maandag 8 december 2014


One of the most popular art installations at Coachella 2014, #Lightweaver was the perfect harmony of art, architecture, light, and sound on a monumental scale. Towering 45 feet tall with a diameter of 75 feet, the main stage sculpture created a shifting shadow silhouette by day and came to life after sunset, providing an intricate canvas for a kinetic media experience.

Designed by StereoBot, the installation was visible across the festival grounds, creating a dramatic focal point as well as a living pavilion that attendees could pass through or linger in to experience. At sundown, the sculpture began to “breathe” and emit warm ambient tones. #Lightweaver performed at the top of every hour, with smaller effects in between. Utilizing a new technique called “light mapping,” moving head lights trace the contours of the structure, blurring the lines between virtual 3D space and real word volumetrics. Obscura provided concept, lighting, and audio design for the installation, which continues to captivate viewers with its magic online.

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