurable characteristics of an individual, they are much more accurate than a knowledge-based or credential-based security model, both of which are susceptible to security breaches.
  • Convenience – Similarly, because biometrics analyze the personal attributes of a human, such as an iris scan or a fingerprint scan, there is no issue with an individual forgetting their password or credential. Additionally, most biometric scans are very fast, so access is typically granted quickly and conveniently.
In addition, biometric security solutions are scalable in that there are different types of scanning measures available to provide different levels of accuracy and security. The most basic biometric scans use a "unimodal," or measurement of a single biometric attribute, such as a fingerprint scan. Multimodal scans provide a heightened degree of security by either measuring multiple physical attributes (e.g., scan both a fingerprint and an iris) or utilize multiple scans of the same physical attribute (e.g., 3D palm scan that measures multiple attributes of a palm print).
With dozens of different types of biometric security measures now readily available, and an increased level of consumer comfort with these security methods, it is expected that these will become a standard component on self-service machines in the near future. A quick fingerprint scan on a patient check-in kiosk in a doctor's office will provide customers with an efficient and highly secure method of confirming their identity. Similarly, as more retail kiosks are outfitted with ubiquitous mobile payment systems, such as Apple Pay, the use of a quick fingerprint scan to access a user account will provide a level of security and convenience never before seen

zondag 17 mei 2015

zaterdag 16 mei 2015

Special lighting effects across the UK.

To bring to life the subtle night driving features in the new BMW 1 Series, such as pedestrian detection and high-beam assistance, Posterscope's creative department Hyperspace created ten special build 96 sheets (located across the country) which were fitted with animated LEDs that illustrated the after-dark sensor technology featured in the car.

Rainworks: A reason to smile on a rainy day.

I tried 3 different superhydrophobic sprays while developing the process, and the only one that was completely invisible when dry was Always Dry: http://nanexcompany.eu (there's two types; I used the Wood and Stone formula)

This kind of art should last somewhere around 6 months, but it could be longer or shorter depending on how much foot traffic it gets.

More information at www.rain.works

woensdag 13 mei 2015

Dubai ‘has key role in $20bn digital signage market’.

Dubai will play an integral role in the $20 billion digital signage industry due to the state of the malls that are being developed in the Emirate, said the organisers of an upcoming signage and imaging show in the UAE.

Sign and Graphic Imaging Dubai (SGI Dubai 2016) show will be held from January 10 to 12t at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The digital signage avenues have witnessed a rapid growth surge in the region, added International Expo Consults (IEC) part of Falak Holding. The global digital signage market is also expected to touch $20.03 billion by 2020; according to a new study by Grand View Research.

SGI Dubai 2015 had several innovative digital signage products on display, for both outdoor and indoor deployment, noted Abdul Rahman Falaknaz, chairman of IEC

“Due to the infrastructure expansion initiatives by the government, the digital signage industry is set to witness an upsurge in investment by the year 2020,” he said.

“Old equipment is slowly and steadily being phased out to usher in new technology. This growth translates into large scale opportunities for printers, raw material suppliers and print equipment suppliers. Growing demand from industries such as retail and healthcare is expected to drive the local and regional market in the coming years.

” This forum will also include seminars and workshops conducted by industry experts. The show will have a dedicated pavilion for the Digital Signage industry. SGI Dubai 2015, an official DSF event welcomed over 400 global exhibitors from across 34 countries and registered over 12,781 trade visitors from 78 countries.

dinsdag 12 mei 2015

transform refrigerator doors into engaging digital signage and entertainment platforms.

Signagelive, specialists in digital signage technology, announced today that its cloud-based CMS is powering the patented DAMOC Cooler Display solution developed by Focal Media Ltd. Launched in December 2014, the solution is being deployed by a number of well-known brands to enhance marketing activities, including Heineken, who have purchased an initial 200 units to promote the Heineken brand throughout Ireland & the UK.

