maandag 31 oktober 2016

Etuplia and URT team up to bring large-area electrowetting displays by Q1 2017

Etuplia, based in The Netherlands, is developing large-size low-resolution reflective monochrome electrowetting displays aimed towards outdoor signage - billboards applications. The company teamed up with Taiwan's URT - who has a license to make and sell display modules based on Etuplia's technology.

According to DisplayDaily, mass production of such billboard displays is expected in Q1 2017. It'll be great to finally see a commercial electrowetting display.

vrijdag 28 oktober 2016

donderdag 27 oktober 2016

Case Study - Retail Interactive Campaign

To provide ‘Three UK’ their long term customer, creative campaigns designed to deliver a rich and engaging brand experience, that increase footfall and drive attention to Three store fronts.

The Solution
Using SCREEMO’s tech, Three created an engaging interactive experiences for their store front digital screens, which created incentives made to get customers to enter the store. This concept was realized through the use of SCREEMO’s

Following a successful pilot which increased footfall (in store traffic) by 15% in London based stores. Three UK will scale the usage of SCREEMO's technology to 35 stores across Britain.

Synchronising Your Content.

Learn how to synchronise your Digital Signage screens in perfect unison by following this easy to follow guide.

woensdag 26 oktober 2016

Digital OOH Delivers for Storks International Release.

Warner Bros promoted the release of 3D family film, Storks, with an extensive international DOOH campaign. Grand Visual produced the digital out of home creative for over 12 countries, including master animations to be used for additional localised adaptations.

In the film, Storks have moved on from delivering babies and now they deliver packages for a global internet retail giant. Junior (Andy Samberg), the company’s top delivery stork, is about to be promoted when he accidentally activates the Baby Making Machine, producing an adorable and wholly unauthorized baby girl.

The film’s colourful characters feature across all the animations produced for a range of formats and environments including multi-panel and super landscape varieties.

Grand Visual delivered the DOOH creative to Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, Philippines, Ireland, Switzerland, Holland, Mexico, Brazil and Chile.

Creating new possibilities in every space with the lighting projector Panasonic PT-JX200 Series.

In retail, function venues, museums and exhibitions, where creating impact and engagement are so critical, the Panasonic Space Player opens a world of possibilities by integrating traditional lighting and laser projection in a single spotlight-shaped design.

Combined with specific content or basic mapping software, the Space Player can then be used to bring exhibits to life.

The Space Player can project in all directions below its horizontal axis and can be used in conjunction with SD cards, PCs, and tablets for play back of contents. The use of a laser light source means 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.

The new PT-JX200 features 2,000 lm brightness, a high-quality 1-Chip DLP™ imaging system providing crisp XGA resolution. A hybrid colour wheel defines four colour segments for outstanding colour reproduction, and selectable picture mode prioritises colour reproduction for impressive image quality in environments with less ambient light.

Explore the Space Player PT-JX200 features further here

maandag 24 oktober 2016

The Invisible Television.

A new prototype from Panasonic has been shown off at the CEATEC electronics expo in Japan this week.

When switched on, it's just like a normal TV. When switched off, it's as transparent as glass, meaning you can see the wall or shelving behind.

Panasonic describes it as the "future of display screens" - although as you might expect, the company's staying tight-lipped about the technology behind its transparent TV, just in case its competitors have something similar in mind.

The screen is made from a fine mesh embedded in a glass panel.

Importantly, the screen uses the latest OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology, where each pixel lights itself (rather than being lit from behind).

Traditionally, OLED panels put a thin layer of plastic between two electrodes on top of a glass slab. Because of this, when the electric signal disappears, the slab can look virtually transparent.

OLED technology requires very little power too, which is why panels like this can be so thin. Eventually, tech firms are hoping to develop flexible OLED screens that you can bend or even roll away.

Panasonic originally showed off the technology at CES in Las Vegas earlier in the year, but the company's engineers say the latest version of their invisible television looks even more transparent when switched off, and brighter when switched on.

Novaline relies on Panasonic projection for perfect hologram.

We visited the NovaLine™ stand at IBC 2016 to showcase their advanced interactive hologram solution. The system utilises D3 media servers and two Panasonic PT-DZ21K2 Evo projectors.


Designed for various events, trade shows and retail spaces, NovaLine™ products turn presentations, launches and product showcases into engaging and compelling storytelling experiences. The protected technology of NovaFabric™ screen combined with captivating content makes the hologram the hightlight of any event. The moving animation just appears in the middle of the room. Now with a quick set-up and economically available options, NovaLine™ is the most effective and innovative hologram solution.

