donderdag 28 februari 2013

Levende wolk.

PubliAir - IFFR -0006


Tijdens het International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) was een bijzondere opblaasbare wolk te zien, gemaakt door Publi-Air. De 15 meter lange wolk werd gemaakt van zeer dun, lichtdoorlatend doek. Dit zorgde in combinatie met projectie en belichting van binnenuit en buitenaf voor een prachtig effect.
Publi-Air: “Deze inflatable had een complexe vorm die was opgebouwd uit spheres van verschillende afmetingen, op een speelse manier aan elkaar bevestigd. De ‘levende’ wolk was onderdeel van een totaalconcept waarbij in huis een buitengevoel werd gecreëerd. Een echte vijver onder de gigantische wolk maakte het buitengevoel compleet. Dankzij de creatie van deze ‘buitenplaats’ konden bezoekers in de foyer een zomers buitengevoel ervaren.”
Architectenbureau EventArchitectuur tekende voor het ontwerp.


A simpele led bulb.

X-Ray - Lowlands festival 2012 / The Netherlands Done by LEDLease

woensdag 27 februari 2013

the number one sports bar in North America.

Toronto's Real Sports Bar & Grill features a 39-foot HD big screen and 199 HD TVs in its 25,000 square foot space. There are also 36 beer selections from 114 taps, 14 wing flavors and 11 burgers. Located beside Air Canada Centre, Real Sports Bar & Grill was voted the number one sports bar in North America by ESPN.

Gucci’s Watch Collection displayed on Samsung’s NL22B.

The Grammy Awards, the world’s largest music award ceremony, have just wrapped up, but the celebrations continue! This music award ceremony season has been unique compared with past seasons, in part due to the exciting collaboration between Gucci and Samsung. Gucci’s timely collection displayed on Samsung’s eye-catching, innovative display technology is available for all to see at the historic Macy’s in Herald Square, New York City!

Samsung and Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry, the official fashion partner of the Grammy Awards, have collaborated to present a unique fusion of luxury fashion with state-of-the-art display technology. The Samsung NL22B LED LCD Transparent Display technology is being used to showcase Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry’s special–edition GRAMMY watch collection in Macy’s Herald Square storefront windows. Samsung’s transparent LED-lit LCD display solution is showing video content from Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry that will play dynamically on and around the GRAMMY special-edition collection. 

The partnership between Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry and Samsung Electronics represents an unprecedented and unique fusion between luxury and technology. Samsung’s one-of-a-kind NL22B transparent LCD display solution features a transmittance rate of 15% combined with a contrast ratio of 500:1, allowing Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry to provide attention-grabbing images over its storefront window displays and brilliantly showcase their products behind it at the same time.

Visitors to Macy’s Herald Square can witness the combination of luxurious Gucci watches and Samsung’s innovative digital signage technology. These limited-edition items are made even more alluring on Samsung’s impressive display. Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry special collection will last until February 13th, so see them while you still have time!

Illuminating Audi’s futuristic lighting technologies.

While most of the automotive technology we cover resides inside a car, there is a whole host of tech on the forward and aft of the cabin that most of us spend a considerable  amount of time staring at, and very little time appreciating. We’re referring of course to lighting technology, and in this space, no company has applied technology more liberally than Audi.
The German company employees dozens of state-of-the-art lighting technologies, including some that haven’t made it past prototypes or onto roads in the United States yet. Here’s a closer look at how they work, why they’re integral to future automotive design, and when you can expect to see them lighting up that next dark country road.

Adaptive headlights

Adaptive headlights are becoming commonplace in today’s automotive marketplace. Audi’s adaptive headlights are a bit more complex than some of its competitors, which simply swivel with the turning of the steering wheel.
Audi adaptive headlights not only swivel up to 15 degrees but also adjust based upon various vehicle parameters. Audi’s vehicle lighting computer looks at road speed, steering angle, and yaw rate to adjust the aim of the headlights accordingly. These lighting changes can seem undetectable to the driver but can significantly increase road visibility.

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maandag 25 februari 2013

KPN Glasvezel presenteert: De Tournee van de Toekomst.

