vrijdag 2 augustus 2013

Vivid Light Festival: We See Saw Installation.

The Vivid Light Festival attracts millions of people to Sydney Harbour over a 2 week period each year, with the city hosting a Festival of Light, Music and Ideas around the city.

‘We See Saw’ is a collaborative play installation, activating a sense of nostalgia by providing just a few minutes of a time gone by, or perhaps igniting a new generation, through a tangible experience at the Vivid Light Festival in Sydney… ‘We See Saw’ used an array of pressure sensors on the seats, accelerometer’s on each See Saw and algorithms that rewarded the speed, rhythm, impact and collaborative movement (synced) between the three See Saws, to unlock dynamic visuals on a curved 10m LED screen. ‘Wee See Saw’ was created by VML Australia.

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