NovaLine™ products can create true and engaging experience, from branded designs, elements and products to broadcasting and interactive gesture control solutions.

vrijdag 21 oktober 2016

T Mobile Digital Wallpaper.

Digital Wallpaper by NanoLumens at T Mobile Store, NY.

donderdag 20 oktober 2016

Dynamic projection mapping onto deforming non-rigid surface

We realize dynamic projection mapping onto deforming non-rigid surface based on two original technologies. The first technology is a high-speed projector "DynaFlash" that can project 8-bit images up to 1,000 fps with 3 ms delay. The second technology is a high-speed non-rigid surface tracking at 1,000 fps. Since the projection and sensing are operated at a speed of 1,000 fps, a human cannot perceive any misalignment between the dynamically-deforming target and the projected images. Especially, focusing on new paradigms in the field of user interface and fashion, we have demonstrated dynamic projection mapping onto a deformed sheet of paper and T-shirt. Also we show that projection to multiple targets can be controlled flexibly by using our recognition technique.

Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory

4k Resolution Display Market Growth??? Future Forecast 2016-2021.

4K technology is on the cusp of replacing the HD technology from TV screens, computer monitors, cameras, and projectors. The term 4K is used to refer to video signals with a horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels. A 4K resolution is 4096 x 2160 pixels (approximately a 1.9:1 aspect ratio). In a full HD resolution produced by the Blu-ray technology, a 4K image is composed of nearly 8.3 Million pixels, whereas a 1080p image has just more than 2 Million pixels. The 4K technology market was valued at USD 18.1 Billion in 2014 and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.6% from 2016 to 2021.

Taichung Light Festival 2016 / Taiwan

Gateway Taichung by 隔離屋工作室 Neba Studio at 臺中光影藝術節 Taichung Light Festival 2016.

dinsdag 18 oktober 2016

Snooker champion Ronnie O'Sullivan is testing a pool game in virtual reality.

With a virtual reality mask HTC Vive on the head professional snooker player Ronnie O'Sullivan is trying to play billiards. But the man fell to the ground in wanting to build on the virtual pool table. Fail ! The video is an excerpt from the show "RONNIE O'SULLIVAN'S AMERICAN HUSTLE" which airs on the History channel in 2017

Grand Prix in Festival of Light Niigiata, Japan 2016.

Internal Pulse - EuroVideoMapping

maandag 17 oktober 2016

Melting A Flat Screen TV

This may seem a bit weird, but I found watching this video quite intriguing. On one sense, after installing many screens this was quite satisfying to watch. It is a video from Let’s Melt This using a heat gun to melt a 55″ flat screen HDTV. It was mentioned that the extreme heat of the torch caused the camera to go into overheat mode. Don’t try this at WORK!

vrijdag 14 oktober 2016

Shiftware ?? it looks like scam // it can't be true

It is called ‘Shiftwear’. You can change the pattern, color and design to match your outfit or just get attention. It is made of a bendable HD display but still machine washable. The shoes have “walk and charge” technology so when you walk, you’re charging the batteries.

ShiftWear sneakers gives users creative control over the designs they can instantly display on their sneakers, using their smartphones.

For more information about the product and pre-orders please visit:
or the indiegogo page :

Apparatus, Fusion Festival 2014

Audiovisual installation for the main hangar stage on the Fusion Festival 2014. A site-specific object for a very special location. The shapes of the mounted sculpture are precisely designed for the projection. Combined with the projected light, the sculpture transforms the hangar into a visionary cosmos of poetic imageries. After the last concert the hangar changed into an audiovisual installation. Light and sound created an enduring transformation of the scenery.

concept art & object design: Julian Holscher
3d design & animation: Julian Holscher, Moriz Horn
3d supervision: Moriz Horn
sound: Jonas Wiese
coordination: Jonas Wiese
technical director: Frank Wagner

documentation: Jonas Wiese, Julian Holscher
edit: Julian Holscher
sound: Jonas Wiese

woensdag 12 oktober 2016

Projection mapping turns parliament building into a visual orgy - the winner of iMapp 2016

The second largest administrative building in the world was transformed into an eye-popping display of light during the iMapp Bucharest international Video Mapping Competition.

Limelight – winning both the Jury’s Choice and the Audience Award – worked 2.5 months on its 4.5 minute spectacular requiring 104 projectors, covering more than 23,000 sq m.