Focal Media’s DAMOC Cooler solution, based on LCD transparent displays from LG, gives beverage companies and pub landlords/managers an innovative new way to transform refrigerator doors into engaging digital signage and entertainment platforms. Eye catching content can be displayed on the doors of glass froster and bottle refrigerators for promotional purposes, raising brand awareness and ultimately increasing overall sales. All media play-out and door openings are collected by the Signagelive Proof of Play platform and available for analysis through dynamic dashboards and reports to assist Focal Media and Heineken to measure return on investment.

maandag 11 mei 2015

Turning, into something you want to do.

Meer dan 40% van de kinderen in de VS heeft gaatjes als ze naar de basisschool gaan. Waarom? Ze houden niet van poetsen! Dus bedachten en ontwikkelden we - samen met kinderen - Brush Busters: een storytelling platform waarmee tandenpoetsen leuk wordt. De verhalen spelen zich af rondom een Viking (Bjorn) en een Vampier (Vicky) met tandproblemen. Het verhaal komt tot leven op tablet of mobiel. Door dagelijks zelf goed te poetsen, kunnen kinderen de tanden van Bjorn en Vicky redden. Geluidsdetectie zorgt ervoor dat kinderen met het geluid van een elektrische tandenborstel de game kunnen besturen. De game werkt het beste met de Philips Sonicare for Kids. De karakters geven de kinderen real-time feedback.

Het verhaal is meer dan een leuke aanleiding voor kinderen om te poetsen. Wetenschappelijk onderzoek toont aan dat door kinderen dagelijks te laten poetsen, de kans op goede verzorging ook op latere leeftijd aanzienlijk vergroot. De verhaallijn bevat daarom voldoende haakjes om kinderen betrokken te houden en zo een duurzame gedragsverandering te realiseren. Ook ouders en tandartsen spelen een rol. In tandartspraktijken komen de karakters Vicky en Bjorn via posters, stripverhalen en video's tot leven. En vormen zo onderwerp voor gesprek met de kinderen en hun ouders. Ouders kunnen bijhouden of hun kinderen goed poetsen, in de verhaallijn eigen beloningen instellen en nieuwe tandartsafspraken maken. Zo maakt Philips zijn belofte “Innovation that matters to you” middels een nieuwe mediastrategie ook waar.

Centraal in de campagne staat de smartphone of tablet waarop het verhaal van Vicky en Bjorn tot leven komt en kinderen uitdaagt mee te poetsen. De game zelf is beschikbaar als gratis download voor iPhone en iPad in de Appstore. De geluidsdetectie in de game is geoptimaliseerd voor de Philips Sonicare For Kids, maar de content is ook te bekijken door gebruikers van andere tandenborstels. Maar de mobiele applicatie is veel meer dan alleen een game. Het is een platform waar de ouders en tandartsen een actieve rol spelen. Zij kunnen bijhouden of hun kinderen goed poetsen, in de verhaallijn eigen beloningen instellen en nieuwe tandartsafspraken maken. Bovendien zijn er strips, video’s en posters met Bjorn en Vicky ontwikkeld, die in de wachtkamer van tandartspraktijken worden gebruikt om de kinderen gezonde gewoontes aan te leren of voor te bereiden op hun behandeling.

80% van de kinderen die het verhaal beginnen komt terug en volgt het verhaal tot het einde. Hiermee redden zij niet alleen Bjorn of Vicky, maar hebben zij voldoende contactmomenten gehad om in hun jeugd en op latere leeftijd poetsen een dagelijks onderdeel van hun routine te maken. Het tweede resultaat is commercieel: Brush Busters stelt vertegenwoordigers in staat een gesprek te hebben met tandartsen, die op hun beurt weer in staat zijn om ouders te helpen om kinderen aan het poetsen te krijgen. En natuurlijk om de Philips Sonicare For Kids aan te bevelen. Op basis van het succes van Brush Busters, wordt nu een serie aanvullende tools en educatief materiaal gemaakt met Bjorn en Vicky in de hoofdrol. Voor Philips is deze aanpak enorm succesvol gebleken: na de verenigde Staten wordt Brush Busters nu uitgerold naar meerdere andere landen, waaronder Rusland en Japan.