Registratie van KPN's holografische Tournee van de Toekomst met Glennis Grace, live in Amsterdam de Aker


EyePlay is a virtual indoor playground that allows multiple players to interact with colorful graphics and sounds projected onto floors or walls. The wide variety of fun, active and educational games available ensures children never get bored plus it appeals to today's high-tech consumer. Kids can play the giant piano, pop balloons, take the soccer challenge and more all on EyePlay. EyePlay is a product of EyeClick

donderdag 21 februari 2013

Prysm videowall installed at News International HQ.


Media group News International has installed a Prysm LPD videowall in its new East London studio. The 4.06 metre by 1.9 metre (8 x 5 tile) Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) screen was unveiled by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sun Webchat, declaring Prysm’s first broadcast installation in the UK officially on air.

The display will be used primarily as a backdrop for corporate broadcasts and for The Sun when interviewing celebrities for Sun Webchat.

Prysm worked alongside integrator Deltatre to install the 40 25in LPD tiles which are from Prysm’s new enhanced broadcast range.

woensdag 20 februari 2013

Congres "Move To Interactivity "

7 maart 2013

 ~ Miele Inspirience Center / Vianen. ~

Dit event gaat over de interactie tussen het beeldscherm en de consument.

RFID – NFC –QR Code – SMS –Augmented Reality – touch – free air – spraak en camera’s.

De plek om los te komen van je eigen denkkader en nieuwe ideeën op te doen.
Voel ruik en ervaar de dynamiek van de Digital Signage branche.

Programma en ticket informatie via --

A Hand-Cranked Digital Sign.

The Marion, Indiana-based company (small town, 3 hrs south of Chicago) has launched what it calls the X-Eco kiosk, which has an optional solar kit and even a hand-crank to fire up the screen and connection. The solar kit has a power management system that would allow the unit to run off nothing but collected sunlight. There are are also battery-powered and electrically wired options. “The X-Eco is the apex of green self-service technology, with each kiosk deployed saving an average of 9.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year when compared to traditional outdoor units,” says Ziver Birg, CEO of ZIVELO. “Not only do these solar kiosks eliminate electricity costs, they also offer unlimited outdoor placement options — breaking down the barriers of today’s conventional kiosk installation limitations.” The company says it has more than 100 resellers and distributors throughout North America, Europe, Australia and South Africa, and a client list that includes Coca-Cola, Nike, Hilton, CVS, NASA and the U.S. Army. The units START at $10K and that is for a 21-inch LED. You will pay another $6K for the solar panel and $1K more if you want the hand crank. And so on. This has a limited buying audience, to put it mildly. But it addresses a particular challenge and I strongly suspect it was designed that way because there were prospects looking for that.

dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Dreamtek - Broadcastpod standalone system.

Dreamtek has announced a new upgrade of the Broadcastpod, its standalone, integrated system with broadcast-quality lighting, HD camera, and built-in teleprompter. The Broadcastpod can be installed in one day, and can fit into any office space. The upgrade includes multi-format capture capability and the ability to remotely access & control the Broadcastpod from another location. Web functionality enables compatibility with Adobe Connect, WebEx and Google+ Hangouts providing an environment to broadcast or stream. Dreamtek now offers a lease plan for customers who don’t have the upfront capital to purchase a Broadcastpod. The VF Hub is the software that controls the Broadcastpod and provides a interface so that at the touch of a button users can stream or broadcast live video, or capture content for on-demand use, such as video blogging.

zondag 17 februari 2013

Panasonic OLED Printed Screen.

While an LCD plant is closed a new one take its place to produce OLED screens. Yes, it’s about Panasonic. The Japanese company has in plan to start the OLED mass production in 2015. Until 2015 they have to finish the ink-jet printing process used to create OLED screens. All these screens are used to build Panasonic OLED TV’s and was designed together with Sony.
The ink-jet printing process allows Panasonic to build OLED TV’s at an affordable price compared with competitors. Most of competitors use a process based on evaporation technology.
Panasonic try to enter in mass production these screens earlier than 2015, but they have to solve first the manufacturing process including the printing process.
The first prototype already take shapes and was unveiled earlier this year. The OLED printed screen TV has a 56-inch diagonal and 3840×2160 pixels resolution.
Panasonic has a plant in Himeji used to produce LCD TV panels. According to a report, this plant will be closed, but in the same time will be replaced with production lines to produce the new OLED printed screens and 20-inch LCD panels used in tablets.

