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[CES2015] How far LCD TV will evolve ?

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LCD TV made another great innovation. It is the LED BLU using Quantum dot(QD) accomplishing an ultimate level of LCD TV picture quality that no one has imagined yet.
At CES2015, the TV-set companies including LG Electronics, Sony, Sharp, TCL, Haier, etc. revealed the QD-BLU LCD TV. Their color reproducibility had reached up to NTSV 110% due to QD-LED and the brightness and contrast range allowed a brilliant picture quality which was never available in the LCD panel as a result of HDR (high dynamic range) technology.

There were only a few exhibitions presenting the night view of clear contrast range but at this CES 2015, Samsung Electronics demonstrated how far the LCD TV has improved by comparing the contrast ranges of the SUHD TV (up) and existing LCD TV.

150109_ces2015 lcdtv의 진화_1

In addition, the exterior design has changed completely different from the existing LCD TV in the curved and thin film shape under 10mm. Even the viewing angle of wide color LCD attained a level of spontaneous emission 
- How far LCD TV will evolve?
- The answer was in this CES 2015.
- It is the OLED TV.

150109_ces2015 lcdtv의 진화_2

LG Display is the only company in the world capable of producing OLED panel and at this moment, 
it is LG Electronics which has a capacity to mass-produce OLED TV.
The superiority of OLED panel’s color reproducibility, contrast range, response time, viewing angle, thickness, etc. over LCD was already attested in the smart phone Galaxy series. Therefore, the survival means for those TV manufactures which cannot produce OLED TV is to make LCD TV most similar to OLED TV as much as possible until they can supply a large quantity of OLED panel.   
At this CES2015, LG Electrons mobilized every technology available for LCD TV to go after OLED TV. The LCD TV came close to OLED TV with a curved design despite the color reproducibility, viewing angle, thickness and getting thicker. In particular, the contrast range has enhanced to such a degree that it is indistinguishable with OLED TV if no explanation is provided. But after all, LCD is LCD and OLED is OLED. It might imitate but cannot be the same.
The opportunity for LCD TV to transform once again by the emergence of OLED TV will go down in history of TV as an example of proper competition

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