vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

Carte Noire - Interactive Window Installation.

Carte Noire immersed shoppers at Westfield Stratford City with an intense and immersive experience for the launch of Carte Noire Instinct. As shoppers passed the window installation the 5m tall interactive screen activated and augmented the reality around them. As they moved closer the experience intensified and reality became more distorted.

We've recreated the intensity inside every tin of Wholebean Instant with a window display like you've never seen before. Visit facebook.com/cartenoireuk or twitter.com/CarteNoireUK

Using Kinect, a live camera feed, motion tracking technology, cinematic visual and sound effects, and enormous LCD screens we turned an ordinary shop window in London into the most intense window in town. Work Club came up with the concept behind the piece and the project as executed with the design consultancy AllofUs and Posterscope.


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