The amazingly vivid piece entitled “Interconnection” was projected on to the building of the Romanian Parliament (the second largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon) in front of 40,000 viewers.

According to the creator, Limelight the projection mapping shows the interconnectedness of all things from micro to macro as well as the outer and the inner universe. Conjuring emotions and feelings, the amazing display of color, light and sound aims to reopen the dialogue between the internal and the external, through a cinematic journey from the state of separation to the state of eternal openness.

The project mapping piece is special because it not only covers the surface of the Romanian Parliament, but it also incorporates the building itself as part of the spectacle, animating parts of it in a dizzying vortex of motion that plays with the viewer’s senses.

The piece was directed by Antonin Križanić, featuring the music of AMB, entitled Set in Stone, while the sound effects were taken care by the Fine Cut Bodies. Produced by István Dávid, visual designers include Antonin Križanić and David Vígh, joined by animators Viktor Vicsek, Csaba Világos, Máté Fekete and Miklós Már. Maxin10sity was the curator.


maandag 10 oktober 2016

Lightking LED Display.

Cadman stand at ExpoReal München.

Salesforce Video Wall.

Salesforce approached Obscura with the opportunity to create imaginative media for the 107’ long LED video wall in the lobby of their flagship San Francisco office. Our creative teams worked closely together to envision and produce work that transforms a passageway into a mesmerizing hyperreal environment. From capturing California’s Redwood National Forest in stunning 12K resolution, to a designing a convincing CG waterwall and more – we held nothing back in striving to impart a sense of wonder to everyone that enters the building.

SONY: Teardown of the SmartWatch 3 (SWR50) in Stainless Steel.

“What makes a watch tick? Check this video out as we teardown the Smart Watch 3 (SWR50) in stainless steel.”

Microsoft: FoveAR See-Through Near-Eye Display with Projected Augmented Reality.

“Optically see-through (OST) augmented reality glasses can overlay spatially-registered computer-generated content onto the real world. However, current optical designs and weight considerations limit their diagonal field of view to less than 40 degrees, making it difficult to create a sense of immersion or give the viewer an overview of the augmented reality space. We combine OST glasses with a projection-based spatial augmented reality display to achieve a novel display hybrid, called FoveAR, capable of greater than 100 degrees field of view, view dependent graphics, extended brightness and color, as well as interesting combinations of public and personal data display. We contribute details of our prototype implementation and an analysis of the interactive design space that our system enables. We also contribute four prototype experiences showcasing the capabilities of FoveAR as well as preliminary user feedback providing insights for enhancing future FoveAR experiences.”

donderdag 6 oktober 2016

trippy undercroft live visuals 4k, Stallbastei Graz, 16.9.2016

visuals by TAS

psychedelic trance party SUNDOSE with Malice in Wonderland. stagedesign by Chris Tallin

woensdag 5 oktober 2016

E Ink, HTC and Palladio to co-develop smart medication packaging labels.

E Ink announced a partnership with HTC Healthcare and the Palladio Group to develop E Ink smart medication packaging labels. The three companies will develop an IoT-based smart device and smartphone software that will improve medication adherence.

The E Ink label will display personalized content that can be pushed to the packaging label as a communication interface, delivering vital information to patients and creating a gateway to improve patient engagement.

This is E Ink's second such project with Palladio: in October 2015 E Ink collaborated with Palladio and developed an advanced packaging solution specifically for pharmaceuticals, called PhutureMed.

DEEP WEB - kinetic audiovisual installation and performance.

Deep Web is a monumental immersive audiovisual installation and live performance created by light artist Christopher Bauder and composer and musician Robert Henke. Presented in enormous pitch dark indoor spaces, Deep Web plunges the audience into a ballet of iridescent kinetic light and surround sound. The work was presented as a preview at CTM 2016 Festival Berlin and will be followed by its original presentation at the Festival of Lights Lyon in December 2016.

The generative, luminous architectural structure weaves 175 motorized spheres and 12 high power laser systems into a 25 meter wide and 10 meter high super-structure, bringing to life a luminous analogy to the nodes and connections of digital networks. Moving up and down, and choreographed and synchronized to an original multi-channel musical score by Robert Henke, the spheres are illuminated by blasts of colourful laser beams resulting in three-dimensional sculptural light drawings and arrangements in cavernous darkness.

