zaterdag 28 juli 2012


The IAC (InterActiveCorp.) company (Chelsea district, Manhattan), is a leading Internet company with more than 50 fast-growing, highly-related internet brands serving loyal consumer audiences that serves up to 307 million unique monthly users. With its various Internet brands, IAC provides "interactive" consumer access to a vast commercial and social internet community. The Frank Gehry-designed building with its distinctive "iceberg" shape is not only a destination because of its unique architecture, but also its lobby as well.

To represent the company's activities, IAC commissioned a set of visual displays to be placed within its lobby areas that truly became the "voice" of its corporate endeavors. The screen technology was unique in that the company selected video rear projection as a basic presentation format for its displays. It was noted that video projection was chosen over LEDs because the viewing situation of a 10-point font at a foot away was a requirement that LED screens are not yet capable of.

The smaller lobby video screen behind the IAC reception desk shows off a complete 360-degree image of the Earth. Visitors are able to interactively activate the globe rotating it to any part of the planet. In doing so, they are able to view various company locations and observe in real-time, its worldwide web traffic as related to IAC business activities.

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