Affinity+: Semi-Structured Brainstorming on Large Displays.

The Affinity+ concept has the potential to be useful in educational settings such as schools, museums, and libraries. Although it was designed to support collaborative activities among software designers/developers, it could support a wide range of collaborative project-based learning activities. The clearly narrated video below was produced by a team from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

"Affinity diagraming is a powerful method for encouraging and capturing lateral thinking in a group environment. The Affinity+ Concept was designed to improve the collaborative brainstorm process through the use of large display surfaces in conjunction with mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. The system works by capturing the ideas digitally and allowing users to sort and group them on a large touch screen manually. Additionally, Affinity+ incorporates theme detection, topic clustering, and other processing algorithms that help bring structured analytic techniques to the process without requiring explicit leadership roles and other overhead typically involved in these activities." -PNNL

Affinity+ Semi-Structured Brainstorming on Large Displays
Russ Burtner, Richard May, Randy Scarberry, Ryan LaMothe, Alex Endert
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Information Visualization Core Area:  Natural User Interactions
Information Visualization Core Area:  User Experience
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Large Displays: Will it ever be enough? (pdf)

Richard May, Jim Thomas, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

donderdag 14 februari 2013

Oh Darling.

A 5 year old Russian girl sings the Beatles’ song “Oh Darling”. Unbelievable voice for a 5 year old girl. Not just the voice, but the presentation, too.

Her stage presence is amazing.

woensdag 13 februari 2013

The Dee Daa Digital Signage Network.

Manhattan lunch regulars are introduced to Dee Daa's 'balanced Thai food to go' new digital signage implementation. The network concept and strategy, and digital content was developed by Arsenal Media in collaboration with Dee Daa's creative team to create brand awareness for this emerging chain of restaurants.

The approach includes 4 specific zones reflecting key steps on the visitor's path within the restaurant environment: 1) a visually appealing 4-screen menu board with social media to increase customer engagement, 2) an ambient 2-screen wall art display capturing the zen, subtle essence evoked by the brand through cultural Thai imagery, 3) an entertaining screen display featuring a content loop of specialty products for people waiting in line, and 4) a storefront window display designed to entice passers-by into the restaurant. The Dee Daa digital signage network bridges the restaurant's roots in traditional Thai culture, with its modern environment, brand and balanced food choices.

Room Racers.

Room Racers was first playable at Discovery Festival 2010 in Science Center Nemo (Amsterdam, the Netherlands). 
Since then it has been exhibited at the Mediamatic Arcade Exhibition, Cinekid International Film, Television and New Media Festival, STRP Festival and many other events in the Netherlands.
The installation is also part of ZKM | Medienmuseum's 'Car Culture' exhibition (Karlsruhe, Germany) which is currently on display at the Lentos Kunstmuseum in Linz, Austria.
Recently, Room Racers had its North-American premiere at the digiPlaySpace of the TIFF 
Kids International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada.
More information here

dinsdag 12 februari 2013

digital billboard inventory to the public good.

Clear Channel Boston is again putting its digital billboard inventory to the public good. This time the out-of-home agency is warning drivers of the oncoming blizzard threatening the Northeast U.S.
CCO Boston used Twitter to contact the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, tweeting yesterday @MassEMA, "We'd love to help w/ the approaching storm. Do you have emergency services messaging you'd like to post on our digital billboards?" And the organization later started posting warnings from MEMA on its billboards (and posting photos, such as the one below, on its Facebook page)

CCO Boston has since then continued updating drivers (and Facebookers) with additional information, including notification of a traffic curfew instituted by the state's governor 

In addition to the weather alerts and state information, CCO Boston's billboard's also have carried more basic reminders for drivers

