dinsdag 10 mei 2011

PaperPhone flexible display for future smartphone.

The smartphones, laptops and other devices will have in future flexible displays, of this we are convinced. In support of this statement comes a new technology created by researchers at Queen’s University Human Media Lab. To demonstrate the technology the researchers created a device called PaperPhone, a device that simulates a flexible iPhone.

Technology that allows a screen to be flexible brings benefits of any device which is integrated. For example a smartphone with a flexible screen occupy a much smaller space and energy consumption is also very small.
This new technology can be integrated into smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Also is a touch screen technology that can allow you to work with a pen.
Working mode with the screen is a little bit strange, to have access at the contact from the agenda the screen should be bent, and for other actions to do the same thing as shown in the demonstration below.
Also in the video below you can see a 9.5 cm diagonal thin film flexible E Ink display.
In the near future will be devices that will have integrated flexible and transparent displays. Whether if electronic manufacturers will apply this technologies or not, certainly we will have such of devices in the coming years.

An iPhone concept smartphone with a flexible and transparent screen.

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