maandag 8 augustus 2016


Periscopista is the ultimate festival attendee: A giant psychedelic cloud with an eye at the center, it is triggered by movement and sound so that if you dance, it dances with you and if you shout, it responds. The installation is by designer Thijs Biersteker— who previously created a book cover that judges you and let you beat up cancer with a punching bag—in collaboration with sound design innovators Amp.Amsterdam. The installation turns "spectators" into "creators," becoming trippier as the energy of the crowd spikes.

Biersteker calls Periscopista an "homage to curiosity" which puts the mood of the festival in the hands of the festival goers, encouraging collaboration. Periscopista won the Grand Prix at the Dutch festival Down The Rabbit Hole, and was noted for its innovative methods of encouraging crowd interaction and amplifying the festival’s energy.

Maurice Paans of Amp.Amsterdam explains that the misty cloud possesses unique soundscapes, custom software, and tracking techniques. The sensors, which Biersteker collaborated on with Univate on, are hidden in surrounding poles. Meanwhile, live streams provide video input, working with audio sensors and motion sensors. The illustrations were created by two brothers, illustrators at Down the Rabbit Hole, Merijn Hos and Jurriaan Hos. The entire design was crafted by Better Future Factory to be sustainable, with the hope that it will be built upon in years to come. You can see Periscopista in action below:r>

The entire design was crafted to be sustainable , with the hope that it will be built upon in years to come.

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