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings also announced today that real-time storm information messages are being displayed on 26 digital billboards across metro New York City and on 10 Junior Digital Posters in White Plains, New York.
According to the announcement, Clear Channel Outdoor is using its seven digital billboards in the Boston area to support public safety in partnership with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.
"This storm is dangerous to the people of Massachusetts, so Clear Channel Outdoor is proud to support the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency in communicating critical messages during this blizzard," a Clear Channel Outdoor spokesman said via email. "We are putting our digital billboards at the disposal of MEMA as they manage the state through this storm."
The news lately has been a perfect storm of proof for the public service benefits of the dynamic capabilities of digital billboards. Maybe the next time they show how beneficial they can be, it'll be with better news.


maandag 11 februari 2013

Transparante iPad.

Bron; www.iPadclub.nlNiemand verwacht dat Apple een transparante iPad gaat ontwikkelen. Maar dat weerhield 3D-artiest Ricardo Afonso niet om het idee eens in een conceptvideo uit te werken. De 9,7-inch iPad bevat een volledig transparant scherm met metalen strips aan de boven- en achterkant. Die zijn bedoeld om de homeknop en de FaceTime-camera te huisvesten. Is zo’n concept haalbaar? Voor het moederbord en een paar kleine componenten misschien wel, maar het is onmogelijk om een batterij met voldoende capaciteit kwijt te raken in een dergelijke behuizing.

Ricardo Afonso legt uit dat hij zich soms voorstelt hoe het design van sommige elektronische apparaten er in de toekomst zou uitzien, vooral bij tablets en smartphones. Hij stelt zich dan voor dat het rechthoekige stukken glas zijn, die volledig opgaan in de omgeving. Hardware is nauwelijks nog te zien.

zaterdag 9 februari 2013

Microsofts IllumiRoom.


Tijdens de CES in Las Vegas liet Microsoft een waanzinnig concept voor de Xbox met Kinect zien.

De camera van de Kinect scant je kamer en een beamer projecteert vervolgens de muur achter je tv vol met visuals die niet op je beeldscherm passen.
In eerste instantie doet het enigszins denken aan de Philips Ambilight televisies, maar als je naar onderstaande video kijkt, wil IllumiRoom een stuk meer dan alleen licht gaan brengen.
Microsoft belooft met IllumiRoom een verbetering van de traditionele game-ervaring en meldt dat het systeem het uiterlijk van je kamer compleet veranderd. De beelden die worden geprojecteerd lijken overigens niet altijd even relevante informatie te bieden bij het spelen. Dan ben je als gamer misschien snel afgeleid als je net de trekker over wilt halen voor een headshot.
Meubels en andere objecten in de kamer zorgen daarnaast voor vervorming van het geprojecteerde beeld. Meer details over het concept worden eind april verwacht. Dan vindt in Parijs de CHI2013 beurs plaats waar Microsoft verdere informatie vrijgeeft.

donderdag 7 februari 2013

Grootste multitouch scherm laat je kunst aanraken.


Het grootste multi-touchscreen van Amerika zorgt voor een hypermoderne ervaring van oude kunst.

Maar liefst dertien meter meet het touchscreen waarmee zestien bezoekers van het Cleveland Museum of Art tegelijkertijd door de permanente collectie kunnen scrollen (zie video onderaan). Met 3500 objecten is die collectie zo groot dat sommige nooit in de fysieke galeries van het museum tentoongesteld zullen worden. Door middel van het scherm zijn de veilig opgeborgen Picasso’s en Rodins toch te zien.
Maar de installatie is meer dan een groot uitgevallen computerscherm. Games zorgen ervoor dat bezoekers op een andere manier naar de collectie kijken: door gezichten te koppelen aan gelijkende schilderijen of bezoekers de poses van beeldhouwwerken te laten kopiëren. Ook kan kunst van de 'wall' toegevoegd worden aan een persoonlijke audiotour op een (leen) iPad. De bijbehorende iPad-app laat zien hoe de kunst werd gemaakt en laat je je favorieten delen via social media.
De noodzaak van steriele witte muren in het museum zijn al jaren een punt van discussie, maar had iemand aan zien komen dat ze digitaal zouden worden?

woensdag 6 februari 2013

Motion detection in smartphones en tablets.


