dinsdag 20 juni 2017

Monkey escape with the Mirror Head.

The Mirror Head revolutionizes the presentation of your products or your events. It makes your retail space eye-catching with effects and makes your presentation of your goods unique: Whatever you want to put in the spotlight, with the Mirror Head is is as simple as a game. You can use any object or any spot in the room to "play on" and project there moving or rigid images.

Source; www.dynamicprojection.com/skullmapping-gallery-invasion/

Directed and animated by Filip Sterckx
Concept by Filip Sterckx + Antoon Verbeeck
Paintings by Antoon Verbeeck
3D modeling by Birgit Sterckx
Sounddesign by Roundhouse
Mocap actor: Nicolas Vanhole
Projector: Panasonic VZ570
Mirror Head: MH12-VZ57L
Media Server: MDC-X1

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