zaterdag 19 april 2014

Great Wall, UTS Sydney

Lost In Space was commissioned by FROST DESIGN (Sydney) to create several real-time audio responsive mood films to play on a 20meter wide LED Data Wall. The films are intended to establish a mood as people assemble for events in the Great Hall at The University of Technology, Sydney. The Films needed to work well in the radical interior of polygonalized perforated aluminum created by architects DRAW. FROST DESIGN provided the Art Direction and overall Design of the works but relied heavily on the LOST IN SPACE team of Real-time Digital Artists Andrew Quinn and Christian Hogue. Christians experience with high-end VFX feature film and television Commercial work using specialist 3d app Houdini and Andrews experience as a digital artist with various Arts and Performing bodies in Europe helped immensely in creating an engaging real-time installation. LOST used Touch Designer, popularized recently by the Amon Tobin ISAM TOUR visuals, in the creation of the project. Being based on a high end VFX 3d procedural animation tool Touch Designer allows sophisticated 3d visuals including particle systems and live composting in real-time without the need for extensive coding.

client : University of Technology Sydney

design: FROST DESIGN Sydney production: Lost in Space supervisor/touch designer artist : christian hogue lead touch designer artist : andrew quinn

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