Made by www.achtung.nl

Styriaversum – An Interactive Lobby.

Photo's: Martin Hieslmair

With eight daily newspapers, over 130 weekly papers and magazines, six publishing houses, two radio stations, co-ownership of a TV station, six online news portals, seven online marketplaces and 25 content & community portals, Styria Media Group AG is one of the largest media conglomerates in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.

The construction of the company’s new headquarters complex in Graz posed the question of what sort of impression this major corporation with an extensive line of products wanted to impart in its brand-new 390-m2 lobby to its visitors and, above all, to the approximately 1,000 staff members who work in this facility. Following a call for design proposals that attracted submissions from throughout Austria and abroad, Ars Electronica Solutions Styriaversum concept got the go-ahead. The project is now complete and the interactive lobby in the building at Gadollaplatz 1 in Graz is now open to the public.
The Styria Ticker

A content management system is employed to administer all of Ars Electronica Solutions’ lobby installations as well as a piece of infrastructure developed by another vendor—the Styria Ticker, a crawl text display that presents the latest headlines on the Styria Media Center’s exterior façade.


AHA Cleveland Projections.

AHA! Cleveland is a multi-day festival of lights to celebrate recent changes to the urban landscape. The event brings people from across the region together to animate public spaces using light and video art installations.

As a featured artist, Obscura was commissioned by Cleveland-based LAND studio, in sponsorship with Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and Cleveland Public Power, to create an art projection on the façade of the city’s Public Auditorium. Using ultra-high definition projection technology, Obscura transformed a 370-foot wide by 70-foot tall expanse of the building into a canvas animated by fluid imagery of natural and manmade ephemera.

“Transformations”, the name of the installation, presented the metaphorical evolution of Cleveland through the seasons. Imagery consisted of slow-motion details of nature, arts, music, and sports, all related to Cleveland. Disparate particles harmoniously assembled into objects and scenes, then gradually deconstructed to transition to the next image.
More about OBSCURA Digital:
Obscura creates immersive, multi-sensory experiences for public venues, branded environments, and live events. Since 2000, we have worked with the world’s most forward-thinking companies, real estate developers, and public institutions to reimagine how they interact with their audiences. Our diverse teams collaborate to produce award-winning experiences worldwide. Obscura is a Certified Green Business with offices in San Francisco, New York, and Stockholm.

donderdag 7 mei 2015

New widescreen projector for digital signage.

Projector brand Epson has introduced its PowerLite 4770W, a widescreen projector designed to deliver 5,000 lumens of color brightness, 5,000 lumens of white brightness and WXGA resolution, as well as advanced connectivity options and video processing for a range of installation applications at a competitive price point, according to a company announcement.

"Customers require projection solutions offering high brightness at a low price point, and the PowerLite 4770W is the latest in Epson's large-venue and corporate projection lineup to deliver a robust feature set and wide range of connectivity options to meet customers' needs," said Phong Phanel, product manager, large-venue and meeting-room projectors, Epson America Inc., in the announcement. "In addition to high-performance projection solutions, Epson is also committed to delivering professional-grade reliability with our advanced service and support teams and next-business-day replacement warranty."

The newest addition to the PowerLite 4000-Series, the 4770W features horizontal and vertical lens shift, split-screen capabilities, HDMI and DisplayPort, and the Epson iProjection app that lets users wirelessly display and control content from smartphones and tablets.

The Epson PowerLite 4770W is currently available through distribution, VARs and resellers, and direct on Epson.com at an MSRP of $1,999, the company said.

More information here

A Display - By any other name.


