maandag 25 juli 2011

3D Mapping Experience.

3D mapping is a growing technology used in a variety of applications. It involves projecting an animation or image onto a 3D surface. Blue Pony, in collaboration with A&V Company and Sweetwater Sound, completed a project last month involving this exciting technology for Premier Healthcare’s annual conference. The project took 8 weeks to complete with many hours of brainstorming, recording, animating, and programming. All team members took part in a weekly conference call to discuss ideas and present the status of their progress.

Initial meetings involved discussing the message, style, and visual ideas with Premier in order to meet their objective for the video. Sweetwater Sound wrote original song lyrics and instrumentation, and produced the record. A&V Company was the production company in charge of stage set-up and equipment installation and selection. Blue Pony coordinated all efforts and designed the visuals. This included conceptual development, illustrated storyboards, 2D and 3D animation techniques and video assembly. The completed video was then projected and mapped onto 3 dimensional stage walls. Blue Pony thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and having a team member on-site to see the video come to life at the conference.

Premier Healthcare Conference Video from Blue Pony - Visual Media Design on Vimeo.

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