maandag 21 april 2014

Nixel? I think you mean pixel.

“I think you meant pixel.”

This sentence is extremely familiar to the NanoLumens team, as we hear it all of the time in emails, on phone calls, or during meetings with industry professionals or clients. While it may sound like we’re fumbling with our words or an incorrect slip on the keyboard, we actually meant it: Nixel.

Go ahead, say it.

Nixel. Feel like a rebel? Awesome.

Now what is it? 

The Nixel is the name of NanoLumens’ LED board. “Why does your LED board need a name?” A less common question, but a valid one nonetheless. In the digital signage industry, you’ll constantly here about how you’re seeing the “latest and greatest,” “the most innovative,” “word premiere,” “the best in the industry,” yada yada about every product that you see. The fact is, that can’t be true about every product in the industry, and if it is, then our industry isn’t doing a great job of furthering tech–That would mean that we’re just incrementally improving rather than making big strides to further digital signage, and, at least at NanoLumens, that’s just not the case.

Nixel: 3 Parts engineering, 1 part imagination, 100% awesome.

So, rather than sit there and give you string of adjectives and inflated statements, we gave our product our name. The Nixel. (You said it again, didn’t you?) Because it is different. It’s a huge part of what makes a NanoLumens display something exceptional, and it’s a huge part of what we’re trying to bring to the digital signage industry. We’re definitely thinking outside of the box, but you could say we’re thinking inside the Nixel.

Nixels can be easily and individually removed from anywhere on the display for maintenance.

More information here

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