donderdag 8 november 2012

Rise Goes Interactive In Canada.

Bron; Business people attending the 2012 Nunavut Trade Show and Conference in Canada’s high north took advantage of an interactive conference and wayfinding touchscreen fully built and running off the Rise Vision platform. Interactive developer Travis Daley put together all the content elements using Adobe design tools and then scheduled a web gadget to bring the presentation into the Rise Vision platform. “The floor map and interactivity,” explained Daley, “was created with Adobe Edge, it was hosted separately and pulled with the Rise URL Gadget. Live Real-Time Feeds The presentation also included time, weather, shuttle bus information and a social media stream calling from the event’s #NTS2012 Twitter hash tag. Daley borrowed on a Rise presentation’s HTML foundation to experiment with slick multi-page presentations that he says show a lot of promise for future work. Overall, Daley was impressed with Rise and excited about what he might do with it on future projects. “Thanks for making such a great platform.

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