donderdag 1 augustus 2013

Blue Man Group Unveils New Las Vegas Show

A new theater at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino / Las Vegas.

4Wall Systems & Design created a custom LED tunnel for the entrance to the Blue Man Group venue in Las Vegas! 4Wall designed and fabricated the structure and also provided control.

Displays over each of seven box offices change the time of day and type of service each window is going to provide, whether it’s selling tickets, will call or doing both. While standing in line or walking by, audiences get a flavor for the show with a short trailer.

The new location not only features an LED-enhanced box offices and entry arch to the theater, but also a retail store that includes several Hiperwall video displays of all the eye-popping new action and color-changing lighting. There are also distributed LCD monitors all over the hotel to let people know more about the show, which is about 80 percent new content from the old spot. 

More information here.

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