donderdag 15 augustus 2013

Three-Story-High Video Wall Acts as Portfolio Display for University of Waterloo Students.

The University of Waterloo, located in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, offers undergraduate, graduate and advanced education in the rapidly growing field of digital media.
The university wanted to showcase its students’ work on a high-resolution video wall, and sought out Westbury National Show Systems, Christie Digital and RP Visual Solutions to turn this desire into reality.

The University of Waterloo wanted to build Canada’s largest Microtile video wall within the atrium of its brand new facility to showcase digital media content from participating students and researchers. The wall was designed to be an integral part of the building and to enhance the uniqueness of the programs and activities of the campus
The wall consists of 150 Christie Digital Microtiles stacked five wide by 30 tall. The wall is configured with two high-resolution areas plus two lower resolution areas, and can achieve one overall image throughout the display. The configuration of the wall allows for maximum usage in terms of variety of content and capabilities ensuring both students and researchers can showcase complex and detailed creative endeavors.

The end result is a stunning video wall that completely captivates the audience with astounding content and a visual presence unlike anything in Canada to date.
The impact on students, the facility and the community are beyond expectations. The wall has become the jewel in the building design and a key feature in the community itself.

The University of Waterloo won the DSE 2013 Gold Apex Award in the Education & Healthcare category.

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