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

– William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet - 

Everyone in the display industry and in the larger A/V space has been tracking the growth of 4K or Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution displays.  Our own award-winning Planar® UltraRes™ has entered strongly into the growing category and has won its own following with the professional features, and now the new iOS app.  And the 4K additions to the EP-Series are gaining traction.
But the debate rages on what to call these displays.  Most of the screens in the market today in this class of display measure 3840 by 2160 pixels, making them 4 times the resolution of full HD.  Technically, the resolution is called Ultra High Definition (or Ultra HD or UHD).  4K is the technical term for a display that is twice as wide as a 2K display (a cinema standard that measures 2048 wide instead of the more standard 1920).  In other words, technically 4k would be 256 pixels wider than a UHD display.  Yet, the 4k monitor exists and they are used interchangeably in the market.  And to make matters more confusing, YouTube and the television industry has adopted Ultra HD as their 4K standard.
And the 4K label is likely to stick, at least for a while.  A recent search of trending internet search terms on Google revealed the following comparison.


The term “4K” is searched with more frequency and has been on a higher trajectory of growth since first picking up speed in 2013 and it doesn’t show signs of stopping in its undulating trend line.

London - Two Towers East.

Ocean Outdoor.

woensdag 6 mei 2015

MINI Augmented Vision powered by MINI Connected.

MINI Augmented Vision is designed to enhance the drivers’ behind-the-wheel experience making it more enjoyable and even more exciting. The augmented reality technology, integrated and powered by the MINI Connected infotainment platform, enhances the driving experience by seamlessly interconnecting applications inside and outside the vehicle while providing the driver with greater vision and increased safety.


maandag 4 mei 2015

Grand finale of Emirs Operetta Al-Bait Al-O'd // Kuwait.

It's a Seif Palace Mapping in Bayan Palace Mapping, Mapping in the Mapping - MappingCeption :-) Kuwait National Day Operetta 2015 // First full box projection in the world. Big thumbs up for the great music track, created by Hessel Stuut.

Creative director of the Operetta: Yannis Michalandos
Show produced by Jumpzone Productions LLC
Technical equipment & support by 1507 Live Design, TenFeet, VisionTools
Filmed by Jan Xavier Pacle

Behind the scenes

From; www.tree-on.com

Unbelievable bus shelter campagne by Pepsi Max.

Hugely successful online, this piece of outdoor advertising with technology exclusive to Pepsi Max saw Londoners duped into believing fantasy situations. It quickly went viral and is a really clever and innovative piece of outdoor advertising that truly makes the most of new technology to capture the nation's imagination.

zaterdag 2 mei 2015

Three weeks, 1340 displays, 39 sites: a digital record ?

Bron; www.screenmediamag.com

Esprit Digital is laying claim to the record of Britain’s biggest digital signage export, after rolling out a 39-site network for Westfield shopping malls in Australia.
Valued at AUD20m ($16m), built in just 12 weeks and installed in less than a month, it is described by Esprit as the largest overseas deployment by a UK digital signage supplier.
The network comprises 890 pods, about half of them double-sided and the other half single-sided, with 1340 65-inch LCD displays in all. They are driven by the Scala Enterprise content management system as well as proprietary software.
Said Esprit’s managing director Peter Livesey: “What the Esprit Digital team has achieved with this project has surely never been done before. To install just under 900 units of this complexity in so many locations across a continent the size of Australia in three weeks is nothing short of a miracle.
“In one fell swoop we have essentially converted Australia’s premier retail environments from a traditional paper-based advertising network to a digital one.”

Strips and sensors

As well as cameras to determine the age, gender and ethnicity of viewers, more innovative  capabilities of the Westfield pods include coloured LED strips to attract the attention of passers-by, and Esprit’s own Clear Space technology, which determines if there are any temporary obstructions in front of a screen.
The new network will be seen by about 550m shoppers each year at the centres run by Scentre Group.
That company owns and operates the 47 Westfield sites in Australia and New Zealand, which it says is the two countries’ largest group of shopping malls.
“The Westfield SmartScreen Network will fundamentally change the way brands can maximise the Westfield retail marketing environment,” said Bill Burton, general manager of Scentre Group BrandSpace.
“It gives them a level of quality, national scale, control and digital flexibility that they have been waiting for, enabling digital efficiency and effectiveness never before seen in Australian retail.”
Esprit already worked with Westfield in the UK, where it installed and maintains more than 400 LCD screens at the Olympic Stratford City and White City sites in London.