maandag 11 mei 2015

Styriaversum – An Interactive Lobby.

Photo's: Martin Hieslmair

With eight daily newspapers, over 130 weekly papers and magazines, six publishing houses, two radio stations, co-ownership of a TV station, six online news portals, seven online marketplaces and 25 content & community portals, Styria Media Group AG is one of the largest media conglomerates in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.

The construction of the company’s new headquarters complex in Graz posed the question of what sort of impression this major corporation with an extensive line of products wanted to impart in its brand-new 390-m2 lobby to its visitors and, above all, to the approximately 1,000 staff members who work in this facility. Following a call for design proposals that attracted submissions from throughout Austria and abroad, Ars Electronica Solutions Styriaversum concept got the go-ahead. The project is now complete and the interactive lobby in the building at Gadollaplatz 1 in Graz is now open to the public.
The Styria Ticker

A content management system is employed to administer all of Ars Electronica Solutions’ lobby installations as well as a piece of infrastructure developed by another vendor—the Styria Ticker, a crawl text display that presents the latest headlines on the Styria Media Center’s exterior façade.


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