Motion detection

In de toekomst, als motion detection (zoals nu bijvoorbeeld in de kinect) wellicht onderdeel wordt van smartphones en tablets (later zelfs brillen en lenzen), zijn er zelfs meer interactiemogelijkheden denkbaar met het fysieke object. Dan kun je bijvoorbeeld het lot vouwen of omkeren om zo andere visualisaties zichtbaar te maken op het device. Een voorbeeld hiervan is onderzoek van Disney research waarbij het draait om het tracken en herkennen van touch gestures op fysieke objecten, en die om te zetten naar virtuele reacties hierop. Als een gebruiker zijn kantoorkamer bijvoorbeeld even verlaat, verschijnt er op de deur ‘back in 5 minutes’.

dinsdag 5 februari 2013

Life is Good.


Life is Good. Ein multimedialer Tunnel verspricht, das Motto von LG zu einem echten Gefühl werden zu lassen. Die Idee überzeugte die Jury der Digital Signage Challenge.

Gemeinsam mit dem LG-Operettenhaus hat der “Good Life Experience Tube” es auf Platz Eins geschafft. Die beiden Projekte würden sich perfekt ergänzen und gemeinsam alle Anforderungen erfüllen, begründete die Jury ihre Entscheidung.

Der Tube ist eine Idee von Klostermann, dimedis und MetaDesign. Er soll an verschiedenen relevanten Standorten in Deutschland aufgebaut werden und dadurch eine große Reichweite schaffen. Die Röhre ist begehbar und sowohl von innen als auch von außen komplett mit Displays bedeckt.

Die gezeigten Inhalte sollen emotional und interaktiv sein, den Besuchern ein gutes Gefühl vermitteln und die Marke LG in Szene setzen. Denkbar ist aber auch Fremdwerbung von Unternehmen, Städten oder Events auf der Außenseite.

„Die Good Life Experience Tube ist vor allem deshalb aufgefallen, weil sie etwas komplett Neues ist“, sagte Jury-Mitglied Frauke Bollman, Chefredakteurin beim Fachmagazin digital signage. “Man hat die Möglichkeit viele verschiedene Contents darauf abzuspielen und auch LG-Produkte gut einzubinden. Ihr größtes USP ist allerdings der starke Fokus auf eine außergewöhnliche User- Experience.”

Die beiden Gewinnerprojekte sollen noch in diesem Sommer realisiert werden und zwei Jahre in Betrieb bleiben.

Waterloo Motion.

JCDecaux sent us a preview of the giant, 40 metre (in length) screen that it will be launching at Waterloo Station in the summer of 2013.
Called Waterloo Motion, the display is being put together and tested in a huge farm building out in Kent.

maandag 4 februari 2013

The Book of Shapes.

Digital Inspirations from Around the World
It has been a little more than three years since the launch of the Christie® MicroTiles® display technology. Since then, corporations, brands and industry professionals from all over the world have expressed their creativity and developed unique installation concepts that, each in their own way, contributed to enrich the relationship between architecture, digital content and display technology.
As a tribute to their work, Christie has launched The Book of Shapes (BOS), an international collection of MicroTiles case studies. The BOS is available in both a print hard copy and (free) iPad app, and includes projects from 6 market segments, including Museums & Entertainment, Broadcast Television, Corporate Spaces, Events & Shows, Higher Education and Retail Environments.
The project was developed by Arsenal Media in collaboration with Christie Global and Corporate Marketing, it is designed to inform, inspire and serve as a reference for digital display communication. David Goddard, Project Manager at Arsenal Media: “Having developed quite a few projects using the Christie MicroTiles technology, our team was very enthusiastic to contribute to this project. Celebrating innovation and creativity is important as our industry is driven by new ideas and memorable experiences.”
To download the app, look for The Book of Shapes or Christie BOS on the App Store.
For more information, visit:


