woensdag 27 november 2013

Kinetic Sculpture Brings Mythic Eagle To Life.

First Peoples at the Melbourne Museum

The Creation Cinema is an immersive multi-sensory experience that invites visitors to share a moment of spiritual and sensory awakening.  Bringing together sound, visual art, technology and storytelling, it represents the essence of creation for Victorian Aboriginal people and shows their spiritual connection to country.

Inspired by the notion of continuity and the omni-present nature of creation, the centerpiece of this experience is a large kinetic sculpture. The kinetic form symbolises Bunjil the Creator, a wedge tail eagle in flight.  It is 2.2m in width, mirroring the size and majestic nature of the wedge tail eagle, and is in constant motion.  The moving form shows the wings of a bird in flight yet also reflects a universal motion seen throughout nature – the movement of a wave, the lines of a mountain range, a manta ray moving through water, a snake moving across the land.  Visitors are invited into a spiritual space to see, and feel, creation in motion - past, present and future.

The kinetic sculpture will be further brought to life with striking visuals, anevocative soundscape and a poetic narrative that conveys the significance of creation, Bunjil and the Aboriginal ancestor spirits.  The sculpture will be suspended in the centre of a circular room within the exhibition.  As they enter, visitors will be surrounded by ambient sound and see visuals projected onto the kinetic form.  They will also listen to a song-like narration, spoken by Aboriginal actors Jack Charles and Pauline Whyman.

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