vrijdag 30 augustus 2013

Chinese Projector Market Now Bigger than U.S. Projector Market.


PMA Research, market information expert on front projectors, has published a brand new report covering the growing projector market in China. Nick Rogers, CEO of PMA Research said, “China is now the largest projector market in the World, overtaking USA in the last year — with annual sales of 1.8 million units vs. annual sales of 1.6 million units in the United States.”

He went on to say, “In 2013Q2 GDP rose by ‘only’ 7.5 percent due to control of investment by the Chinese Government. In addition, the education procurement process began in Q2 as well, and large volume shipments are expected in 2013Q3 and beyond. Finally, the digital cinema market is exploding in China, and the home theater and pico and personal markets are expected to show gains in the next year as well.”

PMA Research has been expanding its coverage of the projector market in China, and recently hired Jennie Yi to open PMA’s Beijing office and spearhead the company’s research efforts there. Jennie worked with PMA’s
team of analysts to put together this inaugural quarterly report focusing the developing Chinese projector market.

The new report on China will be included as an ad hoc offering to clients who subscribe to PMA’s Worldwide Industry Service family of reports, and is also available for resale as a stand-alone report to anyone interested in following this growing market.
Want to see the report? Go here.

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