zondag 11 augustus 2013

World’s First Projector with Wireless WHDI.

Bron; www.ravepubs.com

BenQ’s newest projector is the W1500, a native 1920×1080 DLP projector that claims to be the first with the Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI). WHDI is a consumer electronic standard for a wireless HDTV connectivity that allows for uncompressed HD video over a wireless RF frequency of 5 GHz. WHDI is supported and driven by AMIMON, Hitachi Ltd., LG Electronics, Motorola, Samsung Group, Sharp Corporation and Sony as well as BenQ. It means that you can connect any WHDI device to the BenQ projector without any cables — as long as the Blu-ray player, HD set-top box, phone, etc. has WHDI integrated as an output. Alternatively, you could use a WHDI transmitter that converts HDMI at 1080p to WHDI, such as those made by StarTech or Peerless-AV’s PeerAir system.

BenQ’s W1500 FHD wireless projector is now shipping and lists for $2,299. Full specs are here.

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