The installation brings together decades of separate research and experimentation by two artists with unique visions and passions for sound and light, and by innovative companies working in these fields. High-end laser system manufacturer LaserAnimation Sollinger provided the technical expertise and development for this very specific spatial laser setup. The high precision motor winch systems with real time feedback and the main control software are provided by Design Studio WHITEvoid in collaboration with Kinetic Lights. This novel combination of computer controlled kinetic elements and laser systems allows for setting animated end points to normally infinite laser beams. DEEP WEB uses light as a tangible material to construct threedimensional vector drawings in thin air.

The work was originally commissioned by the Festival of Lights Lyon 2015, and developed in cooperation with local producer Tetro. Due to the festival’s cancellation after the tragic events in Paris, Berliners had the unique chance to attend an exclusive preview before the project will be presented in December 2016 in Lyon for the Festival of Lights 2016.

The Artists:

An artist and designer working in the fields of light and installation art, media design and scenography, Christopher Bauder focuses on the translation of bits and bytes into objects and environments, and vice versa. Space, object, sound, light and interaction are key elements of his work. In 2004 he founded the multidisciplinary art and design studio WHITEvoid, which specializes in interactivity, media, interior architecture, and electronic engineering.

Bauder has brought his installations and performances to art events and spaces around the world, including Centre Pompidou Paris, MUTEK Montreal, Festival of Lights Lyon, Luminale Frankfurt, The Jewish Museum Berlin and The National Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan. He is best known for his city-wide light art installation “Lichtgrenze”, created in 2014 together with his brother Marc, for the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and his large scale kinetic live shows ATOM and GRID. Both in cooperation with Robert Henke.

Alongside his numerous releases as Monolake, Robert Henke is also well known for the music, audiovisual installations and performances he has been creating under his own name since the early 90s. Due to his background in engineering and fascination with the beauty of technical objects, the development of his own instruments and algorithms has always been an integral part of his creative process. Henke also co-developed the omnipresent Ableton Live music software, which since its invention in 1999 has become the standard tool for electronic music production and completely redefined live performance practice.

His installations and performances have been presented at Tate Modern London, the Centre Pompidou Paris, PS-1 New York, MUDAM Luxembourg, MAK Vienna, the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Australia, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, and at countless festivals.

dinsdag 4 oktober 2016

tablet-based POS solution PayPoint.

Dave Murphy from Elo talks about the partnership with eMobilePOS and demonstrates the company's tablet-based POS solution PayPoint for Windows, Apple iOS, and Android.

The senses at La Cité du Vin.

Opened in June 2016 in a truly iconic building, La Cité du Vin takes you on a journey through the worlds of wine and culture.

Love a glass of wine? If so – and even if not – La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux should be on your bucket list! Located in a truly iconic building in Bordeaux, this experience center takes you on an amazing journey through the worlds of wine and culture. We love it, and not just because it features 49 Barco F-series projectors and Medialon solutions (we’re proud about it, though) … Fly a helicopter or rather dine with historical figures? “We wanted La Cité du Vin to be a unique place with a focus on emotions, sensations and imagination,” explained museum director Philippe Massol. He has definitely succeeded in his plan. Fly over the world’s winemaking regions in a helicopter? Step on board a merchant ship? Sit down to a banquet in the company of historical figures? These are just three of the amazing experiences you can enjoy at La Cité du Vin.

49 Barco F-series projectors + Medialon solutions AV systems integrator VIDELIO-IEC identified Barco projectors as the ideal solution to ensure real, lifelike images in every set-up: “The Barco portfolio is so comprehensive that we found all the right solutions to meet the needs of the scenographer, as well as the strict technical requirements. For each installation, we selected the projector that best fits the needs of the application. In total, 49 Barco projectors are used.”

In addition, Barco company Medialon supports the technical team in supervising, controlling and scheduling the functions of all the AV equipment – around 500 devices in all – featured in the many exhibits, from one, central location.

Watch the video The result? “Visitors are absolutely in awe,” said Massol. Watch the video to see what they’re so excited about, read the full customer story and, why not, plan a trip to Bordeaux soon?

Read the full story here.

maandag 3 oktober 2016

Lay’s® UEFA Champions League.

Lay’s, the classic potato chip brand, rolled out a Digital OOH experience giving shoppers in Madrid the opportunity to have some fun with an augmented reality poster. The video captures participants using the touch-screen poster to create their own hilarious football themed “Cheer of Champions” selfies for online and social sharing.