Transparent Display Technology
The technology for making a transparent display is not secret. Basically, TFT electrons and TFT pixels are transparent. However, the color filter is not transparent because the RGB color pixels and black matrix are arrayed on the color filter sheet. The backlight unit is also not transparent because of the many optical films (such as brightness enhancement films, prism sheet, diffuser, and reflectors) and the LED light sources. The trick to making a transparent display is basically to remove the backlight unit and transform the color filter structure.
A transparent display is similar to an LCD module without a backlight assembly. The RGB color pixels and the black matrix array in the color filter are reduced to the minimum size for transparency. Therefore, the resolution and color gamut cannot be high. In many cases, panel makers remove the color filter, making the transparent display monochrome. However, the emphasis is on transparency, so sacrificing resolution or color saturation is not a problem. In other words, the transparent display can be considered a value-added open cell panel with a frame bezel because panel makers don’t need to assemble the backlight unit.
TFT LCD makers have been developing transparent displays since pioneers like Samsung and LG Display started making them, as the following table shows:

Table 1-  Panel Makers’ Transparent Display Products
Panel Maker
Color Gamut
FHD (1920 × 1080)
Innolux Corp
FHD (1920 × 1080)
LG Display
HD (1366 × 768)
FHD (1920 × 1080)
FHD (1920 × 1080)
FHD (1920 × 1080)
FHD (1920 × 1080)
WSXGA (1680 × 1050)
HD (1366 × 768)
FHD (1920 

zaterdag 2 februari 2013

Truck Rolls Over $ 90,000 Digital Projector.

Digital Projection created the 20,000-lumen Titan Super Quad digital projector - on display at ISE 2013 - out of steel.

“Most of the others are made of plastic,” says Nick Cottiss, international sales and marketing director for DP.
How could they get the projector’s durability across? Why not drive a truck over it?
But of course!

The gang wasn’t 100-percent confident the $90,000 projector would survive, so the first test run was performed on an empty chassis. No problem. Next, they submitted a complete projector – a non-working early prototype – to the test.  Survived again.

In the end, they were ready to run Cottiss’s own 3-tonne (3.3 US ton) over the beast, while a movie was playing – specifically a DVD of “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.” There was no special meaning behind that video, says Cottiss: “It was at the top of the DVD stack.”

It was important to do the demo with a movie playing, he says, because “we had to prove not just that it would survive but that it would survive undamaged.”
It did. Six times.

Cottiss says they had to bolt the projector to the ground to keep it stable. Other than that, there was no hanky panky in the demo, which is playing on numerous screens in the Digital Projection booth at ISE.

How was Cottiss so lucky to be selected as the driver? In this video, he explains why his truck was picked (the demo reel follows).

See scents spice up digital signage.


The sense of smell is closely linked to memories and emotions, and scents have been shown to affect moods and influence behavior. Thanks to the intimate relationship between the brain's olfactory bulb and amygdala, a simple scent can trigger an emotional reaction almost instantaneously — a connection that has not gone unnoticed by businesses and brands.
Retailers have dabbled with sensory triggers for some time, adding in-store scents that can lead to more lingering and ultimately more spending. But an interactive digital signage installation rolled out late last year by Intel, HP and 5thScreen Digital Services uses scent to take aim at providing a unique and memorable customer experience to engage consumers.
The McCormick World of Flavors, the McCormick spice company flagship store at the Baltimore Inner Harbor, features five interactive experiences, including the scent-based game "Guess That Spice" and "FlavorPrint," which allows consumers to find spices to match their taste preferences. At Intel's booth during the recent National Retail Federation BIG Show in New York City, attendees got a whiff of some of the new technology.
"Retailers are really trying to get you engaged in lots of different ways with their brands," said Mary Murphy-Hoye, senior principal engineer for Intel. "So what McCormick has done is added a sensory aspect to their application where you can actually smell the different spices and learn about spices that you don't know about. They are trying to introduce this idea of flavor and interest to the consumer in a new way, and to connect with [the consumer] in a more sensory way … a more personal way."