woensdag 9 april 2014

MINI: Not Normal Case Study.

KoffeeCup technically developed a campaign for Iris, Posterscope and Vizeum using JCDecaux digital screens to deliver personalised messages to MINI drivers as they passed. Located on Europe's busiest A road, 6 screens sequentially spoke to passing drivers in harmony with traffic speed. Car model, colour, driver gender, time of the day and traffic density were all used to personalise the message. We overcame the technical challenges of the project, delivering instant images triggered by spotters using our Android App on 4G Android tablet. Further to this, during our live experience day, a dedicated Android app displayed what MINI was on their way to the experience area and which offer they had received, i.e. Red MINI Countryman, Bacon Sandwich. KoffeeCup developed another complementary application which ran on the newly released Samsung 4G Android enabled SLR camera which would send photos of MINI drivers up to our servers and back to the tablet ready to be triggered by our spotters. The photos, which were displayed on the last screen was the last hurrah for any passing drivers. We were delighted when the ground-breaking campaign scooped two prizes at the COOH Awards and the winner of the Best Digital Out of Home Campaign at The DailyDOOH Gala Awards!

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