maandag 9 juli 2012

Impossible Animals Museum Exhibit.

PO-MO, a relatively new start-up tech company based in Winnipeg, Canada. According to the company's information, PO-MO "specializes in interactive digital display solutions, including gesture and motion based interactivity, interactive display content creation and management, and large interactive display and projection services for advertisers, educators, and events." 
Po-Motion was a finalist in an elevator pitch video contest last fall. It has several advantages over potential competitors. The system is easy to use, and priced within the range that is affordable for schools, museums, and other cost-conscious groups who would like to provide technology-supported immersive interactive experiences for people of all ages. The PO-MOtion software designed for interactive floors and walls starts at $39.99, and works on any computer, using any USB web camera and a projector. Other applications make use of Kinect sensors.

I especially like one of PO-MO's recent projects, the Impossible Animals Museum Exhibit, created using Unity 3-D, for the Manitoba Children's Museum. How does it work? Children create a colored egg using crayons and paper, which is then scanned into the exhibit and digitally embedded into the system, which includes an interactive wall and floor. When the egg is touched, it is activated to hatch, and then becomes a motion reactive animal. The environment includes things like water, landscapes, and even a spaceship. The system has a "reset world" button for museum staff to use when needed.

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